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Bal Sagoth lyrics

Starfire Burning Upon The Ice Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule

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Spears agleam in the dying sun, The blood is spilled, the battle's won, From the icy throne of God-King shall rule, When nine stars kiss the moon o'er Ultima Thule. [Old Northlander war-song, found in the ancient scrolls of Volmyr] The Final Part of Voryn Helmsmiter's Journey to the Ice Realm: Blood drips from my frost-encased sword, forming a crimson blossom upon the ice... My limbs cold, becoming as one with the massing snows... my eyes nearly frozen closed. For how long had we travelled? The memory grows dim, lost in the cruel, searing storm-winds. And now, at last... our quest is at an end. With the blessings of the elders we began our journey beyond the great veil of shadowed glaciers... They spoke of a prophecy foretold, an ancient and glorious legacy, A quest for the realm of legendry lost to man since before even the Star-Lords descended... Now, only I survive, my blood spilling to the ice, turning to crimson crystal upon the deeply frozen earth. Elder sorcery crackles and hums all about me, coursing through the sky, the snow... As grim destiny approaches with the freezing boreal gales and this ancient prophecy unfolds... [Predication of the Elders:] Go, follow the witch-lights in the northern night sky, beyond the great silvern mountains... Let the sacred moon-crystal be your guide, beware the sentinels at the Caverns of Eternal Mist... Spears agleam in the dying sun, The blood is spilled, the battle's won, From the icy throne of God-King shall rule, When nine stars kiss the moon o'er Ultima Thule. Swathed in moon-frosts, in icy winds our blazon flying, Iron gleaming 'neath the stars, black skies ablaze with astral fire, White wolves (like silent spirits) haunt us, ever northwards, the ice-gem leads us, glimmering, Powerful spells entwine the shrine of legendry, mighty gates of frozen splendour looming, When the moon and stars shine as one upon the snows, the ancient ice-gate opens, the prophecy is fulfilled! Towering, ice-encrusted forms lumber forth from the freezing mist, (Their eyes shimmering with a fiendish, eldritch malevolance...) Our steel is raised against their weapons of gleaming crystal, And the virgin snow is rendered crimson by bloodshed in a searing storm of slaughter. (Wounded, dying, my flesh rent by weapons no human ever forged or wielded, I am beckoned forward by a strange, alluring force from beyond the veil of swirling mists...) Shadows, images form in the glittering rune-carved walls of this glacial chamber, Secrets frozen within the timeless vaults of eternity... The throne of the time-lost ice realm, entwined in the mantle of such searing star-born power... This frozen, aeon-cloaked seat of immortal majesty... (of an empire forged long before the vast seas rose in devouring fury!) What shimmering swords raised in combat once sang with the glorious clamour of steel on steel? What splendid banners, billowing in the icy gales, once heralded the march of these invincible silverclad legions to the blood-swathed embrace of epic battle? The glory of untold thousands of years past... this ethereal legacy of mighty Ultima Thule. The frozen eyes of immortal kings watch me... such a dark splendour! The Guardian of Ice and Shadow: The grim Ice-Gods sleep in these frost-bound tombs, illumined by the caress of lunar fire, And the kiss of star-gleam from the stygian void... All is now as was foretold in prophecy, written in the very ether of empyreal eternity... The celestial alignment is night... the conjunction is at hand! And nine stars illumine the northern heavens, a vast cosmic sigil with the silvern moon at its centre... Blazing argent light fills the chamber, engulfing the hewn walls of elder ice, These ancient carvings in a time-veiled tongue, (etched into the primeval ice countless aeons ago, now bathed in diaphonous incandescence by this storm of lucent stellar power, their mindsearing meaning at last becomes known to me...) their cosmic secrets unfold... The ice-throne is encased by a shimmering wall of writhing cerulean flame, A lambent flame far colder than the frozen surface upon which it dances... And then, enlightenment comes, gleaming down upon my consciousness as the bright moon gazes down upon this auroral vista... From my mind is lifted an obscuring veil, a veil induced by sorcerous arts, and I realize I have been merely a vassal of another's twisted will, a pawn in a game which is entwined in treachery and malign aspirations to thresholds of great power. Such a traitorous web has been spun! The elders of my kingdom bow in obeisance to the vile priests of Xothan'kur, and it is their diseased machinations which have urged me here, to the very heart of the far-fabled ice realm... for they seek to usurp the power of the Conjunction, stealing the vast energies of the Ice-Veiled throne and absorbing them into their own leprous, undead bodies, pe rpetuating the adoration of their abhorrent liege for countless ages, liberating his vile will and enslaving the realms of the world... Aye, for generations they have plotted their actions, and I was the key to this plot, chosen from birth for this fated journey... for the blood of the ancient kings of Ultima Thule runs strong in my veins, and only once in every aeon may one such as I stand before the throne during the great cosmic alignment, when the sorceries of the ancient Ice-Gods are at their peak, and rightfully wield this power unleashed... And yet I vow that the vile minions of Xothan'kur shall not prevail... Liberating the fettered power of the moon-crystal, I sever the tendrils of their dark conjurings, and their aspirations are at an end, th eir spells broken by the very power which they sought to usurp! The final vestiges of mortal life flee my body in crimson gouts, and at last I realize what the fates have spun for me, and what is carved in the very ice all about me... My destiny is at ha nd... [The Herald of Enlightenment:] And so, enrob'd by tendrils of starfire and the raiments of lunar mist, The immortal liege whose sceptred empire is eternity, Sits enthroned and brooding over his dark realm once more. The last of my life's blood spills to the ice, (as star-wrought destiny is at last fulfilled.) Swathed in freezing flame... The mystic wolves of the frost-moon (slowly, silently) encircle me, Their eyes are blazing azure, and their fur is whiter than the sublime snows. Such power! I am the Chosen... the secrets of the earth and the stars are unlocked before me... I am destined to reign forever... to reign from the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule! [Lyrics: Byron] [Music: Chris and Jonny Maudling]

Power Of The Flower

Khan Praga
Show me you're real It's just a trick to make me feel That you're human, kind like the movies at night Hollywood's on my side I'd better turn my face away Transcendental in LA Confusion rains down Wandering lonely as a cloud Digesting every word they say Attracted in a funny way A supernatural brigade Did they come here to hide Or to capture my mind Open up for the Power of the Flower They got technicolor screens Just inhale and choose a dream Shapes and coulours on command Neon visions in the sand Psychedelic Cuckooland Wrapped up in a a wool cocoon Floating in red ballon I got Vishna on my side Jesus takes me for a ride High Vibrations go on To the sun, to the sun Magic mushrooms on the run Join the flower men brigade Play the holy weed charade Open up for the Power of the Flower

Feel Like A Number

BOB SEGER "Stranger In Town"
Nights were warm Dreams were easy No one standing overhead Conversation didn't mean much We were hungry but could not be fed Radio blasting silly little love songs We only listened for the beat Taking our chances Out there on the mean streets Hiding in the shadows from the heat We weren't lovers just brave strangers As we fought and we tumbled through the night We were players not arrangers As we jammed till the dawn's early light Swimming in the big lake Taking it easy Taking any comfort we could find Didn't need the real truth Didn't need the meaning Straight ahead ignoring every sign Every sign And oh I remember I know you do too Oh that one evening I know you do too Baby I know you remember it too The moon was high Moon was flying high We were hiding in the backwoods Hiding out in the backwoods With the moon flying high My hand was shaking And you took my hand And it went all right And it went all right It went all right So we walked out hardly speaking Disappearing in the night Saw each other a few times after But we never really got it right We weren't lovers just brave strangers As we rolled and we tumbled through the night We were players not arrangers And we jammed till the dawn's early light

Sum Of Us

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Chali 2na] Sparklin' extreme spinnage Watchin' your scene plumett If lyrics were green vomit My vocals would clean stomachs Addicts wean from it Where dreams and green run it The faces on money change like the host on Teen Sumit I'm close to being done with this industry's cream driven Supreme livin', seein' more demons than Gene Simmons And mean fibbin' actors be adlibbin' Fakin' the funk and some of us naturally had rhythm Some of us act like they had women Gats in the abdomen back when the fact is them cats They didn't have nuttin For certain I'm sure it's fiction but for some The purest diction Insures their jurisdiction I'm kicking it up a level trying to stay in the red Some stay in the bed, zombie Like the Day of the Dead With decay in the head Playin' instead of stayin' ahead Steadily portrayin' celebs, delayin' the inevitable When some come round They run down when they touch ground They climb up the structures unsound Some of you like the way my words caress tracks While some of these politicians secretly suppress facts Chorus: (2X) [Both] I'm sayin' through songs I write My wrongs I right If you wanna fight the power Get the power to fight Cuz some of us judge without knowing the man's inner And some of us find fault in the sin and not the sinner [Akil] Influential ideas Push pressure on my peers That's why most of these brothers have short term careers You appear to be what's happenin' One a year you crackin' One hitter quitter now you missin' in action With no satisfaction from the streets I only hear foolishness when you speak I repeat, my predecessor's endeavor with pleasure Lock and load, explode and come better Hopin that generation X Be more wicked with the flex And not so quick to cash a check And disrespect, talkin' guns and sex Guns and death, but end up gettin' layed to rest At your request You're at the end of your line Out of your mind Idle women, weed and wine And shells for your nine The blind lead the blind Time after time When you rhyme for the shine Chorus (2X) [Chali 2na] Yo, I'm tellin' you to REBEL But dude, if you stale The 2na can tell Either you're comin' to the party or you truant as hell Politicians ain't got no problem puttin' you in the cell It's like we rolled up a snowball and threw it in hell See some of us are looted with mail and suited to swell But still blind like you're fluent in Braille [Akil] Yo, I never can tell uh, why some make it or fail Speak it and spell overcome and still prevail [Chali 2na] We ripple the water frequently Blink if we show delinquency, please Human frequencies Have been diseased, A breeze ain't what I'm feelin' Healin' is essential Mental aggrivation shows you what we've been through [Akil] Yo, sign of the times influence the way I rhyme, man Pick up a nine and put down your picket sign, man Your life is worth way more than just some diamonds Without bling I still gleam Glisten and shine, man Chorus (2X)

Battle Of Trees

TORI AMOS "Night Of Hunters"
Our language of love The Battle of Trees We fought side by side No one had more Sharper consonants than you, love And my vowels, well, were trusted First comes the Birch Rowan followed by the Ash Then through the Alder she forms And merges with Willow The Hawthorne blossoms As the Oak guards the door She is the hinge on which the year swings He courts the lightning flash and her Summoning the spirits Through incantations You said the Thunder God seems to have And our enemies are the Reed But we knew the Furies held the Holly sacred We were insulated In a circle of words we'd drawn With wisdom sent from nine Hazels A Rowan fire and a Willow rod At ten comes the vine That generates bramble wine The constant change of the night sun A song in the blood of the white bull Our language of love The Battle of Trees We fought side by side No one had more Sharper consonants than you, love And my vowels, well, were trusted From Ivy leaves is an ale that can unveil The hidden meanings and serpents Only revealed through visions Yes vowels could insert "A" was for the Silver Fir The Firs of course Then came next With Heather at her most Passionate The White Poplar's gift to the souls of the dead A promise that it was not the end But for the vine the "U", it's coffer Vowels and consonants The power of trees The power they hold The power of prose So when the church Began to twist the old myths They built their own Tower of Babel From Ulster to Munster The Reed gave way then To the Elder The Earth turns her will So that night follows day From dawn to dawn Fom Winter to Winter At day the Ash had power over the Alder Our language of love The Battle of Trees We fought side by side Then he said to me: "I've dodged bullets and even poisoned arrows Only to be foiled by the blade of a vowel"

Life Liquid

CANIBUS "2000 B.C."
(Blood spillin in the streets!) The what (Blood spillin in the streets!) (Blood spillin in the streets!) The what (Blood spillin in the streets!) [Journalist] Uhh, yo, yo, aiyyo Aiyyo wit two precise niggaz, holdin the right biscuits There'll be a lot of cats leakin out they life liquid Niggaz who actin hard this ain't Columbia Pictures when we throw two in yo' ass while you huggin on your mistress From Philly, where cats quick to mute you at Cuckoo cats, twist back your FUBU cap Crucial black - two chicks to screw you at Then they shove a poolstick where you doodoo at While you checkin on your pagers, weapons in your faces Shot blazin, cops section off the pavement Hoppin out with gauges, prepare for the occasion We throw about eight in, the house that you was raised in Mouthin off fakin'll make you a loud patient Achin, with your arms in a alcohol basin And while your brain's achin I'ma have your dame slavin Cocaine and apron, over a flame bakin Chorus: Journalist + Canibus [J] Niggaz take it for granted - until they layin dead on the granite [C] Innocent bystanders get shot by standin [J] Y'all better duck when you hear the cannon [Both] or y'all be checkin for leaks - Niggas'll leave your blood spillin in the streets [J] Niggaz take it for granted - until they layin dead on the granite [C] Innocent bystanders get shot by standin [J] Y'all shoulda ducked when y'all heard the cannon now you layin deceased [Both] Niggas'll leave your blood spillin in the streets [Canibus] Can you feel it Nothin can save ya Cause this is the season of the infrared laser And since I got time, what I'm gonna do is show you how you can get spotted by one too Cause I don't give a fuck, I just cock back and bust With more arms than an octopus, as if one gun wasn't enough I fuck around and pull eight out Blast your face off or blow your brains out Nigga, I'll leave you laid out Then I pull the gat in my waist out Put it in your mouth and keep squeezin til the whole clip is sprayed out Take the gun in my ankle brace out; shoot you in the stomach till I see the last meal you ate drain out Your face look spaced out, I gut you like a trout Scream my name out while I'm scrapin your rib cage out Squeeze with the index, spray like a bottle of Windex Bullets buzzin by your head like insects From your head to your mid-sec' And I ain't even shoot you in the legs or your limbs or your dick yet Your masculinity is questionable, you probably a homosexual Just the thought of havin a woman lay next to you probably threatens you You probably look at grapes and see testicles You probably fantasize about vegetables like cucumbers and bananas havin sex with you And you probably let gerbels crawl up your rectum too Shame on you; I (*defecate*) on you and simultaneously (*urinate*) on you and pour some acid rain on you I stop your heartbeat with heat You weak nigga, I'll leave your blood spillin in the street Chorus [C] Ayyo Journalist what you workin with [J] Old school burners with barrels big enough for you head to fit in the circle shit What you holdin Canibus [Canibus] 30 bulllet banana clips Just to handle the kick I gotta glue it to my hands and shit We got permits to murder shit We critically injure niggaz who deserve the shit Put em in a tournaquet [Journalist] Bomb proof Suburbans with tractor-tread tires so we can ride through the dirt with it (drive over curbs with it) Merc in it, even over slippery surfaces we can swerve in it (And crash into niggaz who don't deserve they shit) Try stoppin the dudes, you gotta be bruised Cockin the tools that knock you out your socks and your shoes [Canibus] We'll leave you shoeless and keep shootin Look how much life liquid you losin You need a blood transfusion [Journalist] In the back of a medic truck, shots in your neck and gut while we holdin our weapons up, I'm still reppin' Philly - what (Blood spillin in the streets!) The what (Blood spillin in the streets!) (Blood spillin in the streets!) The what (Blood spillin in the streets!) Chorus .. The what .. The what ..

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