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Bachman - Turner Overdrive lyrics

Hey You

Original and similar lyrics
Hey You Bachman-Turner Overdrive Hey you, you say you wanna change the world It's alright, with me there's no regret It's my turn, the circle game has brought me here And I won't let down 'till every song is set You realize now You should have tried now, oooh The music's gone now You lost it somehow Hey you, sha lalala Hey you, sha lalala Wooo, sha la la Wooo, sha la la Hey you, you say the race is much too fast It's okay, with me I'm keeping pace It's my game, the music is inside my head For every one on top there's one who can't retrace You realize now You should have tried now, oooh ooh The music's gone now, you'll find out You lost it somehow Hey you, sha lalala Hey you, sha lalala Wooo, sha la la la Wooo, sha la la la You realize now oooh You could have died now, oooh The music's gone now You lost it somehow Hey you, hey you, sha lalala Hey you, sha lalala Wooo, sha la la Wooo, sha la la Sha lalala, hey you, hey you, hey you Sha lalala, ba-ba-ba-baby's stupid (?) Sha lalala, no time, no time left, no time Sha lalala, don't let me down, don't let me down (music and singing fades out)

The Promise

Johnny Clegg
Electric chair didn't burn a hair and the newspaperman asked why and while the warden explain in great detail the newsman looked in the sky I'm sure! , he said, if you look a little deeper for something in his life we could understand the reason why he reached out for a knife. Oooh! What happened to the promise? Oooh! what happened to the one we knew? So, onto a a train the newspaperman rode down to the southern lands to find out about a child long gone turned into a lightning man. Chorus: Oooh! what happened to the promise? Oooh! what happened to the one we knew? Oooh! what happened to the promise? Oooh! what happened to the heart so true. Some of them make it through , she said some of them never do, and one of them got lost in time -- that child of mine Oh, I loved that child of mine! Arriving in a country town with a notepad in his hand he spoke to the mother and the father and a friend and a teacher and a preacher man They all recalled a regular boy chewing gim and playing in the sand nothing could explain how he became a lonely lightning man And when the coffin came on the southbound train and the old folks shuffled by the one they came to bury was not very heavy, just a child lost in time Chorus What happens to the clear blue eye when it enters the forest? does anybody know where the little one goes? what happens to the child in time? -- some of them make it through -- some of them never do -- some of them are lost and saved -- some of them find their way oooh -- hold on to the promise we're going to make it through my baby we're going to make it through my little darling

Blues Music

G. Love And Special Sauce "G Love And Special Sauce"
Me and my band All must agree we like to get groovy With the sounds of the old time We like to jam cause man Sounds from the Bandstand Hand for the cause man Hang from the old ones The tones the gear the props and the ride very much in Chilling outside Going way back .... From where music really started I'm a child of the eighties From where I departed since then I started A collection of the people Who started it all I reckon I kept them In my sock like money Blues music It's all about rocking the van not rock to roll Sway to sway Shocks work out I play What that fly girl Sabine say .... About eight miles to the gallon that's some Hiway sailing Cool cool lounging Atlantic City bounding 1920's to the 1970's a stream Pool solid steady Getting ready real cool The earth amp sock hat hihat dope Dobro D'Addario strings for my things The bass wail sings Let the rhyme bring The tense of the time The old time Blues music Blind Lemon Jefferson and juice B.M.W's the proof frosty Albert Collins bukkha white Booker T James Brown Jimmy smith at the console The soul with the girls Aretha Chakka Khan the show Solid Gold Cisco and Sonny Lead Belly too Peoples that rode with Woody and you Bob Dylan A million Sears Silvertone guitars Heard the licks no need to take them nowhere Blues music It's like chewing gum with your headphones on Drinking lemonade Chilling on the front porch after running ball Like you lost a twenty dollar bill You got a free ticket from the scratch and win Its like the swimsuit issue Could I get a tissue? It's like you and your baby got nasty cut off and left alone now making eyes On the city bus again grandma cooks blueberry pie Little sister got a boyfriend It's like smoking the ride The final right The vinyl rides Blues music ....

Under The Oak

Candlemass "Live"
Deep was my anguish and for those words they froze my blood and chained my soul the master had spoken, the truth, not any lies The devil gives and evil takes the things in life that foresakes a throne in hell, a price or a sacrifice? Still the wind was blowing soft and gentle here under the oak which gave me shelter and rest for my trial 'I'm not strong, weak is my mind a new biginning, where to find? I'm the last one on earth, please forgive us our crime' It was a time, when love was mine now its time, to sacrifice My heart, bleeding for my race the traces of mankind was swept out by the hands of our lord I cried, for the ones I had lost Midnight in paradise, grief, away goes my hope I cried for, the ones I had lost 'Hear my prayers, climbing on the clouds above Silent cry, reach the inner halls of truth Give me a sign! A crimson sky, bless my eyes up goes the sun, my time has come'

Lost Inside Of You

BARBRA STREISAND "Just For The Record..."
Time has come again And love is in the wind Like some music in a dream You made them all come true When you came inside of my life Now I'm lost Inside of you Lost in the music And lost in your eyes I could spend all of my time Hearing songs you sing Feeling love you bring Darling being close to you Made all my dreams come true When you came inside my life Now I'm lost inside of you

Lost One

JAY-Z "Kingdom Come"
Uh, uh, uh, uh It's not a dis song, it's just a real song Feel me? I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, "OK so, make another Hov" Niggaz wasn't playing they day role So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo I should've been did it but I been in a daze though I put friends over business end of the day though But when friends, business interests as they go Ain't nothing left to say though I guess we forgot what we came fo' Should've stayed in food and beverage Too much flossing Too much Sam Rothstein I ain't a bitch but I gotta divorce them Hov have to get the shallow shit up off him And I ain't even want to be famous Niggaz is brainless to unnecessarily go through these changes And I ain't even know how it came to this Except that fame is The worst drug known to man It's stronger than, heroin When you could look in the mirror like, "There I am" And still not see, what you've become I know I'm guilty of it too but, not like them You lost one [Chorus w/ Marsha (Jay-Z)] Lose one, let go to get one Left one, lose some to win some (You lost one) Story of a champion, sorry I'm a champion You lost one I don't think it's meant to be, be But she loves her work more than she does me And honestly, at twenty-three I would probably love my work more than I did she So we, ain't we It's me, and her 'Cause what she prefers over me, is work And that's, where we, differ So I have to give her Free, time, even if it hurts So breathe, mami, it's deserved You've been put on this earth to be All you can be, like the reserves And me? My time in the army, it's served So I have to allow she, her, time to serve The time's now for her In time she'll mature And maybe we, can be, we, again like we were Finally, my time's too short to share And to ask her now, it ain't fair So yeah, she lost one Lose one, let go to get one Left one, lose some to win some (Oh yeah, she lost one) Story of a champion, sorry I'm a champion You lost one My nephew died in the car I bought So I'm under the belief it's partly my fault Close my eyes and squeeze, try to block that thought Place any burden on me, but please, not that lord Time don't go back, it go forward Can't run from the pain, go towards it Some things can't be explained, what caused it? Such a beautiful soul, so pure, shit Gonna see you again, I'm sure of it 'til that time, little man I'm nauseous Your girlfriend's pregnant, the lord's gift Almost lost my faith, that restored it It's like having your life restarted Can't wait for your child's life, to be a part of it So now I'm child-like, waiting for a gift To return, when I lost you, I lost it Lose one, let go to get one Left one, lose some to win some (Colleek, I lost one) Sorry I'm a champion, Colleek, you're a champion You lost one

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