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Aztec Camera lyrics - Dreamland


Original and similar lyrics
Words and music by Roddy Frame Hey baby, baby bring your love to me Repeats the radio relentlessly All day I dream a dream where feelings flee In free formation. The sweetest sound reflects in saddened eyes Defies description and identifies The heart that hungers for the sudden skies The souls migration. Chorus: How sweet to fly To touch the sky To feel in the flow Like the one who glides there. I feel we flew We never knew But to know is to go When your heart resides there. I take a winter coat and walk the square The people gather and the birds they scare Concrete and clay conspire to cage me there Among the lost boys. Down in the streets I see the trees grow bare Broken and battered in the thinning air The birds are scattered and my footsteps there I long for lost joy. Chorus

The Other Side

Chorus I said you don't really wanna go, I can tell But I'm gone take you anyway what the hell So come on get on in the ride And let me take you to the other side x2 I said inhale exhale I heard your clientele is doin well I see you boomin out the S-T-L Pushin a five hundred S-L I heard you even got a child now (look at that) A baby momma and a bow-wow My nigga know you need to calm down F-for County run up in your house But you don't wanna hear that though, it's too late Now the Feds knocking at your door, you took the bait They got taps on your mobile phone They do surveillance all around your home Now ya pawnin' everything ya own Calling on your partners for a loan No more slip and sliding on the chrome Your good days have come and gone I tried to tell you Chorus Now baby girl what's your name? And tell me what's your claim to fame Oh I can tell you do your thing Just by checking out your diamond ring I see you at the mall every day Buying Chanel, Fendi, Donna K Plus I heard they took your job away And got ya kids' shit on lay away You got a 4-5 Infinity (You livin' large) Like your last name was Kennedy or El' DeBarge Oh I just can't believe, that you made that money righteously The kids asking what they mommy do And why she lock us in the bedroom I think mommy getting paid to screw Cause every night it's a different dude I tried to tell Chorus Little man how old are you (you can tell me) And what you doing skipping school I see you running with your lil' crew Out there fighting over red and blue So now you wanna claim gangs Even heard you bought a dopamine that ain't it You started out with chronic on the brain Now you're smoking amphetamines I ain't trying to sway your dreams Just trying to show you, that's it's other ways of makin cream (Take it from me) Just go to school and make something of Your young life and watch it blow up You ain't gotta stop being cool Don't even gotta stop flossin' fancy jewels (and fast cars) Just keep it real with your game son And don't forget were you came from I'm trying to tell ya Chorus x4 (to a fade)

The Age of Sacred Terror

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Vinnie Paz: spoken] Yeah Yeah baby yeah Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy of Blood Nothing but dirt out here Fucking Philly baby Yeah It ain't a game baby It's fucking war out here Yeah [Vinnie Paz] I'll make you bleed with knives I was born with all-seeing eyes I could snatch a rapper heart Before it even dies The caveman still believe in lies You don't want no blood or no beef Like you was vegan rhymes You like to sleep with guys You a gay maggot Listening to fucking B2K, faggot Go to raves faggot, put a hole in your heart Destroy everything you that you know and you thought Destroy everything in Babylon You fucking fake rap I hate rap because you babble on You fucking fags are gone I'm a hate monger That's the reason that you talking to the to the Jake longer Put the snakes on ya, now you die there And who gave you the fucking impression that I care I could thrive here, but I choose to die On a fucking steady diet of booze and lie Yeah It's the age of the sacred terror A communist revolutionary Che Guevara Take your chedder, take everything that you care for Murder everybody, that's what they was there for And therefore you getting wet from the heat Take the food from your plate-ain't letting you eat Ain't letting you do nothing I don't want you to You a crumb and that's why I like to fuck with you I don't care about anybody except me Until my main man Mafia is set free You waiting for the revolution to start But you ain't on the front lines taking two in the heart Ellusively smart, that's why I hide from the feds Jason Voorhees style, five severed heads Five corpses, five state troopers dead Licking shots in they face til the room is red Fuckin crumbs, worms, noodles, yeah If you serve God for money you serve the devil Claim to be in the war, never heard the metal, yeah Never even been in combat Never even felt the supreme love from a warm gat I'm on another plane You could stand in front of your fam But I'm shootin right through your mother's frame I got knuckle game, but I don't use that Fuck a fair one, where the two-twos at Where the nitrous oxide and balloons at Where my motherfucking Uncle Howie goons at This for everybody holdin hammers If you come into our shows then you go bananas And holding banners In support of Mumia Jamal Run up on you fucking pigs with the heaters and all I'm decieving Allah, that's what I'm here for The reason why I'm drinkin' all the fucking beer for Yeah, yeah baby Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy of Blood


I knew it was there Though I tried to hide it The feeling just kept on shining through Haven't known you that long So I try to deny it But the feeling was much too much too strong Could this be love Deep down inside Tearing me apart I feel it in my heart CHORUS: Constantly, you're on my mind Thinking about you all the time I can't sleep no matter what I do I just keep on thinking 'bout you Why do I feel this way When I know you have someone That you're seeing each and every day Should I play this game Of just being your friend When I know that's not where I want it to end How could this be wrong When the feeling's so strong Tearing me apart I feel it in my heart CHORUS 2X No I don't want to start no trouble Between you and I and your lover But I must tell you what I'm going through Everytime you walk by I see love in your eyes Written by Donald Robinson

De Labore Solis

-to my godess- I suffered thousand nights, My spirit cried, I lost my dream, My sense of life was locked Beyond a secret silent stream I was lost in the waste land Of dwelling in loneliness Prepared to die, strange visions Having been my only guests, But close to the end all my pleas were heard By a dancing, singing, humming bird Planet earth became motionless I was embraced bu devoted breath - By a gold-princess! Inexpressable vibrations moved me When I saw your eyes No human word can ever tell How deep I sympathinzed My heart bled a tear so red Full of joy and deliverance, Your spirit and mine United at once in the cosmic dance Nubien light, yes it shone so bright Torture and fight dissappeared that night Jesus walked through our deserted heart Nothing on Earth will ever tear us apart - Nevermore! Now I dance across the secret stream With angelic elf at my side Soft siren, you're my resurrection beam, Beloved face, you are my pride! While your light caresses my skin We dwell in oceans of eternity Your golden aura droens all sin Forever we are - The blossom and the bee!

A Most Excellent Charm In Solemn Endurance

Through dark dungeons I wander hearing this beautiful voice calling me athward Green mosses lead my pathways eery shrieks fulfill my joy calming fear enveils my body suddenly standing before the gate innaya... lost city Of the twelve sleepers in Sadness breaking open the doorway I feel the tears in my heart A grief hold for ages now set free Broken houses death decay rotting stenches of things unknown to us Gods that were once here now left left in the Mausoleum of Pain strolling through streets, cracks Gaping at me with soothing darkness I feel the wind caressing my body the first sense of resignation... I will never leave this city of Broken dreams, never Spirits of unbearable calmness lie fall... falling... down Caress me... tear my black soul apart With the grief and sorrow of Eras The weeping of millions impaling my heart falling... so sweet... falling down...

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