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AZ lyrics - Pieces Of A Man

Hey Az

Original and similar lyrics
featuring Half-A-Mil Nature Half-A-Mil (Interlude) AZ: Ha, ha, ha, new drink, Balley's and Henny you ain't got no Henny, get the Remy you ain't got the Remy, any cognac'll do. . . Smooth criminal shit baby. . . Half-A-Mil: Kaiser Sosa intention Glide in a Hummer wit the flyin' saucer engine Willied out, at my crib in the winter having cookouts Smack by witch, look out I'm like Barnabas, crab niggas tryin' to conquer us They mad cuz we jump outta cabs, and hop on the bus Copin' dust, Firm Clique rock the whole Metropolis Bitches who burn dick won't put a stop to us Niggas who. . . . . . {fades directly into Love Is Love } Love Is Love AZ: See...this is what I mean...when we come together like this incredible things take place... see we connect thoughts to collect shorts, and only the strong survive... I love my black people...we are the future... {Nina Simone sample: Black is the color of my true love's hair, his face so soft wondrous cared } AZ {Verse One} Chop the pie up, four ways, get lyed up Infiltrate, never violate get tied up It's all a chess game, choose sides, the best remains True lies, vibes die when bums infest the game Bogus shit shots, you woke but let your man get locked I love this hip-hop, stock the bank let the Crist pop Peep the next shit, push a big Benz, fuck a Lexus The streets was hectic, so I stacked and made my exit More doe to get, focus my thoughts for me to go legit Ferosious shit, cop a huge castle, on the ocean cliff Imagine that, a few years back, I was baggin' cracks Magnum gats, playin' street corners, commitin' savage acts Twistin' up, nuttin' but love, for niggas sittin' up Hold your own, try comin' home wit out gettin' touched Two for one, laws made foul how they do the young Whose new to come, tried to tell shorty he shoulda threw the gun {Nina Simone sample: Black is the color of my true love's hair, of my true love's hair. } Half-A-Mil {Verse Two} Knowledge the green Wallies, all I see Mama hold math like caller I.D. Chose the path that chose me I'ma tell you like G-o-d told me Greed, lust, hate, and envy sweeped us from Shemtie Keep us from simply, unifyin', organizin' We all are fallin', when we think we all are risin' We pop Crist on the horizon, topless chicks wit thick thighs I'd rather be civilizin', enterprisin', improvisin' Temperature risin', L.O. Heem gave me the guidance Told me leave those 85ers alone, blend wit the wise men That buy 80 G stones, twin Mercedes at homes Fuck a juck, spend 10 Gs alone on chrome When I die they'll take my chromosomes and clone clones Two hundred and eight bones Microchip kits, we most dominant You know what time it is, that's why I exist Jump out of limo, lims, fire the blitz, wise scientist Applyin' this, ?lavi, then wide this I'm survivin' this, quiet tribalness, finalist Year 2000, flyin' the whips 9 cent, mind bent, 1999 rhyme alignment {Nina Simone sample: Blaaaaaaaaaaack is the colorrrrrrrrrr } Nature {Verse Three} We went from, arraignments to entertainment 24 seve, the same shit, playin' the strip livin' dangerous Bottle after bottle, soon became a ritual The patterens we follow, others found 'em difficult I guess it's obvious As to what my hobby is The root of all evil, pollute the scene niggas by the kids Gettin' caught up, the same game done left 'em all stuck I reminisce on V.S. touchin' my fourth cup Me? My only problem is I'm more fucked Knowin' in my heart I can't sleep, till I bust off nuts Weed religion, for all my niggas that beat the system And those bentin', sittin' since Conico Vision Y'all need to listen, it's journalistic Y'all hear the whispers Niggas in The Firm is twisted. Spit that fly shit that earn the bitches Whip the chrome six up the F.D.R. It's blessed we are See I never let 'em strees me god, forever stress free While twistin' up logs of that Nestle Who are you to question me? It's just my destiny To kick back, kill time, and live successfully {Nina Simone sample: When he and I will be as one. } AZ: {Nina Simone sample playing through out} Firm... How y'all want it? Huh? hu... Talk to me... We give it to ya either way... We workin' wit ch'all... This, is for you...Love Is Love... 9-8.... Firm shit.... {Nina Simone sample: Black is the colorrrrr... of my true love's hair... my true love's hair... of my truuuuuuuuuue love's hair. }

Last Night

Lee Hom Wang "Moonchild O.S.T."
Last night I watched you sleep as you lay there I dropped down to my knees and said a prayer I leaned over softly to kiss your beautiful face But I could not cross the ocean of your grace The moonlight held you aloft a picture of peace The only sound was the soft breeze form the east My heart beat dowm in my chest To the rhythm of your gentle breath And the whole world calmed down For this moment of rest Now I'm standing above you trying so hard Not to tell you I love you And all that I want in this world is you If you'd only wake up You'd know it was true Oh baby I love you can be so hard to say Especially when it's meant in this strong a way But at this moment while you lie asleep I am suddenly free And my trembling arms reach out for you As if you could see Now I'm standing above you trying so hard not To tell you I love you And all that I want in this world is you If you'd only wake up you'd know it was true If you'd only wake up you'd know it was true

Hip Hop Drunkies

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] What's yo' name What's yo' naaaaaame [ODB] *burp* My name is, Ol Dirty Bastard... and I'ma Alkaholik [Tash] Yeah me too nigga [ODB] *singin some crazy shit* [Tash] You're now rockin with Tha Liks so start reachin for the ozone I see some girls I know but y'all look different with your clothes on What's up though, Tash came to steal it like the Grinch While I'm leavin niggaz puzzled like I said my shit in French But it's all Olde English that I'm bringin from beneath Try to bite my style on wax and watch these lyrics crack your teeth Cause I make words Connect like Westside when I test glide my drunken lyrical hanglider, nobody's tighter than a ruff rap provider, with ninety ways to peel ya So I know the three words (Tash'll kill ya) sound familiar I filter out the weak everytime I speak I drink to hit the peak to make my mind go (beep) I'm def-da-fyin, you rappin like my client Tryin to scrape me for the style that slam harder than Kobe Bryant BE QUIET! This is Likwidation from the West Motherfuck ya boozy show, I got my own special guest [Ol Dirty Bastard] Yo, yo, breaker breaker breaker one-nine I bust this bitch in the behind with the silver shine Cause she thought she was fine She winked at me, I thought it was fine This nigga poutin, this hoe was mine I had the alcohol in me, took my time Let a nigga ro-tate turn on the table Put in the diamond needle, pull it to your ego What You the king in the chair on my ground The Tyson of sound, it's twenty seconds to a round Scavenger nigga, youse a shrimp, a full line of shit my ear can't digest it Stop drinkin all that motherfuckin water, let's take it to the land So I can Godzilla up your sheeit, Mr. Tiny Tim man Niggaz be creepin up my beanstalk When I start to come down on your fuckin asses Try to chip shit on up, get these nuts Motherfucker WHAT!! [J-Ro] The Ro pimped the flow like a hoe, so I should rap on the mack-raphone My rhymes hittin hard enough to crack a bone I divide square MC's like math Bend you in half and drink a Genuine Draft I stop him, then I skied out with all wampum When he's layin on the ground, I let my Dog Scrilla chop him (Switch reels) I feels its all about skills The outcome's unbelievable like Tyson/Holyfield Your lyrics are loaners return em to they rightful owners My style is wild, like G's or the pistolas No need to ask, I put you on like a ski mask We can Fight the Power like this was P.E. class I Bomb Squads like Hank Shock Peace to my nigga Scott puttin stickers on the block *burp* I drink more Brewsters than Punky It's the further adventures of the hip-hop drunkies *chorus* You bithces are hoes Put it in ya like my motherfuckin hoe or in your butthole/earhole Whever the fuck it goes (repeat 2X) [Ol Dirty] Yeah, yo, yo, yo No disrespect to any architect Who tried to perfect, oh what the heck I'm a MC director, rhyme inspector Rated top ten, Brooklyn borough sector [J-Ro] Its the Packtown original b-boy I'm rappin What's happenin, so dope got the pope clappin I'm smackin, on some chicken, what you kickin You trickin, while I'm vickin hoes you stick your dick in [Tash] Step outta place, Tash'll smack your taste out your face Cause there's nowhere to hide unless you move to outer space Cause I waste motherfuckers like toxic fumes So you betta (make room) when you hear the (boom boom) [Ol Dirty (rapping like RZA)] Hey sugar plum, how can you assume That the pitch of the volume, doesn't have no tune I'm not your everyday, regular rap star peddler One on one at your rap seminar Beware of the Hard Way, Three's the Hard Way At you fuckers... [J-Ro] So aiyyo, my name is J-Ro And my style is so dope they call it ya-yo I don't rap fast, I love green grass Nuttin nice on the mic, call me a mean ass [Ol Dirty (still rapping like RZA)] Extra da-llama, bring hahaha Extra extra bring the da-llama Verse a better one, then slice-a-versa God acre, massacre murdered Also known as a rap wrecka, not a rhyme rebel You're just rhyme to survive streets True beaters, minerals and rhymes survive lyrics Like the acre without the attic, but not the only Asiatic true God but my dick is my lightning rob Hoe don't kick that mumbo jumbo... [Tash] See this the type of shit niggaz don't try at home I come funkin up the spot like Micheal Jordan's cologne With the megadrunken, style to keep the crowd pumpin Niggaz lookin at me like, 'Tash is up to somethin' (Get drunk and I stumbled) but I didn't come to trip I came to bring it to ya humb-le Tumb-le all your plots and all your plans Ol Dirty's in the house and that's my motherfuckin man! *outro* It's the Likwid crew Comin through with Ol Dirty from the Wu Passin your party, jettin out with allt he brew So what y'all new, niggaz think you wanna do (repeat 2X)

Gimme Some More

BUSTA RHYMES "Extinction Level Event"
Yeah As a shorty playing in the front yard of the crib Fell down, and I bumped my head Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head I said 'Yeah' So then they said 'Oh so that mean we gon, you gon switch it on em'?' I said 'Yeah, Flipmode, Flipmode is the greatest' Knowing as a shorty, I was always told That if I ain't gon' be part of the greatest I gotta be the greatest myself C'mon C'mon, Yeah, C'mon Yeah nigga what, what a surprise Get ya sumn', make a nigga close both of your eyes All my niggas gettin' money capitalize Die little small guy, we on the rise Everything a nigga touch platinumize Fully equipped, you know we come wit' all the supplies Got a big gun, and I'ma show you the size You fuck wit' any of my Flipmode family ties Me and my niggaz be comin' through stalkin' you out Killin' off any and everything you talkin' about See you in the club, now we walkin' you out Shoulda' thought twice 'fo you went and opened your mouth Yo, anyway we stay keepin it movin' Fuckin' with the wrong nigga, hope you know what you doin' Now blame me, all the same niggas is lame It's not a game, makin' names still splittin' your frames! Chorus: Y'all niggas had enough? Gimme some more Y'all niggas want the wild shit? Gimme some more Yo Spliff where the weed at? Gimme some more I know ya'll niggas need that Gimme some more Even though we getting money you can Gimme some more With the cars and the big crib Gimme some more Everybody spread love Gimme some more If you want it let me hear you say Gimme some more Flash with a rash gimme my cash flickin my ash Runnin' with my money son go out with a blast Do what you want, a nigga's cuttin' the corner You fuckin' up, oh to go ahead and meet the reporter Yo, she tellin' news on how you switch to a bitch Little fake funny style, nigga chill with a snitch So now I pass and trait over your blood and to ask you Make a little room for me and all my niggas to pass through Cartier, Sidney Poitier, hooray shit What with all my niggas from around the way shit When I come through you niggas know I do my thing Bring more shit that generate money, chi-ching Arrest you lyrically flow and caress you Bless you, then a nigga come to your rescue While you assume a nigga blossom and bloom I'm comin' soon hit you with a boom gimme some room! Chorus Yo, live nigga shit know what I mean I represent while we gettin' money and reign supreme Hope you niggas know we comin' through full steam Can't see you better turn on your high beam All my niggas while I'm ringing the sireen Flipmode be the glory niggas on my team Never should you ever try to fuck wit' my cream I O.D when my shit get all in your bloodstream Everytime we be rippin' it be blowing it down Blowing you off fuckin' wit' the hottest niggas around Like it's when me and my people run through your town Holdin' it down takin' a while and then gimme my crown Ay, yo! All my people need to come and surround A nigga be hittin' so much it make you fall on the ground Sure to make you shout that's what I be all about Turnin' you out makin' all you niggas fall out! Chorus

The Unquiet Grave (Child No. 78)

JOAN BAEZ "Joan Baez 5"
(revised version sung by Joan Baez) Cold blows the wind to my true love, And gently drops the rain. I've never had but one true love, And in green-wood he lies slain. I'll do as much for my true love, As any young girl may, I'll sit and mourn all on his grave, For twelve months and a day. And when twelve months and a day was passed, The ghost did rise and speak, Why sittest thou all on my grave And will no let me sleep? Go fetch me water from the desert, And blood from out the stone, Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast That young man never has known. How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart, Where we were want to walk, The fairest flower that e'er I saw Has withered to a stalk. A stalk has withered and dead, sweetheart, The flower will never return, And since I've lost my own true love, What can I do but yearn. When will we meet again, sweetheart, When will we meet again? When the autumn leaves that fall from the trees Are green and spring up again. The Unquiet Grave (Child #78) Traditional Folk Song From Joan Baez 5 sung by Joan Baez (5), Frankie Armstrong (Lovely on Water), Ian Campbell, and Patons

They Call It

ATMOSPHERE "Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 / Fun EP"
[Verse 1] Don't you love it madly when it sleeps in your basement On some gladly-pay-you-Tuesday-for-a-hamburger-today shit? And don't you love the way you can relate To everything your favourite rapper has to say about your hatred? Get a hobby, now why they wanna watch me In some hotel lobby getting sloppy with this pillow built mommy? Probably never be global like 2Pac But the local boys will beat my shit hard in their jukebox Sitting here pretending I'm not tipsy Watching over sensitive hippies use my records for they dog Frisbees Be a good little fishy And book me a ticket to your city so your girlfriend will kiss me I'm the bee that came to pollinate the flower Make a meal, borrow a towel and take a shower It's called love, in return they make bread Pay dollars, make beds, catch buzz, give head [Hook] They call it love and I get plenty of it The rich kids burn it, my broke people dub it They call it hate and I get plenty of it The snakes always wanna put your name where their tongue splits They call it love and I get plenty of it Give hugs to the public, put plugs in the budget They call it hate and I get plenty of it But they know who to call when they want the party jumping [Verse 2] We bust into your system, search through the evidence Opening hoping to find why you love your residence Puts your fists up or put your chips up Advocate, act adult or get your fabric ripped up They said like what? Like they didn't know me Six foot three, ugly mug and a simple flow Like that? Like that! And a bottle of Jimmy Beam Peace, my name is Slug and I'm down with the winning team They wanna kill my steam, I didn't care Just lead me to the Phoebe with the pretty hair Jumping up and down with the passion of a battle Jester of the kingdom, see me mack 'em at the castle Sean is such an asshole! Nah I'm a dickhead Stealing cigarettes from the rest of the mislead Enjoy me, avoid me, do what you must do But man up and understand why they don't love you [Hook] [Verse 3] Looking through your pinhole, who you gonna insult? Atmosphere get up in here, yeah, where'd your grin go? Got a sock full of nickels and quarters For unsupportive cock smokers that wanna ripple these waters You hate to love it, keep changing up the subject Still ain't saying nothing, we knew that you would jump ship Get back inside your magic pumpkin you puppet Cause all you got left in your life is a big 'What if?' No names, this pertains to a flock of you The fuck you gonna do when no one's watching you? Sweep up the fuck-ups, tighten up the lug nuts Let your world turn with no concern for what Slug does I'm not number one, I'm just my mother's son No regrets, show respect, what's done is done I understand why you're so discouraged Now show your love like it was when you was this moment [Hook] "We may not do this recording again, and maybe not give it to fellas again So we hope you enjoyed listening to this album half as much As we enjoyed playing it for you, cause we had a ball"

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