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AZ lyrics - L.O.D.B: Last Of A Dying Breed

86 Remix

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse: Raekwon] Wood green jacket in the clapper Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretched plump actress Grabbin' her thong, the light-skinned Mia Long Rich niggas way back, the bitch do John Why would you ever wanna be here? Guns bigger than me here I'm like the centipede, three pair Wallabees, first pair ferocious Guns from Scotia, everybody know I flow like oceans Truck little pieces, how're we gonna eat this? I walk around fly, high, telekinesis And my lady a well known designer who fell in line with me And all she do is sell LV We in the grow house, trees look alone I built the Dutch Master train set, relax, you home And watchin' Carmelo when the Knicks go in I'm playing my square, I'm in the front row, my bitch roll in That's not wifey, that's a lover She gave me some top, but how we met, she was alone with my brother Givin' twenty-year veteran good dick, came to my senses Stay strong like old man in dentures Wintertime rockin' the fox, hangin' with Bruno Mars, The Lox Sting, yo, Nas' pops We gettin' honeys, Rat Pack clique in my gunny Blowin' two Ls, Ocean 11 this money Floss stays coolin' on them horses Hoppin' over logs, long Polo boots, ownin' them Porsches Maxin' king, everything Gucci Just like the suits I play Saturday to stay in Jacuzzis Brother Man, I'm floatin' to mother lands And came back with ounces of gold, wrapped aside, rubber bands Hangin' in McCormick & Schmitz Doin' my OG thing, slangin' some 'caine in the mix [Bridge: Altrina Renee] I'll be flying to the islands when it's cold outside Matching furs, his and hers, got matching black cars On my life, livin' right, baby, love is no limit Life's good either way, 'long as you in this

Havaña Daydreamin'

JIMMY BUFFETT "Havaña Daydreamin'"
Stashed his trash in Ecuador, bought a good suit of clothes. Flew on up to Mexico, standin' by the shore. Waiting for some mystery man, to pay him for his time. Thinkin' about all the money he made, couldn't help to ease his mind Havana daydreamin' oh he's just dreamin' his life away. Daddy shucked that sugar cane, One day he fell dead. Jesus had a wanderin' feelin' Swimmin around in his head. Sailin' on a midnight boat, There were no questions asked, Water's so green and the air was so clean That he stuck right to his task, Havana daydreamin', Oh he's just schemin', his life away. Ceilin' fan stirs the air Cigar smoke did swirl, A fragrance on the pillow case And he thinks about the girl. Spillin' wine wine and sharin' good times She sure could make him smile. He pays her well but what the hell He'll be movin' in a little while, Havana daydreamin', Havana daydreamin' Oh he'll be dreamin' his life away.


HOT BOYS "Let 'Em Burn"
[B.G.] Bring Noise Nigga, I got something on my shoulder - that bitch is so heavy AK-47 a test ta a Mac-11, double clipped taped up Ready ta spray something, 175 shots ta clear the block I've rob through your neighborhood, day and night Stole clothes people inside, ya hood on strike I'm looking, for ya - high and low, nigga I'm searchin' 11 deep in the new Ford Excursion Me and my nigga P. - brother D's on weed Bet should re-infact, k' pot it clean Once you found you get down, burn torchin' and beat That's the treatment you get from a nigga in C.M.B. I'm the B.G. but you can call me - Shot 'em up shorty I'll get mad and try ta flush your head down the toirlet Baby gave me the game - when this niggaz that's bitch made Gimme my props, call it Ace a Ace a spade of spades nigga [Juvenile] Boss you wouldn't believe what happend ta me Last night I got hit for a package of ki's Who was it? Man I'ont know some cats They kicked in my doo' shot my wife in the back And you think them mothafuckers woulda left it at that They beat me in my head until I said where it's at Okay we go out in the streets and we get the word We hit up anybody that we think selling them birds Them fuckin moolignanis don't want no war' C4 them down, let 'em burn in the car Me not worried about no witness Cuz them won't see, anything linkin' up ta me Boss, come ta find out it was Red and Black Them connivin' motherfuckers gatta pay for that I tell you what I gonna do, burn them cock roaches And payment for the cops in case they wanna approach us [Baby] I'm the O.G. nigga 'bout money and bitches Know how, ta flip a brick and deal with ditches My brother K.C. told me how ta kill these niggaz While Troy had me in alleys dealin' with digits Aiy, life is real my nigga, me and Lac pa' was killed my nigga It ain't nothing keep it real my nigga While my homies carve life in the field my nigga Ski' then family - thrill deal niggaz Rambo and Sam - it is what it is niggaz I've robbed niggaz - pulled triggers for niggaz Drama's involved - we in like we in nigga Homicide - we kill like we kill nigga Behind them thangs - it is what it is niggaz Birdman - a known shotcaller Suburban man and Benzes and Prowlers [Lil' Wayne] (look - look - look - look) Here comes Mister Bad nerves What that fed up look? Shorty got that do whatever for the cheddar look And got no dope, weed or fetti plus I'm hurt and hungry All I got is this beretta with 2 murders on it I done walk 'bout four blocks In a pair of old 'Boks Dirty with no socks Looking for dope spots Man I'm on the prawl - untamed and wild Been a year since I smiled Better watch that child Hat over my eyes, you can't see my frustation Looking at niggaz paper chasin' with mean faces Was told wait my turn - but damn I'm in-pacient Pacin' the streets, with, the, mac-10 blazin' Lil' Brother bail please, I'ma kill him for the scrilla Do you under smell me - I'm telling your dawg I was raised on bad ways from school on half-days Have smart and have praise - stop playin' with me [Turk] It's in my bloodstream wodie, ta be the nigga that I am Tote gats with hats take a nigga from his fam' Nothin' but streets shit - it's all a nigga know Knockin you off ya feet quick - it's all a nigga know Drive-bys in U-Hauls - prepared anyday Thuggin' is usual, do that every day Bitch niggaz get roast, if your not from round my way Middle of the court or one of them hallways Quick ta steal ya, I'm real I ain't fake Leave ya ass a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape Put a hole in ya thinkin' cap, won't be thinkin no mo' You'll be put ta nap Young nigga play it raw, raw - X ya bitch ass out Me and my nigga Rat quick ta run up in ya house Fuck it, I goes out cuz it's in me my nigga When it's a coke drought - I tote a semi my nigga

Full Moon

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
When I came to you there on that cold telephone pole horror of the night and you came out to meet me and then tell me things and sit down on the porch swings Congratulations you coming home next month Humble as a monk We celebrate with Crystal and skunk The family's large It's hard being God Still take charge come home to a massage A line of credit cards with a Land Cruiser parked in the garage And trying to make up for the times when you was gone Being locked up while my heart was torn You wrote me letters Telling me when you come home things will be much better I mailed you a pair of Tims for a Wu-Wear sweater Up in the penal dipped (?) for the weather In difficult times it's hard to maintain I strive to live in the shelter that blocks out the rain And that rain is pain For stress on the brain will have a nigga insane Forced to stay awake Late nights it's hard to sleep When I peek Cause the kitchen's chopped up (?) they be trying to creep on me Mental explosion when I meditate over by Taca Lake Thoughts remain calm like the ocean Puff a little war potion Everything relates to emotion When I stare at the stars surrounded by trees Sometimes I feel like a fallen leaf Blown away by wind realities Strong breeze, but you're free I took the block off the horn So let knowledge be born Blood brothers forever Killa B's on the swarm Dom P's (?) past, guns blast I recollect on the past On how we ran wild together Chasing cash and ass Small time thing Managing stings for nugget rings Went back far like acorn fights on modern swings Kingpin style, juveniles raised with major flav Tenth grade came went on our own and severed ways Never realized Poppy would die or leave my side Homicide never I visualize better You live forever in my heart son Mentally dunn we roll together No years past I still hear blasts as guns flashed My nigga run fast he sumble to a lifeless crash On the concrete my leg felt weak I couldn't eat let alone sleep This shit is way beyond bone deep Now I sip beers Shed a few tears with our peers Play the rears Do the knowledge through glares and cold stares Yo it's hard kid I swear to my unborn this war's going on Veterans taking falls to young pawns But I stay strong and try to move on And live life to the fullest Rest in peace to the God who took a bullet

Hide 'n' Seek

E-40 "Federal"
[E-40] I'm in some deep shit, I got some niggas from another click On that ass trying to run me off a fuckin cliff What should I do Where should go How could I fake 'em Bust a bitch on that ass and try and shake em and bake em Full speed ahead, I know they want my ass dead Still on my bumper, makes a motherfucker wonder All the dirt that I did, should just let them get me Maybe its because I killed Rodney and his whole family Revenge, I see my life flashing, niggas blasting Brothas passing, trying to make me stay crashing Into the rocks beside me, fucking up the traffic 17th in a Malibu Chevy classic But I'm nothing humble, just call me Yapeez Pasano Full tank of petro, mobbin through the fucking tunnel Shit it's bright, I think I see some daylight Over the night, you should have seen a brothas sides right Fit the corners on two shoes, I'm holly G Wrapping my shit around a fifty foot oak tree Got out the car, seeing stars, I wasn't lagging Ran out and hid behind a beat up station wagon [Hook] You've never seen a bitch nigga run so fast [E-40] Bouncing, sneaking, and peaking, hitting bushes and shit Never saw, like you did in that movie clip Steady busting, these motherfuckers ain't bluffing I'm hauling ass and renting bullets, constantly cussing Scared as fuck, I wasn't trying to act hard Thumbs up, and ran in a back yard Just as I was hoping the sliding door was wide open Out of breath, I locked the door and started talking I need some help, I gotta bounce, someone's after me Please don't panic, I need your help drasticly I'm not a G, a killer, or a rapist I'm just a ordinary black man trying to make this Busting my bubble, the couple didn't even freak They said relax, I'll make some coffee, have a seat The man said, whats your name bro Shit I don't know, you might decide to call the po-po He said that ain't my thang, I used to be a leader of a gang Shot twice in my chest I got wounds, where I've been stabbed He took off his shirt and showed my his scab I said damn partner, how the fuck you survive some shit like that Like that there without going into a coma He said the Lord spared my life So I could talk to people like you and teach them right I was a dope pusher, big time drug abuser Alcoholic, dog blumer, but a shooter All together working from the floor I said I better twist so I can call her Now I'm reached from coast to coast Said to saved from the holy ghost I know you think your trapping But let me pray for you junior and see what happens

Dancehall Dreamer

Dancehall Dreamer I found myself in bar room Doing the things I ought not to Watching life as it slowly passed me by I was holding onto lovers And disregarding others with my lies Living my whole life like this I guess its risky business Some folks say that I won't last too long And I can't say I blame them For saying what their saying ‘Cause right now I'm just holding on Chorus I'm just an old Dancehall Dreamer Living my life in the past Holding onto dreams and them slow moving trains And I don't know how long I can last So I called out to Jesus Said Lord I really need you You've got to carry me for a while I've been running too long Singing them old tired songs As wheels keep on turning out the miles Like I said I'm just a dreamer Got to keep believing someday things will go my way I'm just running from the devil Got one foot on the pedal While the other's laid up in the grave Chorus Repeat Chorus

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