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AYRIA lyrics - Hearts For Bullets

My Poison

Original and similar lyrics
You're my drug Twisted lust I can't get up I don't feel sober Burning skin to the touch Leave the shame to your subconscious And the kiss from your mouth Left a taste that pushed me over I think we're crazy in lust I think I'm crazy in love with you We ought to stop this Now, now, now is when I want it Talk's useless and overrated Now we have to try to stop this all from happening It gets inside my head It picks apart my rules It's a game One that I love to lose And it stings And there's fear And it grips me all over I feel pain, but I'd die If I can't have this moment I think we're crazy in lust I think I'm crazy in love with you We ought to stop this Now, now, now is when I want it Talk's useless and overrated Now we have to try to stop this all from happening Now, now, now is when I want it Talk's useless and overrated Now we have to try to stop this all And you're my poison Take it all Take my pride I want you now You're my poison Now

Off 2 The Races

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Hook] And we're off to the races, places Ready, set the gate is down and now we're goin' in To Las Vegas chaos, Casino Oasis, honey it is time to spin Boy you're so crazy, baby, I love you forever not maybe You are my one true love, you are my one true love [Verse 1] Let her know I’m here if she ever need me to be with her As long as she know I can never be with her She asks you why, I just need you to keep it G with her Tell her I found the happiness that I could never see with her 3 years after that break up, should’ve had closure by now We’d be best friends, you’d have let this end we’d be closer by now What you want is upset, hostile, angry, evil, jealous, bitter shit Fuck makin your bed and lying in it, you bought that house, live with it I came to you for a second chance, you gave me your ass to kiss Found another salad to toss, how the fuck is you mad at this? Oh, I forgot, you not in love anymore And I’d believe it, but see I’m not on drugs anymore That’s based on action, words I stopped believing still I hear it though Would you save them if you knew they became meaningless to me years ago? But if happiness is the finish line, I beat you there So karma must be real cause since we broke up he ain’t treat you fair [Hook] [Verse 2] Remember our break up? I rapped about it on Downfall But you know I don’t stay down for long Remember you met that other dude, he’s smarter and more mature With more bread that you’d thought would be around for long Remember you pulled the rug from under me, left me to be alone I threatened suicide, bang, was crazy about you But that stalker dude was still right to the point you waste that for this name And when we speak now you still say I’m crazy without you, my My, how the tables have turned Or are they bending just a little, you resent it just a little Cause dude that ruined your life made you doubt yours It’s the reason that loneliness you gave me is now yours, check it Your perspective I can’t even call it hatin You mad at the situation, really it ain’t even Kaylin We both sympathized, that pain is felt and shared To watch a man that you helped better display it elsewhere Watch a man you spent years with, grew with Come across to someone that you want nothing to do with To sleep in a bed with "what ifs?" instead of something special How can you get over us? The public won’t even let you I know to wake up with that fear is gross Love me from far cause you scared to get close But what are you fearing the most? If happiness is the finish line I beat you there I always thought that when you’d put the baggage down I’d meet you there [Hook] [Verse 3] Uh, let’s bring up the speed a lil bit Now a nigga balling, you still tell me to grow some Entertaining threesomes, you don’t think that it’s wholesome Say that you can’t trust me, think I’m out here trashing you Got a lot of answers to questions I don’t be asking you I tried to be friends so I don’t see a problem passing through You welcome a nigga to pain, it is me harassing you You must be misconstruing my love and it’s gassing you Causing you to wear our shit out, and think it's fashionable I'm thinking you should put our history in back of you That would call for you stepping outside of yourself and being rational Come to friendship, you question me in that capacity How would you ever know it’s not something you ever asked of me And VH1 just gave us another episode So maybe it’s smart that you can’t let this go Cause love changes, a thug changes And soul mates become strangers, word up [Hook]

Love Or Lust

Ken Hirai
SHIITSU no umi mo shio ga hiitara futari no ashiato kesshite kureru Kowareta omocha tebanasu you ni denwabangou yaburisuteta Munashisa wo kakaetemo hoka ni wa sube mo naku Midarekirezu ni nami ni oboreru dake * Dare wo daite ite kokoro wa naite ite soredemo hikari sagashitsuzukeru Love or Lust Yoru dake daitan de asa ni wa aimai de soretomo nukumori motometsuzukeru Love or Lust Koi shita toki no mune no itami wo wasureta furi de tojikomeru Aoi honou ga kienai you ni tameiki no nai asa ga kuru made Aijou to yokubou wa senaka awase no KAADO Onaji kao shite boku wo temaneki suru Tsubomi hiraite ite soko dake naite ite kowaki wo uruosu dake no GEEMU wa Love or Lust Honne shimai konde yoru ni kuraitsuite Shitatariochiru amai kajitsu Love or Lust * repeat Aishihajimeta toki ni wa tsugi no ai wo sagashihajimete iru Love or Lust? * repeat Tsubomi hiraite ite soko dake naite ite kowaki wo uruosu dake no GEEMU wa Love or Lust Honne shimai konde yoru ni kuraitsuite soredemo jibun sagashitsuzukeru Love or Lust I may be wrong, but I can't change my way I've been searchin', hopin', dreamin' it Love or Lust?


[Chorus] You ain't gotta be no superstar I only want to find out who you are And we gotta be no Superman So if you wanna talk to me, you can My girlies caught me on a good day I was (something) to move a job So we took it to a club Nigga we would make out a little And plus at the time I was single, a little So I said "Fine, we could meet up about nine" So anyway we crossing the place where bub is flowing We walking around, giving up peace to everyone we knowin' Some people in the joint is yellin' "Hurt me, Hurt me" I'm working my way over to the bar cause I'm thirsty And then I see this guy Oh no, I think he likes me I smile cause he's fly He smiles back, I think he likes me Well then it takes a twist He sends his homeboy to talk to me cause he's scared to get dissed I don't walk baby I don't bite neither You coulda asked me yourself for my number to my beeper The worst thing I'da said was "No" So maybe next time you better push a (something) [Chorus] Saturday moving in the house Lookin' at the videos At the same time I'ma tryna put on my clothes First date (First Date) with the guy's name was Nate Was he fly? Yes he was Word up, the type you have on a plate Cause I only met him last night So I don't really know him, but I hope it goes right So he pulls up at my door in a twenty-four foot limo What is on his (something), are we expecting more? He showered me with gifts and then he kissed me on my hand Now what was in your plan? I really didn't understand We're only going to the movies Either you're trying to impress me or watch you're trying to get the poony Listen baby, I don't want a condo You can make me smile a little and give me convo All I might require from my man is intelligence And all them other material things is irrelevant [Chorus x2] Now if you ready to deal with a girl who consider herself a queen And you know how to treat a queen Then step to the scene We can sit alone in a room and deal We can take a ride listening to music and chill And I can do the crazy things I never thought I'd do And maybe I can do all of those crazy things with you Cause you ain't gotta be no superstar honey All I wanna find out is exactly who you are Money ain't gone make me love ya And even with your car So cease with that attitude With that attitude you won't be getting far And I love all of my brothers with a passion Can't a sister get the same type of reaction (Yeah) If you cool like dat Take a trip to Jersey cause that's where I'm at [Chorus]

Give A Little Love

THE JUDDS "Heartland"
You can buy a diamond ring And slip it on my hand Put me on a big ol' plane And fly me to a foreign land Show me rows of fancy clothes Saying, "Honey you can take your pick!" Well, that would be mighty kind But it ain't gonna do the trick [Chorus] Give a little love A squeeze and a little kiss Give a little hug Mmm, I want some more of this Take a little time Yeah, make a little fuss That's what a woman wants So give a little love Get this, you can be some big hunk Handsome, dark and tall Talk to me in foreign tongues Or with a southern drawl Or be a man from old Siam Wear a pointed hat I don't care how you look 'Cause that ain't where it's at [Repeat Chorus] Well, there are men who'll turn your head And knock you off of your feet Sweet talk and big blue eyes Make a poor heart skip a beat Drive you wild with a smile And then they'll treat you cruel Well, I ain't gonna fall for that 'Cause Mama didn't raise no fool [Repeat Chorus]

You Bring The Freak Out Of Me

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Instructions"
[Chorus - Kandi] you make me TALK nasty nasty to ya DREAM about how i wanna do ya THINK things to think about you bring it out you show me how to use my tongue you just some yum yum tasty tasy and when you take me and take me you bring the freak out in ME [Da Brat] i'm freaky freaky gimme head head i wanna see how you get down, go down, go down and get fed come 'n get some tasty tasy lick each 'n every individual part and make me, make me come come a chameleon see a different position to do something different to the yum yum jump jump on top of the kitchen cabinet so you can stick it 'n pump pump Miss Harris waiting for whatever i feel like having save you some embrassment i'm an Aries 'n i ain't scared of shit dare to flinch then 'n there i'll make your chest hairs lift [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] Only you do ah, ah think about this n try try to kiss all the places missed by the basic lovin' up your guy-ah ride in the park in the broad daylight real hard like we the only ones around back of the car, tearing u apart 'n this how shit be goin' down when i pump you say harder harder love it when i bring my camcorder whipped cream, take everything even when we first got started started from the bedroom to the dancefloor to a slow tune up against the door to the up 'n down, to the in 'n out to the way you sound [Chorus] [Kandi (Jermaine Dupri)] are you gonna fuck me? (you think i'm not?) come on baby (i'm comin) lets fuck (i love it when you talk like that) yeh whatever, go down there (show me how to use my tongue) i want you to put your tongue right here (talk to me!) right there on there yeh [Da Brat] i'm a superfreak i do what you need i'm a slave for you, stay craving you i'm available, i'm unfadable and i'm capable to disable you i break you down, blow out your pipe turn out your lights and leave your wife lie me down on my back but don't let my Timberlands clap hit it up like its Wimbeldon don't spare a racquet 'cause Brat freaky like that just once taste of the nipple and two kisses will leave you crippled you done fell in love with shantizzle and i'ma keep you fiending for mizzo the 6-0 six-fo bizzo got one of the freakiest hizzo's [Chorus x2]

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