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AYRIA lyrics - Debris


Original and similar lyrics
The dull light lingers The candle flickers Beside you in the red The beat of nameless songs The pulsing flame goes on I try to hear But I am not there I saw you for the first time today With nothing left in the way I've never felt this way before I fear I'll never feel this way again What do you need to feel from me Take what you want What do you see? On the ocean and beyond Amidst the others I'm waiting impatient An echoed existence The dull light lingers The candle flickers Beside you in the red The beat of nameless songs The pulsing flame goes on I try to hear But I am not there The faces unfamiliar I've never felt so close A flickered little moment that goes on That leaves me so sore

Take It Away

KARMIN "The Winslow Sessions"
Stupid simple mind games, pushing 'til I'm insane Working through the day and night Strutting with my headphones, no one knows what I know Got no time to be polite And the world says, "baby don't worry, baby don't worry at all" Roller coaster seat belt, motion sickness soft shell Maybe I'm just not cut out But I can feel it, no one can steal it They're gonna call my name Not gonna stop now, not gonna step down 'Cause I can hear 'em say Take it away, take it away, take it away, yeah! [2X] Leading with my right hand, can't afford the name brand Gotta give it all I got Had a taste of lime light, sweet and sour just right Now I can't escape the thought And the world says, "baby don't worry, baby don't worry at all" Praying running up hill, stage is my cathedral Baby I can see the light [CHORUS] Bright flashes, full glasses Now get up sing your song for the masses Close both eyes, feel the sunrise You thank God for the journey when you realize Long nights mean nothing at all Bright lights you can hear 'em call Got my poster up on your wall? We're in a storm now keep yourself calm Stop - hit it - break - kill it Anybody know the odds when I deal it? Anybody get up the guts to play? 'Cause you only live once better live for the day

Double Agent

AMANDA MARSHALL "Everybody's Got A Story"
Wha...what Wha...what What do you see when you see me? You see my long blonde hair and the particular way That my lips are shaped That my body takes when you talk to me What do you know when you know me? Don't file me under categories, you're deceived You don't know me I'm not only a surface, a country What you don't know about me is, I'm a... Chorus: Double agent on my mama's side The shit I hear you say just blows my mind Every time, recognize Though who I am to you is not a lie I don't have to volunteer and say That I was born a particular way I got no uniform I'm camouflaged in any light (In any light) Obviously you can't tell I'm a double agent on my mama's side And what do you hear when you hear me? I hear you crank up Jay-Z, it's your favorite jam And you talk with your hands like an MC Betcha never get stopped by the police You never ask me about me (No, no, no) About how I feel when you call all your white friends 'Homeboy' and 'nigga' and 'homie' Oh, please It hurts me And you don't see What you don't know about me is 'I told you everybody's got a story' I'm a... Chorus I am invisible (I am) Am I responsible? (I am) I'm in between it all Who is the enemy? Yeah! I am part of no plan My honesty is contraband My blood is thicker than any man's Yeah, yeah, yeah What do you like when you like me? (Don't you like me?) I am ingredients far beyond flour and molecules Callouses, family jewels I'm no fool We went to the same school Some of your best friends are just like me But when they're not around you make jokes and conspire The fire gets higher and I feel the heat Rising underneath Who is more deceived? What you don't know about me is, I'm a... Chorus (2 x's)


JETHRO TULL "Heavy Horses"
The leaded window opened to move the dancing candle flame And the first Moths of summer suicidal came. And a new breeze chattered in its May-bud tenderness --- Sending water-lillies sailing as she turned to get undressed. And the long night awakened and we soared on powdered wings --- Circling our tomorrows in the wary month of Spring. Chasing shadows slipping in a magic lantern slide --- Creatures of the candle on a night-light-ride. Dipping and weaving --- flutter through the golden needle's eye in our haystack madness. Butterfly-stroking on a Spring-tide high. Life's too long (as the Lemming said) as the candle burned and the Moths were wed. And we'll all burn together as the wick grows higher --- before the candle's dead. The leaded window opened to move the dancing candle flame. And the first moths of summer suicidal came to join in the worship of the light that never dies in a moment's reflection of two moths spinning in her eyes.

Can Anybody Hear Me

AB-SOUL "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost"
[Hook:] I've tried to do right Seems as though the only way is selling my soul It's getting hard out here Does anybody feel me? Cause I'm drowning in shame Trying to maintain Wide awake chasing my dreams Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me? [Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Sometimes I gotta ask myself what do I do it for Is it to cover up the fact I'm really insecure? See music made it possible for me to be somebody So if you had to say yourself Is my intention pure? Am I the next Shakur? Or an intention whore? Am I big in this prom or am I premature Does anybody feel me or am I too far to reach Like the edge of the world, from Redondo beach Some say I manifest destiny when I'm on these beats Others say I ain't flashy enough to shine You need a chain at least And you can be more hood You got niggas on both sides You acting like you ain't good Well you from Carson right [?] was tight And you hot But can you make another soul on ice Everybody trynna tell me what I shouldn't and should But will they still wanna [?] it up when I go 'wood [Hook] [Verse 2: Punch] My niggas searching for a pot o' gold I can [?] to cool my heart to stone Pumping cement through my veins Taking everything for granted Who can recognise my pain Y'all niggas never did hear me So I quit calling out to niggas Let y'all deal with it, I figured Why cast my pearls to swine If you don't know about grapes I couldn't tell you 'bout wine I couldn't tell you 'bout these lines They just hit me like rain Without a cloud in the sky On a summer's day Ay, I guess it's how I was raised Accurate knowledge, while my peers frolicked and played My product was in some ways, disrupting my coming of age Future looking dim and Ab-Soul wear shades I'd never cover my face I look death in the eyes, didn't blink one time I never felt more alive than that day But who's to say I'm different And when I speak niggas scared they ain't listening And that's beyond me But I believe just four more minutes And the truth was stranger than fiction once reality get to kicking in It's like the modern day Noah's Ark, they took no note Their bare heart came back and bit them no their hope floating That's why I'm fishing through a sea of niggas They don't hear me and I don't see 'em niggas [Hook] [Verse 3: Ab-Soul] You see, it's like the Titanic scene With the rescue boats Slash dramatic in that I can save y'all with quotes I dropped the gym adrenaline accelerated my pulse And I can say it's dope but what do I really know Currently the word is that I'm too abstract I can barely get my engineer to mix my tracks I'm trynna provide you with facts Trynna keep it real But y'all not interested in that You're more concerned with my appeal You rather see me on youtube, unconcealing and still Or on WorldstarHipHop, with diamonds in my wristwatch Or a media take-out Victim of a media stakeout Cursing them out so bad Most of my words were blanked out I hate it when my name is mentioned with the same niggas Who other than their DNA are the same niggas They in the same circle, fuck the same bitches Shake the same hands, man I'm trynna expand For me it's gotta be to catch a flight back to Carson I'm a need a passport for it If you don't wanna hear me do your boy a favour And press fast-forward, and listen to the emotion in the chorus No this ain't a [?] outfit But if it was I wore it Come from a different cloth, rippin my bars Pause With my bare hands I can move the earth Just cause I said it in my verse That's the power of words You may not ever get what I was trying to accomplish I might not ever get to do a song with Jay And hear him brag on Hot97 about how I'm so [?] I'm ready to throw in the towel like laundry day But I feel as though I've reached the point of no return Like an expired thirty day warranty And I deserve to be the best artist you heard And I put that on, [?] That's my word

No More Sad Songs

CLAY AIKEN "Measure Of A Man"
This is the way that I state my independence that I'm no longer connected to your memory This is the day that I'm making my defection That I claim back the affection that you stole from me I used to hear your music so loud but its so wrong You're just another face in the crowd I'm letting you know No more sad songs I'm letting you go now Switched off, switched on I'm letting you know You turned out the light I'm gonna be alright when I turn the radio off No more sad songs These are the words to describe all your offenses You said love in the past tense and then you let it go Haven't you heard you are no longer respected You are formally rejected from the one you hurt I used to have the longing to hear what was in your heart but now it seems I'm over the fear of this falling apart No more sad songs I'm letting you go now Switched off, switched on I'm letting you know You turned out the light I'm gonna be alright when I turn the radio off No more sad songs

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