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AYRIA lyrics - Debris

Kiss Me Goodnight As I'm Falling Asleep

Original and similar lyrics
The longest night The longest hour that I have ever lived through The softest cry The painful longing of having ever lived through Kiss me goodnight Don't say a word We're an illusion gripping at the only thing we know The calm twilight The quiet absence of having ever lived through Kiss me goodnight Don't say a word We're an illusion gripping the unknown Of all the things we could have been here in this night We're an illusion to our own We're an illusion all alone You built your home Planted your roots I'm an intruder An intrusion

Did You See The Words

Have you seen them? The words cut open your poor intestines Can't deny when the inky periods drip from your mailbox and blood flies dip and glide reach down Inside There's something living in these lines. And when your newest kisser is peeking You dress yourself up tonight get all tangled up in arms and legs it's cramped up and someone grabs a hold do you go Ohhhhh Should you go home? There's something starting don't know why. And in a house so cozy few words are spoken Let's take our shoes off and unwind when there's minuets off in the background drowning out eyes off ears off test the kiss Goodnight A kiss goodnight Don't keep my loving on my mind. Because it's messy, yes, this mess is mine Though mine is messy yours is maybe nine Look we've had similar stitches Look we have similar frowns Do the elderly couples still kiss and hug and grab their big wrinkly skin so tough wrinkly wrink wrink wrinkly rough…? Did you see the words you know? (Give me rabies bring you babies at the hospital) Violent ends with friends that go (I kissed a few in sticky shoes our cartoon show is broken) Doo, doo, doo, doo... Oh, oh, oh, oh...

Basic Thugonomics

So, you think you're untouchable? [Chorus (scratched) x2:] Word life--this is Basic Thugonomics Word life--I'm untouchable but I'm forcin' you to feel me Whether fightin' or spittin' my discipline is unforgiven Got you backin' up in a defensive position An ass-kcikin' anthem, heavyweight or bantam Holdin' camps for ransom, the microphone phantom Teams hit the floor this the new fight joint Like a broken needle kid you missin' the point We dominate your conference with offense, that's no nonsense My theme song hits, get you reinforcements We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin' night sticks Bare-knuckled men through fight pits, beat you lifeless Never survive this, you forgot like Alzhmiers Two-face rappers walk away with four shiners The raw rhymer, turnin' legends to old-timers My incisors like a vipor bitin' through your one-liners New DeadMan Inc., and we about to make you famous Takin' over Earth and still kickin' in Uranus [Chorus] You ain't advanced enough to process,potential for medical concepts Some objects are foreign, like Loch Ness Arts and sex are complex regardless of your finesse or fitness is the condition of business Your lame vision of a underground physical image You're underneath to undermine your whole typical image With the precision of percentages and the collision of sentences Poetry beats your mics We untouchable like righteous sluts with no crevasses Streets unite, we rock righter with dumber beats You cats couldn't come this hot ? in the summer heat Forget two takes--kill your birds the first time You better stay worthy of my filler of worse rhymes I'm better than nice, check the veterans twice You be beside your self with fear I'll kill you and bury you twice despite the cover of night Trackin' ya flight like guerrilla warfare When the grass is dense Approaching me is a quick way to get referred to in the past tense Dead-da, when the lights, the mic is on The crowd is dead like intermission and you on the Titan Tron


[INTRO: Kardinal Offishall (Saukrates)] Yo Yo Sauks (Yo what man, what up?) Last night man, last night I was out by this club, yo This man talking to me outside telling me how much he axe inside my ear Trying to stress the F.O.S. brothers nawhatImean? Know what I mean, talking about a whole bunch of de nuttin' Yo check this out man Yo check out what this go Check this out like this [Kardinal Offishall] Niggas is it what you do? Or what I'm thinking that I can accomplish? Either way I'mma dog your shit, because you ain't a hit Brother up there talking loud, you're rocking a crowd ain't nothing Freestyling and so what in the world are you think you going to do With that wack crew, your whole damn setup F.O.S. should get wet up 'cause those niggas don't let up Word up, they rock every show and they think they large Y'all niggas y'all talk to every hoe and think that how it go Well this is how it is, I'mma teach y'all nigs the biz While you claim to know the street when there's a barrel to your cheek Y'all niggas crying like you're sweeter than a box full of Pot of Gold chocolates Let me really tell you how it should be told Y'all niggas couldn't last up in the real world With real G's get shot and lyrics don't mean shit to a cop When y'all niggas do dat, for real dat one cap peel type shit The Nonce brothers might quit But until that point in time, keep going with your rhyme And I'm come to every show and make sure I drop dimes And yell aloud freestyle, in attempt to make you plop 'Cause my shit don't stop until y'all niggas drop Word up [CHORUS x2: Kardinal Offishall (Female R&B)] You know it ain't right (right) (you know it ain't right] Haters try to copy but they can't (right right) (The mysteries in the night) The mysteries in the night got me flipping, evil players got me dipping Circle maintain outta sight (that's right) [Kardinal Offishall] (Saukrates) Yo Sauks, (what up?) Niggas think we can't kick this shit for real But I'mma let 'em know, quite how the show go Up inside the T-dot, oh yes the flex is genuine Ten individuals with the style imperial And we might pull ya gal, word up that's the Offishall style No doubt we in this to win this, I wrote the book and drink the Guinness And we made a stack waiting for y'all niggas to finish Your bitching, switching up your testimony every time Talking other shit 'cause he couldn't fuck with the line First we couldn't rap, now we can't get strapped Brother I don't get down like that, but Super G got my back And Y-Look got the headline, your girl got my waistline In time you will see the F.O.S. niggys Down straight from excellence, your pestilence Keeps pushing us to the top, yo brother it don't stop It don't stop y'all [CHORUS x2] [Kardinal Offishall] Just because you keep calling my name, momma that you know The Kardinal Mr. Lu doesn't run from a crew Ask my man Choclair If you test we'll tear your section in half to divide the aftermath The Circle rocks hard to maintain our title While you bustin' caps for nothing, we get paid for our recital Bitch, do not ever mess with the squad, I told u it don't stop 'til they kill hip-hop And even then we'll still rock for the heads that still with it And even if it's one, we'll get the job done Player, better wave your hands in the air So your crew can get dropped, for real it don't stop We'll still rock for the heads that still with it And even if it's one we'll get the job done Player, better wave your hands in the air So your crew can get dropped, for real it don't stop It don't stop y'all [CHORUS x3] [OUTRO: Kardinal Offishall (Female R&B)] Yeah yeah, on the Hill, come on (Mysteries in the night) Uh huh uh huh Forever baby, to the year 2G, know what I'm saying Word up we out Like that and uh, like this and uh

The Longest Night

Two lonely hearts in search of love Meet finally face to face The happiness and joy I'd lost I found in your embrace A taste of heaven is in your kiss I lie you down and then I memorize what I'm feeling now Don't want this night to end (It was the) 1 - Longest night of my life We made love until the morning light (It was the) Longest night of my life Why did we ever Have to say goodnight I never wanna say goodnight [Spoken] Yeah, I wish this night could go on forever And if I can do anything to make that happen I promise you I'll do it Oh, I'm lying awake and I'm dreaming about The vows I'll make to you Tomorrow our father, our family, our friends Will hear us say 'I do' This moment in time dances all through my mind Our sacred wedding day I never knew eleven hours could seem A million miles away (It was the) 2 - Longest night of my life Praying tomorrow you'd be my wife (It was the) Longest night of my life Praying we'd never have to say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye [Spoken] These are the first days of the rest of my life Lets do our best To raise a family To love each other To have and hold In sickness and health Till death do us part Baby, we gotta work on this We don't ever have to say goodbye We'll just love each other I never will forget the look You had upon your face No tears to cry, no long goodbyes You want to leave this place So now my nights are sleepless No apologies to say I'm trying to be strong I'm trying to hold on And face another day (After the) Longest night of my life Why did you ever say goodbye I was in love with you Did what you want me to do, oh (It was the) Longest night of my life And the tears fall from my eyes

I Was There

JOSH TURNER "Punching Bag"
I was there that night in Bethlehem And when Neil and the boys came to the moon in that tin can At Gettysburg, Omaha Beach, in Vietnam I heard every soldier's cry and every mama's prayer I was there I was there when you took your first breath And when you lit that stolen Lucky Strike And liked to choke to death When you were waist deep in Carter's Creek and preacher John Dunked you down in the water and raised you up for air I was there I'm always around I was then and I am now And I'll be here when tomorrow comes When a road comes to an end I'm where you start again I'm never farther than a word away You've always got a friend When your grandma passed, I was in that house And when your grandpa ran down the streets of gold to show her around I was there I'm always around I was then and I am now And I'll be here when tomorrow comes When a road comes to an end I'm where you start again I'm never farther than a word away You've always got a friend I was there last night on Highway 9 When you answered the phone and ran right through that stop sign I was in the cab of that big rig, in that trucker's ear Made him swerve to the right and miss you by a hair I was there If you're feeling alone look up I'm the One who answers prayers And I'm always there

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