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AVANTASIA lyrics - The Wicked Symphony

Blizzard On A Broken Mirror

Original and similar lyrics
Faces in this empty room Cited in despair Gazes that I had invoked They're driving me insane now Walls have eyes they're staring down on me From everywhere around In the face of dreams I had Grimaces of pain Now I am turning helpless Callous and alone Waiting for a storm to brew To wash my dream and love and sins away I'm with you I'm the otherside You just gotta try Fly now! No one's gonna care Cause no one's gonna know What no one's ever seen Close your eyes now Kingdom on the broken mirror Close your eyes now Blizzard on the broken mirror The scent of goodbye They're dying away: the sands of time Sands of time Fortune favors just the brave That's what the blessed always say Love will come in time But I'm always late I pray the wine my will to take And those evil hands to tie Wreaking havoc, baneful sight is growing dim Tie the dream I've had my fill Raze the love and tie my will Fires ploughing up my head Oh forgive I will forget Lord are you hiding in the haze? The seventh door I'll try is daze Angel send another storm to face another dawn Close your eyes now Kingdom on the broken mirror Close your eyes now Blizzard on the broken mirror The scent of goodbye They're dying away: the sands of time


JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something The beginning and the end What's the difference between the two? I mean I'm still tryna figure it out I know one thing I'm just getting started You know all that stuff that happened in the past... I ain't even thinking about that It's about right now And it's about moving forward Check, check Yo, dear God I wonder can You save me? The more it makes sense the more they claim that I'm crazy I had the beef for them to see me this calm Or reality, uh uh no TV sitcom My pure will got me stolen for Grace Eyes closed, salty tears all I could taste All on my knees, fall on my face They say put God first and everything else will fall in the place So I've heard, wise words got me thinking Gotta give it time to let it sink in I sound confused, I know For what shall a prophet a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul For the longest I was ridin' high cruise control In my own mind making up the ruses I go I swear it's not just my imagination I heard a voice guide in me, navigation Is it the route I chose or should I check the stair end Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing Is it fact or just my premonition? I see what's going on now, high definition Nothing but lies I was living at Wasted like Lay 6 it took me time to get my vision back Learnt to recognize the fakes and the true snakes So call friends, you know the twoface All in my grill like a twofake Still you never find me under pressure like the last drop of tooth pace My mission has never been more clear The Truth has never been more near But I know I can't do it on my own So I pray You give me strength when I lift the microphone All I hear is "Jin, what happened to the old you? " See I could explain but I would rather show you Word, check it out y'all 'Cause actions speak louder than words So it don't matter how I mix, the nouns with the verbs New fans and glad God anointed my style Old fans wanna know "What will I rap about now? " Switch it up, yo I gots to do it The word is "Jin's spittin' out Gospel music" See I prefer the call it "change your life music" All in hopes that one day you might use it Whatever they choose they label it, so be it I proceeded, all I know is I so need it I'm certain that I can't rap forever Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together No surprise the room over my eyes has been lifted My entire perspective has been shifted I can't call it, you can call it how you feel Call it change, call it grow, as long as you call it real I am no quitter My journey's just begun, you are all welcome to follow, no Twitter I know plenty folks that wanna touch the gate to Heaven Never been to Church 'cause they can't relate the reference Ain't no sense in me, preaching to the quire Even with starch arms I'd be reaching to the fire I stand firm, the enemy don't face me No need to wonder, only God can save me

Spanish Eyes

MADONNA "Like A Prayer"
I know for sure his heart is here with me Though I wish him back, I know he cannot see My hands trembling I know he hears me sing Chorus: I light this candle and watch it throw Tears on my pillow And if there is a Christ He'll come tonight To pray for Spanish eyes And if I have nothing left to show Tears on my pillow What kind of life is this If God exists Then help me pray for Spanish eyes He had to fight like all the rest In the barrio all the streets are paved with fear I don't understand At least he was a man (chorus) Intermediate: How many lives will they have to take? How much heartache? How many suns will they have to burn? Spanish eyes When will they ever learn? You were not the Maravilla in our minds We were proud to fight but we cannot win this blind Stand your guns against the wall Who's next in line to fall (chorus) (Spoken:) Tus lagrimas de tristeza No me dejan olvidarte Your tears of sadness Will not let me forget you (intermediate)

Crazy Wind

JAMES MCMURTRY "Too Long In The Wasteland"
Gone off in the pitch-black dark To work the morning tour He's halfway to the highway And he won't be back for hours His tail lights down the gravel road You watch them round the bend Nothing's on the TV But something's in the wind And it makes you crazy And it makes you blue It's a restless feeling And it's nothing new Listen to the buzzing Of the June bugs and the flies The sink's all full of dishes You might just let 'em lie You might just pour yourself a drink And sit outside awhile He won't miss the whiskey He knows it's not your style And he don't care enough To even wonder why You fight off his fumbling hands With daggers in your eyes Time sure flies when you're having fun Wasn't it just yesterday you turned twenty-one Does it still matter what you might have done Had you tried His bird dogs in their wire cage Are barking at the moon You turn the covers back And hope the dawn don't come too soon Draw the shades to keep your dark eyes From the glare of the vapor light But the sheets are cool and empty And you won't sleep tonight With a half moon rising And a warm gusty breeze Blowing from the southwest Whispering in the trees The asphalt 'neath the tires Makes a hollow whining sound And it stretches on forever Through a thousand little towns With their stores all dark and silent And their flashing yellow lights And nobody sees your passing In the fury of your flight You'll see them later Some other day Self preservation What can you say Time sure flies when you're having fun Your mind's all made up now and it's all said and done Flying down the four lane with the morning sun In your eyes

Bright Eyes

Bright lights, big city Was quite extraordinary The drive was pretty I was in perfect company The love of a lifetime Since we were elementary friends The one with the bright eyes Why can't I be optimistic I tried to find the logic logically I had a dream and I could not shake it I was standing up there naked There's fear in the truth at hand, frozen I forgot to understand The live keep living growing older more into a man And I let her grow away from me Love love is not pretending Time time was meant for mending Memories into all is satisfactory Healthy smiles fill the page the day we spent in miles And I let her drive away from me The one with the bright eyes Laughed her way inside this music box Stored away in the corner of my heart And I let her get away from me But I'll never take that day away from me

Angel City Gamble

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