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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's


Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] I sat down and put a fifty on the bar A whisky and a beer, let's forget where we are And keep 'em coming till I drink that whole grant up Filling up that cup till I can't stand up Look around, see what the room's got Well there's Sunny by the jukebox Grab my drinks, headed over to say peace But had to think, do I owe him any late fees? Wait up nah, I'm all paid up huh Yeah I made it square last time I came up town What up Sunny? {What up?} How's business? {How you doing Sean? I ain't seen you in a couple of minutes} Man I just been working and jerking Tryna get the rent right and be perfect, how bout you? {Oh you know how the same old game go Hustle through the wind, rain, snow or tornado} Yeah bro, spent time catching up The bar tender kept the drinks fresh enough Good conversation, no pretension I drank up my whole fifty bucks and then some It was getting close to last call So I grabbed my coat and stood up like that's all But Sunny say {Hold up Sean, it's your day I need a favor, let me throw some money your way} I sat back down in the booth I said, I know your deal Sunny, what I gotta do? He said {I'll give you three-five piece of the pie If you pick up a package for me on the eastside tomorrow} Three and a half for an hour and a half Saint Paul and back's only ten dollars gas Yeah I can handle, give me all the info Only one thing though, I won't bring a pistol {Hahahah} He laughed and said {It ain't like that It's simple, grab the package and come right back It's a tattoo shop, it's called...} Shhh don't snitch {They some nice cats} Nice cats? {Cool as an icepack} Well alright jack {Discretion is a must Keep a hush, other than that I don't give a fuck} Cool, I got this, it's done like dinner And then I stepped out into the winter I got behind the wheel of my vehicle Streetlights shining on my face, you can see it glow The rearview reflection got clearer I starting talking to the image in the mirror I said, you should go back in and decline Sunny will understand, everything will be fine Sean calm down, get a grip, you're tripping I took a deep breath and put the key in the ignition Stop being a bitch now, man up Rolling down twenty-six with thoughts of handcuffs Pulled out on Lyndale, killed by a couple of drunks broad side of my pickup truck

When I Get Free

2PAC "R U Still Down? (Remember Me)"
(feat. J. Valentine) [Pac] Damn.. what I'ma do now When I get free.. oh shit! [Jay] Get free.. yeah yeah [Chorus: repeat 2X] When I get free, motherfuckers better watch they ass Soon as I get released, I'ma clock some cash Did some time locked down, but I'm back on the street There'll be trouble when they see me [2Pac] Them bitches is foul, take a look at the evening news You'll see a nigga gettin cuffed by the boys in blue Is it a, frame up, tryin to keep me out the game, stuck These motherfuckers tryin to dirty up my name, but I'm slippin quick as the wind, it's me or them Fuck friends my foes be on a mission tryin to do me in Fuck 'em I'm bout to get out, they all soft I blow up like gauge, and in a rage blow they balls off Why are you niggaz tryin to test me trick And be the first ones to snitch to arrest me bitch Main thang was to make a nigga meal ticket Only if you with the real, the nigga will kick it I'll enforce it with the steel use the lessons that I learned in jail Rule one: fuck a busta he can burn in Hell Network with connects that I got in the pen In no time I'll be clockin again [Chorus + J. Valentine's harmonizing] [2Pac] Still sittin in my cell as I dwell on my past Tryin to figure how a nigga turned dreams into cash Quick call her collect, ain't no respect on the other side My cellmate's suicidal cause his mother died And my C.O. is a lady, and I'm thinkin maybe me and her can hook up a scheme, to be Swayze Cause she keep on callin me baby To a young motherfucker facin eighty that's enough to make you crazy Now how long will it take, to get her hooked Got her watchin me liftin weights, sneakin looks I devised a plan, I'm in the trunk while she drives the van Ain't no disguise I'ma die as a man If we make it then I'm takin it to Hell All them niggaz that was frontin while I sat up in the cell Locked in jail, I couldn't touch her so I planned your misery The nigga you don't wanna see [Chorus + J. Valentine's harmonizing] [2Pac] Stuck in my cell The pen ain't nuttin like the county jail When will they let me bail Walkin through the yard, I play the God First nigga disrespect me first nigga gettin scarred I'm, back on the scene I'm hittin knees in the back of a limousine, puffin on weed as we game on the drunk hoes Hit the skunk I reminisce just on the way we used to play, you punk hoes What I posess is to be rich, in currency Paranoid niggaz like bitches when they come and see me Laid out, played out, the nigga barely breathin As for that bullshit punk, nigga n-now we even But I wait, until it's time and try to find a crooked way to profit off this crime This life of mine.. until I get free My prophecy is niggaz screamin, as if they bleed in agony As soon as they popped my gate I knew these motherfuckers made a mistake [Chorus + J. Valentine's harmonizing] [Chorus - 1/2] [2Pac] When I get free Hahaha.. yeah nigga, when I get motherfuckin free Pop the gate, I'm back baby! When I get free.. we up out this bitch

Long Way Home

DOM KENNEDY "From The Westside With Love"
I think this is about that time we ride out again We gon' hop on this 101, take it to the 110 Wrap it around to the 10 Exit Crenshaw, maybe exit Arlington Make that right on King Take it on in to Leimert Pull up, you know, watch the stars And just reflect... Yeah We the fireworks that light up the city It's a rare occasion when I bring both chains out Show 'em what that game 'bout Welcome to the party, let me cross your little name out First beat that came in, first hit that came out I'm the type of guy them R&B girls be singin' 'bout Tryin' to become a man, and all she think I do is be hangin' out Time costs money now, and ain't life funny How I could spill the whole bottle like "Pshh, it's just some hundreds now," We used to be them little niggas, we runnin' now And any time we see a Polo store, we gotta shut it down Cleaned up nicely, golf jacket, button down A belt with 2 G's on it Let them hoes squeeze on em I make a girl drop to her knees, then she freeze on 'em I tell her we like Method & Mary; all she need on 'em I try to open my heart on these beats, then I bleed on 'em So when I take the long way home, I don't speed on 'em A T-Bone Steak, two eggs, a little cheese on 'em Since a juvenile, I was like "400 Degrees" on 'em Yeah, yeah, if that ain't cold My Jordans from '85, homie If that ain't old I'm the realest nigga out Shit, if that ain't bold And I'm greater then and now Shit, if that ain't flow And I'm shining like a king, bitch If that ain't gold I think I'm gonna take the long way home Yo We taught each other how to hustle, it wasn't handed down And if you didn't feel me before, you understand it now I used to didn't ask for much, but I demand it now It's people relying on my talent, so I can't panic now I used to love to chase women, but I can't stand it now Your nigga had a Maserati, but he a mechanic now And it ain't nothing I can't have on this planet now All because I took my dreams and I planned 'em out Then I made a wish, then I man'd it out Y'all stood in line, I was standing out I was landin' in, you was wiping out I was stealing bases, you was striking out I earned my spot, they hyped you out They liked your look, then they typed you out They didn't put you on, they psyched you out They didn't mic you up, you just got Tyson'd out So take this home with you I'll probably sock you out before I do a song with you I've been killin' shit since "This Where I Belong" with you And I wrote this on the long way with you So take this home with you I know sometimes I make you cry But I belong with you And not speakin's the only way I get along with you And I wrote this on the long way home with you I do appreciate y'all stopping by tonight Everything's going good as you can see As I reach my final destination I just wanted to ("You know" [repeated x16]) You know, provide y'all a little inspiration Leimert park is the perfect location Yeah And I go by the name Dom Kennedy Gone


Greetings, earthlings. Take me to your leader (Ooh Shit!) Chorus: repeat 2X D.E.E.P. you want to go D.E.E.P., I'll take ya D.E.E.P. You know you fucked up when you let my mind creep Deeper than the page of a book let me look You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like... [Dre] Deeper than deep dish, hammers and vogues Deeper fish in the O (cean) I got my gun, I'll stamp out like Coast Guards You boast hard, you'll get your salty ass crumbled like erb, word (hey man) You heard it here first with your master plan in reverse I ain't the one with the curse, so disperse, yes, catchin blades Niggaz catchin AIDS, niggaz gettin sprayed, niggaz on they way To a dead end, you won't catch me spreadin no white thighs I only see afro bitches up in my eyes I don't eat no beef and surely not no pork I used to drink that 8, but now I shove it down your throat Quote, 'If they kill they own folks, what you think they gonna do to you?' I'm Outkasted and claimin true Aimin two at your muthafuckin spine No, I make that three cuz I don't wanna hear you whine Swine, got my folks blind, like Stevie Me be, wonderin when I'm gonna see the end Andre 'gain slammin backs like King acts Over Organized tracks full of facts So you know that it's D.E.E.P. chorus: (2X) [Big Boi] Well, you want me to get D.E.E.P., well then, I will What? What will happen if you shoot that nigga and don't kill He will come back and return like Lalah Hathaway Aimin for your skull, yeah I'm flexin on you that a way So if you pullin a tool, nigga you better use it Cuz if you're threatenin my life, better believe I'll be a fool with it I don't take no shit from nobody, I gots the Goodie Mo crew right beside of me Damn, no pain, no gain, some I'mma hurt you Breakin knees and elbows like I used to break my curfew My mama used to tell me if a nigga ever hit me Just to pick up the closest thing and knock the living shit out of he So if you run up, you get done up, I'mma end it Throw the gun up out the window, see the corner that I bent it It's just so simple when we get so D.E.E.P. Learn a lesson, pick up the album when it hits the streets like... chorus: (2X) [Dre] No, I ain't never been pimped by the system That's because I ain't no slave Don't be tryin to sunbathe, never lived off in no cave Bloody old chap and in this head of mine is full of naps And the only thing I know is how to fuck and how to rap Y'all think I'm stupid cuz I shoots 'em up like cupid And if you gave me a basketball, I'll show you how to shoot it My head's polluted cuz I'm truly bobbin to the bottom If a pair of Jordan's came out, y'all figure that I got 'em But no I don't because I don't be havin fun The gold that I am wearin is really made out of bronze It weighs a ton and makin my neck turn green And I got a criminal record that will never come clean Oh, and it seems that I make babies like a rabbit And then never taking care of them has just become a habit I grab my tablet and get busy with the pen Y'all could not be just like me if y'all was my twin So you get mad and try to make me inferior You pissin me off, I'm in that ass like interior Oh, step in my Cadillac, let's ride through the hood Eh, why don't you roll that window down so you can see it real good And take a look at all the pimps and all the pushers and the players That's livin on a whim, thin ice and a prayer Oh and mayor, can I get a little backup Please don't let them pussy muthafuckas put that flag up But let me shut up cuz they say we need dough Whenever the fuck out record comes out in 1994 Yeah, yes sir, it's like that Gonna take y'all deep, so go back chorus: (2X) [Big Boi] I'm gettin D.E.E.P. like a prostitute's vagina And pimpin way mo' hoes than there's peoples out in China I roll that black Lac with the crust velvet interior Niggaz try to bite their shit, but their shit is inferior We rollin thick like the Pillsbury Doughboy And I don't give a damn, muthafucka cuz you know why The Caucus Mountains and the mutant gene You try to wipe a nigga like me slam up off the scene You hear me bastard, work a little bit faster Because of the shit that I done been through, I shall never call you master You D-E-V-I-L, the cave is where you dwell So stay up out the rain, it's beginning to smell like dog, yeah I wonder how you would react if you was in my shoes You'd probably shit your tightest draws cuz I got a solid fuse So what do you really wanna do when I get militant Thought I was a pimp, flip the script if you can' get with this They call me Big Boi, I be cappin with a big gun Run up on it if you want it, then you bite the big one, yeah Uh huh, can you deal with it, D-E-V-I-L chorus: (2X)


JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Intro] Oh yeah, it's him again! {"Joell Ortiz"} Y'all know the voice [Chorus: Gangstarr sample] Always bless you with a new joint, shit you never heard I need a place to lay low bro, cause this one is murder [Joell Ortiz] Check; cool as a fan, fresh as a new leather The new member in an argument of who's better The cool cheddar keep it New Yorican In a hoopty gettin brain from a chain on the Major Deegan The haters speakin, never mind playa The block ex-crack dime shaver turned best rhyme sayer The candy chewer, Laffy Taffy over Life Saver The orgasm every time, that's what the pipe gave her The gutter dweller, never nice neighbors The sour mixin with the Jack Daniel's to give it nice flavor The back in the days type gamer The used to hate Super Nintendo nigga that used to like Sega The clawed his way in the door rapper that's like Vega Never killed nobody, in that booth he's such a life taker The every other night somebody else's wife scraper The nigga makin veterans look like a 9th grader [Interlude] You goddamn right I'm that nigga {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the talk of the town, clown when we in the party Karaoke sing on the low but yo don't tell nobody The never had nothin, now he doin hella cocky The haters vomit from the smell of papi The low caesar with the sharp parts That might fiend on the scene with sixteens gettin green like a golf cart The beef lookin at the rest of y'all like Pop-Tarts Verses got y'all frownin up y'all faces like my mom's farts The N.Y. repper, don't dare side-stepper The casual dresser, low whites, light sweater The bike revver on a summer day The give the DJ so much heat they don't know which one to play! The E-1 gunner, used to be up under Trey Finna drop crack and not look back like a runaway The have fun every time he in the booth spitter The take on anybody, old nigga, new nigga [Interlude] Y'all think it's a game? I ain't playin! {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the truth in the purest form The frontliner, first nigga to shoot when the war is on The hop on your beat and cruise like the Autobahn and force radio to play my version of all the songs The diddy bopper in the city proper The walk up in the strip club and throw it up like a shitty vodka The used to be a butt man turned titty clocker The hop up in the bed and beat it up kitty boxer Okay, the occasional kitty licker Only if her box is the shit, kitty litter The good swimmer, Caribbean beach feet dipper The Rican whale size of three Flippers The flow stronger than the current in the winter in the East River The poker player, top pan with the mean kicker The hip-hop light, when it was in its darkest hour The can't do a song without at least one YAOWA [Interlude] This ain't gon' stop brother, heh {"Joell Ortiz"} {"Statik Selektah!"} [Chorus]

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

DREAM THEATER "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence"
I. Overture (Instrumental) II. About to Crash She can't stop pacing She never felt so alive Her thoughts are racing Set on overdrive It takes a village This she knows is true They're expecting her And she's got work to do He helplessly stands by It's meaningless to try As he rubs his red-rimmed eyes He says I've never seen her get this bad Even though she seems so high He knows that she can't fly And when she falls out of the sky He'll be standing by She was raised in a small midwestern town By a charming and eccentric loving father She was praised as the perfect teenage girl And everyone thought highly of her And she tried everyday With endless drive To make the grade Then one day She woke up to find The perfect girl Had lost her mind Once barely taking a break Now she sleeps the days away She helplessly stands by It's meaningless to try All she wants to do is cry No one ever knew she was so sad Cause even though she gets so high And thinks that she can fly She will fall out of the sky But in the face of misery She found hopefulness Feeling better She had weathered This depression Much to her advantage She resumed her frantic pace Boundless power Midnight hour She enjoyed the race III. War inside my head Napalm showers Showed the cowards We weren't there to mess around Through heat exhaustion And mind distortion A military victory mounted on innocent ground Hearing voices from miles away Saying things never said Seeing shadows in the light of the day Waging a war inside my head Years and years of Bloodshed and warfare Our mission was only to get in and kill A free vacation Of palmtrees and shrapnel Trading innocence for permanent psychotic hell Hearing voices from miles away Saying things never said Seeing shadows in the light of the day Waging a war inside my head Feeling strangers staring my way Reading minds never read Tasting danger with each word I say Waging the war inside my.. IV. The Test That Stumped Them All Standing in the darkness Waiting for the light The smell of pure adrenaline Burning in the night Random blinding flashes Aiming at the stage Intro tape begins to roll Igniting sonic rage Still they keep me between these hollow walls Hoping to find in me The answers to the test that stumped them all The boy is just simply crazy Suffering from delusions We honestly think that maybe He might need an institution He lives in a world of fiction And really could use some help We have just the place to fix him To save him from himself Curled up in the darkness Searching for the light The smell of stale sweat and shit Steaming through the night Random urine testing Pills red, pink and blue Counseling and therapy Providing not a clue Still they keep me between these hollow walls Hoping to find in me The answers to the test that stumped them all We can't seem to find the answers He seemed such a clear cut case We cannot just let him leave here And put all this work to waste Why don't we try shock treatment It really might do some help We have just the tools to fix him To save him from himself V. Goodnight kiss Goodnight kiss in your nightgown Lavender in your bed So innocent as you lie down Sweet dreams that run through your head Are you lonely without Mommy's love? I want you to know I'd die for that moment You're just a poor girl Afraid of this cruel world Taken away from it all It's been 5 years to the day and My tainted blood's still the same I can't help acting this way and Those bastard doctors are gonna pay I'm so lonely without baby's love I want you to know I'd die for one more moment I'm just a poor girl Afraid of this cruel world Taken away from it all VI. Solitary Shell He seemed no different from the rest Just a healthy normal boy His mama always did her best And he was daddy's pride and joy He learned to walk and talk on time But never cared much to be held And steadily he would decline Into his solitary shell As a boy he was considered somewhat odd Kept to himself most of the time He would daydream in and out of his own world But in every other way he was fine He's a Monday morning lunatic Disturbed from time to time Lost within himself In his solitary shell A temporary catatonic Madman on occasion When will he break out Of his solitary shell He struggled to get through his day He was helplessly behind He poured himself onto the page Writing for hours at a time As a man he was a danger to himself Fearful and sad most of the time He was drifting in and out of sanity But in every other way he was fine He's a Monday morning lunatic Disturbed from time to time Lost within himself In his solitary shell A momentary maniac With casual delusions When will he be let out Of his solitary shell VII. About to Crash (Reprise) I'm alive again The darkness far behind me I'm invincible Despair will never find me I feel strong I've got a new sense of elation Boundless energy Euphoria fixation Still it's hard to just get by It seems so meaningless to try When all I want to do is cry Who would ever know I felt so sad? Even though I get so high I know that I will never fly And when I fall out of the sky Who'll be standing by? (Will you be standing by?) VIII. Losing Time / Grand Finale She dresses in black everyday She keeps her hair simple and plain She never wears makeup But no one would care if she did anyway She doesn't recall yesterday Faces seem twisted and strange But she always wakes up Only to find she'd been miles away Absence of awareness Losing time A lapse of perception Losing time Wanting to escape She had created a way to survive She learned to detach from herself A behavior that kept her alive Hope in the face of our human distress Helps us to understand the turbulence deep inside That takes hold of our lives Shame and disgrace over mental unrest Keeps us from saving those we love The grace within our hearts And the sorrow in our souls Deception of fame Vengeance of war Lives torn apart Losing oneself Spiraling down Feeling the walls closing in A journey to find The answers inside Our illusive mind

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