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AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK lyrics - Instinct

Angel City Gamble

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The Struggle! Resistance on the heels of our climb But without struggle we'll never learn to rise! Above and see beyond the preconceived What's in front of your eyes is only lies ...Unless you choose to believe! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE! CUT ALL THE TIES! BREAK AWAY! AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!! RISK.IT.ALL!!!!! Find solace in uncertainty Now is the time! to make a move!, defy the odds! In the face of adversity we reach for the sky Hesitations no longer allowed Today's the day to attempt the impossible! Sever the voice that hinders!! And follow your Instincts!! WILL YOU PURSUE?! WILL YOU. PURSUE?!?! WILL YOU PURSUE?!?! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE CUT ALL THE TIES BREAK AWAY AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! And if you want to succeed... You must Risk It All Do not fear the failures Stay clear from the trails of the heard This Time - TIME WILL NOT BE WASTED!! AND IF YOU FALL STAY DETERMINED TO STAND!!!!!!

Time Has Come

Incognito "100° and Rising"
(J.P. Maunick/R. Bull) All things have meanin' If we take the time, then we will see Smoke means there's a fire So we live and learn to understand Recognising the danger (and) Throwin' out a lifeline if we're able Gather inspiration Together in a harvest of the free Chorus: Get up, 'cos the time has come You'd better believe, that it will be done You can't make pretend it's and illusion Get up, 'cos the time has come You better believe, that it will be done The reason bein' life is not a dream We're all witness To the politics, of life and survival New day is commin' Every woman, every man will be as one Can't stop tryin' like a mother To give her child a better life if she's able Keep on fightin' Believin' every word to be a song of freedom Chorus

All The Worst

FLAW "Endangered Species"
How do we deal with this? How do we clean up all this mess? Will there be a future for the latest generation? Running around, believing the sound, Is anything loud enough for us to decipher Making a stand, extending our hand, we must understand It's the least we can offer those less fortunate than us There's something about this place It brings out all the worst Our history's been disgraced Who will destroy who first? I'm balling up my fists Waiting here defenseless isn't pacifist It's ignorant, and cannot be allowed Maybe it's here or maybe it's there, We're never aware of just how safe we are Could it be them or could it be us, unable to trust The information that we need Chorus x 2 This time, will we all, live on? (background vocals) If hurting still exists Make it go away The problems that are plaguing you and I the same This time, will we all, live on? (background vocals) Causing it to stay Counting down the days It's eating at the very core of us Chorus x 2 There's something wrong with this place

When The Last Tear Drop Falls

BLAQUE "Blaque"
1 it's so hard to lose the one you love to finally have to say goodbye you try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin on and all that you can do is cry deep within your heart you know its time to move on when the fairy tale that you once knew is gone 2 when the last tear drop falls i'll still be holdin on, to all of our memories and all of what used to be when the last tear drop falls i will stand tall and know that you're here with me in my heart when the last tear drop falls 3 so now im alone and life keeps movin on but my destination still unknown oh yeah will there be a time when ill fall in love again? when i was meant to walk these streets alone if there was just one wish i could be granted here tonight it would be to have you right back by my side repeat 2 now it's time for me to find my happiness again the emptiness from missin you will never ever end repeat 2

Hey! You! Outside! Now!

CHUMBAWAMBA "Swingin With Raymond (Ger)"
Why settle for what we're shown When there is so much more? Sometimes the Book of Law Is only half the story Means and ends: Deciding where to draw the line Loss or work in Sellafield homes Or the threat of cancers yet to come? The choice is obvious: There is no choice Only the option of looking outside This narrow definition of What you see is all there will ever be There comes a time - that time is now - When every second, every day When every action, every thought Will tell the world how you cast your vote They break our legs And we say Thank you when they offer us crutches Tired of mild reform Sick of hand-me-downs We topple all the theories to the ground: All real change Must come from below Our bosses must live in fear Of the factory-floor And when they smile And they ask for my support, I'll give them these words And a bloody nose: You don't help your enemy When you're at war There are moments in all of our lives Tiny sparks still deep inside When a new-born baby cries When you're watching clouds in a summer sky The first time you walked out on strike Love and sex and holding light Tings that can't be bought By promises and votes I hate the things I love being criminalised I hate the straight-jacket schools I grew up in I hate MPs, judges and magistrates I hate being taught to base my life on TV stars I hate being kept waiting by bureaucrats I hate wars, and all the people who love them I hate the idea of living on other people's backs I hate being filed, registered and classified I hate being watched and monitered I hate police I hate the way you talk down at me I hate being told what to do I hate you when you don't listen I hate the way you distort my sexuality with pornography I hate the pain we inflict on each other On animals, and on the Earth And I hate how love songs have become such cliches through endless, shallow repitition Each angry word Every cynical put-down Every song is carefully born From a hope of something better to come All jumbled-up Love and hate and love Each prompted by the other: For the cause of peace we have to go to war Refusing to sleep Whilst there's a world to win Yet happy to dream Dreams make the plans to change this world Not just some future heaven But today and every day In our place of work In the queue for the metrobus Organise! Here's the rest of our lives! ..A tiny spark still deep inside We can and will run the factories and mills We can and will educate ourselves We can and will work the fields We can and will police ourselves We can and will create and build Organise! Here's the rest of our lives!

South Of Heaven

[Verse 1:] Well I realize that love can be foolish and I realize it can be unkind It's a never ended river of fear ahead and behind Your always full of righteous indignation, you can put that where the sun never shines All I need is one more thing to fear, and a dark place to hide [Chorus:] You know you're south of heaven A quarter mile from hell You know you're south of heaven Will you take me down- only time will tell [Verse 2:] You think everything can be purchased, you think everyone has their price Just like the fool that I am I believed you were right You're always thinking about meditation In contact with spirits all the time I've got a magic trick for you it's disappearing time [Bridge:] Stay away from my house- keep out of my life I can't take no more I see snakes on your head I'd rater be dead- You already are

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