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Arson lyrics - Words Written In Blood


Original and similar lyrics
The melting sky proves this nonexistance. Your fairy tale lies. But you're to blind to realize that your god's a lie. Your god is a myth, and I refuse to bow down to these lies. Fairy tales, blind to the truth. You let a book of fiction lead your way. The melting sky proves this nonexistance. Your fairy tale lies. But you're to blind to realize, theres no use in prayer. When there is no savior. And I refuse to believe...or give in to these lies. And if your god does exist, let him strike me down. I'm still standing. Your god...your savior...does not exist.

Pseudo Intellectual

(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa) Defying all laws of logic Scrutinizing truth to lies To suit presuppositions, I ask why? I'm sure for greedy gain Or plain ignorance Parroting what you've heard There all lies Beware Pseudo intellectual You walk in utter darkness Pseudo intellectual Professing to be wise, you've become a fool Blind leading the blind Professors in our universities Saying the Bible doesn't compare To scientific proof I got news for you The Bible is historic literature Has survived the scrutiny Of the likes of you You think you've got the answer for everything How to refute Christianity Trying so hard to disprove it0s validity Many have tried and failed, why don't get a life You say the Bible contradicts itself I ask you, show me where, you never can Next time think twice, before you speak your tripe You've been silenced by the Scriptures Ha that's what I thought

Misanthropic Man

JOAN OSBORNE "I'll Be Around"
Close enough to touch Nothing I can see, but I am feeling The presence of a ghost who haunts me still Trapped between the walls of his illusions Trapped with only time to kill Here lies an actor with no drama here lies a leader with no plan And I do not exist But for one exception, I am nothing But witness to this Misanthropic Man Nothing else seems true Nothing but to know this game we're playing Nothing but this scene we're walking through Nothing matters, even what he's saying Nothing I could tell you Here lies a thief confused by stealing Here lies a player who can't jam And I do not exist But for one exception, I am nothing But witness to this Misanthropic Man So play another hand Try to find some meaning in your chaos There's no context fitting for you now There's no tiny light to guide your footsteps You want to take it all in hand, but You're not the dealer at this table You're not the one to call the dance You're nearly obsolete But for your existence, you are nothing But a Misanthropic Man who lost his chance

The Grimmest Of Fairy Tales

Dark Day Dawning "Nothing That I Wouldn't Give"
I cannot pretend That I remember how to dream And no one told me That when I became a man The monsters would still be under the bed And the strangers would still seem so strange And the darkness would still incite fear Inside me And in knowing this And retrieving this Give my heart away Give my heart away To every single Kiss like lemonade It brings me to my knees Looking down on this place The closest thing to a christ in this world Is the fact that I've lived long enough to regret All the time that I've spent simply wishing away All the things I will live to regret There is no light at the end of this tunnel There is no grasping a waning salvation There is no never as no love lasts forever In spite of what you may have heard In spite of what you may have been taught: Weened off of mother's breast Forced into our still-soft mouths Are constant lies Are constant lies Dismember my idealism Before my eyes Recognize the truth behind The blind leading the blind Trying to feel out my way through this mayhem This crippled reflection of what was once my life Bleeding-hand image of what I'm becoming Can this disaster Oh, can this disaster be felt? I cannot pretend

In Times Of War

Dying Fetus
Don't look back, nothing's left but the blood-red text on the planet Earth's epitaph: Here they lie, the human race. They fucked themselves, and laid Earth waste. Blind to the fact that the bomb was coming down, their sanity was sold for a beggar's hand-out.' What they got is what they made, the final act of this tragedy ends with pain. So drunk with power, they sit laughing at ground zero One more drink, push a button, and let the fuckers go. It's a drama, it's a game, and lastly, it's a joke. What's left for the ones who never had a chance to know That the powers inside are driven with the lust to fight so they hand us their lies, and say it's gonna be alright. But the truth to it is, they tax us just to kill ourselves. And our very own bombs will blow us all to hell Reckless, our neglect multiplies, the children of a cold war left behind. Come and see the doctor, Strangelove is here. No other superpower means nothing to fear. Who needs a fucking treaty, when we got guns. Fuck the little countries, lets have some fun. Thinking back to where we came from, we can see how far we've come. But the price of our intentions burns us like the heat on the surface of the sun. Who can know what foul intentions start inside the human mind? For only the proud human being could conjure up a plan to obliterate his kind. The flash of light was quick to blind me, much like the lies they told me before. So naive, we thought it was all over but history returns with another world war.

The Sermon

TESTAMENT "The Ritual"
[Music: Peterson] [Lyrics: Billy, James] Suit up for destruction Death looks behind many faces Hatred plants its deepest seed In the most obvious places Symbols of allegiance Chaos spells devotion The master plan is set in motion Oh,Yeah!! What the hell are you proud of Heads held low Self respect must be carved Evil poisons taste just like wine Swallow the lies until you are blind You're going blind Now let it flow... Waiting to deliver Imposing martial laws of pain KKK or CIA They are one and all the same [Chorus] Evil poisons taste just like wine Swallow the lies until you are blind You're going blind Can't get to me Or abuse me Your racist tears will amuse me And then you'll bleed... Now let it flow... Charismatic leaders Preach their sermons of ignorance please take heed soon my friends promises won't cleanse the sins [Chorus]

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