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Arrested Development lyrics - 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of...

Mama's Always On Stage

Original and similar lyrics
Lately I've been in a life like limbo Looking out of a smudged up window We're not sure where our lives are going Friends, it's summer outside but yet we're snowed in Don't know where our next dollar's coming from Living the life of a poor musician Headliner's strong so he keeps his 9 to 5 Cutting brothers' hair as a means of staying alive If it wasn't for the rhythm I think we would have given up by now This system has gotten the best of me Now I pray for God to invest in me My dignity, invest his glory Give me the strength so I can finnish the story Keep on searching for the right way to go out coz going out is what it's all about huh! You can't be passive, gotta be active Can't go with what looks attractive Gotta learn all I can while I'm able Headliner expresses his feeling on those turntables When we get our chance to make a good living of the music we program We don't sell out just to be sold out Brothers and sisters, do you know what I'm yapping about ? Coz if they take away our contract we still got talent and we still got contacts Coz we're worked real hard to get this far We're catching the bus before we bought the car Ya see ! [CHORUS:] [Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day Teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever] (2x) Got to get political Political I gotta get Grown but can't hold my own So this government needs to be overthrown Brothers with the AKs and the 9 MMs need to learn how to correctly shoot'em Save those rounds for a revolution Poor whites and blacks bumrushing the system But I tell you: Ain't no room for gangstaz Coz ganstaz do dirty work and get pimped by mobsters Some fat Italian eating pasta 'n lobster Brothers getting jailed and mobsters own the coppers so you you want out of the ghetto First the political prisoners must be let go And you must let go of your power master You'll never get out without much discipline Raise your fist but also raise your children So when you die the movement moves on Coz with revolution, ain't no future in front o' y'all haha! Direct your anger, love Nothing's ever built on hate, instead love Love your life, tackle the government The spooks that break down the door are heaven sent and my phrase went... [CHORUS] (2x) Alright ! Rhythm makes you move your body, rhythm makes you move your mind Rhythm makes your elbows groove, rhythm makes that behind move Rhythm makes the people move, rhythm makes you want to move Rhythm makes your mind soothe, next stop is Jerusalem

Hood Gone Love It

JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Hook - Jay Rock:] Keeping it G ain't nuttin, you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it Watch a young nigga show his ass out in public I got the whole block bumpin You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it Watch a young nigga show his ass out in public [Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] Na na na na now now you know what this is Tell em it's a celebration bitches Where the barbeque pits and the mini-bikes Mini-skirts, Hennessys, and the Miller Lights Domino tables, who got big 6? Where I'm from we do concrete backflips Flip flop flip flop flip flop back Through the ghetto's where I bring hip hop back Real niggas love me, they tell me keep it pushin The only niggas be for waste out of central bookings County jails and the lock downs up north Said I should have it if Scarface pass the torch That's how they feel Jack, built much more than rap This that project haircut in the culdesac This is where Jose front you them boulders at Meet your quota whenever I put a quote on a track, nigga [Hook] [Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar:] From Compton to Baltimore I'm a kill it I buy a morgue in a minute The public house, the plastic couch of a section 8 tenant The Regal window is tinted The air conditioner broke but I'm cool enough to ensure you my ride is an Eskimo, huh? And I peel off in the midst of getting my clothes off And I thrive off energies from the inner cities that we lost, huh? I'm putting the ghetto on top of my back And I live in the back of the jungle Lions, tigers, bears, oh my Hear the siren, walk up, [*gunshot* *gunshot*] drive by Shooters, looters, federal fed intruders The engines on back of scooters The real can recognize real and we need to know just who you are You are in the presence of many presents Kendrick the gift for the future oh yeah I said it Thug life, good kid mad city mad respect representin the hood right [Hook] [Verse 3 Jay Rock] The home girls tells me I'm the shit I break them off so they can buy some outfits I buy them sons a pack of peppers, some new Jordans Give em the game, school em on what's really important That's how I was raised, the og's had me 13 fresh off the porch, slangin' cabby But I'm wiser now, show all my young niggas There's other ways you get them dollars and funds nigga Coming down in an old school, so cool Whip like a fire ball call it so Goku You don't know the tribulations that we go through Put your ears to the speakers I'm a show you I paint the picture so perfect Hear my CD you see Mona Lisa in person Courtesy of a hunnit beat Got my crips and esse's at arm reach, 1 West [Hook]

Youthful Expression

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "People's Instinctive Travels"
Q-Tip: The taste of nuthin, this does somethin Moms that knows that, says I'm frontin Call me Smiley, cuz I'm wiley Livin life like the life of Riley Smokin blunts with a boy named Bud We cough up your lungs, cough up your cud Put out fires, with a 40, ounce of water You know you oughta Dance to this, your girl you kiss I like fried foods, especially fish Afrocentric, I'm electric Socialistic and eccentric Body's healthy, mind is wealthy Thoughts, they flow, that will prepare me To be a Native, get creative Original and designative Listen to the line that's playin Listen hard to what Q's sayin Politicians are magicians Make your vote, they hope your wishin Ambiguous words, senseless verbs They all amount to crap that's heard Violent hip hop, money flip flops Promoters won't book, but it still rocks I'm a Zulu, yes, a true blue Red Alert is with the poo-poo Ozone layer, loses flava Here's the edge that you will savor Jarobi: The economy...politics...police...everything Except for the youth But the youth about to come back Q-Tip(voice distorted): Alright, here they come Uh oh, uh oh, uh! Q-Tip: With expressions and I'm guessin 19 years is a youthful lesson Fallin skies babe, open eyes babe Can't you see what lays inside babe Makin mentions on this tension Rhythmic lovin, my profession Hips, they gyrate, scripts I narrate No banana, I ain't a primate Ain't no soul glo, just an afro The head is bred to let the thoughts grow Quest together, to lands of never Sleet and snow and storms can't sever Tribe is growin, never know when For this time, six necks may show in Dialogues have been accepted Negatives have been rejected That's the music, negro music Is here for all, so you must choose it Phonies fondle, watch it throttle 3-6-5 straight out the bottle Bustin caps, finger snaps I prefer the second for ghetto tracks Phife, Jarobi, Ali told me Get the force like Wan Kenobi Force his teachin, beats are screechin Poly plateaus, we aim for reachin Tribalization, freaks the nation A mass of peers in celebration Hopes been real high, since the knee high Days of youth, feelin good and real spry Avid combos, hear those bongos Boom cacka boom, that's how they go We ain't nomads, but we real glad Hip hop slams through the nineties, no fad As a rhythm, have been given Hurry up, become, we breakin out, out Shaheed: With a rhythmic instinction to be able to travel Beyond existing forces of life Basically, that Tribal And if you wanna get the rhythm Then you have to join a Tribe Word, peace


JIN "The Rest Is History"
Yeah, uh, yeah [Verse 1] You at my welcome mat and I ain't mad by letting you in Long as you listen to me closely as you get to know Jin First of all I had the thirst of all rappers combined Worst of all people told me I was wasting my time Like I was better off making up computer designs A doctor, a lawyer, or anything that's using my mind When I used to rap I usually got refused and declined Till I felt abused and used it as fuel in my rhymes In every battle, the race card was my downfall Till I read the Art of War and used it to clown y'all I'm still battling but on a different note Not rappers, but labels, same ocean but a different boat Them CEOs must be sniffin' coke Don't they know that I'm the dopest product on either coast? They tried to drown me, but I stayed afloat Here's a verse for you to quote The realest shit I ever wrote [Chorus] C'MON! Now that I got your attention I gotta say this I know that it's been debated I'm a gimmick they created C'MON! All the people that hated because I made it, two-faced When they the same ones that wished that I'd make it C'MON! All the critics that's jealous that I've created Still highly anticipated they nothing to do but face it C'MON! Even though that I'm asian we all related be patient Cause we gon' make it so if you rollin' with me [Verse 2] We together now, we ain't gotta act like strangers I done let you into the deepest and darkest chambers Introduced you to Jin, all the pain and anguish Gave you reasons why they say the fame will change us It's most common amongst entertainers Rappers and athletes, how can you blame us? Runnin' round crazy, saying I ain't the same cause But jealousy, is a funny thing that the brain does How can you not see, in simple and plain view My fame ain't changed me, man it changed you But then again I guess that's what haters do And it's a damn shame my fans got haters too It's like the listen, and disregard the lyrics Imagine if they flipped it and the artist were the critic And everything YOU did was under the scope And YOUSE about to get hung, and we the ones with the rope [Chorus] [Verse 3] If you think about it, me and you, we really the same Ain't nothin' different about us but the faces and names The places we came, lies that were placed in our brains If our ancestors knew they'd be disgraced and ashamed So I chose to be the one to change the pace of the game Look at me, hot as California burnin' in flames Still I feel, that everything I earn is in vein Unless I do somethin' positive with what I obtain These people must truly think I'm really insane Like my life around me revolves around the jewellery and dames I'm quick to rip that picture right up outta the frame I ain't tryna see my whole life go down the drain And be, 40 years old still hoppin' the train Frontin' with a fake smile like I'm doin' my thang Hurting inside, tuck in my pride, hide in my pain If you've never settled for less then you feelin' the same [Chorus]

I Still Believe

LYFE JENNINGS "I Still Believe"
I still believe in Sunday dinners and giving thanks before you eat. I still believe in breastfeeding babies, looking both ways before you cross the street. I still believe in taking care of grandma not sending her to no damn nursing home yea, and I still believe in whooping kids cause sometimes that's the only way that they gon' get it. [Chorus] And I still believe in miracles. I still believe in magic and rainbows. Still believe in family, the laws of gravity, and where there's a will there's a way. I still believe in santa clause, no not the man, I believe in the principle of giving back to community, rebuilding family, make this world a better place, I still believe. I still believe in church on Sunday and praying 'fore you go sleep. I still believe in teaching by example cause kids mimmick what they see. I still believe in homeschool, washing your hands after you go to the bathroom yea. And I still believe that prayer changes things, it's something about giving all your needs. [Chorus] And I still believe in miracles. Still believe in magic and rainbows. Still believe in family, the laws of gravity, and where there's a will there's a way. And I still believe in santa clause, no not the man, I believe in the principle of giving back to community, rebuilding family, make this world a better place, I still believe. [Bridge] One heart, one soul, one voice, one people united together (I still believe) One life, one love, one world, cause nobody lives forever (nobody lives forever) We know it get better and better, and I know that we will so I raise my voice cause I still believe yea yea yea I still (I still) believe (believe) in you (in you) in me (in me) in us (in us) in trust (in trust) in life (in life) in love (in love) I still (I still)

Somebody Help Me Now

Touie(2e) "My Eyez R Open"
Tyziq life yall representin' this is me yall the E-R-I-Q eriq qeezy UH yeah E-qeezy(I look 2 da streets 4 peace but i c none and never will I lose sight im da 1st son . no gun, no run i stand ground tyziq life completes me I love da sound!!! I got god in me know what im talkin bout ,so i found da peace that i was talkin bout I got a whole life in front of me even haters love me E-QEEZY!!!! I luv to rap i love 2 flo competition cant c me through a telescope i got a lot of so i must live anti-negative or posotive choose da word or clear my space i blaze trails through da snow wit no trace i caught a case of hip-hop and now im sick so i bust soul raps wit tyziq. (hook)somebody help me now ,so i can find my way through da dark skies lookin 4 a brigther day ,help me now,to be a better man rap veteran walkin wit an open hand, look at meeeeee,i wanna be free i wanna live im a king i gotta eat ,help me now,c no,hear no,love no evil. (E-qeezy)i cant lose in dis rap gang wit dis rap thang opportunity 4 both u and me but evry where i go evry where i turn im a impact evrybodys gonna learn i take songs and flip da plot the only G in me is da glide when i walk im so cool i frost da mic,i freeze my nikes,i sweat lil drops of ice im on my knees i pray 4 da lost souls im sayin please lord keep my heart strong keep my mother safe keep my brother safe keep all my family under grace, im a little man but i talk big i do good in school honor roll kid help me god b4 its too late give us peece and joy wit no hate. (chorus) (Keon)what must i do see me imma little man Keon Tyzelle awe man, What's goin on what's happnin All I wanna do is keep rappin Clap ya hands and have fun Play my games U want some But 4 real we gotta change So we can live another day (chorus) (2e)yeah Tyziq LIFE up in here this is 2e wit me on my side yall know who i got little Eriq e-qeezy uuh walkin wit me also lil man they call him keon tyzelle thts how we do uuh somebody help me now uuh yall look at me yall feel me uuh non stop its like that yeah.

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