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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Worn Copy

Thespian City

Original and similar lyrics
And we started to act... Like fools we acted We acted like fools And didn't we like it (We like it, yeah We like it) Everybody liked it Tell me - what's up with all the groups around these days Lemme just say I think it's such a shame How all the bands always play live and people pay To see these phonies on stage who only imitate, hey! Rock n' roll's dead! It's all in your head! Thespian City Thespian City Now all the real music lives underground It's living on tape It's lost & found And while everyone's going downtown to escape I'm under headphones in my brain with a gun in my mouth that's how you do it, do it clown! Thespian City (I'm a thespian) Thespian City Though I'm back in the [?] and All people want Is people they know Talk about the people that you see in the show All the great writing's made right at home All the best shit's spared when you're lone Photographs and headphones and microphones Hit the pipe once, ready to go Performers are dull just guys with guitars singers and drummers who wanna be stars pretending to rock cause they know what it means pretending to be thespian, thespian pretending to be me that's T-H-E-S-P-I-A-N C-I-T-Y T-H-E-S-P-I-A-N C-I-T-Y Thespian city

World Of Entertainment (W.O.E. Is Me)

JURASSIC 5 "Quality Control"
Well, here's a little something for my people in the house I'm gonna tell you what my crew is all about We like raw rhythm fusion, real rhyme producin' songs for the world's men, women and children Armed and equipped with much confidence and this is how we're gonna make our living Some are known for bein' biters non-creative and wack rhyme-writers Yo, they soup you up but can't rock the jam known to the world as a one-hit band Easy come, easy go, yo you had your turn temporary niggas touchin' up your perm You see a rapper is a kid that brags and acts big A rhymer is a nigga that can handle his biz Yo, A rapper is a kid that's tryin' to be the shit An entertainer ain't tryin' cause he already is [Chorus] Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment where life imitate art and people get famous Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement where lights, camera, action is the language [repeat Chorus] We was rockin a jam the other night J5 was on the mic so the people was hype Yo, we like to rock the party with adrenalin and passion the crowd started screamin 'Action Satisfaction' Numark dropped the beat and the heat from the fire We brought the energy and streetcar named desire We was flippin, they was trippin, how we was old schoolin' needle to the groove, hands in the air movin' and we said to the crowd 'This is the place to be, whether you paid a fee or you got in free' So when you step through the door, the music gets loud Manuever through the crowd to get a better view now [Chorus] To be an MC, you got to be so fresh to have style and finesse way above the rest With the strong delivery, vocal chemistry street poetry in tune with the beat So if you think you got the skills come take a test microphone check if you truly are blessed If you can flow like water and can comprehend you need longevity in this game to win Now if you want to be the best you got to move and motivate Watch the money that you make in the industry stakes Cause some of these people ain't got no class and some of these folks'll make you beat they ass If you can believe then you can achieve get the loot, live the dream, be on top of the scene To keep the people in it, and accumulate fans to be dope in the studio and slam at the jams, so [Chorus] Welcome party people, while we got your attention There's a few things we'd like to mention The name is Jurassic, but they call us J5 we rock bonafide fly rhymes fortified We got 2 DJs controlling the beat and vocal harmonies make it sound so sweet We're the four horsemen, with words to caution expressed and flipped in an orderly fashion With the rhymin', designin' the music on time and the fellas saying 'ho' and the ladies losin' they mind and the breakin', the scratchin', this thing called rappin' the cultivated music that keeps your hands clappin The passion, reaction, the street satisfaction Brothers using no tactics to make it happen the rhythm, the spirit, you love it when you hear it Nowadays when you're samplin' shit, you gotta clear it [Chorus 1.75X] [cut after 'Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement, where..'] [samples: 'lights' - 'camera' - 'action!']


JJ DEMON "Limbo"
I'm watchin' as the world ends, the city burns and [?] I see it from my window, as the zombies make their way in my home And watchin' as the world ends, the city burns and [?] I see it from my window, as the zombies make their way in my home The claps, the cinematography elapses Wait another minute, then follow me through the city's last colony Runnin' low on its rations, from the other side of the door You hear 'em scratchin' Grab your weapon, we're walkin' into the wasteland We can shake hands with the night, where the undead breakdance in the alley The cardboard's rotted, a prisoner of your own car doors when you lock 'em Aim for the head, rappers ain't talkin' about their jeans when they're dead Just brains, and the taste of your flesh, pushin' an envelope filled with anthrax Even with a fire, you'll never know where my camp's at Mad Max, I'm taking you to the thunder dome just beyond The waves at the mercy of the undertow For those of you that thought the apocalypse would be wonderful Plannin' in on your Facebook, you're the first ones to go Down in the fall out shutter it's getting hectic It's looking like maybe the baby is today's breakfast Everybody's tryin' to be eclectic, everybody's remindin' me of dyslexics Readin' the shit backwards, a black bird perched on a church steeple We all hurt people that knows people hurt People that knows people hurt People that knows people hurt It all falls apart, it's just the way that evil works So when it starts rumblin' and comes crumblin' down Maybe we're better off under the ground, now that is limbo We all wanna just party and pretend, though I'm watchin' it all out of my window The city's gonna fall, oh I see the walls, and they're crumblin' down [?] the blood, and this is apocalypse now

City Madness

DAN HILL "Hold On"
Wake up to the madness of the city Say hello it's a brand new day Brush my teeth read the paper Everything is changing so fast it stays the same Cars attack the city street City sidewalk - city heat People push and people fly No one laughs and no one cries Someone save me. Look up - an office building Stares right back indignantly Look down - my feet keep moving Shuffling to the city's endless beat Billboards tell me what to buy How to dress and how to die Traffic signals starts to change Madness starts all over again Someone save me. Chorus: My doctor says I need a brief vacation Wife says it's just a stage, I'll be alright Boss says I've got too much imagination Papers tell me rain again tonight. Wake up to the madness of the city Close my eyes and fly to Mars A man jolts my arm I swing out madly He swings back and I see stars I curse my world beneath my breath I curse myself I curse what's left People push - people fly No one laughs - no one cries Someone save me Repeat Chorus

I've Been Everywhere

JOHNNY CASH "Unchained"
I was totin' my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road, When along came a semi with a high an' canvas-covered load. "If you're goin' to Winnemucca, Mack, with me you can ride." And so I climbed into the cab and then I settled down inside. He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand. And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!" [Chorus:] I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere, man. Crossed the desert's bare, man. I've breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere. I've been to: Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota, Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma, Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma, Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo, Tocapillo, Baranquilla, and Perdilla, I'm a killer. [Chorus] I've been to: Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana, Washington, Houston, Kingston, Texarkana, Monterey, Faraday, Santa Fe, Tallapoosa, Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa, Tennessee to Tennesse Chicopee, Spirit Lake, Grand Lake, Devils Lake, Crater Lake, for Pete's sake. [Chorus] I've been to: Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, Ombabika, Schefferville, Jacksonville, Waterville, Costa Rica, Pittsfield, Springfield, Bakersfield, Shreveport, Hackensack, Cadillac, Fond du Lac, Davenport, Idaho, Jellico, Argentina, Diamantina, Pasadena, Catalina, see what I mean-a. [Chorus] I've been to: Pittsburgh, Parkersburg, Gravelbourg, Colorado, Ellensburg, Rexburg, Vicksburg, Eldorado, Larimore, Atmore, Haverstraw, Chatanika, Chaska, Nebraska, Alaska, Opelika, Baraboo, Waterloo, Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Sioux City, Cedar City, Dodge City, what a pity. [Chorus] (I've been everywhere)

Little Plastic Castle

ANI DIFRANCO "Little Plastic Castle"
In a coffee shop in a city Which is every coffee shop in every city On a day which is every day I picked up a magazine Which is every magazine Read a story, and then forgot it right away They say goldfish have no memory I guess their lives are much like mine And the little plastic castle Is a surprise every time And it's hard to say if they're happy But they don't seem much to mind From the shape of your shaved head I recognized your silhoutte As you walked out of the sun and sat down And the sight of your sleepy smile Eclipsed all the other people As they paused to sneer at the two girls From out of town I said, look at you this morning You are, by far, the cutest But be careful getting coffee I think these people want to shoot us Or maybe there's some kind of local competition here To see who can be the rudest People talk About my image Like I come in two dimensions Like lipstick is a sign of my decling mind Like what I happen to be wearing The day that someone takes a picture Is my new statement for all of womankind I wish they could see us now In leather bras and rubber shorts Like some ridiculous team uniform For some ridculous new sport Quick someone call the girl police And file a report In a coffe shop in a city Which is every coffee shop in every city On a day which is every day

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