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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Worn Copy

Somewhere In Europe / Hotpink!

Original and similar lyrics
Here we're standing, Somewhere in Europe But it could be China To South Nicaragua We drove here all night, Just for the weekend "Excuse me, sir, Well, don't you speak any English? Pardon my French, But we're fucking lost here! Just point me to the West, Then we'd best, best be on the way. "S'il vous plait." Here we're standing, Somewhere in London It's all a mess lest We try and catch the Metro We'll take it into Baghdad, Spain then San Francisco See the city spirals inwardly forever Crack me like a slot machine, oh-oh Just point me in the direction of Las Vegas And I'll be going home Europe's not home, no! Somewhere in Europe Far away from Montana At the townhall masquerade show Somewhere in Europe I get so razzed by you! Station-inert in a hostel in Soho Somewhere in Europe I will Find myself stranded Just a-standin' there U.S.A I say home U.S.A. I stay home U.S.A. I say home (Somewhere in Europe It's good, it's good) Go into the breakdown Hotpink! Gimme Jimi Hey [x5]

It's A Great Day To Be A Guy

Cledus T. Judd "Cledus Envy"
I got my socks dryin in the microwave Hair on my back I don't plan to shave I got the house to myself while the wife's away I'll be rockin all night Yeah I think I'll drink me an ice cold brew Lounge in my boxers like I used to do There'll be no Ally McBeal on the tube No...I'll be watchin the fight Well it's a great day to be a guy Playin cards my buddies until sunrise You know I never thought that my neighbor would Be sunbathing topless Lord she sure looks good I caught a ten pound bass out on the lake Played 18 holes with my best friend Jake Best balls I hit was when I stepped on a rake (FORE) (oh God) Oh it wuddn't too bright (Gee whiz) Now I look in the fridge what do I see? Last night's pizza starin back at me Pepperoni and anchovies What a beautiful sight Well it's a great day to be a guy Buck naked in my lawn chair swattin at flies Got some hot dogs on the charcoal grill Don't want to burn my wieners but I probably will That fried baloney And cheese macaroni Tasted good this afternoon But now I'm passin Some serious gas an I might have to leave the room P UUUUUUUUUUUUU Well I might go get me a new hairdo Spend a couple hours at a tanning booth Might even get me a gold front tooth (muffled as if a patient in a dentist chair) Oh yeah yeah And it's a great day to be a guy But when my wife gets home she's gonna tan my hide I'll be hung over but a-lookin good From a week of reliving my bachelorhood It's a great day to be a guy But another week of this and I'll probably die I Tend to party harder than I should When my wifes not here to make me be good Yay whooo

The Day I Was Born

EMF "Cha Cha Cha"
Wish me luck I'll take anything this world can throw me I'll love it and leave it and Kiss the world goodbye you see I'll travel my journey With a suicide pack I'll be free Hello, goodbye, the best of luck I'm gone From the day I was born I lived my live to the full Tried everything once Now I'm ready for more Now I'm ready for more I'll think of my live The days turn from months, to years To nothing I didn't think, I'd have the guts To go with it I'll think of my friends The people I hate and the people I never got to meet Hello, goodbye, the best of luck I'm goneFrom The day I was born... Etc So good to see you But now I'm movin' on Been good to be here But it's gone on too long It's good to see you... So good To see the back of you Where you ever misunderstood? Did anyone say you have to stay? Think of the happiness you bring Think of the day you were born Remember my family yeah Keep my habits clean you see I'll bless the beggar's dog If god blesses the trees Stay out of trouble you know Keep the cream on the cake Take no ones word for nothing Thank you goodnight Best of luck I'm gone From the day I was born... Etc [chorus]

Young G's Perspective

Biggie's Talking intro Repeat 6x Mafioso Little Ceas: How you figure that your team can affect my cream Gold and platinum. Black since I stepped on the scene Kn I mean. Peep the scene: Jacoooze full of women. She hittin me and him and him much love like wembelton While niggaz screamin killa I'm overseas in my villa Wit my masseuse struttin illa frank switch the plan. Cock the Lexus Lan See cutta, Rockafella 4 hundreds and betta Little Ceas push threes with fives in his eyes not that I'm gon cry for Mary Blige I die for my niggaz packin steel Chicken heads with sex appeal reveal sexual acts up in Capone's Ac The Chocolate Dime watch the Mafia shine -unh Girls git your own, can't touch a dime of mine Biggie And if you don't stop, then we won't stop Continuously to git (git money) You can be as good as the best of them but as bad as the worst so don't test me (get money) You better move over (get money) Little Kim: Big Momma, keys in Tiawana Some call me Donna Karan or Armani Gats for the poonani For brown nose pussy crushers Cap peelin others. Ignorant muthafuckas. Drive a Benz or Miata. This honey's got a sweet peniata. Six shotta Little Kim the Black Erika Caine -in Who remains in Chanel frames and Animals of all kind. Russian Fendi sables with matchin pool tables Read the Label - MAFIA Admirin my shoes by Gucci I be eatin sushi, playin with my coochi Countin lucci. Nigga I got banks to rob Convertable Saabs. I'm married to the mob Biggie Biggie Smalls: Frank White the desperado Used to rock the all black Movado The all black Eldorado. All that and a bottle of Don P Niggaz can't harm me, I keep the army. Is Brooklyn in the house? - Without a doubt I'm the rapper with clout everybody yap about check it out: guns I bust em Problems with my wife: don't discuss em Coups and lier jets I lust them Finger prints I dust them. Recent address Stuck you for your stash in your pissy mattress Your mom's a actress. Didn't wanna show me the thing It's okay, she was old anyway. I display Hot 97 rhyme ready. Cocked Mac-11, line steady. Like Tevin Campbell I'm ready to do what I do Continuously to git You can be as good as the best of them...

Best For Last

AARON WATSON "The Road & The Rodeo"
He made the heavens and the earth Separated day from night He made man and it was good Still something wasn't right And all creation stood in awe At the woman standing there Wearing nothing but a smile And a flower in her hair And all along, the good lord knew What the world would be like without a girl like you Your love's the kind of beautiful That will never be surpassed Now I know why he saved the best for last There was someone who broke my heart Long before I fell for you I would have swore she was the one I thought she was my dream come true As all the walls came crashing down I hit my knees right there Looking back I'm thanking God For that unanswered prayer And all along, the good lord knew What the world would be like without a girl like you Your love's the kind of beautiful That will never be surpassed Now I know why he saved the best for last How can I describe my love for you You're my life you're my whole wide world It's kinda like a feeling I feel holding our new born baby girl And all along, the good lord knew What the world would be like without a girl like you Your love's the kind of beautiful That will never be surpassed Now I know why he saved the best for last Now I know why he saved the best for last


virtue is relative at best there's nothing worse than a sunset when you're driving due west and i'm afraid that my love is gonna come up short there is no there there i guess i'm scared cuz i want to have good news to report every time i come up for air now i'm cruising through a chromakey blue sky and i know that in an hour or three the sun is gonna be in my eyes and i know that sometimes all i can see is how i feel like the whole world is on the other side of a dirty windshield and i'm tryin to see through the glare yes i'm struggling just to see what's there the one person who really knows me best says i'm like a cat yeah the kind of cat that you just can't pick up and throw into your lap no, the kind that doesn't mind being held only when its her idea yeah, the kind that feels what she decides to feel when she is good and ready to feel it and now i am prowling through the backyard and i am hiding under the car i have gotten out of everything ive gotten into so far i eat when i am hungry and i travel alone and just outside the glow of the house is where i feel most at home but in the window you sometimes appear and your music is faint in my ears

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