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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Worn Copy

One On One

Original and similar lyrics
One on one is the game you play to get play Everybody here's looking ready to go Now take off your clothes, keep on a shirt Tell us your name, it's a secret Now stand n' be proud, take your neighbors hand Throw her on the ground and play one on one right there! Stand inside the ring where the deed is done What's your pleasure? One on one Joanna gets on Jesse and Jealous gets with Pat Michael gets with Sarah, Sarah's on her back Genie gets with Jared and Benjamin with Pam Not to mention me n' Debbie, one on one, oh what a time we had! Don't fret if your gonna come When you're finished, get another one Lend your partner to the other fish Recycle as much skin as you wish Now stand n' be proud, take your neighbors hand Throw her on the ground and play one on one right there! Stand inside the ring where the deed is done What's your pleasure? One on one [?] doing sugar and Sarah gets with Pat [?] Benjamin's on Jesse and [?] on her back Not to mention me 'n' Debbie, one on one, oh, what a time we had!

Not Enough Words

Statik Selektah Playing through the broken ankles, man Never sit down, cause I'mma stand up Book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with all the shit That I'm living every day, in the mirror saying why me? Hide my eyes cause I'm sickened with the image Of using marijuana, sipping vintage for the time being My skills set is very serious, in fact Spit a wild rap, carve a steak right off the cow's back Throw it on the grill, I'm cooking in the stew Same shit that's on the grill gave me leather for the boot If they make me take the stand then I'm lying through my teeth though Ask to swear to God but in that I don't believe though My man Stevie Mo playing safety for Toledo Hustle 'til my fingers staying cheesy like a cheeto Shorty on the bed pleasuring my pee pee Smart crew TCN, lyrical graffiti Drug roll precise, like a hooker with the dice Butcher with the knife, you get tooken for your life So much to say it's so little time and shitty Killer Queens the borough, New York be the city Coming crazy out your mouth will get your split up like a philly Running through the maze like I'm Willie, you gotta feel me [Hook:] I’m moving forward cause nothing's gonna be the same Eyes blurry from the smoke, I can't see the lane Swerving heavy, bottle in my lap I'm looking for a problem so I'm modeling the gat Somebody save me, cause I don't wanna go to jail I'd rather be up in the mansion for the polo sale But I'm here, stuck inside my thoughts I'm tryna have a bag of money stuffed inside my shorts My life is like a movie, Blizzard with the shottie Hookah house on Roosie chilling in the lobby Yes I'm living gnarly, the 40 ounce of Barley Open up cigars and fill 'em with a bunch of Marley Double cut porterhouse straight from Luger's Ruger for intruders hand to hand made by the duelers Ginger ale in Knicks glasses, your style is piss mothafucka Time to flip the mattress, kick it swift as Cassius My mind is stronger than Mariusz Pudzianows Obvious to see I'm a star straight off the couch You rapping with a blouse, you get slapped up side the mouth By the Zangief look-a-like, Bronson always cooking right Spray the vinegar to tighten up a yummy Smoking got me squinting like the sky is high and sunny Attachment on the nozzle make the iron fire funny Never stop until my body diving in a pile of money [Hook] I'm already smoking like a gunshot You know the fuzzy light green, call it Dunlop, flow nun's twat Many hours, one man standing, one spot From the morning to the mothafuckin' sun drop Cause I'm one with the Earth, eyes red Mothafucka I've been blunted since birth, age 9 Mom dukes kept the gun in the purse, next to the hair spray Fuck tomorrow, money coming in the fast way [Hook]

Razed To The Ground

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
The unassailable leading me down the wide path, I consider the scale the whole aftermath, from the land I sketch a grand design, a being in time, message the floodlight will shine, divine skies will open, open road chosen pausing in time frozen, best left unspoken, about the life settling down, steadily lowered into the ground the sound is quite deafening, confounded regiments getting hounded out, never better the fallout of the sidesplitter, rise of the switch-hitter, watch as he grows bitter, foreseeable futures they be selling him down the river, purified and maybe when we refine and say, you'll be hearing him coming from half a mile away, contemplation still thinking it over onward we soldier clearer than present danger, us we as a planet handing arms to the generations down the line what is left behind? Conscience cannot carry the weight of consequence, says a voice who then utters a vote of confidence, see the level of minerals going down to ground zero, nothing can be stopping declines cycle, wheels turn the sucking it dry desert, but the oceans wave is on the rise in front of your eyes, paralysed you’re rooted into the spot, you can’t move the rot is setting in at a rate of knots. So far from the truth, unavoidable proof revelations will raise the roof, the revolutions will be televised to sensationalise and destabilise, I'm wide eyed aware and wiser to the scandal, it is too much for one man to handle, stand together we might stand a hope in hells chance or else a threatening fate waits.

Lights Of Cheyenne

Look off down the highway At the glittering lights Like windshield glass On the shoulder tonight As the diesels come Grinding on up from the plains All bunched up like pearls on a string And I guess time don't mean nothin' Not nothin' at all And out on the horizon The broken stars fall Old broken stars they Fall down on the land And get mixed together With the lights of Cheyenne Well I've been up all night And I'm down on my back Workin' the counter To take up the slack 'Cause the money tree's light And the whiskey stream's low You ain't worked a week Since July You say the gravel pit's hiring After the first But you don't have the Nature for that kind of work You might get hired on But you won't make a hand And I'll still be here lookin' At the lights of Cheyenne You stand in the sky With your feet on the ground Never suspectin' a thing But if the sky were to Move you might never be found Never be heard from again We go on good behavior when Our youngest comes home She comes up from Boulder But she never stays long And that oldest still fights Me like she was 18 Stopped in for a 6-pack awhile ago And she's got a cowboy problem And this last one's a sight All dressed up like Gunsmoke For Saturday night And they were off to the bars For lack of a plan Racing the stars to the lights of Cheyenne And you've kept all that Meanness inside you so long You'd fight with a fence post If it looked at your wrong Well the post won't hit back, And it won't call the law I look at your right, Or I don't look at all Now take a crumpled up Soft pack and give it a shake Out by the dumpster on a cigarette break With one eye swelled up from The back of your hand And the other eye fixed On the lights of Cheyenne You stand in the sky with Your feet on the ground Never suspectin' a thing But if the sky were to Move you might never be found Never be heard from again Now there's antelope grazing In range of my gun Come opening weekend You won't see a one They'll vanish like ghosts 'cause somehow they know But now they're up to the Fence in the early dawn And it's warming up nicely For this time of year The creeks are still frozen but The roads are all clear And I don't have it in me To make one more stand Though I never much cared For the lights of Cheyenne

Pledge Allegiance

We're just the braces amidst These selfish trials and fits Not so safe or scared or dumb is the rest Our unravelling has just Enough of it here to be Drown propped up and watching You stare at us pull you down You read the news You take the vows You blame the costs We play the chords Now the only course That traces an end To the violence Has left us without any Chance to stand our ground ... Stand up and ... March Get back in line and Fight The time to start is Now Don't let yourself play the Fool There's no way out Placatingly wound we search Without purpose the game ends Promise me today So tomorrow's a new surprise All these sores lingering Shutdown and loving it The greedy hands will lie But we stand ready to strike Yours' is the blood Theirs' the first The speed the greed The machines and the paper dolls We didn't want this We didn't need this We couldn't see it coming But we're to blame for it ... Stand up and ... March Get back in line and Fight The time to start is Now Don't let yourself play the Fool There's no way out Watch us coming While you drop away Bow your fucking heads And pray for us Cause it's my time And it's our side You can't stop us any longer Bow your head Pray for us It's our time It's our side

Positively 4Th Street

JOHNNY RIVERS "Realization"
You got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend When I was down you just stood there grinning. You got a lotta nerve to say you gotta helping hand to lend You just want to be on the side that's winning. You say I let you down, you know it's not like that If you're so hurt, why then don't you show it? You say you lost your faith but that's not where it's at You had no faith to lose and you know it. I know the reason that you talk behind my back I used to be among the crowd you're in with. Do you take me for such a fool to think I'd make contact? With the one who tries to hide what he don't know to begin with? You see me on the street, you always act surprised You say : 'How are you? Good luck' - but you don't mean it. When you know as well as me you'd rather see me paralyzed Why don't you just come out once and scream it? No, I do not feel that good when I see the heartbreaks you embrace If I was a master thief, perhaps I'd rob them. And now I know you're dissatisfied with your position and your place Don't you understand it's not my problem? I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes And just for that one moment I could be you. Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes You'd know what a drag it is to see you.

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