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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Worn Copy

Jagged Carnival Tours

Original and similar lyrics
Now is the time at hand Time to take a stand Everyone collaborate Together now, celebrate Make that music everyone By everyone round and round Share the sounds All who down Trade the part It don't matter It's a start Do something interesting Say it It don't matter what Just say something Bust a nut Foolish thing people sing Jagged jagged jagged jagged She must be alive if she's dying Don't she look good in makeup Her eyes jus can standin the clang-clang Oh jagged jagged Oh jagged jagged Oh! My uniform Get out and fight [x2] Jagged jagged jagged jagged

Beautiful Story

JIN "Say Something" You know I gotta say something Check Here's a tale that must be told, picture this, a 12 year old Maybe 13 but that's the max, definitely no older than that This thing's called rap, had him open in fact, it wasn't enough just ownin' the tracks Learnt every song word for word, thought of himself as the opening act No stage, no microphone, just a bathroom mirror, maybe a comb Blink of an eye and the world of his own, just like that, king on the throne Until one day he simple felt, in need of a way to express himself Pen and a pad, line after line, just him and his rhymes, nobody else Of course he wasn't the illest in sight, in fact he sucked but still he would write Little by little the feelin' was right that eventually he would be killin' the mic After school freestylin' flows, countless ciphers, talent shows World revolved around his craft, his passion and his happy codes Mom and pops had rotten views of Hiphop and would not approve They stood firm, no matter how hard he tried, they could not be moved Still he let his fire burn, hopin' that the tide would turn Until that day his prime concerned, was your respect he tried to earn Maybe that's why at the time, only one thing was on his mind Everyday, every night, mic or no mic, all he wanted to do was just rhyme But who, whoever the heck would listen? Witness a lyrical exhibition Wherever he went, no matter the time, he battled for props and recognition Parkin' lot at the mall, outside of a bathroom stall Didn't matter who, single or a crew, line 'em up and he would battle 'em all Eatin' rappers was all he knew, soon his reputation grew No matter what he was goin' through, step up stage and he feel brand new Still that wasn't enough to fulfil, his thirst and hunger for something more real Whatever the case, continue the chase, can't change your fate, once it is sealed Meanwhile back home sounds the same, folks started and now complain How he doesn't even care that the family business is goin' down the drain Truth is he's aimin' for more than just the fame and stardom Deep down inside he just wants to keep his family from starvin' So even though they hated, it kept him motivated If you have never seen this struggle before how will you recognize when you have made it? Finally graduated, parents were agitated The dream and hope of their son goin' to college has gradually faded He was determined to shine, time on the grind, tryna get signed Looked for a break anywhere he could find, a never endin' ladder for him to climb Knockin' on doors only to meet, so called execs who don't wanna greet All they expect is soap on their feet, he stays anyways, go on a beat That's when they see he's kinda raw, never encountered his kind before Rhyme before, not like any of the artist that they've ever signed before Whatever the case they wouldn't explain, no matter the label, it was the same Walkin' on in, walkin' on out, thank you for comin', we're glad that you came He didn't give up, he just kept strong, knowin' deep down that it wouldn't be long He did his turn, respect he earned, and eventually he would prove them wrong Far from an easy dream, on the right track but evening steam The MC man cause of what he's seen, until he popped up on a TV screen That's when the whole world saw him shine, then the word quickly spread online And it actually blew everyone's mind, guess who Ruff Ryders just signed? Yes sir, time does fly by, barely 10 years in the blink of an eye Fair share of lows, fair share of highs, in the mist of it all he's still the same guy Ain't with the R no more, some say he ain't a star no more He's alive and he's healthy, somebody tell me, what should he feel any sorrow for? Lookin' back, shows no stress, no remorse and no regrets In fact what seems like a lifelong journey is really just his first view steps


JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Uhh, look around in my neighborhood (aquí en el barrio, tú sabes) See how we live, see right there on that corner That's where they sell the drugs (la manteca broder) Run the numbers and, play dominoes, whistle at the fly ladies You know, I'm Latino, hahahahaha (pa que sepa) [Joell Ortiz:] The dope gets sold by the bodega While y'all call it dope, we call it the manteca We don't look for lotto numbers in the newspaper We play it right over the counter by the Now & Laters Sit down on milk crates and play dominoes ¡Capicu! Slam it down, tell 'em adios Another round of beers before we go upstairs And watch a fuzzy TV on some of the oldest chairs Relax, take a bath and get nice and clean Come out just in time for dinner, you know rice and beans A little chicken, maybe tostones, it's up to Ma She might be tired keepin this house all up to par Sometimes I look out the window and see some nice wheels I got a thing for rims, they give me slight chills Round here you get killed over a ice-grill Guns pop but the O.G.'s carry knives still (word) [Chorus: Joell Ortiz (La Bruja)] (Latinooooo) I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us let me tell you about (Latinooooos) We got beautiful women (la-la-la la-la-la la-la) And they all seem to know their way around the kitchen I'm (Latinooooo) yeah we stick together We had hard lives so our skin is thick forever We (Latinoooooos) I'm that and I'm proud (la la la la la la laaaa) If you don't know us let me tell you about [Joell Ortiz:] See e'ry block got a different crew This kid I knew got paralyzed cause of his tattoo And he wasn't in a gang Just some young punk tryin to come up and get a name Put a bullet in his brain, it's a shame But yo, on a better note Latina women look so good from head to toe, get 'em and never let 'em go Baseball is big in my town So is boxing, a hundred he don't see the ninth round These young girls is fresh, they like to get piped down Babies havin babies, guess who on the WIC line now? Guess who got welfare? Guess who on Medicaid? Guess who left they kid with their girl for eleven days? Without callin, cause he's ballin One year from now he'll have a child support warrant It happen all the time in my community That's the difference between someone like you and me - I'm [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz:] Big Chino got a truck, and a bike, and a boat But Chino got a gun cause his life full of coke And Chino havin fun, he don't like bein broke But Chino gon' be done, FBI is no joke And I don't want Chi' to get knocked When the truck around he buy ice cream for the block See where I'm from the kids look up to the hustlers Even if they're family with some of the customers My abuela used to tell me to stay off the corner You heard what happened to Mrs. Rivera's daughter? See she had got caught in the crossfire right there in broad day Shot her in the back tryin run in the hallway By my buildin all you hear is, "Oye Ten cuidado la policia esta en la esquina de Broadway" There's action all the time in my neighborhood But see we all mind our business like a neighbor should See this one right here is for all my Latinos around the world Around the world man, there's so many of us man Be proud of who you are man, I love y'all niggaz Joell Ortiz [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Joell Ortiz & La Bruja:] Latinooooos

Pretty Face

Play your games with my limp joints idolize it's wet paper skin listen to the cast preach your life and infest you with disease dress me up with a three piece tourniquet fuck and get under the scabs never trust what you cannot kill and pretend that she respects you pursuit of liberty drags you all across this country this cunt bleeding delivered me the cord it stretches taught and only so far before it snaps back giving us relief it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time before you fall down and hurt yourself far from home with no one's help we will be waiting but his eyes can't see the madness so she can keep the rule formulate what will be that thing that makes me laugh your next manipulation of the all too friendless always seen and never noticed dipping my feet in pools of you FUCK YOU make my face only how you like it why can't you smell it hide wreck her pussy with your fist she'll be your minister violate my stiff limp body only to taste my glass bloodline shove it all behind my back cauterize my open wound I never needed to leave to find out what makes me tick I arrived by default my arms three grand long but not elastic enough to care for insects just beyond my reach it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of time before I pick you up and dust you off kiss the eyes that make me rough I will be waiting I walked beside myself but nothing ever changed and now I walk away so you can take the blame clinical distortion affects the bachelor I still can't find

A Matter Of Time

JUKEBOX THE GHOST "Let Live & Let Ghosts"
And after rearranging the furniture you slept alone You awoke to find the war was finally done You rubbed your eyes and squinted at the sun Which was brighter and hotter and better lit up The earth like a birthday cake You were amazed you were still living To celebrate this new beginning Where the grass is a little greener And the Earth is a little bigger And the trees are a little taller Due to air that's a little cleaner And suddenly Voices rang out from the clouds Bursting out in song Speakers pumping loud Keep on crying just to stop the water rising To your brain composed of dirt You keep on pissing to keep on drinking You keep on eating to keep on shitting Time will wear you down You clap your hands inside You were amazed that you survived And the air that you were breathing Gave you a supernatural feeling And the sound of your heart beating in time With the rhythm of your breathing Mixed with the speed of the Earth spinning Was precisely the same speed as earthquakes Building beneath your feet Awaking strangers that you need to see The collision of a hurricane and a suicidal plane Oh, God It's only a matter of time It's only a matter of time It's only a matter of time It's only a matter of time Until, suddenly A voice will ring out from the clouds Bursting out in song Speakers pumping loud Keep on crying just to stop the water rising To your brain composed of dirt You keep on pissing to keep on drinking You keep on eating to keep on shitting Time will wear you down It's only a matter of time


JOE JACKSON "Laughter & Lust"
I don't love you But I'm lost Thinking of you And the ghosts Of so many special moments That passed so quickly at the time And now they come and track me down And echo round and round and round And time goes quickly Or disappears completely And I feel like I fade away Like drowning I don't need you But it's so hard To be without you Though you're not far away I censor my emotions And tell myself to bide my time But every time you come around You batter my defenses down But so gently Like some sweet hypnosis And the world just slips away I'm drowning It's dark My heart is pounding I'm sinking down Into a pool of passion There's laughter as I drown Like so many lost before me Damned by lust and gone to hell And then I look into your eyes And something melts I shake inside And cool water Washes me all over Washes me away And still I'm drowning

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