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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Worn Copy

Foilly Foibles / GOLD

Original and similar lyrics
The price we paid for our Mistakes today Was more mistakes The price we paid for stealing Gold from they We paid with gold There's still a lot more, never learned My lesson No more mistakes anymore Gold My skin is turning old I don't wanna shake it I'm dressing up I'm dressin' up in Gold Grow old Grow old Grow old Grow old with gold Grow old Grow old Grow old Grow old in gold Grow old Grow old Grow old Grow old Grow old Grow old in gold Grow old Grow old Grow old in gold 2 by 2 times 4 Get on the floor Piss on the poor How much change you lookin' for? Hey! It's a job, it's a natural fact, is it? It's a job, foilly foibles, ooh Change is my friend Foilly foibles I'm it again Foilly foibles Stuck in a ditch, hey Foilly foibles Without a stitch, hey, oh, oh Foilly foibles, oh Lifted again Foilly foibles Stole your friend Foilly The price we paid for wanting Nothing special Was nothing, not even the special The price we paid for eating gold For breakfast Was getting fat and homely Our skin is getting old Ooh Don't wanna shake it, I'm dressing it Up in gold Being friendly only When gold was thrown right at me Booed off the stage but I'm still The one laughing Heh It's a job, it's a natural fact, is it? It's a job, foilly foibles Foilly's my friend Foilly foibles, ooh Do it again, hey Foilly foibles, ooh Do it for free, ho ho Foilly foibles, ooh Lie in the ditch (Denials a bitch) Foilly foibles, ooh What can I get? Foilly foibles, ooh Nothing I can do, afraid Foilly foibles, ooh Afraid, hey! Foilly foibles, ooh Afraid Foilly foibles, hey! Afraid Foilly foibles ...

Gopher Guts

AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts; Poolside; 0 for 1 and don't forget spoons twice Lukewarm folgers; mold on his moonpie Rooms in his home that dissipate into fruit flies Suicide lane wide load ride looting in the wake of an amicable marooning My duty go from moving in packs to sharing food with a cat. [To Moms:] "it's me, I accidentally sawed a woman in half." She said "I'll keep you in my prayers, " I said "I need to hide a body, " she said "ok honey, talk to you on Friday." Apparently we share a common plasma so the growing disconnection doesn't matter. according to the blood-and-water chapter. weird Who wrote the blood-and-water chapter anyway? probably some surly dad; only child, 30 cats. Looking for a way to reconnect with an averted past. Except it doesn't always work like that Today I pulled three baby snakes out of moss and dirt; where the wild strawberry vines toss and turn; I told them "you will grow to be something inventive and electric; you are healthy, you are special, you are present." then I let them go Oh You were sitting at the gate awaiting spirits and provisions I was privy to a headache over pirouetting innards In the mirror sweating pictures; who's there: simian or lizard? As it were there is a disappearing difference In ambition and material; Antiquated gentleman outlaws reduced to a ferris wheel of vitriol Move as a godless heathen; black gums, tooth gone, bootleg 'Yukon Cornelius' I'm a... that's better, here we here we go. disenchanted face printed on a zero-dollar bill Got a little plot of land where authority isn't recognized, contraband keeping the core of his Hyde Jekyll-ized Check! nevermind a misanthrope vying for affection to the wretched sound of mysticism dying It is something he must handle on his own; the wind blown way, wanna win? don't play Today I pulled three green frogs out of leaf and bark where the grape vines climb a convenient barn; I told them "you will grow to be something tenacious and exalted; you are mighty, you are gracious, you are lauded." then I let them go Oh I have been completely unable to maintain any semblance of relationship on any level I have been a bastard to the people who have actively attempted to deliver me from peril I have been acutely undeserving of the ear that listen up and lip that kissed me on the temple I have been accustomed to a stubborn disposition that admits it wish it's history disassembled I have been a hypocrite in sermonizing tolerance while skimming for a ministry to pretzel I have been unfairly resentful of those I wish that acted different when the bidding was essential I have been a terrible communicator prone to isolation over sympathy for devils I have been my own worst enemy since the very genesis of rebels Today I pulled three ghost crabs out of rock and sand, where the low tide showcased a promised land. I told them "you will grow to be something dynamic and impressive; you are patient you are gallant you are festive." Then I let them go Oh (On and on and on and on...)

We Made It

[Intro: Eastbound & Down (Kenny Powers)] The only thing I'm seeing I'd like to put an amend on, perhaps a little more room here for the fixins. You know what I'm talkin' about? Oh, we gon' have a lot of fixins. We gonna have so many fucking fixins up in this motherfucker, this shit gon' go through the roof. Got damn I'm shittin' gold these days [Soulja Boy] We made it We made it [Verse 1: Jay Electronica] The devil, the haters, the bloggers, the papers, the labels, they labeled me But they can't relate to our struggle, my nigga, we came up from slavery Apologies go out to all of my fans cause they waited so patiently This one is for all of the lost and forgotten black angels that prayed for me A milli, a milli, niggas love me cause I'm ill The greatest story ever told, niggas in the field From Solomon to Sambo to Django, it's fact I'm the Farrakhan of rap and I get it from the wheel The son of WD, who hung around in the D Who ran around in the three The trap gods raised me Face all on the Sphinx Story all in the wall of the pyramids Niggas know the Black God saved me You can blow the nose off, that won't change it Obamacare won't heal all that anguish We came a long way from the bottom of the boat All praise to the Mahdi, we found our language Gold necklace, middle finger erected God tribe of Shabazz stylin' on the record Lost sons of Muhammad, wildin' in the wreckage Asha du illah illaha is the message All these niggas, I got to fight one All these devils, I got to strike some All these rebels just waitin' on the war cry Mama said "Son, you got to strike drum" Roc Nation, celebration Motivation, elevation Nigga we made it from slaves on a slaveship Live from the cotton fields, straight to the spaceship [Interlude: Kenny Powers] Kinda makes me wonder why the hell so many people are tryna tell me to slow down. Seems like motherfuckers should be shuttin' the hell up and enjoyin' the show [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Hop off the slave ship Poppin' my chain, and took it to Jacob, I got it gold plated Walked in that bitch like "Nigga we made it!" I own my own masters, you know I ain't missin' no royalty statements I can't be rated, damn Hov stunt on them haters Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk Silly me rappin' 'bout shit that I really bought While these rappers rap about guns they ain't shot And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain't got I'm on my Lupita Nyong'o Stuntin' on stage, got the 12 Years A Slave This Ace of Spades look like an Oscar Black tux, look like a mobster Don't make me RRRRAA yah, nigga watch your tone I come to court with black boxers on Y'all hella jealous of my melatonin I could black out at any given moment I'm God, G is the seventh letter made So when my arms & feet shackled I still get paid All praises due I'm ready to chase the Yakub back into caves These are the last days, but do I seem fazed? Showed up to the last supper in some brand new J's I'm the true and livin', book of Hov New religion, 8th wonder of the world, alien, superstition You're blind, baby Blind to the fact of who you are maybe My bloodline's crazy Kings and queens and Michael Jordan rings I go stupido, sucio The flow is filthy, y'all can't kill me I've been inoculated from the snakes and the fakes The corny handshakes, cock sucker we made it


JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Verse 1: Vinny Paz] Ya'll mother fuckers woke a demon up The bullets splatter through your spleen and guts The whole click duckin they PO, they need to pee in cups We murder shit like everything the Europeans touch I don't even talk to mother fuckers that could lead the trust We on our D and devils only deal with greed and lust Feed an elephant with bear hands and take his lead and tusks Anytime you hear a cop was murdered best believe it's us Jus Allah load the glock put em in norweigen dust I ain't I sucka I was born with hercules in us Strangle snakes, dangle grapes fed by European sluts Ya'll know where to come to when you need the fuckin trees and dust Ayo D [?] I need by [?] these fucks I got the power to devour trees, seas and such I got the power that's the caliber of jesus touch It don't matter the caliber I proceed to rush Vinny on a whole nother algebra than the Greeks could touch [Verse 2: D Maz] Let me tell you lil somthin bout a nigga named Maz Look in his eye you could see the evil if you high You could notice a little nigga that's eager for the sky Behind bars scarred like jesus when he died (when he died) Nigga I was in the hole for a whole 6 months gettin high off the reefer thinkin why I'm with the roachs and rats hopeless and [?] line and line and the hole in the crack Nigga I was in the hole tryin gettin my back, niggas snitchin and Ceo tryed gettin my bag But I don't give a fuck about a snake or a fag a hater id rather see Adolph paid off, laugh This is real life fuck gettin paid off rats And sellin my soul to the devil gettin paid off rappin Mozerade, Maz, Pazienza clap boys [?] back man you still screamin duffle bag boys [Verse 3: Jus Allah] I have lived a century I've tapped into my 6th sensery I am a potential enemy My entire inner chemistry, every inch of me, is divinity Unequivically supremacy I am undesired energy Sends friendly, sends empty Show the prince of peace no clemency Give him an extremety of insensitivity Let his kid and ministry witness his disassembly I just lost sufference, undestructive, unproductive, tussid Not much substance, thuggage Above judgement Unaware of any error of delt Where it counts I'm a fair amount of paramount I am body a monopoly of ungodly The [?] My apology, arrid, insencarity, carity, buried generic it's hilarity

No Time

[Hook x2:] No time for struggle cause we shining today, today Look out the window see me flying away, away [Bridge:] It's a proven fact money make the world go round And a couple sweet words'll make your girl go down On the whole team cause you weren't taking care of business See me in a Bimmer, see you in a Civic, uh [Hook x2] [Verse 1:] When I step up in the party, yes I'm letting my nuts hang Tryna fuck a groupie bitch right on the hood of the Mustang From a place where they bust things, hailing from Flushing Peace to blood stains, Beamer custame On a California king where the thug lay (that's word to me man) The joint longer than Mutombo finger, my features etch Shorty sniffin' lines like a sketch Tell her that I need my slippers fetched I need a wifey tongue longer than Kakey Shoot the gun right when I whistle, plus she never will snake me Do a split on my dick If I'm sick she'll even clean me if I shit in my pants So I'm taking her to France with me [Hook x2] [Verse 2:] Doing math like an Asian student I've been a truant, three language fluent Blueish on the Buick Reddish on the hue of the cheeks on my booby Her body smoking like a dooby The joint rolled like a croissant, mad butter Gold or brown If I end up in the can then who gon' hold me down? Probably no one They like it when you hot, when you not They tell you eat a cock off the springboard I dive into the drop Gold watch, like I just retired No socks in the loafer cause it's tacky At least I'm not up in Pataki's You catch me higher than a Shaq knee See me swerving side to side like Mutombo finger The bundle bringer, guns are subtle Hear them clapping like the end of the huddle I might be big as a bear, but nothing to cuddle Hop in the shuttle, land in Russia, yo [Hook x2] [Bridge] [Hook x2]

If It Ain't Free

AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
Ladies and gentlemen, homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites I am your platter spinnin' poppa, your woofer whopper Your G-mosavé from the mohavé Sellin' weed out the alley of the anti-dope valley Rollin' like a tumbleweed through Pimpville, Pimpafornia I'm the Hungry Hustler, Afro mutha' fuckin' Givin' a shout out to all these parasites (Parasites? You understand me?) These mosquitos (Mosquitos) Mosquite ho's Swarmin' around my water tryin' to suck me dry But money come to hard to give it all to a broad (I know that's right, hell, yeah) We all do stupid things payin' too much for pussy Don't have to be one of em' So fellas, don't get pussy-whoopped (Say what?) Whoop that pussy (While yer bullshuttin' looky here boy) And we ain't talkin' bout all women But if the maxipad fits, go ahead and wear it bitch (Henh do you undersmell me?) (Check this out loco) Babay, you are the woman of my dreams (Yes you go on an do your thang) And I really want to put a woman like you somewhere on my team You have a sense of humor you sexy and you smart (You so intelligent) But when you tried to take my money, honey You broke my fuckin' heart (C'mon 'cuz where you at loco? You broke my fuckin' heart) I said baby, yeah, I need you to step on out my car (Step on out my car don't forget your panties and your bra) 'Cuz now I know exactly what you are (Ladies and gentlemen, fresh off parole the Quarterpiece Quartet) You gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (What you say baby? You need some what? You need some money?) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (You know you fucked up, don't ya? you know you fucked up Don't ya? don't ya?) You's a gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (N-n-no you'd you better not skip this song, you better Not skip this song) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me (I'll be sittin' up there) Baby (Watchin' them male bashers Ricky Lake and Queen Latifah So listen to this shit, biotch) See, I finally figured out why these ho's be hoin' Pussy is the only thing a bitch got goin' It must be Sunday, 'cuz you got no class With the G-string goin' up the crack o'yer ass (Crack o'yer ass) Yo, you didn't speak back when I spoke to you (Spoke to you) Why? Do I look broke to you? You put your head down, baby, then you pass me (Pass me) You hit the dance floor and started dancin' nasty (Nasty) And it's a trip when a stripper start to strip All the home boys feel obligated to tip Baby, even though I love the way you grease your thighs I'm savin' my money for some chile cheese fries Please, don't make me laugh ho Take yo gold diggin' hands off my Afro (Afro) Give you money for dancin'? Come on, boo I wouldn't give it to you, if you let me come on you Ooh, I never found a gold diggin' woman arousin' I'm a stingy black boy from the year two thousand Payin' a broad is preposterous Unless you stick your dick down her esophagus And even if you did that, you still a trick (Still a trick) You need to make the woman pay for your dick (You know) You the one huffin', you the one puffin' She the one layin' there, ain't doin' nuthin' And I bet you ate the pussy hopin' for good luck Nine times outta ten you didn't get your dick sucked Bitch too busy, thinkin' 'bout Takin' all the money out yer bank account So get out my Cadillac, real slow And go back home to your dil-do If you're lookin' for a trick, Miss Gold Digger You need to go talk to a old nigga You gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (All these little undercover prostitutes, 'cuz) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (Get to the house and the bitch stick out her hand and shit) You's a gold diggin' bitch usin' yer pussy tryin' to get rich maybe (You know I ain't tryin' to be too niggerish on the microphone You know what I'm sayin' cuz?) If your pussy ain't free it's not for me, baby (Hey, let's flip it with finesse, for the ladies) (Honey) Man, this girl walked up to me the other day (You can't have my money) I ain't even fuckin' her she want me to jeopardize my life Take her to the wrong neighborhood way across town (Honey) And got mad at me when I asked her for some Money for some gas in my Cadillac (You can't have my money) I told her like this eyea, bitch, I ain't playin' It ain't like you my woman you know what I'm sayin'? Talkin' 'bout a man s'posed to take care of a woman I told her like sugar free, I said now wait a minute baby, hold on (Hold on) That's drama naw, naw, that's some shit you got from your mama Now I ain't fixin' to break nary fingernail goin' oops upside yo head Talkin' 'bout take me shopping I told her like be legit check this shit out, I say, hey man I said hit me when your welfare check is comin' And maybe we can go to the mall, or sumpin' punk bitch (Hey what's Nate Dogg tell them bitches man? Hey let me concentrate and say) 'Cuz I-I-I have never met a girl (Whay you playin' me hey come on y'all) That I love, in the whole wide world (What Ice Cube say, hey check it out, he say) Last night she sucked my dick Now she kissin' Little Man Won't he suck my dick and let's cut out the Middleman, man, man, man, man, man, man, man

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