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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Underground

Ghost Town

Original and similar lyrics
Unh! Ghost town. Hey! get in. I'll take you for a ride I'm livin' in a ghost town [x2] Ahhh! I'm livin' in a ghost town [x2] He has an uncle but.. (I've heard you say it) Ow. Ow. What? What the fuck is that? (It's a ghost!) Ow. Ow. Ow! Hey! Hey! Unh! [Talking:] All is clear. outside the door.. she was.. not interesting but I.. looked beyond, saw her face inside.. outside

Blue Boy

JONI MITCHELL "Ladies Of The Canyon"
Lady called the blue boy, love, She took him home Made himself an idol, yes, So he turned to stone Like a pilgrim she travelled Ta place her flowers Before his granite grace And she prayed aloud for love To waken in his face In his face, oh __________ Sometimes in the evening He would read to her Roll her in his arms And give his seed to her She would wake in the morning Without him And go to the window And look out thru the pain But the statue in her garden He always looked the same He looked the same, ah _________ Bring her boots of leather And she will dance for him Shyly from a feather fan She'll glance for him Here he comes after midnight To find her again He will come a few times more Till he finds a lady statue Standing in a door In her door, oh __________

Are You In That Mood Yet?

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
[Joe Budden] Yo, I don't wanna live no more Sometimes I hear death knockin' at my front door I'm livin everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle Another day another struggle, yo I know it's fucked up what a lack of cake'll do A few people wanna move in and stay wit you You wish you could help 'em all, but you ain't able to Cause the rent's a lil' late plus the cable's due You and your girlfriend are beefin' in a serious way You used to be faithful (NOW) you at a curious stage (for real) Finally got your mind made on going your separate ways WAIT Nah homeboy, her period's late now THINK Your time's runnin out do it quickly (WHY?!) Cause she starts crying, mood's gettin sticky If I don't want it she'll want nuttin to do wit me JUST GET THE ABORTION AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE 250! But if you say that to her than you wrong You ain't think bout that you was gettin your groove on Can't take care of myself nevermind a new born I guess the pussy got too good for too long Seems like my money goes by too easy Why I hate that my job only pays bi-weekly Hoopty done shitted, you spendin more money tryin to fix it Than when you did tryin to get it (C'MON!) Fridge is empty, but I survive the hunger Who the fuck keeps callin from this private number? There's crime on my mind and my nails are dirty The floors are real cold in the jails of Jersey Depression starts talkin and his voice is raspy CAUSE HE AIN'T SHUT THE FUCK UP IN 3 AND A HALF WEEKS! Look, beard is full, hair is nappy These jeans ain't mine so they way too baggy Priorities fucked shit startin to gas me It's like my lil' man's life slipped right past me (talk to em) Startin to trap me His name's Dwayne SO WHY THE FUCK MY SON KEEP CALLIN' HIM DADDY?! Same shit that I feared after all these years I gotta breathe I can't believe my ears Wipin out my eyes I'm damn near in tears But you can't be mad, you know you ain't been there (nah) Grab his moms I throw her against the door But in the back of your mind you know it ain't her fault (nah) I ain't mad at all, I'm just bothered I get honest for real I ain't been the best father like Toys 'R Us, Chuck E Cheese You know a lil' boy grow up wit these needs New Year's or Christmas, even the birthday At least bring the nigga to his school on the first day (OHHHH) I can't believe it, this the same way that I was treated So maybe it's history repeated I know it sounds sick the idea of havin another kid But this one it really feel like it's his (OHHHH) It's the truth and I hate that fact WAIT, shouldn't of said that I take that back Look, I apologize let's rewind this whole story like NaS C4 just erase that track (C'MON!) I don't care if only the track trust me FUCK! what niggaz say only God can judge me FUCK! what niggaz heard or think or even thought Tried to fix my shortcomings I just came up short Ya heard?

Miss Temptation

JAMES OTTO "Days Of Our Lives"
I pick up the phone that's ringin' inside my head It's your old familiar voice drippin' like honey Sayin', "C'mon, c'mon, let's tie one on Your know I can be there in a heartbeat, baby, if you're lonely." I hear you knock at the door Against my will If I know you, you're dressed to kill [Chorus:] Hello there miss temptation Is it my imagination Didn't we have this conversation just the other day Well, i've worked like hell to get this far To drive you out, but here you are And once again we're standin' face to face Miss temptation You talk your way through my door And I'm surrounded by the smell of wine and smoke and perfume One poison kiss from your ruby lips The next thing ya know I'm lyin' on the floor of a spinnin' room I'm not strong enough I'm on my knees I need an act of God to make you leave [Chorus] Miss Temptation, yeah [Chorus] Miss Temptation I pick up the phone that's ringin' inside my head It's your old familiar voice Miss Temptation

Ghost-Town Of My Brain

JIM WHITE "No Such Place"
I like to go out walking in the ghost-town of my brain. Kick the rusted scrap-iron of my memories and dreams. Yeah, here's a busted compass...look, the needle's standing still. Much as some folks hate to lose their way, me, I pray to God that I will. I got a confession; I never ever had no appetite for pain. So it's a mystery to me why I like walking in the ghost-town...ghost-town of my brain. I'm on a coal train headed south, guess we're bound for Birmingham. Thick as thieves with a black girl twice as messed-up as I am. The smile upon her face betrays the sorrow in her heart. Like the testimony of a fun house mirror that some fool broke apart. Girl listen here; you're just a leaf caught in God's secret hurricane. And on this cold and dark wild midnight you are dancing in the ghost-town...ghost-town of my brain. Feel them magnets in the shadows? Hear the voice of tranger virtue? Take no comforts with them specters 'cause you know that they can hurt you. Sweet mother load of secrets, feed my wild and endless hunger. Seek the misty trail beyond the veil where the world gets torn asunder. Gimme needles in the haystacks, Lord and riddles in the rain... 'cause I like to go out walking in the ghost-town...ghost-town of my brain.

Squeeze 1st

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
Uh, yeah, mmmm William H. niggas Holla, yeah, yo HOOK: That's why I, squeeze first ask quesions last That's how most of these so called gangstas pass I, squeeze first ask questions last Cuz when I pull up, always pop, that's why I'm livin today [JIGGA] Yo, when I meet ya, I heat ya down When I greet ya, meet ya with pound Not the handshake, but the kind that make ya demand a wake The kind that put land over your face I pop ya, let doctors stitch ya I-N-F-R-A, will not miss ya I move light, like my shoes too tight Leave niggas confused from the day to the night At night, see the light, when the pistol's sparkin Daytime it gets dark when that pistol barkin I keep cash 'case cops arrest me 'case kids kidnap me, kids could get back me You shall repent 'fore you spend a red cent If not, you somebody up close to sin Thou shalt not fuck with raw me, or he Face a thousand deaths from Mr. Shawn Correy Carter, rap harder like I'm part of a cult Like Cuban cigar maker 'cept I'm hard to smoke And y'all choke motherfuckers HOOK [JIGGA] I said thou shalt not fuck with raw me, or he Face a thousand deaths from Mr. Shawn Correy Carter, rap harder like I'm part of a cult Like Cuban cigar maker 'cept I'm hard to smoke Thou shalt not fuck with raw me, or he Face a thousand deaths from Mr. Shawn Correy Carter, rap harder like I'm part of a cult Like Cuban cigar maker 'cept I'm hard to smoke And y'all choke niggas HOOK [JIGGA] Y'all don't understand I said thou shalt not fuck with raw me, or he Face a thousand deaths from Mr. Shawn Correy Carter, rap harder like I'm part of a cult Like Cuban cigar maker 'cept I'm hard to smoke Y'all choke niggas HOOK [JIGGA] See when I'm low in digits, I push blow in a blizzard I'm a player for real, I post and pivot Coke distribute, be where the ghostes visit Where the demons live, shit my scene is vivid Squeamish kids, y'all get the fuck outta this verse It's about to get so obscene in a minute I seen and live it, I did some things I admit it Wasn't proud of it, but I was a child fuck it Kept a pow tucked in a brown belt Couldn't sit down, big gun kept stickin my pelvis Shit it was either that or be livin wit Elvis Niggas is jealous, hell is hot, you heard X Wanted to tell God that I don't deserve this Was afraid that he'd tell me I deserve less My life was nervous, you haven't heard stress Til you heard the cries of my mama, me givin her drama Told her I aint promised tomorrow, gotta live for the day And before she could say Jay... I was out the door, pouch full of raw, a outlaw mentality Men gotta do men things for men salary Bad Boy, not Puff or Mike Lowery, damn B.I.G. woulda been proud of me Ahh shit man... Young Hova ya heard? Who could fuck wit him?

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