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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Scared Famous

Scared Famous

Original and similar lyrics
Well, little baby I'm a little bit shy But once you know me It'll be all right We can go on a date Take you on a scary trip To Firecrack...! Too many nights all alone at home Me and the TV playing telephone By the time my answer gets through You tell me Jeopardy won't gimme the clue My sense tell me "Go on, Get on with the race" My senses tell me "Just go on, And tell them you won" The Grammy, the Oscar, The world [x2] And you and I, we should go inside Look at cards and commit suicide TV won't tell me the news Me and my fucking shit Break out your noose! My senses tell me "Go on, Get on with the race" My senses tell me "Just go on, And tell them you won" The Grammy, the Oscar The world The Grammy, the Oscar Oh no! December 1st, 1921 Me and your mama Started having fun And why didn't she Come out of you? Like a.. bitch She took a.. screw! My senses tell me "Go on, Get on with the race" My senses tell me "Just go on, You know that you've won" Don't worry The Grammy, the Oscar The world The Grammy, the Oscar A lover! My senses tell me "Just go on, And tell them you've won" My senses tell me "Go on"


[Intro: Action Bronson] [Coughing] Smoking fucking thanksgiving turkey bags man Surgical procedures Ben Johnson You already know [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Sign my name with the feather, tap dance under the full moon Smoke and drinking liquor for the fam that left us too soon Just keep it truckin', searching all the nooks and crannies No english muffin, streets are filled with crooks and trannies Bam bam got a shooter like Lagassee Emerald green paper that I split up with my posse One hand driving, 3 gram smoking 2 fiend sucking, tea bag soaking Strength of a retard the drugs are even stronger Shorty loved the longitude, dealer bring a quarter through Over fishing make the snapper less affordable I hate when stupid bitches ask me questions that rhetorical Like "do you want to have sex? ", well bitch, it's obvious Her name was Yenta from the former Yugoslavia She grew a bush like a baby plant Still I ate, just think of it as bucatini razor clams Smuggle cheeses in a baby bag And then I serve at a private tasting I got no time for wasting Just dick is placed in the slit no type of conversation And prime rib from LaFrieda carved at the babababa Fuck, fucked my last word up cause I don't give a shit man I meant to say prime rib carved at the fucking carving station but yo [Verse 2: Action Bronson] Yo my mind is locked up, my conscious rocked up In an alley with a fiend getting his cocked sucked Plus she wearing a wedding dress a special day She said she finally met a... Fuck Yo my mind is locked up, my conscious rocked up In an alley with a fiend getting his cocked sucked And she wearing a wedding dress a special day She said she finally met a man to take her breath away Well naturally I'm jealous, because I'm lonely At times my only friends are drugs and the cannoli My dad was right I shoulda listened when he told me A walking contradiction wounds inflicted on me solely Pain within running deeper than the ocean floor Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh yo Pain within running deeper than the ocean floor Ocean avenue, the family straight from Kosovo That was years ago mum look how your son has bloomed I hum a tune and then I'm hotter than the sun in june And I'm just living my life but feel I'm drifting Demons on the doorstep, lungs that feel constricted Or maybe I should see a shrink and get prescripted Or take the hand of God but shit I think I'll keep my distance I think I'm frightened and I didn't even know it But yo, that was a thought and I'm subconsciously a poet This shit is perfect timing and I hope that I don't blow it I pop the bottle of the moet you hears from me [Unknown rapper shout outs] [Verse 3: Action Bronson] Late night I'm trying to stay out of the orez skips? Great white sharks, the 38 with tarnished tips 27 years I never met an honest bitch Slice their face like Katana and shit Through my nasal blow the smoke Basil on the boat Hookers on the half shell, hundred dollar pants Wind breaker jacket flapping like a falcon from a westward wind Play the kitchen like a mexican, next of kin Patrick Swayze... We out!

WTF Collective

JON LAJOIE "I Kill People"
[MC Confusing] Other rappers are comprehensible – not me! First on the mic – MC Confusing! I took a piss on my nutsack and called it Jack Black It’s a fact, I got more rhymes then Zach Braff taking a nap I attack motherfuckers wearing purple backpacks And I snack on towel racks and take a shit on your track Yeah your whack, cause everybody understands what you say But when I get on the mic, I make milk outta clay And I play air guitar with a tube of toothpaste And I say karate pencil case and put it on tape [MC Insecure] Yo I’m MC Insecure – what’s up? I really don’t think that I’m good enough To be rhyming on this track cause my lyrics suck All my verses fall flat like a hockey puck It took me seven months to write the first part of my verse And now I got nothing left so I’ll pretend that I got hurt Aw, I think I sprained my ankle You guys go ahead and finish the song without me [MC Amnesia] Yo MC Amnesia up in this bitch Woke up five days ago lying in the ditch Didn’t know who I was I couldn’t remember shit Apparently something happened that was traumatic I used to have more rhymes but I can’t remember them Seriously I’m freaking out I can’t remember anything! Whats my motherfucking name? (Seriously does anyone know what my name is?) [MC Public Urination] Yo I’m MC Public Urination – what – what! I take a fucking piss on a fucking sidewalk Anytime, anyplace, I just whip out my cock And empty my bladder while you motherfuckers watch! You other MCs can’t handle this shit! You’re just a little bitch afraid to pee in public You run into a toilet every time you have to piss Yo fuck that shit – I just whip out my dick! [MC Fatigue] Yo MC Fatigue – yeah that’s me Every time I grab the mic I fucking fall asleep [Chorus — Chorus Guy] I’m the guy who sings the chorus (It breaks up the song) My part is kinda boring (I wish that I could go home) But they’re paying me to sing the chorus (And I really need the cash) Cause I’m unemployed at the moment (Just moved back in with my dad) [MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is] Yo I’m MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is Walked up to a girl and I gave her a kiss She said “Let’s go to your place, I’ll suck your dick” I said “Hell yeah bitch, that’s so ironic” [MC Gets Side–Tracked Easily] Yo I’m MC Gets Side–Tracked Easily My rhymes are badass like Gandolfini You know he’s known for the Sopranos but he’s also in movies Like Get Shorty and Terminal Velocity Which I didn’t really like cause I don’t like Charlie Sheen Well I guess in Hot Shots, he was kinda funny But I prefer Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun You know who else was in that movie? O.J. Simpson Which is kinda weird, knowing what he did after that Wait, what was I saying? I think I got side–tracked. [MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3] Yo I’m MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3 I really like those movies but the 4th disappointed me Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Joe Pesci Why did they have to make a 4th? They had a perfect trilogy! [MC Lethal Weapon 4] MC Lethal Weapon 4 that’s me I disagree with MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3 Although I agree that it is a groundbreaking trilogy The 4th was also good they added Chris Rock and Jet Li! [MC Shit My Pants Frequently] Yo I’m MC Shit My Pants Frequently It usually happens when I’m walking down the street Or when I’m hanging out with some fly ass hoes There we go! Thank god I brought a change of clothes! [MC Final Verse] Yo I’m the MC with the final verse I’m supposed to sum up everything you heard But mutherfuckers I don’t really have the time So fuck that and come back to the Chorus Guy [Chorus — Chorus Guy] I’m still singing the chorus (Thank god we’re almost done) I hate singing the chorus (Such a boring fucking job) I’m gonna take my 40 bucks (That’s what their paying me) And I’m gonna go get really drunk (Masturbate then go to sleep)

Money On Tha Couch

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
[First Verse:] I went through with the plan, now the man sendin' me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No joke, built my Mama an estate in the Bahamas, Crops of marijuana protected by Big Timers, Hand, full of ice, it's gangsta's paradise, Expensive merchandise, I had to sacrifice for the glamourous life, Don P. for breakfast, Benz, stretches, and Lexus, Distribution of coke from Louisiana to Texas, Some fabricated, but fascinated by the way that I made it, Now my name is implicated with the greatest Wearin' the latest, leather fatigues and B.B.H., Brand new Mercedes, parked in front of my new estate, Twelve o' clock we gave him, caviar, is what we ate, Party with killas, paraphrenalia full of projects, Dope snorters or prospects, the rob your shop necks, But I gets pissed and send hits, don't fuck with my shit Wig split, the heel, whoever he roll with, Admit it, you did it, tongue too tied? Well say somethin' Nine's bustin', bringin' your platoon to destruction, Continue to hustlin', givin' up nothin' where the dope at? Crackers can get the Bauds at, because I'm pro Black, Think I'm a foreigner, he wasn't holdin' up his side of his deal, Alien gotta be killed, sent to the coroner, I'm sure he would have gone before the judge With somethin' concrete, to send me, cuz He was holdin' a grudge, fuckin' over a thug, Told my bitch I want him dead, Bring me his head, fill him with lead, Heard what I said? Don't betray me, I'll put you on the streets and make you weak, With carrots and stones up on fingers and your teeth, And built you a home next to the beach, And luxury cars we creep Here's the nine, I don't have time, make it discreet [Chorus:] Money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch shut'cha mouth, nigga [Second Verse:] I know that my cousin Lil' Kerzaw, He sold up outta his backyard, And sold up shit, from the seventeen all the way up to the Ninth Ward, You know he rolls up in the caddy, It's about that time to go roasts and vogue, I'ma go on the passenger side, fuckin' with every last hoe, Nigga Russ was up in that car shop, Ready to get all the seats fixed, Let me go scope me a kneefit, so I can go out to the Freaknik, Shit, I'm the lyrical genius, Drop down on your knees to the penis, The nigga be talkin' the shit about my family, but I never did seen it I'm larger than large, if you came home with two heroin charges, And I still got somethin' stashed in the garages, Y'all is petty, it's gone take two to fill my stamina, When I pass the camera, flash, fuck the amateurs, Ya better be top notch, or I'ma cock my rhyme glock, To wound ya, and paint your death with my autograph on your tumor, [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm straight from the ghetto, the Mac they make the foes shake, Then I left that spot and I went to the T, where the triflin' hoes play, They comin' to me and, they blowin' that funky fire, I'm grabbin' a beer and, them blunts be gettin' me higher, Due to my clique I walked to the front door, Hope it ain't them po-po's, I looked through the blinds, it went through my mind, "What I have to run for?", Nobody would want to test me, Especially comin' to arrest me, Old body and soul, it's a must I leave you cold, Keep it chilly chilly, when I'm jigglin' jigglin' money, Some niggas say okay, but you can say no way, I'm drinkin' for honey, If I wouldn't be kickin' these rhymes so funky, You and your crew would never have bought my shit like junkies, A part of a "ki" is all that I need, To get on my feet, up outta the weed, The capital "C", I do it for weed, and even a "G" for slangin' them kis, I'm puttin' in it your face, Juvenile lookin' for a bitch now, Don't have no time for no foreplay, I'm simply gonna lay this dick down Niggas be comin' with dope lines, Gimme the chance I'ma flow mine, I'm tearin' this bitch up in no time, No fuckin' ya up cuz you know I'm, Funky like a club that's filled up with fat men fartin', And never a bad thought in my mind, cuz I'm steadily plottin' [Chorus]

Not Enough Words

Statik Selektah Playing through the broken ankles, man Never sit down, cause I'mma stand up Book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with all the shit That I'm living every day, in the mirror saying why me? Hide my eyes cause I'm sickened with the image Of using marijuana, sipping vintage for the time being My skills set is very serious, in fact Spit a wild rap, carve a steak right off the cow's back Throw it on the grill, I'm cooking in the stew Same shit that's on the grill gave me leather for the boot If they make me take the stand then I'm lying through my teeth though Ask to swear to God but in that I don't believe though My man Stevie Mo playing safety for Toledo Hustle 'til my fingers staying cheesy like a cheeto Shorty on the bed pleasuring my pee pee Smart crew TCN, lyrical graffiti Drug roll precise, like a hooker with the dice Butcher with the knife, you get tooken for your life So much to say it's so little time and shitty Killer Queens the borough, New York be the city Coming crazy out your mouth will get your split up like a philly Running through the maze like I'm Willie, you gotta feel me [Hook:] I’m moving forward cause nothing's gonna be the same Eyes blurry from the smoke, I can't see the lane Swerving heavy, bottle in my lap I'm looking for a problem so I'm modeling the gat Somebody save me, cause I don't wanna go to jail I'd rather be up in the mansion for the polo sale But I'm here, stuck inside my thoughts I'm tryna have a bag of money stuffed inside my shorts My life is like a movie, Blizzard with the shottie Hookah house on Roosie chilling in the lobby Yes I'm living gnarly, the 40 ounce of Barley Open up cigars and fill 'em with a bunch of Marley Double cut porterhouse straight from Luger's Ruger for intruders hand to hand made by the duelers Ginger ale in Knicks glasses, your style is piss mothafucka Time to flip the mattress, kick it swift as Cassius My mind is stronger than Mariusz Pudzianows Obvious to see I'm a star straight off the couch You rapping with a blouse, you get slapped up side the mouth By the Zangief look-a-like, Bronson always cooking right Spray the vinegar to tighten up a yummy Smoking got me squinting like the sky is high and sunny Attachment on the nozzle make the iron fire funny Never stop until my body diving in a pile of money [Hook] I'm already smoking like a gunshot You know the fuzzy light green, call it Dunlop, flow nun's twat Many hours, one man standing, one spot From the morning to the mothafuckin' sun drop Cause I'm one with the Earth, eyes red Mothafucka I've been blunted since birth, age 9 Mom dukes kept the gun in the purse, next to the hair spray Fuck tomorrow, money coming in the fast way [Hook]

Did She Say (Remix)

JAGGED EDGE "Jagged Little Thrill"
(feat. Lil' Bow Wow, JD, & Da Brat) (Oh shit!) So So to the Def, JE, Bow Wow Six in the mornin', mom's at my door Airport's all wired, cause the kid should flow Got an interview to do I ain't tryin' to be late But I can't leave the house Without my Funk Flex tape You know me AKA little cold crush Keep it hoppin' like a 6-4 juiced up Keep it poppin' from The Tunnel to the plush So So Def, yeah that's us [JE] Tell me how can you Believe everything you hear She ain't telling you Cause she really wants to be here with me And she would do anything to get with me So please, don't believe a thing that she says to you Did she say that she, that she be calling me baby When she told you I was no good And how all the time she tried to give it to me Did she say that she wanted me Did she say Ain't the first time that she stabbed you in your back Open up your eyes and see A real friend wouldn't do that Cause you need to sit her down and let her know You can't mess up a good thing so go I just wanna know one thing, baby did she say She said I want your man Making all sorts of plans Trying to get me away from you And as soon as you're gone She's tryin' to get it on Baby don't you listen to what she say [JD (Brat)] We don't stop (For what) Yo uh Now when my pager go... Who you think that is My bitch, no your bitch see She like you, but she in love with me And how I go back and forth with da [Da Brat] B-R-A-T, when the two way vibrate It's your nigga that's tryna come up on a hot date To get next to Chante Face it, he only fucked you cause he was wasted And now he want a replacement [JD] Basically your listening to the hottest fam Since the Jackson 5 We don't run outside, we hit the middle with the dive Playa ice and the tweny inches on the ride Playa when you see me [Da Brat (JD)] You see me, same thing, same way Radio, TV, up in your face It's us that digustingly bust and come up (With our head out the window screaming) We don't give a fuck (Meet us dead in the bed) Till the shit blow up [Funkmaster Flex] Yeah shout to Big Kap, Alcatraz Cipher Sounds, Johnny Walker Ray DJ Keori, Mister Cee DJ Scratch and DJ Twinz

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