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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Pom Pom

Nude Beach A G-Go

Original and similar lyrics
Skin game overload [x4] Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go You can do anything at Nude beach a go-go Fram-a-lama ding dong Surfer Billy bing bong Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go You can tag along If you're young and strong Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go All the kids will be attractive All the parents don't like the action But when we jingle jingle jingle jangle Everybody does the bingle bangle (Ow!) Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Don't you don't you know know Suntan in the snow snow Everybody goes where the roses bloom Come and enjoy the living rooms By the lifeguard station by the coral reef That's where all the nude kids cut their teeth There's no clothes to wear And no bow ties never aired And chiffon and silk and wool and cotton They are all forgotten Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go All the kids Everybody Everybody Nude beach a go-go Nude beach a go-go Don't you don't you know know Suntan in the snow snow Everybody goes where the roses bloom Come and enjoy the living rooms By the lifeguard station by the coral reef That's where all the nude kids cut their teeth There's no clothes to wear And no bow ties never aired And chiffon and silk and wool and cotton They are all forgotten At nude beach ago-go Ah

Beach House On The Moon

JIMMY BUFFETT "Beach House On The Moon"
Cameron's getting logical, A Vulcan in disguise, The mysteries of the night are Putting sparkles in his eyes. He's looking for sound reasoning, But the best that I can do, Is this transcendental story, That I'll pass along to you. Past the falls they call Victoria, Down the river named the Nile, Drifts a tiny little handmade boat, It's shaped just like a smile. And steered by a magician, With the knowledge that he needs, To keep him on his destined course, Past the crocodiles and reeds. He's the Admiral of the ocean, The Lone Eagle in the sky, He gave me my first sextant, And he taught me how to fly. It's been quite a lengthy passage, From the dawn of time till now, He has weathered the infernal storms In his trusty petite dow. He has soared about colossal waves, Sailed the endless sea. Sometimes he resembles you, Sometimes he looks like me. I saw him through my telescope, On a cloudless night in June, As he rested between voyages At his beach house on the moon. There are windows to the galaxies And hallways to the past. There are trapdoors to the future And a splintered ancient mast. There are relics from Apollo trips, When the earthmen came to play, And a hammock from a distant star, Out in the Milky Way. He's the Admiral of the ocean The Lone Eagle in the sky. He game me my first sextant And he taught me how to fly. I saw him through my telescope On a cloudless night in June As he rested between voyages At his beach house on the moon. A stripped bass breaks the surface As the sunset fades away And our journey from the Sea of Storms Takes us home beside the bay. We go fishing in the ocean We go traveling back in time Like the song says 'teach your children' To go fishing with their minds. Cameron's contemplating I'm not sure just what he thinks 'Is my dad some kind of lunatic With his stories and high hi-jinks'. Then he says when I get old and gray And feel like I'm marooned, He will take me in his rocket ship To that beach house on the moon.

The Don's Cheek

[Verse 1:] Catch me on Venice Beach working on my base, no blonde streak Swimming trunk, 30K in arm's reach I'm on the boat, in the water like a swan's feet To show respect you kiss both sides of the Don's cheek 360 on the Seadoo in a tux Call my homie, tell him meet me down in Lido Beach for lunch Placido Polanco Crib, his bitch was black She started purring, I kissed the cat Aristocrat, wrist dancing like a disco bass In the holster, same shit color as Sisqo's hair 635 slam like a suplex Cheat off a Chinese kid just like a school test I'm on the hunt for loot, jump out the chunky coupe Hold on, wait till it thunder, here's the gun to shoot Beige leather to the calf, where my math at? You gonna babysit my joint? Then pussy pass that [Hook:] I'm getting paper regardless, I'm never facing no charges I got your honor under the armpit The gavel slam and I walk Hammer dances on the porch, downtown gallivanting with a horse Two different drugs to choose, I need the third thing Oriental style shirt Flapping in the wind like a bird's wing I need that good green, ugh, motherfucker need that good green [Verse 2:] I got the face like a grown lion, my people hold iron Predict the weather by the wind like an old Mayan Hold my son up, show him to the kingdom While all his blood brothers became drug runners in England Made in Queens, Handball courts and 40s Shorties smoking blunts, spades in the corner We moving white like David Spade in the sauna All the money chronological, it look like callaloo Provide the crew designer suits, exotic food Erotic nude and polished shoes, impala smooth Roll up, looking like Sinbad with the earring Lightskin sucking my penis while I'm steering I'm pro [Hook]

Live On 89.9FM Nighttrain

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[DJ chatter] [Aesop Rock:] Check it, in a box marked "divinity", I trap the trinity of honor, evolution, and serenity. Pulled the reign into me, Sorta? type hype oddities of style, lost child prodigy intrigued, fatigued by a suit and tie spy claiming post-Bonham? peacemakers with the worlds ends calibrated in their briefcases Case em when the sun bursts... and the populace awaited my reply: I spit a billion tiny, brilliant white lights into the sky. When your last murmurs fade like colors in graff burners, soon to be flustered and clustered in with comrade trash hurlers. Color me a sideline observer, alerted not yet retreating and the climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing. Penny for your reasoning, Doug, which luckily I ain't as blessed to hold your attendance so I could slide my guided tenants on the one. That drop in the bucket boogie begun, brick in the wall installments draw a fallen performance. Fifth element, critical endurance kingpin allow only the murkiest swamp bot to slip beneath the skin, this is Aesop recording til your TDK stops[?] watch laboratory clone demotions dodge on natural hate crops. With the bearers of the reptile smile again and again, blendin' a friend with a fiend lendin' a bended dream, keen, cold, the straight soul drenched, temper fuckin, back boogie, I'm a settler, kids wanna know the Aesop Rock... the off the top, prototype, straight Robocop. If you're Quasimoto, and you're slomo to stop ya rock bells, I block spells casted. If you wanna straight flacid pass me towards... you what? Kids wanna jet? 'Tis I, the 6 foot 4 space cadet all up in you, kids wanna bend you back so who's the next kid to rock upon the track? [other rapper begins, cuts out] [another rapper finishes, DJ] [Aesop Rock:] [from Wake Up Call] Tell me is you fat cats or lab rats? Trails tell my steppin' got em sweatin' flashbacks. I played a part of minesweeper clunkin' sneakers in my sunken city defunked and apparently examinin' famine. I'ma follow the strobe while your blind spot swallows the globe. Sink through the track and think back. When I was a boy, I employed styles exhausted by every lost child. At present, normally I drill pillars of normalcy. You're all cordially invited to accompany me in rotations at the tables to label the opposition as I choose. Refused to evolve with the cold. Rapidly dissolve my involvement in a solvent of soul and rolled back. My brain tripped the beta, waits, trap for the slaughter like livestock infected with anthrax. When my Compaq of clan snaps to lapse was the mandatory maze, where the bluest ribbons yield the glory days, I reside up on the opposite circuit in glorious dazes where glorious hazes are grey, spun through my array of operations slave to idiot box revelations that wrap tightly in a practice with my colleagues and slackers... straight 20,000 league mappers. And the swelling increases... Once the mortar hit the pestle, your whole vessel fell to pieces... And I laughed! I laughed for me and my starving art family. I laughed candidly, your failures ampin' me to vamp fresh. My mic stabs white flags and drags trembling, Devil skin-wearers through the terrors of compliance. When the day turns night, seƱoritas suck the woody like termites And wonder how they got labeled dick-hungry damsels in distress. The all new and improved, poetically portable Aesop Rock! Available in stores with my highly suggested parental discretion, and 99 brilliant new dimensions, bust it... [studio chatter] [Aesop Rock:] [from Shere Kahn] Bust this, I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched! Gridled between dense pillars of polar value lies a grey so blueless it's got I fiendin for the sky. Synthesized lies rise synthetic Sittin' inside solidified plastics who's lateral burns germ compatible... My firm's radically piloted, dodging a fire swiftly Yellow brick stalker walking shifty... I am but a prototype Metroid programmed to Holocaust style while you're soakin' in the stages of denial. Your petty soldiers stand fragile like Giacometti sculptures, embedded in aromatic cultures. We's rock steady vultures Plus I's the guise of rowin' a soul. My wingspan stands flags in the snow of the poles. Berserk! Swerve my alignment towards solitary confinement and jade it. Stripping, color my passion mitigated... [shoutouts all around]

After Ever After 2

If you've ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies Here's what happened after all their dreams came true [Mulan (I'll Make a Man Out of You):] (Be a, be a man) After saving China I went home alone I was feeling conflicts in my lower zone I've been dressing like a guy for months Now I'm losing all control I think I am a guy in my soul (be a, be a man) I wanna be a man [Soldier 1:] I've never seen a guy so hot [Mulan:] Time to reinvent the new me [Soldier 2:] Every time he speaks it makes me want to sing (I'm so confused) [Soldier 1:] Be quiet, or we'll get caught [Soldier 3:] Maybe one day he'll screw me [Mulan:] Now I really get why my nickname is Ping I've gotta be a man I've got the brains and the bite of females Plus the brute and the brawn of dudes I know I'm ready for transformation It's time to replace all these useless tubes (Good for you) [Cinderella (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes):] The prince was absolutely the only single wish my heart made Guess my wish came true But we never really talked much Before he discovered my shoe The night after we got married I recounted all of my plights Of how I fit inside a pumpkin My canines turned to coachmen Prince threw me in Bedlam that night The white jackets say I'm nutty (she's nutty as a bat) Cause my clothes are sewn by rats (put some meds in her food) But their pills turn my brain to putty (hey, GOT HER) Now Lucifer's not just my cat (I AM SATAN) Their insulin puts me under Shock therapy's made me insane And after years of steady frying The doctors gave up trying They stuck 2 steel rods in my brain [Tiana (Dig a Little Deeper):] I spent a bloomin lifetime To open my cafe Then I took a dive in 2005 Now it's washed away (it's all washed away) I was picked up by a chopper After four nights on my roof Now my new home is the Astrodome Cause New Orleans ain't Katrina proof Ya better carry 'round a shotgun Or looters take your kids (Hide your kids!) Ya better pee inside of jam jars (ew) Be sure to keep those lids Now, no We needed Noah but we got Bush Our "savior" flew away and hid Rough seas and levees, Rough seas and levees, Rough seas and levees, I'm dead [Elsa (Let It Go):] There is no snow on the mountain tonight Just sulfur in the air A kingdom of greenhouse gases Only Bill Nye seems to care My town is melting, breaking off into the sea It's time I show the strength of an evil queen (of an evil queen) With Germany and Putin, too I'll free the penguins and throw you in a zoo We're going green by spilling red And if you're not dead [Elsa (Do You Want To Build A Snowman):] I built a hoard of evil snowmen They're gonna take over the world Let it snow, let it snow Now Fox News will need heat lamps Let it snow, let it snow I hope you concentrate in camp (Heil Elsa) We don't care who we have to slay Let my troops march on (the troops march on) The cold's coming back and it's here to stay [Tiana:] I sunk like a brick [Cinderella:] Prince thinks I'm sick [Elsa:] Ice is melting quick [Mulan:] Now I have a... lot of self esteem Wah wah wah waaaahhh

We Can't Make It Here

JAMES MCMURTRY "Childish Things"
Vietnam Vet with a cardboard sign Sitting there by the left turn line Flag on the wheelchair flapping in the breeze One leg missing, both hands free No one's paying much mind to him The V.A. budget's stretched so thin And there's more comin' home from the Mideast war We can't make it here anymore That big ol' building was the textile mill It fed our kids and it paid our bills But they turned us out and they closed the doors We can't make it here anymore See all those pallets piled up on the loading dock They're just gonna set there till they rot 'Cause there's nothing to ship, nothing to pack Just busted concrete and rusted tracks Empty storefronts around the square There's a needle in the gutter and glass everywhere You don't come down here 'less you're looking to score We can't make it here anymore The bar's still open but man it's slow The tip jar's light and the register's low The bartender don't have much to say The regular crowd gets thinner each day Some have maxed out all their credit cards Some are working two jobs and living in cars Minimum wage won't pay for a roof, won't pay for a drink If you gotta have proof just try it yourself Mr. CEO See how far 5.15 an hour will go Take a part time job at one of your stores Bet you can't make it here anymore High school girl with a bourgeois dream Just like the pictures in the magazine She found on the floor of the laundromat A woman with kids can forget all that If she comes up pregnant what'll she do Forget the career, forget about school Can she live on faith? live on hope? High on Jesus or hooked on dope When it's way too late to just say no You can't make it here anymore Now I'm stocking shirts in the Wal-Mart store Just like the ones we made before 'Cept this one came from Singapore I guess we can't make it here anymore Should I hate a people for the shade of their skin Or the shape of their eyes or the shape I'm in Should I hate 'em for having our jobs today No I hate the men sent the jobs away I can see them all now, they haunt my dreams All lily white and squeaky clean They've never known want, they'll never know need Their shit don't stink and their kids won't bleed Their kids won't bleed in the damn little war And we can't make it here anymore Will work for food Will die for oil Will kill for power and to us the spoils The billionaires get to pay less tax The working poor get to fall through the cracks Let 'em eat jellybeans let 'em eat cake Let 'em eat shit, whatever it takes They can join the Air Force, or join the Corps If they can't make it here anymore And that's how it is That's what we got If the president wants to admit it or not You can read it in the paper Read it on the wall Hear it on the wind If you're listening at all Get out of that limo Look us in the eye Call us on the cell phone Tell us all why In Dayton, Ohio Or Portland, Maine Or a cotton gin out on the great high plains That's done closed down along with the school And the hospital and the swimming pool Dust devils dance in the noonday heat There's rats in the alley And trash in the street Gang graffiti on a boxcar door We can't make it here anymore

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