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ARIEL PINK lyrics - Lover Boy

Didn't It Click?

Original and similar lyrics
Didn't it click? Was it a sick trip? What a trick? Well the trick? Was a sick trick? What a click pick? What a click? What a click? What a trick? What a click-click? Am I sick? Am I sick? Can I trip when I trip-trip When I click-click, when I click? - Everybody introducing those nice kids and how we play [?] everybody! Do the tricks work those dates? It's everyone go in to help the vacant tent begins at 7:30 yesterday Didn't it click? Was it a trick-trick? But a trick Was it a blimp? But a click-click for a trick-trick Maybe I'm sick, was it a trick-trick? Trick You really done it, was it sick-sick or a trick? - Ladies and gentlemen, the master of ceremonies, Ariel Pink! - Thank you, thank you Didn't it click? Was it a trick-trick? What a click? Was it a trick? Was it a trick? And it went click Click, am I sick when I click? - One more time everybody, the master of ceremonies, Ariel Pink, everybody! Billy Thompson is running away, everybody! He's somewhere on the porch and he's gone, gone, gone Didn't it click? Was it a trick trick? What a trick? Why did it click? It was a trick-trick on a pick-pick But I trick, am I sick-sick? Am I sick? Gonna flip 'cause I'm drip, gonna flip-flip, gonna flip Gonna trick 'cause you trick but I trick-trick when I flip Flip when I flip, when I trick-trick, when I trick-trick When I trick-trick, when I trick, was it a click? Safe from my click, am I click-click? Am I click-click? Am I sick-sick? Am I sick? Am I sick-sick? Am I sick-sick? Am I sick-sick?


AMANDA PALMER "Theatre Is Evil"
I have been pro-vanity since i was 10 I put your altars in an eye shadow den In the bag I didn't drop, there were no cherry lollipops But cherry lips, smack her, I sawed her off Marry many picked a pepper on and Cameras are rolling back and forth on the rocks And I'm sick of your smile And I'm sick of your face And I'm sick of your meaningless blather And I'm sick of your hair, and I wish it weren't there It's a awfully delicate matter There is no place I would rather be killed Than in my own backyard on my own propane grill In the lie I didn't stop a little candy-coated boy was caught And I felt bad as I ripped him off Many prizes can reward a child for good behavior But you should be wary of those that involve love And I'm sick when I breathe And I wish you would leave At the very least, quit the contractions It's not wrong, I mean, Christ, but I don't think it's right To just slice for a piece of the action Oh, what a wonderful party Oh, what a comfortable home Oh, what a wonderful body So what's in the bottle, what's in the bottle? (It is so comfortable) I have been pro-vanity since I could know No one will ever care to see what I don't show In the room I kept her locked she grew up talking just like me I thought she would be different and withstand the shock Imitating what she knew she consequently grew Into a pair of M40s and seventh-hand shoes And I'm sick of myself And I wish you could help Have a shot with me, pull up a ladder Oh, it sounds like that spirit we haven't been hearing Since 1916 when the dada came dearing And maybe you'd be happy To be pro-vanity

The Nights Gonna Trick Me Again

JAMIE SCOTT "My Hurricane"
Oh the nights gonna trick me again I woke up believing you were here, my friend Yes the nights gonna kill my soul Cause only in the night we get to grow old And all my life I was searching To find you my love and we were learnin But just up the hill the road was turnin And I never saw you again And tonight's gonna trick me the same I wake up believing you were here again Yes the nights gonna tear my soul Cause only in the night we get to grow old Sometimes it's so real I call your name You're in my arms and you look just the same The devil is playing a pretty rough game Guess the nights gonna trick me again And on every corner Ill be waiting For you to trip and fall on me baby Like you did the first time you saved me Now all your love was dawn is breaking And everyone's trying to write me things But I wish that I could close the door this evening And I'd let the world in Or better still I'll just stop breathing Cause sometimes it's so real I call your phone Thinking maybe this time she's coming home Cause I can't comprehend that you're really gone Guess the nights gonna prove me wrong And sure I know it's only pretend But my hearts pretty empty without you here, my friend And the night it makes me whole Cause only in the night we get to grow old Only in the night we get to grow old

Trick Bag

ALICE COOPER "Constrictor"
Tie you up baby, really tight In a lover's knot I'm in the mood for my leather boots With the leopard spots Take you down to my side of town Where I learned to love Strap you down, honey Pet you nice with my velvet glove You dial my number So let me take the lead I'm the man, understand With the smooth slight of hand And all the magic you need Trick bag, sit back and just enjoy the show Burn you with desire Trick bag, come on and let your body go Gonna lay it on thick So the memory'll stick Chew me up with your perfect mouth Don't you spit me out Teach you good, Little Miss Hollywood What it's all about You call me up baby, in the middle of the night You say you're sweating red And you're dripping on the bed Tripping in the moonlight Trick bag, sit back and just enjoy the show Burn you with desire Trick bag, come on and let your body go Gonna lay it on thick So the memory'll stick

Usually Just A T-Shirt: Untitled #2

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt"
Shadows been word One win a hand To sell it thru their thick little back let clock, It's a, It's a passage way to drive, walk or run thru, Or the wind and water can carry me. I except what didn't happen just now to just happened To just hear me up, part of the quan skies one. And body betrayls that's design by the shadows Now that forward or up or down climb to top It's the bottom so there is no rush, And you don't get tired, Just knows, when it burn the creeves that's around you Trying to pretend, Burrying it wherever it grooves itself to the rage life That balance, And move like you do cuz you do it for them. I've been followed and i've been so wrong Mistakenly killed for being so thin I can flip inside out The song of trash that can rise in depression, It's closing Love So it grooves I assume that whenever slides in her own ground spending life So you flip each day to the night That holds you soft in position Folding pain tightly so it knows what it means For it silent vowels to be all that bleeds Like you knows the sided Or what it needs to keep trying And it didn't mean to be N I A P My body is light Cuz the way of whatever carring me thru the weak traps around That bleed I've stepped anyway not falling my being my way to be I'll never go empty for fex to have thee Sitting around feels like running and crowds Dangle me from their thighs widely cross where life is here Cuz my love is crying I'll share the way i've lost Cuz i'm a pretend me And i'm real cuz i can hit me softly Bleed Blood i can hear Cuz i'm here now and it's far from me Fall back into the ground Flip dive to it's holes Burring the all thing ?? unimportent As long as i'm giving the things that swirls Like selling dreams to cannabis Telling too to jump free.

How'm I Gonna Find You Now

JAMES MCMURTRY "Complicated Game"
I've got a cup of black coffee so I don't get lazy I've got a rattle in the dashboard driving me crazy And if I hit it with my fist it'll quit for a little while Gonna have to stop and take a piss in another mile Headed into town gonna meet you at the mercantile Take it to the Sonic get you grinning like a crocodile I got a hole in the floorboard sucking in fumes I'll leave the hitchhiker standing 'cause I haven't got room Well he looked kinda scary so I didn't like him anyway Could've been a con from the state prison runaway Anyway he probably hadn't showered in a couple days No one but a fool would've given him the time of day,yeah Just listen close I'll tell you how I feel You need to know so I'll talk slow I always keep it real I see the red light blinking in the middle of town But I don't see your car parked anywhere around And I'm smoking into town like a molotov cocktail Rag in the gas cap flapping loose never fails Cell phone's down 'cause they didn't get the check I mailed How'm I gonna find you now How'm I gonna find you now I remember when I met you I's in love in one fell swoop You had a blade in your pocket and a rag in your belt loop Guys hovering 'round the bar like gulls on the ocean At the end of your shift just in case you got the notion Watch you washin' all the glassware, poetry in motion I'd a'roped the moon for you How'm I gonna find you now How'm I gonna find you now Just listen close I'll tell you how I feel You need to know so I'll talk slow I won't let go of this obsessive zeal I've got a mad coming on and it's gonna be dreadful Now I'm washing down my blood pressure pill with a Red Bull I hit the city limit sign and I'm blind and I'm seeing red Uniroyal tire on the right rear throwing tread You oughta see the x-rated scene running in my head Big as a baby's arm how'm I gonna find you now How'm I gonna find you now

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