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ARIEL PINK lyrics - House Arrest

Hardcore Pops Are Fun

Original and similar lyrics
Let's go, we're bustin' chairs now Hey! Hardcore pop is fun 'Cause it's just like chewing gum Almost makes you wanna come Go out back and shoot your gun Pop music is free For you and me Pop music's your wife Have it for life Pop music is fun Just like chewing gum Pop music is good It sounds like it should Pop music is wine It tastes so divine Pop music's a bird It goes with the herd Pop music's a fan A fan to a fire Pop music's for you I'm at the point where I can kiss the harmony 'Cause you know it's a thrill When you go in for the kill Hardcore pop, your pills are popped Tonight Get your hardcore pops Hardcore pops [x5] Pop music makes you wanna Go and do your thing 'Cause your body is a dance Built to end, not to last Hardcore pop is fast Just like your life Hardcore pop is fun 'Cause it's just like chewing gum There ain't no smooth transitions, babe You know what I got Hardcore pops, ooh Pop music is wine Tastes so divine Pop music's a bird Goes with the herd Pop music's a fan Fan to a fire Pop music's for you Pop makes it seem so easy Any sound will do 'Cause it's true, you're alive Like a bird in the sky If hardcore pop is dyin' Then I'll be fine Hardcore pops, ooh There I go again Can't help myself Hardcore pops

I Take The Music

With the help of vibration, the tone and the rhythm, the human is forgiven and the soul gets back to living. Returns us all to our natural condition. Turns up the levels on the minds’ inner visions. It plays through the space to where you are and regulates the beatings of the broken heart. A sensation in everybody’s pants, which is why when there is music, life becomes a dance. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. Motion is the nature of vibration. It contains a thought and feeling. A baby’s first pleasure is to shake its hands and feet and move and rock the body right, Proving that emotion is a sign of life. And from life comes a language, our ancestor’s message, But doesn’t ever have to touch the tongue to be expressive. I’m an instrument the spirit gets to play. I sing and I dance all day. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. Music is the quickest way to heaven. It’s the source of all creation. Listening to music can change your DNA, son. Everybody got their own transmission. The frequency of thought will impact the magnetism. Love is all I need to be. The message that I’m sending is the same I am receiving. Love is what energizes me, so there is love within the rhythm I am breathing. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take that music, everywhere I go. Music has no limitations. Everybody’s welcome, from the whisper of the trees to the elephant that’s belting. Raising hell is every bat and every weed, But every cat and every creature has a song for me. We ain’t manmade; we all come from nature. Every one of us is a brother and a sister. One world; we’re a family of one, where even the smallest bird hums. There is music in our voices. Even when no words are spoken, our bodies can speak louder than when our mouths are open. There’s an underriding common frequency that keeps us all aligned in divine harmony And in the scale and the note, in the style and the meter, Music is the reason that I love to burn the reefer. Put that on record and spin it around, because you and I are high on sound. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take the music, everywhere I go. I take that music, everywhere I go. Music gives us the power to move, The power to speak, The power to choose, The power to dream, The power to vote, The power to fly, The power to laugh, The power to cry, The power to live, The power to play, The power to take your breath away, The power to love, The power to be. I take my power with me. I take my power, everywhere I go. I take my power, everywhere I go. Music is our nature. I take the music everywhere I go. I take the music everywhere I go.


AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
We now present to *cut up* Music to make you stutter [Aesop Rock] I've been a biplane dog fighter Henson invention Trooper burst result of Dragon Ball Z/Speed Racer gene splicing Mach force, blind the extorted style from the common dirty Destiny dream sighting, important as split the prints God shit the planet screaming What on Earth is that? I sit back five dimensions Only to muscle the overcooked specimen Fending tragic fatality successful dodging violets All hail Mary and hello dollies! I flow ridiculous, indigenous to now Who holds the fifth golden ticket? Saw the wicked war phantom mansion beyond the pickets The house next door to when the stickball clears the fence Y'all hesitate to fetch it! I was walking through a pinball tilt built landscape Terradactle circling turtle I bite the bullet in a wingspan shadow Suck and rust the oxygen gulps And spit the metal directly back up the barrel We icegrill the silhouettes (right) The common decency factors a lowball estimate of zero My testament is striking b-boy stances Dancing past the foggy mirror With wipes clean the billy goat beard, camoflague the spirit I'm at six degrees of sexy sarcasm Yeah never swam up inside summerjam classic Under the bed backwards bastard Scaverning the carnival grounds for an outlet WHO THE FUCK IS AES ROCK? I'm not a name to keep at arms length Adjacent to little ? quilt makeshift Sick security mechanism, check your mission I am not a vision, check your mission Just a simple sourpatch delinquent No it will not help you shove your Lincoln [Chorus] 2x I alone settle I alone peddle in the mud I alone, I condone rebel zone planting I alone stand in a social coma All up to your dome, follow I alone Now you see me, now you don't [Method Man] *Scratches* [Aesop Rock] Well he was maverick enough but still scraped up Taki 183 innovation for the kids Brick foot ironlung honor Escape through the night like a disgruntled teen Krylon bomber Without a care inside from posting the roster Mal-adjusted blank faced civilian dispersed feelings Reeling in several separate defunct fame-booster modules This nervous twitch mark the most delectable ingredient See Aesop starving troops in cell blocks with strap-on feeding bins (More like) Like I'd auction off a fuck for that blind cause you ride in I'd rather find the floors and watch you hide them Feel the haggered look penetrate brain castle Blasting clear out the back of this batches sour wind collection (FLASH FLOODER!) You're a fuckin wind-up toy A goddamn four string criminal trading card The reason they decorate the fonts of closing credits To boost on-looker amusement after fading hard Catch more Z's than Rip Van Winkle's 12 Step Narcolepsy Seminar The action, we all compete the masked illusion The commonfolk, I provoke em all Challenge thirty balance I alone pour talent while they fidget If the revolution ain't gon' be televised Then fuck, I'll probably miss it Chorus 2x

Cliff Notes

Pussy rap, dental damn beaver trap That thrill is gone, I’m here to bring the fever back To the streets, pumping out the big whips Torpedo rhymes strong enough to sink ships Two tone grip, Brother Mouzone shit Better move on bitch, or else it's on, trick I'm en fuego, I ain't even in my zone yet I spit the shit to make you're motherfuckin' dome sweat Queens-bred, no Packer but a cheesehead Fat ass, fucking pussy until she’s dead Suede foot, looking like an Indian Cuisine straight from the Caribbean Long jackets, made from an amphibian Bag of money, split with my committee and Break it down, vision on the dollars Dip in the impalas, chilling with my scholars Get it? I am not illiterate Not, not! Not even a little bit! Straight up, I make the music just for you! Nothing, nothing like an idiot! Get it? I am not illiterate Not, not! Not even a little bit! Straight up, I make the music just for you! Nothing, nothing like an idiot! Call me John Bon Journo, hopping out the Volvo Ratchet on the leg, dipping from the po-po! Since a youth I've been labeled as a loco I sell it but I never laced the nasal with the coco Urban hippie, muffle with the green thumbs Seven grams a purple to my neck'll leave my feet numb Scoop a bitch, Portuguese sweet buns Serve a dick like an elephant that's three tons Her pussy whistle like my father out the window Remind us that it's dinner time I’m lighting up the Indo And when I go inside I think I might just play Nintendo Call a Shortie from the heights have her play with my colembo Uh, just let me catch my little breath an shit you won’t accept a kid Cause your destiny is for deficit Me, you see I spit like epileptic shit That's two options; it's either you fear me or you respect the kid Get it? I am not illiterate Not, not! Not even a little bit! Straight up, I make the music just for you! Nothing, nothing like an idiot! Get it? I am not illiterate Not, not! Not even a little bit! Straight up, I make the music just for you! Nothing, nothing like an idiot! Mind like Watson, Fluent in the nuance Van Damme Bronson, Alligator shoe on Spin kick to the dick I'm eating dim sum Right up in the tea room You don't want to rerun! Moon struck, splatter your platoon up Hard times, drugs out the balloon Beauty like a butterfly, flying out cocoon Urban love and central village right by the lagoon Uh, that’s my grandfather, add a little cream of tartar Make the grams harder Now your Shortie hold me tighter than the dance partner Pull the viper out my pants on her Honey hit the tune I’ll let it dance on her Like a gypsy, hookers in Poughkeepsie 7 homies with me everybody's smoking fifties 990 add 2 that’s my shoes Reflect light like sun shining in the hot noon! Get it? I am not illiterate Not, not! Not even a little bit! Straight up, I make the music just for you! Nothing, nothing like an idiot!

World Of Entertainment (W.O.E. Is Me)

JURASSIC 5 "Quality Control"
Well, here's a little something for my people in the house I'm gonna tell you what my crew is all about We like raw rhythm fusion, real rhyme producin' songs for the world's men, women and children Armed and equipped with much confidence and this is how we're gonna make our living Some are known for bein' biters non-creative and wack rhyme-writers Yo, they soup you up but can't rock the jam known to the world as a one-hit band Easy come, easy go, yo you had your turn temporary niggas touchin' up your perm You see a rapper is a kid that brags and acts big A rhymer is a nigga that can handle his biz Yo, A rapper is a kid that's tryin' to be the shit An entertainer ain't tryin' cause he already is [Chorus] Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment where life imitate art and people get famous Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement where lights, camera, action is the language [repeat Chorus] We was rockin a jam the other night J5 was on the mic so the people was hype Yo, we like to rock the party with adrenalin and passion the crowd started screamin 'Action Satisfaction' Numark dropped the beat and the heat from the fire We brought the energy and streetcar named desire We was flippin, they was trippin, how we was old schoolin' needle to the groove, hands in the air movin' and we said to the crowd 'This is the place to be, whether you paid a fee or you got in free' So when you step through the door, the music gets loud Manuever through the crowd to get a better view now [Chorus] To be an MC, you got to be so fresh to have style and finesse way above the rest With the strong delivery, vocal chemistry street poetry in tune with the beat So if you think you got the skills come take a test microphone check if you truly are blessed If you can flow like water and can comprehend you need longevity in this game to win Now if you want to be the best you got to move and motivate Watch the money that you make in the industry stakes Cause some of these people ain't got no class and some of these folks'll make you beat they ass If you can believe then you can achieve get the loot, live the dream, be on top of the scene To keep the people in it, and accumulate fans to be dope in the studio and slam at the jams, so [Chorus] Welcome party people, while we got your attention There's a few things we'd like to mention The name is Jurassic, but they call us J5 we rock bonafide fly rhymes fortified We got 2 DJs controlling the beat and vocal harmonies make it sound so sweet We're the four horsemen, with words to caution expressed and flipped in an orderly fashion With the rhymin', designin' the music on time and the fellas saying 'ho' and the ladies losin' they mind and the breakin', the scratchin', this thing called rappin' the cultivated music that keeps your hands clappin The passion, reaction, the street satisfaction Brothers using no tactics to make it happen the rhythm, the spirit, you love it when you hear it Nowadays when you're samplin' shit, you gotta clear it [Chorus 1.75X] [cut after 'Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement, where..'] [samples: 'lights' - 'camera' - 'action!']

Gaga, Palmer, Madonna

She is a part of the music continuum and she's a part of this difficult world and she wears outfits made of aluminium she is a 23 she is a 23 she is a 23 and a half year old girl I am a part of the music continuum and I'm a part of this difficult world I'm often naked and play the accordion I am a 33 I am a 33 I am a 33 and a half year old girl She is part of the music continuum and also part of this difficult world she was the first one to often have no clothes on she is not 53 she's only 50 but I used her anyway 'cause she fits well in this song Art is great; that way you can do anything you can make pop music you can paint ducks but if you're a pop star and you're a woman than it's much more likely that people will say your art sucks. Making pop music isn't for everyone Actually that's wrong it technically is That's why it's pop music now I've confused myself I'm gonna start a new verse and I'll say it like this Some artists focus on love and simplicity some artists focus on fashion and fame then sometimes some artists try to do everything which is impossible I think those people are brave. Art is simple just ask Andy Warhol if he weren't dead he would tell you the truth Call it a masterpiece call it a urinal it doesn't matter It's art so there's nothing to prove I'm not sure what the point of this song was and I know this song doesn't actually have to have any point at all even good rhymes in it like Lady GaGa and also Madonna I'm just trying to entertain people, make a living and pay my rent, without having to get a job I hate and hopefully find an audience who'll love and accept me and not think I'm a narcissist for wanting to be a performer and find true inner peace and that's it. Now a question to further our dialogue Is all art real art and is pop art art? If someone talented wants to make pop music why should we worry when there's so much other shit wrong? This song took less time to write and record and post straight onto youtube than writing a blog i think it's possible I may do more of these please send your comments especially if you think I'm wrong.

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