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ARETHA FRANKLIN lyrics - This Girl's In Love With You

Eleanor Rigby

Original and similar lyrics
I'm Eleanor Rigby I picked up the rice in the church where the weddings have been Yeah I'm Eleanor Rigby I'm keepin' my face in a jar by the door if you wanna know what is it for, Well ::Chorus:: All the lonely people Where do they all come from All the lonely people Where do they all belong Father McKenzie Writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear no one comes near Look at him working Knoting his socks in the night what does he care, yeah Chorus Eleanor Rigby died in the church And was buried along with her name Nobody came Father McKenzie Wiping the dirt from his hands As he walks from the grave

Movin On

Trouble all around (pressing me) People all around (stressin me) I realise u (jus testin me) Cos thru it all you (keep blessin me) My mind's made up no stoppin me I gotta get to my destiny people I hope ya'll hearin me 4 god has given us victory Chorus- Said it's time to move on I been hear too long My life has been changed No longer the same Today's a new day Tomorrow's far away I got to be strong Coz it's time to move on Yeah Yeah Yeah yeahx2 Hey Myron where the crew at Uh they right hear huh hear we go Verse2- No more lonely nights Wonderin when it's gonna be alrite I'm more than a conquerer and all my battles he's gonna fight ain't nobody stoppin me and ain't nobody blockin me no more turnin back because I got the victory Repeat chorus Bridge Hey people movin on Lift your hands up say what yo i'm gone Hey people won't be long got my bags packed and dude yo it's on Hey people don't you wait give him praise ya'll Tell me who you with Hey check it I'm movin on lift your hands up say what yo I'm gone Reprisal- I'm movin on movin onx4 repeat chorus till fade

Two Less Lonely People In The World

AIR SUPPLY "Now And Forever"
I was down my dreams were wearing thin When you're lost where do you begin My heart always seemed to drift from day to day Looking for the love that never came my way Then you smiled and I reached out to you I could tell you were lonely too One look then it all began for you and me The moment that we touched I knew that there would be (Chorus) Two less lonely people in the world And it's gonna be fine Out of all the people in the world I just can't believe you're mine In my life where everything was wrong Something finally went right Now there's two less lonely people In the world tonight Just to think what I might have missed Looking back how did I exist I dreamed, still I never thought I'd come this far But miracles come true, I know 'cause here we are (Chorus) Tonight I fell in love with you And all the things I never knew Seemed to come to me somehow Baby, love is here and now there's (Repeat Chorus)

Father Forgive Me

JA RULE "The Mirror"
[Hook] I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people Father forgive me... For I have sinned in a world that is broken and scorned I should have been warned, nobody tells us That you will live your whole life just do die, then move on So why settle for... All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong? [Verse 1] My God... Everybody wanna look at me deep in my eyes and see the soul, so I keep 'em closed I'm the one the Lord himself done chose To be a stand out and stand alone Me, myself, and I... Is what I got in the end You can put me in the casket or pen. Probably be a better state than I'm in But then again, I be watchin from the outside, lookin in Lookin in from the outside as I remenisce Wanna give witness to the remembrance For those who ain't here who'd love to hear this, love to see this, love to feel this Maybe you wouldn't of felt just how lonely life gets Maybe you never see just how dark the night gets Why is the question, the reason.... [Hook] I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people Father forgive me... But do you know what they scream when they dyin in pain? They scream your name The Lord is our Savior That's what the pastor says every week Sunday in pray But you're never there All the lonely people Where do they all come from All the lonely people Where do they all belong [Verse 2] Oh Lord... Will they ever understand us loners? Us natural hustlers that hug the corners And plus it feels like the world is closin in on us Or is it just me? That really know 'em bleed R-U R-U, L-E L-E Ain't nothin anybody really can tell me Done been through what they seen at all lately I'ma get through it, just bear ya soul with me Cause it's all crazy, but it's all made me... Realize the gift that the Lord gave me Wish I could sometime talk to him and save me What would I say? I don't know, maybe I'm crazy Maybe I'm lonely, only because (I) Was born alone, and die alone (My) Life is lived to die, to mourn And for the date, could die tomorrow That's why... [Hook] I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people Father forgive me... But there's a life I must claim, and his life isn't mine Please send me a sign (Death) Was the scene of the crime as he lied but his eyes wide and died And nobody cried... All the lonely people (I look at all the lonely people) Where do they all come from? All the lonely people (I look at all the lonely people) Where do they all belong?

Death Messiah

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Chorus] Did protons and electrons create the earth? Or did Allah meditate and create it's birth? Is everyday in this place a curse? Or should I pray on my knees and ebrace it's dirt? (yeah) I don't know if there's a reason I'm here, I feel the only thing that's driving me is reason and fear. (yeah) And seeing death to me conceiveably near, So I don't give a fuck what you think bout me reachin from fear. (Damn) I don't worry anymore about what my friends do, I have a more urgent matter to attend to. Is there something there bigger when I die and vanish? That weaves everyone and everything into a canvas? I'm not smart enough to think I have a resolution, I'll never be a man with meteokre constitution. My father told me that blood and power intoxicate, And that tearity is a product of his fathers hate. [Chorus] I'm recognized of giving the sins of the father, And recognized what's built and what stems from the author. Understand man is not a machine, He needs a surface and a purpose and a reason for being. Either way I'm going to stick with my fam', Regardless of my sick dream of a ridiculous man. And I'm becoming more indifferent every day, As soon as I lean all the questions have faded away. Some of the things I said I hated to say, But blame yourself mother fucker you made it this way. I don't think I would even if I was able to stay, I don't think you could I would sit to the angles and pray. But everybody's got to deal with theyself, If they cut another throat for them, material welts. If it's a problem are you man enough to deal with the help? Or are you destin for the darkness of concealing yourself? (yeah) [Chorus] I'm trying to deal with the thirty years I spent in prison, Not the physical because of accidentalism. I've backed myself into a previous lead deposition, When all I ever had to do is just repent and listen. Why can't everybody leave me alone, I'm the only one who'd really need to see that I've grown. You ain't smart enough to see what I know, Id like to stab myself and let me fuckin bleed til' I go. But I'm too scared what would happen on the other side, Trying to fight the good fight how many of us died? I don't know if I trust the people that hang with me. Is it god, or is it the big bang theory? I know some really good people and they slang near me, But I don't think that comically they should hang really. At thirty years old I don't have base yet, And I ain't got out of the belly of the beast yet. [Chorus]

Summer On The Underground

A "'A' vs Monkey Kong"
It's summer on the underground There's so much sweat a man could drown There's panic on the overland Yeah, and London Bridge is falling down Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh... The temperature is ninety-two It's baking in the vocal booth And all the tourists come in June There's so many you can't move There's people getting rich today There's people that they've gotta pay There's loads of places I could go We should be rockin' in the studio! Chorus: Don't feel like working today, I feel like getting away Don't feel like working today, I feel like getting away Dalston is a wicked place At weekends it gets off it's face And everybody calls you 'mate' But do they really wanna know? The drinks machine is running out And please don't use the ticket touts The ladies have it all on show We should be rockin' in the studio! Chorus On my feet for a week, yeah, and nobody cares And I can't get to sleep thinking nobody shares... Are you talking to me? Get out of my way We walk on the left and good manners are free, You don't have to pay You know you just can't see everything in a day Yeah I'm talking to you Yeah yeah yeah I know

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