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ARETHA FRANKLIN lyrics - Runnin' Out Of Fools

Runnin' Out Of Fools

Original and similar lyrics
Sure you haven't got the wrong number You sure its me you wanna talk to tonight? Everyone in town's got your number Everybody's got you pegged right Is that why you got in touch with me? I guess you must be runnin' out of fools When you went and left me there crying Your goodbye was even colder than ice It didn't bother you I was crying And now you wanna break my heart twice Is that why you got in touch with me? I guess you must be runnin' out of fools Guess you got back (guess you got) To my name In your little black book Well, listen Tell you what (tell you what) Bet you forgot (you forgot) How I even look So go ahead with all your sweet talking Go ahead for all the good it can do Have yourself a dime's worth of talking And then I'm gonna hang right up on you 'Cause this time, you're not You're not getting through to me I guess you must be runnin' out of fools Even fools like me Even fools like me I said you're running out of fools Even old fools like me

In Or Out

ANI DIFRANCO "Imperfectly"
Guess there's something wrong with me Guess I don't fit in No one wants to touch it No one knows where to begin I've got more than one membership To more than one club And I owe my life To the people that I love He looks me up and down Like he knows what time it is Like he's got my number Like he thinks it's his He says, Call me, Miss DiFranco, If there's anything I can do I say, It's Mr. DiFranco to you Somedays the line I walk Turns out to be straight Other days the line tends to deviate I've got no criteria for sex or race I just want to hear your voice I just want to see your face She looks me up and down Like she thinks that I'll mature Like she's got my number Like it belongs to her She says, Call me, Ms. DiFranco If there's anything I can do I say, I've got spots I've got stripes, too Their eyes are all asking Are you in, or are you out And I think, oh man, What is this about? Tonight you can't put me Up on any shelf 'Cause I came here alone I'm gonna leave by myself I just want to show you The way that I feel And when I get tired You can take the wheel to me What's more important Is the person that I bring Not just getting to the same restaraunt And eating the same thing Guess there's something wrong with me Guess I don't fit in No one wants to touch it No one knows where to begin I've more than one membership To more than one club And I owe my life to the people that I love

Hello World

ANDY MINEO "Formerly Known"
Hello world Ain't no friend of ya So quit with all the smiles I wont bend for ya I'm walkin' straight better now than ever I guess I started late now my heart's awake When did this all begin I guess it's hard to say All I really know is that something happened inside of me And it was not my own I was chosen Now I'm flippin' paper for the prophets I ain't talking about how my pockets grown Not the paper with the dead people faces Talking about them dudes that I read in the pages Now I'm seeing clear but I ain't got Lasik I’m thinking about my past I never shoulda made it But God in His grace saw it fit to come and snatch me up I draw the line in the sand no I ain't backing up Back in the days I was acting up You know when communion came your boy had to pass the cup Pass the bread too sin I was still in Offering went in the plate my condoms almost fell in Outside I’m feelin' cool inside I'm yelling Outside lookin' free inside's like a felon Doing time for rebelling a slave to that sin that I was dwellin' in Bought the lie they were selling like go, get as many girls as you can And get it out of your system now so you'll put a rrrrring on that hand Down the line when your thirty after you had like thirty different women They so pretty feeling clean … getting dirty Yuck, now what a lie from the mouth of Satan Let’s use logic for verifying these statements Well you keep chasing them you’ll only want more Sin is never satisfied boy we at war with ourselves You ever want something so bad it was all you could think about Yo you had to have it Then you finally get it you like it for a minute but then your eyes pivot Now your on to something different we got God-sized longings Why you try to fill em with them things that you can’t take with you in the coffin

Car Show

[Intro:] Uno, get down, dos, get down [x3] Uno, get down, uno, dos, tres College park (stay with us), East Point, Decatur, Downtown Atlanta [Jagged Edge: Verse 1] Roll up at the spot, I seen her had to meet her I was at the bar, sippin' and I'm leanin' I just, had to get attention, but didn't wanna mention How, she just wasn't lookin' And this ain't what I'm feelin' Now, movin' on, to bout to have you later And now, she's my girl, I knew that I wasn't playin' and its Better than my friendship, it's kinda like my pension cause I'm savin' all my funds up And I'm gonna spend it long long long... [Chorus (2x):] She keeps me spinnin' like the blades on my rims and She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in and She keeps me bumpin' up and down like a 6 - 4 She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show [Verse 2] She's my movie star and I'm her director Sweat, in the car, driving as fast as we can go She's gonna be all on me, kissin' me touching me I don't wanna stop right now, she doesn't wanna stop neither She's a sexy girl, shaped like a coke bottle Or a fancy car the prototype model She's got curves in all around spots, keep my engine runnin' hot I don't wanna slow it down, I'm gonna let her go... [Chorus] [Big Boi from OutKast] Now get my damn trophy The way she's movin' like chest and checker Black white any color gotta respect her Double decker flat yea body gotta protect her Together weather the storm to things get better, never Fall to the waist, I grace, I cry Lifeless, lemme add some color to that shine I like this, bittin', fuckin', all of this for nothing Should've gotten an old shit or somethin' Some old fools bubblin' and that's what we becomin' See, you used to be comin', when the engine was runnin' Now ?? and you ain't that woman Mmm, damn, I hate that frontin' I hate just bumpin' in just case you was wondering Most wantin' a million and how you wantin' a hundred I done done it, I done done it, I done done it, ho, I done done it [Jagged Edge: Hook 2X] Up and down like a 6 - 4, party bumpin' hot dro Droppin' tops and way more, hot like car show Y'all know how we do, keep it true no see through Now I gotta roll it and and we bout to roll (out out out) She keeps me spinnin' like them blades on my rims man She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in man She keeps it bumpin up and down like a 6 - 4 She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show [Chorus] Ride ride ride... Feel so good... [Chorus to fade]

You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

Dear, Mister Gable I am writing this to you And I hope that you will read it So you know My heart beats like a hammer And I stutter and I stammer Every time I see you at the picture show I guess I'm just another fan of yours And I thought I'd write and tell you so Oh, oh, oh You made me love you I didn't wanna do it I didn't wanna do it You made me love you And all the time you knew it I guess you always knew it You made me happy sometimes You made me glad But there were times sir You made me feel so sad You made me sigh cause I didn't wanna tell you I didn't wanna tell you I think your grand That's true Yes I do 'Deed I do You know I do I must tell you what I'm feeling The very mention of your name Sends my heart reeling You know you made me Love you Oh dear Mister Gable, I don't wanna bother you I guess you got a lot of girls that tell you the same thing If you don't wanna read this letter well, You don't have to, but I just had to tell you 'Bout the time I saw you in a cabin one night, That was the first time I ever saw you I knew right then you were the nicest fella in the movies I guess it was cause you acted so... so natural like Not like a real actor, no. but just like any fella You'd meet at school or at a party Then one time I saw you in a picture with Joan Crawford I had to cry a little Cause you loved her so much, and you couldn't have her. Well, not until the end of the picture anyway And then one time I saw you in person You were going to the coconut gogo night And I was standing there when you got out of your car And you almost knocked me down Oh but it wasn't your fault, I was in the way But you looked at me, and you smiled. Yeah, you smiled right at me as if you meant it And I cried all the way home just cause you smiled at me For being in your way Oh, I'll never forget it Mister Gable Honest engine Your my favorite actor. I don't care what happens Let the whole world starve As far as I'm concerned you'll always be the top 'Cause you know you made me Love you


LYFE JENNINGS "Lyfe 268-192"
[1st Verse:] I done had money I done been broke I done been talked about something awful Done been lied on by so many folks I done even been depressed at times and didn't wanna cry cause my pride was too strong But over the years I thought it over And after struggling for so long and still holding on I figured, can't be nothing all that wrong with crying If anybody says that they're that strong they're lying See crying is like taking your soul to the Laundromat It's like the feeling that you get when you see your Grand-mama smile Or the heavens open up and blessing rain down Go on child and cry Go on and cry, cry, cry We can cry together [2nd Verse:] See I done been a player I done been played I done went for some of the oldest tricks from some of the coldest chicks God done ever made Said I done even had a venereal disease And didn't wanna go to the clinic, all that attention embarrassing me But over the years I've learned to understand that I don't really give a damn what nobody say, I'm a man and we cry We can cry, we can cry, we can cry together [Bridge:] Talkin' bout wo wo wo yea yea yea They say a man ain't supposed to cry but I know, know, know fasho' sho', sho' that even men go through problems somtime cry

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