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ARETHA FRANKLIN lyrics - Lady Soul

Money Won't Change You

Original and similar lyrics
Told my darling that I had to go It's your body, I don't care no more Although you had me, time to get along Money won't change you I momey won't change you... But time will take your own do Then you know how to be treated just like dirt Hold me, baby, tell the world That you're my woman, my only girl Money won't change you, money won't change you... But time will take your own do I know you're happy now that you're gone Money won't change you I said money won't change you I said, money won't change you But time will take you own I said, put a smile as good as gold But that smile now can't be sold You said, baby, that you had to go Back to somebody, I don't care no more Told your friends I was a fool The trouble's, woman, that you've got to go through Other lover won't take me home I have a... Even in the street, even in the car too Mashed potatoes and boogaloo C'mon baby and let yourself go... It's your body, I don't care no more C'mon baby, c'mon baby, everybody, everybody Need your hand, need your hand Let me tell you I, I, I... I'm down so long...

Tomorrow & Tonight

I saw you with the girlfriend baby I saw you underneath the light I wanted just to talk now baby You seem to think I wanna fight Stop playin with my head and baby I'll get a chance to make this right I need a little sunshine baby I need a little hope in life Baby don't you hear me when I say goodbye Baby won't you listen cos you make me cry Please baby please baby let me go I don't deserve to suffer so So I'm trying to believe you this time I'm trying but it don't seem fair One minute it's the right stuff honey Next seconds like I'm just not there Because tonight I know you're gonna beg to stay But tomorrow you will simply walk away And tonight I know exactly what you'll do But come tomorrow I will still be just your fool I see you as the future baby You see me as a one-night stand But I'm sick of being part time baby You've gotta be a full time man Because tonight I know you're gonna beg to stay But tomorrow you will simply walk away And tonight I know exactly what you'll do But come tomorrow I will still be just your fool Baby when will you see That you're gonna be mine I've waited for you honey you will always come back It's just a matter of time You know you'll never leave me Baby I don't wanna be a fool Can't you see boy I'm in love with you Tell me what's a girl supposed to do I only want your love

(k)Now F(orever)

Frozen moments in time, Stopped hourglass, They predicate, what you will know, Dispositions lie within, And so do we, Don't want to run. Don't want to hide, Renounce the prayers for inspiration, If you dictate what I will be Then smash my face upon the concrete I'm weary, I feel the stares piercing, So sorry to soil your precious eyes, Reflections spoon-feed you, The bitterness and disgust that is me, If you choose to reach out to lend to me, I'll chew off your hand I'm not beggin' for your fuckin' change I'm not beggin' for your fuckin' change I'm in touch with myself, All alone within myself, All one. Alone Do what you will make it the whole of your law, Burn down the faith that shadows life And take a deeper look inside of what makes you Pull down the shades internal light can be blinding Brilliance I'm not begging for your fuckin' change, I'm just begging for a fuckin' change, Complacence quenched of me Lineage is ending I am that, once was me, rising upward, guts wrenching Sculpted cold, blistering, break the mold, sever me Cut your throat, be the martyr, bitter pills, that we swallow, Take me, chase me, swallow with me Know, now, know, now Inside of truth, coming to, close to me, ground consumes and embraces me Now forever Born again, I'm repositioning, Self inside to self non-dimensional, Lost to being, I've recognized the cause, Existence to come, alive now forever I am once was ...that is me I am once was, That is me I'm broken altered vacillating force, Round square corners circles dance around wet figures, Prisoner of time I'm no more, Insight will guide us through the majesty of nothing, It's like I'm touched with love by angel girl, Let bastards rot in time for all their evil, Let bastards rot in time for all their evil, Let bastards rot in tim

Back Against The Wall

E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
[Featuring Master P] [E 40] Tryin to make it.. It's been a long road Sic Wid It Records [Master P] UNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH! (C'mon ooh) Y'all feel that? (I feel it playboy I smell you) It's real out here 40 (It's real Pee!) [E 40] I'm out here in the slums where thugs be usin ghetto tactics like choppin up candy canes sittin on top of a dried up ? stain mattress Whatever it takes to survive, see that's what I supply Like slippin and slidin in the grocery store and settling out of court Soft white coke a black turn into hard solidses Thirty-eight snub nosed pistol grip lay nijjas on they wah-wah The saga continues, the struggle's just beginnin And it's hard to look up to snotty folks, cause THEY be sinnin 'Pac gone, Biggie gone, Seagram gone -- and we also lost Eazy-E one of the first gangster rappers of all time to the most vicious and deadliest disease in history since cancer To Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, tombstone From the graveyard shift, RBL's Mister C One love, to Rappin Ron and Plann B Victims of the trigger (unnnggggggggghhhhhh) Po' out a little liquor Chorus: repeat 2X It's not the same, this world is crazy We out here goin through it all Everything must change, it's gettin shady Got our backs against the wall [Master P] UNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, I shed tears for pain 40, some for anger Seen bloodshed by crooked cops, and gangbangers Feel my pain (unnnggghhh) only time'll change it and fast money, cars, and bitches got me trapped in this game And my lil' homies ballin, picture me fallin and momma in the funeral screamin and crawlin Is there a heaven or hell? To ghetto kids in the anky only time will tell And jealousy, and envy, come with money While crooked, politicians, run the country And it's a, damn shame to see my, weeples vanish Now they teach us ebonics, what about english and spanish I couldn't, live my life behind bars and gates While the government play a game called process to eliminate Chorus [E-40] Case #246, shootin in an inhabited area They was steady complainin about the dope sellin But they ain't never been evicted, or convicted They ain't never been subpeonaed to court, or arrested Shackled like an animal for pushin rocks Dang near choked to death by motorcycle cops Pepper sprayed and laughed at like that shit was funny Pregnant breezy threw down on her tummy Do you ever think I'll ever be able to get a chance to repent and ask the lord for forgiveness before he close the casket, will my son end up growin up without a father will he end up bein a bastard? A bastard -- that's a good question (unggggggggghhhh!) I don't know, I don't know Chorus

These Foolish Things

Benny Goodman
They say don't change the old for the new, But I've found out this will never do When you grow old you don't last long You're here today and then tomorrow you're gone, I loved a man(gal) for many years gone by, I tho't his(her) love for me would never die, He(She) made some changes that would never do From now on I'm goin' to make some changs too. Chorus: For there's a change in the weather There's a change in the sea So from now on there'll be a change in me My walk will be diff'rent my talk and my name Nothin' about me is goin' to be the same, I'm goin' to change my way of livin' if that ain't enough, Then I'll change the way that I strut my stuff, 'cause nobody wants you when you're old and gray Ther'll be some change made. Verse: They say the old time things are the best, That may be very good for all the rest But I'm goin' to let the old things be 'Cause they are certainly not suited for me, There was a time when I thought that way, That's why I'm all alone here today Since ev'ry one of these days seeks something new From now on I'm goin' to seek some new things too. Chorus: For there's a change in the fashions, Ask the fiminine folks Even Jack Benny has been changing jokes, I must make some changes from old to the new I must do things just the same as others do, I'm goin' to change my long, tall Mamma(Daddy) for a ittle short Fat, Goin' to change the number where I live at. I must have some lovin' or I'll fade away, There'll be some changes made. ------------------------------ Here are additional choruses that appear on the inside page in the sheet music. Interesting. 1. There's a change in your manner And a change in your way There was time once when you was O.K. You once said you save ev'ry kiss for my sake Now your're giving all the girls an even break I'm gonna send out invitations to the men I know Cause your're gettin' colder than a Eskimo I must have my lovin' or I'll fade away There'll be some changes made to-day There'll be some changes made. 2. For there's a change in your manner There's a change in your style And here of late you never wear a smile You don't seem to act like a real lover should You can't thrill your mamma if your're made of wood I gotta have a man who loves me like a real live Sheik With a tasty kiss that lingers for a week I'm not over sixty so it's time to say There'll be some changes made to-day There'll be some changes made. 3. For there's a change in your squewezin' There's a change in your kiss It used to have a kick that I now miss You'd set me on fire when you used to tease Now each time you call I just sit there and freeze You had a way of making love that made a hit with me One time you could thrilll me but it's plain to see You're not so ambitious as you used to be There'll be some changes made to-day There'll be some changes made. 4. There's a change in the weather There's a change in the sea From now on There'll be a change in me I'm tired of working all of my life I'm gonna grab a rich husband and be his wife I'm going to ride around in a big limousine Wear fancy clothes and put on plenty of steam No more tired puppies, will I treat you mean There'll be some changes made to-day There'll be some changes made. 5. For there's a change in your manner There's a change in your smile From now on you can't be worth my while I'm right here to tell you with you I'm thru Your brand of lovin' will never do I'm gettin' tired of eating just butter and bread I could enjoy a few pork chops instead You know variety is the spice of life they say There'll be some changes made to-day (I'll get mine) There'll be some changes made.

Smoke Baby

Hawksley Workman
In your underclothes You went out for a smoke I call you in Just before the storm begins Your last breath of smoke You let out in the room It makes a cloud Like the greyist Perfect plume Smoke baby, smoke baby More alcohol baby Cocaine in Montreal And back out on a plane baby An early flight will leave And on it will be me I'll be half asleep And you'll get up at three Casual as a light Flickers before it's night Sadness comes And the daylight turns and runs As the sun is setting you'll be betting I'll be getting through I'll find a payphone baby And take a minute to talk to you And I have never felt Quite this close to hell All this rock and roll baby Only time will tell But we're young now, having fun now On the town now, get around now It's fine for now But someday we'll settle down But not now Smoke baby Who'll give you time to cry? And time to find yourself?

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