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ARETHA FRANKLIN lyrics - Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)


Original and similar lyrics
There’s a place for us Somewhere there is a place for us Peace and quiet and open air It waits for us somewhere There is a time for us I know that there is a time for us Time together with just a little bit of time to spare Time to learn, oh, time to care Somewhere We’ll find a new, a new way of living We’ll find a way of forgiving Somewhere There is, there is a place for us I know, I know, I know, I know, I know There is a place for us Hold my hand and we’re halfway there Hold on to my hand and I’ll, I’ll take you there Someday, some, somewhere I’ll take you somewhere

Save Me

I won't hold my hand out to anyone but you I don't want to trust anyone but you If I am to be saved my anybody I want it to be you I take your hand You'll find hope scribbled onto scrap pieces of paper Like I found fate stuck to the curb Save me now I won't hold my hand out to anybody but you There's still time to get hands around my fucking neck It's time to realize that there is far more to this world that the self loathing you endure You'll find hope scribbled on scrap paper

Paris Train

BETH ORTON "Daybreaker"
Now your sitting on a Paris train laughing at your own jokes again Sun splits the trees into beautiful broken light Never cry more tears than you could hold in your hands When all the world's airbrushed it's a sacred bond of trust Sometimes, sometimes I see right through the scenery The first place that's on my mind the last place I find each time Sometimes, I swim beyond the scenery The last place that's on my mind The first place I find each time Now I'm sitting on a Paris train molten ash falls like rain Fire burns the trees it's a beautiful fatality Love the way you stand your ground sea moves as mercury To break its perfect skin to dare to dive within Sometimes, sometimes I see much more than is good for me The first thing that's on my mind the last place I'd look each time Sometimes, I slip inside the imagery and The last thing that's on my mind's The first thing I'll do each time Stars racing to burn out Just stars racing to burn out A storm waiting to break Like trees standing black against the sky This was inevitable, inevitable Sometimes, sometimes we can see beyond our history The last place you hope to find the one that's been there all the time Sometimes, sometimes we can swim beyond the scenery And the first place that's on your mind The first place you'd find each time


Hold my thoughts I'm at an impasse Past the place I stopped before The sweeper's sweeping fragments Of my head out the door And the ice it burns upon my forehead The calmness starts to scream Must I always hold the upright When my soul longs to dream [Chorus:] Is it too much to find an answer Is it too much to hold you close Is it too much to find a reason Is it too much to free my soul From self control I can't get it any better I always end up killing time Time for love and time for living Time to find what's really mine [Chorus Twice] And I know you're always waiting for me You take me far away And I know you're holding me And it's better now . . . And it's better now . . . And it's better now . . .

Come And Find Me

JOSH RITTER "Golden Age Of Radio"
If I could trace the line that ran Between your smile and your sleight of hand I'd guess that you put something up my sleeve Now every time I see your face the bells ring in a far-off place We can find each other this way I believe From the hills and up behind, my town is naked from the horizon down The curvature is pressed against the raise We walked up in the fields alone And the silence fell just like a stone That got lost in the wild blue and the gravel grey Come and find me now Though I'm here in this far off place My air is not this time and space I draw you close with every breath you don't know it's right until it's wrong You don't know it's yours until it's gone I didn't know that it was home ‘til you up and left Come and find me now I keep you in a flower vase With your fatalism and your crooked face With the daisies and the violet brocades And I keep me in a vacant lot In the ivy and forget-me-nots Hoping you will come and untangle me one of these days Come and find me now

Thirty Pieces

EDWIN MCCAIN "Honor Among Thieves"
Thirty Pieces of silver screen Deep inside our souls How did we betray our imagination Watching our futures unfold Without a whisper for fear of intrusion We have to see how this part ends Time out for commericals Time out to be good friends But our generation's angry We're so scared that we can't see The answer right inside of us If we can find the place in our hearts where we're all free Does it see that time works against us Or does it just march on and on and on Sometimes it drives me crazy Proving Nostradamus wrong, so wrong But we still have secret silos with buttons, codes and keys We can avert this awful disaster If we find the place in our hearts where we're all free And what a tall order Far be it for me to say Maybe I'll try a little harder Starting Here Today Or just throw in the towel Laydown five up the ghost And join all the cynics Luckier than most. Maybe I'll check out with a bullet Would you think less of me Or would it frighten you enough Would it rattle you enough Would it frighten you enough to ... Find the place in our hearts where we're all free

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