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ARCHIVE lyrics - Michel Vaillant

Nightmare Is Over

Original and similar lyrics
Take the sound from my head Take me down And empty out my heart Cos the nightmare is over Cos the nightmare is over Shape my face how you want to Drag me down Control my every thought Now my nightmare is over My nightmare is over Won't matter now Won't matter now Won't matter now Won't matter now Make me feel so much hate Turn me grey Fuck my everyday My nightmare is over My nightmare is over No longer ill at ease with the crazy people No longer afraid of the shit put in my face Now my nightmare is over Now my nightmare is over It won't matter now It won't matter now It won't matter now It won't matter now It won't matter now

Hate On Me

JILL SCOTT "The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3"
If I could give you the world On a silver platter Would even matter You'd still be mad at me If I can find in all this A dozen roses Which I would give to you You'd still be miserable In reality I'm gon be who I be And I don't feel no faults For all the lies that you bought You can try as you may Break me down when I say That it ain't up to you Gon on do what you do [Chorus:] Hate on me hater Now or Later Cause I'm gonna do me You'll be made baby (Go head and hate) Go head and hate on me hater I'm not afraid of What I got I paid for You can hate on me... Ooh if I gave you peaches Out of my on garden And I made you a peach cobbler Would you slap me out? Wonder if I gave you diamonds Out of my on womb Would you feel the love in that Or ask why not the moon If I gave you sanity For the whole of humanity Had all the solutions for the pain and pollution No Matter Where I live Despite the things I give You'll always be this way So go ahead and ... [Chorus x2] You Cannot... Hate On me Cause my mind is free Feel my destiny So Shall it Be [Repeat x2] [Chorus]

Fuck Da World

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Intro] Dear heavenly father I come to you today To remove all these evil spirits Keep us out of harm’s way Never allow us to die broke [Verse 1] I pray for them children who woke up this morning and lost they life How dare the government passin’ these laws to remove the Christ As soon as a tragedy happen the person you call is God Now people obeyin’ and prayin’, they prayin’ I’m sayin’ it’s odd Fuck the world – the government too I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are stealin’ political suits And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do But sit back and pray as we watchin’ the news and we take the abuse What train of thought is tellin’ you shoot up a movie theatre? What kind of fool gon’ walk in a school and off them angels? It could me my moms, my brother or sister, a friend that I knew The funny thing is, it could’ve been me, it could’ve been you I’m tired of people complainin’ about the little shit When I just lost my grandmother to that cancer bitch You woke up this morning – why the fuck is you mad? You broke as a joke – get up off your ass I hustle like niggas is broke even though I be countin’ the cash I gotta get it – like I’m down to my last Put that on my mama, don’t wanna go through them tears again ‘Cause when you are broke, it’s nobody there, including your friends Lord knows… the realest shit I ever wrote But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope… But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope [Hook] Fuck the world – the government too I’m keepin’ it real, them killers are stealin’ political suits And I hate it, it’s people, it’s nothin’ my brother or sister could do You can hate it or love it, but youngin’ I’m simply speakin’ the truth [Verse 2] I woke up this morning and I got the news that my homie was shot Out on the block and in front of his daughter, believe it or not Good people are sayin’ and prayin’ for innocent murders to stop We livin’ in Hell and it’s easy to tell some people are sharks Who are you people to judge me ‘cause of the way that I live? The weight of that crime, the things that I did, the person I am Everyone got opinions but niggas as broke as a joke I went to them schools and spoke to the children that need it the most I gave away toys, I gave ‘em a speech, delivered ‘em hope It’s a blessing to become a blessing, my mama would set it in stone Fuck these niggas hatin’ on me Hate is such a week emotion And money is the root of evil But that’s that shit that keeps me focused Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a father No pain can describe on how to reside with losin’ a daughter Fuck this world – the ignorance too They want me to fall, but still I continue to lace up and shoot Society’s being misleaded, I’m simply giving you proof Them people is sellin’ these lies, I’m simply speakin’ the truth Lord knows… the realest shit I ever wrote But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope… But through all the bullshit I throw up a sign of hope [Hook]

Thug Love Story 2012

[Verse 1:] She had the sweetest scent I ever smelt, that woman have Skin would glisten like reflections off the bluest jag She had a Jewish dad and a Jamaican maid Started hanging with strippers and dropping the zippers And selling the pussy for paper to play Crusty feet like she hiked for days and live in the mountains At the pub she piss in the fountain shit on the Michigan towers She quick to split She loves some dick in her bowels Dabble in crystal, polish the pistol powder her sniffles with flour Straight flieshman In the private part of her pussy pocket Random pussy farting Sold at the hookers auction Left as a crooked orphan Wrapped in the sports section Box score, fake black rubber cock in the top drawer but Make this fucking bitch sit in vinegar Apple cider baths Sit in the vinegar Bonrsolino PS [Verse 2:] So many unfamiliar faces that have come and gun Your a constant fucked you in the school closet We were young then experimental periods Laid a towel cause I fucked you on your period Stole my mothers car crashed it by the burger king Young blood but we thought it was eternity Raw sex never thought about paternity But now this cunt is trying murder me Abusing me physically and verbally Said my dick was too small I went and got the surgery just to show it off This ain't real shit baby I'm just going off Clear the mind fuck it so I wrote a song Night life I'm destined for the bright lights Knife fights at the bar with some white dykes She hold me down break a bottle on the bitch head 25 out the pussy and it's mislead We always end up in the situation She throwing diapers out the window at me Called the cops said I be the face Beat the case now I shiver at her sweet embrace Sucking like a vacuum Like a Smack spoon Bubble butt thicker then the double dutch In the family tied up and bubble fuck [Verse 3:] Cold tard and I mean it I thought we grow to be old farts in Phoenix Well now you see me low scarves and a ski knit But I've been here since the beginning like a prefix But I'm a to do what I gotta do Trying to make this french dough like a Pâte à Choux Over your head after sex shorty hold me in bed Smoking Ethiopian red The son goes a single teardrop fallopians bled Nowadays you catch the hooker Sniffing coke in the shed It's a damn shame I'm just chilling eating lamb brain I keep the weiner on display for the campaign I'm just doing what I had to do Drop me in the ground but I'm not going To the top till I fall just like Owen Heartbreak drowned sorrows in a love state

Oh, Deer (Beddar Daze)

JOEY BADA$$ "Rejex"
I see you sitting on the top, in your better phase Say, how it feel it feel to be the best and the most paid? How it feel to be the most praised? Known to blow the most Haze Known to have chicks who go both ways and still down to blow J Remember from rags to riches, being mad ambitious Screaming "Fuck love" cause you was always mad at bitches When getting money was the fucking motto From the place they put potatoes on their nozzles just to silence hollows Shit, you probably went passed that, Probably still chiefing blunts As a matter of fact, you probably don't even pass that You probably in the back of black [?] splitting down the dutch With a dime chick in the tail flap, but her head is up I see where the hoes at, but where the bros at? Call [?] Hey where's your Iphone 44 at? Or did you end up like most cats who split a lot of cheese together? The more cheddar, the more better, Ya'll won't be friends forever And I know it's probably killing you softly, pardon me Thinking you can handle all of your problems costly No matter what the cost be, you're quick to try and buy it off Everything is win-win, you know you can't afford a loss But blowing up was always the main dream So I can't get mad if you're flowing in the mainstream But you knew from now that it'll be this hard Shit, you learned to trick broads when your dick got hard And if you can do that, ain't shit should be stopping you Anything is possible and any obstacle should be hoppable And now you living where it's tropical, you got the most shade A letter to my future, Sincerely, your broke days Mother fuck them broke days Most praise to the mother fucker most paid Mother fucker, yeah

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