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ARCHIVE lyrics - Londinium

So Few Words

Original and similar lyrics
So few words So few words We are movin' round to the hour Force from the power Thunder reigns down in a mass mind shower Levellin' vibes unravellin' scribes Take a venomous sting that's unsettlin' But consequences awaits me around the corner Reminiscent of my twistin' fate All down to the fact it's a hard life Travel on with the sense of a telling adventure So as I wait for the opportune time to create Soul energy that will then enable me to realise Analyse all aspect of man-made decision The vision the many ways Wrong turn right, right turn... left Ain't no way back straight ahead along track Counteract react higher pace embrace Expression when written on the face Ya babblin' on flip automatic overide So when pride gets swallowed Check the events that follow Interconnection bafflin' coincidence All going hand in hand They demand supply I deliver my peace In what can be known as my only release In the bellyfull beast tearin' up And it's a cryin' shame it remains the same Turn the next page over So few words So few words Then on straight down Thru the valley I roam Lay claim my terrain thru my artery vein But first intuition state my incondition is the reason why you'll never get my submission True as I'm present in time I'm headlin' for the future Movin' with a haste from time to waste Break loose from a goose chase What I do I take feathers and fly in spiritual sky Return to ground zero zero Now for the intrepid hero Non-sense there will be no I overrun cos unless I'm in a situation I can learn a lesson in one specimen away say a line refine Humanity race ever being like one of a kind Now we can never rewind so press Forward to the end With the passionate fruit from mother nature So few words So few words

Hold It Now - Hit It!

BEASTIE BOYS "Licensed To Ill"
Now I chill real ill when I start to chill When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills Sipping pints of ale out the window sill When I get my fill I'm chilly chill Now I just got home because I'm out on bail What's the time it's time to buy ale Peter eater parking meter all of the time If I run out of ale it's Thunderbird wine Miller drinking chicken eating dress so fly I got friends in high places that are keeping me high Down with Mike D. and it ain't no hassle Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle Hold it now - hit it! M.C. Adam Yauch in the place to be And all the girls are on me cause I'm down with Mike D. I'm down with Mike D. and it ain't no baloney For real, not phony 'O.E.' and Rice-a-Roni I come out at night 'cause I sleep all day And I'm the King Adrock and he's M.C.A. Well I'm cruising, I'm bruising I'm never ever losing I'm in my car I'm going far and dust is what I'm using Around the way is where I'm from And I'm from Manhattan and I'm not a bum Because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping - got that juice My name's Mike D. and I can do that Jerry Lewis [repeat chorus] Hip-hop, body rockin' doing the do Beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue Belly flipping, always illing, busting caps My name's Mike D. and I write my own snaps I'm a peep-show seeking on the forty-deuce I'm a killer at large and I'm on the loose Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum I come from Brooklyn 'cause that's where I'm from Cheap-skate, perpetrating - money hungry jerk Everyday I drink a 'O.E.' and I don't go to work You drippy nose knuckle-head - you're we behind the ears You like men - and we like beer. [repeat chorus] King of the Ave. with the Def female You're rhyming and stealin' with the freshest ale Cooling at the crib watching my TV Ed Norton - Ted Knight - and Mr. Ed Pump it up homeboy just don't stop Chef Boy-ar-dee cooling on the pot I take no slack cause I got the knack And I'm never dusting out cause I torch that crack The King Adrock that is my name And you're drinking Moet we got the champagne A quarter dropping going shopping buying wigs Surgeon general cut professor D.J. Thigs [repeat chorus]

Redstorm's Domestic Lesson (Interlude)

SYLEENA JOHNSON "Chapter 4: Labor Pains"
And the saga continues, Another domestic lesson Open yo minds people & check it! Cuz its a straight up blessing Now, for those that it applies to, I think you've been lied to Believing that a real woman's place is behind you So you commence to beating her and treating her like some kind of creature Disregarding the words of the Most Highest teacher Your duty is to preserve her Homie Not hurt her Deal with her from her neck up! And not her naval down! And show your God you deserve her! You gotta understand a real woman's worth The same one who give birth to Nations Is the same one you hurt Well, she wuz meant to be your heaven on earth She, the one who suffered through your every bid While you wuz locked up, Man she struggled with yo kids! Depressed and stressed out and mentally abused! When all you wanted wuz pictures of her half-nude! Yeah. . . that shows where yo mind is at Society feeds yo sex drive to keep yo thoughts like that No wonder, they talking about "In-de-pend-ent Women" They don't wanna mess with us no more Based on the way we living Man! Out all night hanging, slanging, Risking yo life out there gangbanging Leaving yo lady twisted, missing her man Yo kids, they're government-assisted, Out there bad While you wind up behind bars, Their lives become scarred Reduce to the embarrassment of linked cards And wishing on stars Now yo girl's spirit is straight up scarred Once a real woman gives up on her man, The serpent is worn out on God's original plan Cuz we wuz meant to be a pair To secure reproduction But if you aint there to stand on yo function Yo seed is wide open to a world of corruption So stop trippin and get on yo buziness! Locate the message that You need and LISTEN! LISTEN! Try to find life before You killed in these streets Cuz if the game don't do it This system will (this system will, this system will) LISTEN!!

Finger Paintings Of The Insane

Acid Bath
Turning the knife buried in your stomach I woke up alive black with stain glistening and new the sunset's coming fingerpaintings of the insane come on and sterilize me kneel down and idolize me suck me fuck me resurrect me rut me cut me and infect me slice me dice me I wanna die screamin the thoughts of dead babies wiped away with my semen bleed me feed me and inject me feel me, kill me then dissect me the pigs will squeal their blood will drain finger paintings of the insane slice the throat of authority imagining infinity greasy smoke billows into the sky coach roach dreams, the human dust of pain twitching screaming hide your razor face fingerpaintings of the insane bloody mountain momma rockabilly machine kiddy porn lover with a mouth for disease giddy'up honey my rubber fuck doll when your candle's snuffed out I'll burn brighter than before pink poinsttias for emotion that died a chilling wargasm that feels like cyanide her pussy bleeds sunshine, rabid for flesh as each raindrop plunges to its death


LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
*first 30 seconds: woman moans as beat slows down* I gets right to the point -- no time to play around When it comes to this cheddar -- lay a nigga down Bust shots at his Rover if he dare come back around Pay me on time or I gots to take mine At first I seem friendly; but that's just in me I warn you -- when I blow, it gets a little windy You make me wanna fight you, I ain't nothin like you Y'all Paper Thin, my shit recycled They call me Lil' Kim, a.k.a. Cover Girl Sometimes I feel like I'm from another fuckin world Niggaz buy me glass slippers and diamond fingernails and awwwww, shit, I got it all in this bitch (Chorus) x2 Goodness gracious, the papers! Where the cash at? Where the stash at? Nigga pass that! We rollin in tinted Nav's TV's in the dash, see we love the cash To all my bitches in the strip club -- shakin they ass (I ain't mad, do your thing mami!) Get that cash! And all my hustlin niggaz still out on the ave. Fightin over blocks and who got the best rocks and Goodness gracious, the struggle never stops The things we all do to keep our pockets filled with knots People fuck to my music -- they say it's pornographic My Billboards is nice; one day gon' be a classic I fuck with dudes, with Members Only jackets that sleep on brass beds, with money for a mattress Gettin' Money bitch, and I roll with dimes Take pictures with our nines on the cover of New York Times Tattoos down our spine with the the picture of a dime Cuttin niggaz short like inmates for phone time Everything I get is -- custom made Niggaz, wanna get laid; I, gotta get paid (The papers..) *woman starts moaning again before the chorus* (Chorus) x2 *woman keeps moaning while beat fades out*

Thug Walkin'

YING YANG TWINS "Thug Walkin'"
Chorus: Every where we gooo, every where we gooo People want to knooow, people want to knooow What we here fooor, what we here fooor We thug walkin', we thug walkin', thug walkin' Verse One: {Ying Yang Twins back and forth} Pain make you retaliate Swang to crack yo chest blade Hangin' with the best dates Slang and get they neck played Game is what yo test gave Blang and take hoes and smoke hay Niggas what they call us Triggers is how we boss hog Drugs is what we left with Slugs will bring yo death quick Knucks will get you swolle up Tricks will get you dick sick Clinton gonna see impeachment For freaks he try'na creep with Busters never last long Hustlers get they cash on Hiders never act out Riders known to slash out Pimps only get paid Simps truly get played Wimps never fist fight Freaks is quick to turn dikes Sheets never come clean bled From yo crime scene mann Chorus: {2x} Verse Two: {D-Roc} Even thought yo mind was blind soul keeper He took you on a shine with nine and made Mom weepier That thing he'll die for his boys they ballin' good But nigga see them boys was comin' up out the wood Lay down was all you heard I mean scary One of 'em got bold and reached for the Chevy Gun shots went off so we had to make it quick Told the other boys go ahead and give up the shit I don pistol whipped a nigga and told him to give up the loot If he pissed of my nigga I will shot So he hurried up and them other niggas to I started up the car and told them what they had to do Chorus: {2x} Verse Three: {Kaine} I'm smokin' my weed with y'all Hangin' with niggas y'all ball Just because niggas be takin' it all Told them broads to back up off my balls Thugs be ready to brawl on the point of call The devil reached in sippin' on gin It changed my mind to sin Hangin' with thugs that be loud as a rooster Figurin' they call us fools I haven't finished school Chosen few, rollin' through, military style like we was suppose to do Who do you think that you fuckin' with Stupid bitch roll up out the vine before we swine and Cause that counter fit niggas is real then twenty four k Y'all can't hang that bud we slang like it ain't no thang Get 'em up to the Eastside, to the Westside, true city thugs What's up much love, to the Tear da Club Up Thugs just throw it up, all y'all get across the wall Chorus: {Till The End}

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