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ARCHIVE lyrics - Londinium


Original and similar lyrics
One man climbs higher then one bites dust Thru the dark hours in dark towers we trust Forever the rays of light will energise my Born ability mind stability much creativity 39 steps 22 catch boxed in Tales of the city we are lost in Living in a haze I'm amazed by the ways in the days Of forever go non stop pressure The risking obelisks stands stable in the skyline You will find icon is symbol and symbol is sign Higher aspect looking down over the horizon The cloud nine zero back down to the ground Skyscraper you will never feel What it's like to be, or how it seems to me It's all man-made material Scribbled down by the architect Just parallel lines on the paper Surrounded by walls that vary in size Still they cast an intimidating image in my eyes But ya concrete block will never rock my stone Inya zone I'm unbreakable able to resist Overthe stage in timea newer age And still I'm in a rage of dilemma Minds eye spray gamma hammer nail Again it presents itself What's life like upon the top shelf ? It really doesn't matter if I'm any Lesser than your higher status See the press haven't you heard the latest The greatest thing about being 'I' is me And what I really can be I never Run you never ran me I stand my ground found solid stance Never take a step back move forward Remember this skyscraper ya building blocks Will trickle down like sands of time So roll the dice then pay the price

Jack Shit George

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
What did you learn at school today? Jack shit The minute the teacher turns away That's it How many times were you truly intrigued? Not any Is boredom a symptom of mental fatigue? Not many When have you ever been top of the class? Not once What will you do when you're out on your arse? A dunce What are your prospects of doing quite well? Too small And what will you have at the very last Bell? Fuck all You can't bear another's beauty, you can't emulate a grace You can't filch another's mystery, occupy another's space You can't do another's duty, or take a special place In another person's history when they've sunk without a trace What's the reward for being a berk? A blank Thick as a plank and looking for work What a wank What do you think of the Welfare State? It's a fake What have they handed you on a plate? The ache Have you considered how lucky you are? Well shucks What do you think of the system so far? It sucks Aren't you endowed with the patience of Job? I wish Don't you feel ready to conquer the globe? Oh fish You can't steal another's thunder, you can't fill a great divide You can't steer another's fancy, you can't change another's side Not undo another's blunder nor pretend another's pride You can't offer necromancy till the final hope has died I'm a second-class person citizen-wise, This is something I must recognise It's not my place to make complaint, But am I happy? No, I ain't I missed my chance when I was young, Now I live below the bottom rung I was put on earth to discover my niche; Oh Lord, won't you make me Nouveau Riche?

Push It Along

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "People's Instinctive Travels"
Verse 1: Q-Tip Q-Tip is my title. I dont think that is vital for me to be your idol, But dig this recital. If you can't envision a brother who ain't dissin', Slingin' this and that, 'cause this and that was missin'. Instead, it's been injected, the Tribe has been perfected. Oh yes, it's been selected, the art makes it protected. Afrocentric livin', Africans be givin' A lot to the cause 'cause the cause has been risen. Some brothers, they be flammin', thinkin' we ain't slammin, Comin' off like the days where we used to wear the tans and A blue-colllar talker, a hemisphere stalker, A glass of O.J and a ten mile walk-a. If you're in a Jeep and you dig what you're hearin', Can I get a beep and a ? of cheerin'? I am what I am, that's a tribal man. We all know the colours, we all must stand. As we start our travels, things they will unravel. Que sera sera , for this unit is like gravel. Won't be gone for long, listen to the song. If you can't pull it, all ya gotta do is Chorus: Push it along, push it along. Push it along, yeah, push it along. (repeat 4x) Verse 2: Pfeife, Q-Tip Put one up for the Pfeife, it's time to deceipher. The ills of the world make the situation lighter. The clock is always tickin', the systems should be kickin'. Like ? ham and eggs, I eat chicken, chicken, chicken. Should I release the lever, the lever of the clever, Embelish on the funk as we start to endeavour? The ?wraughts? of the rap filling up the gap With the smash of a hand and a little toe tap. The boom, the bip, the boom bip Indicates to the brothers that we be on the flip tip. Phonies start to crumble, funky rhythm rumbles Through the dance-hall, but my anthem is humble. It's the nitty-gritty, my time is itty-bitty, So I ?kick the slash for the gipper? and the witty. This ain't trial and error, more like tribe and error, Constantly rude as some sort of tribal terror. The street can't depart from the bloody heart. Repair the wear and tear, don't start 'fore it starts. Won't be gone for long, listen to the song. If you can't pull it, all ya gotta do is Repeat chorus Verse 3: Q-Tip Marchin' off the project, we hope that you will subject. It's good to be an object and never, ever reject. The tribe who meanders with drunken propoganda, Keep it in boom and never will we slander. ? should be handed, don't let me demand it. Money gives a nudge to the poet star bandit. Control it, then recluse it, follow, you won't lose it. Mysterious is the tribe for we choose it. Although she's flippin' crazy, give my love to Gracy. God, could you help 'cause this Quest is crazy spacey? The pigs are wearin' blue, and in a year or two, We'll be goin' up the creek in a great big canoe. What we gonna do, save me and my brothers? Hop inside the bed and pull over the covers. Never will we do that and we ain't tryin' to rule that. We just want a slab of the ham, don't you know, black? This society of fake reality Are nothin' but a peg of informality. While I sing my song, sing it all day long, If you can't pull it, all ya gotta do is Repeat chorus

Beast Mode

Yeah It seems like the world is testin me Will I conquer or will it get the best of me Half of the world sees success in me The half other is second guessin me But I kid you not don't mess with me Cause I think I got something possed in me No matter what I'm gonna give whats left in I didn't choose this life it was destiny Now I'm feelin like I might go psycho Stand back cause I'm feelin like I might blow Slim chance but I'm puttin up a fight though They tell me this the wrong path but I know its right though I'm Bout to pick up the world and shake it Throw it to the ground and laugh as I break it Let the whole world know that I'm gonna make it And if you don't give it to me then I'm gonna take it BEAST MODE I'm IN BEAST MODE Gunnin for the top cock back reload I'm a new man with a new attitude But don't get me wrong I'm still me though I'm all in now, I ain't bluffin I risk everything regret nothin My determinations disgustin So everyday my ass I'm bustin Lemme take ya back, break it down Just a couple more months then college bound Got a scholarship, my bags were packed Then my world turned upside down When I got that phone call so shockin I thought my heart was stoppin Are you serious? this a one in life time opportunity knockin But wait, what now? I thought I had my life figured out Everything I was once sure about was now skepticizim and doubt Almost lose control lost sanity Meanwhile my friends abandoned me I felt lost in the world for a little bit I had nobody but my family But I bounced back and got in the zone Last nights just me and the microphone My friends were off at college while I was right here sittin here at home They were partying I was cuttin tracks They were goin out I was makin stacks This the road I choose so you know I'm gonna walk it proudly and never look back Now fast forward a couple years Most of my fears have dissapreaed After the blood the sweat the tears I dedicate this right here To all my nonbelievers and haters You'll doing me nothin but favors Keep talkin, I can't hear you Someone go get me a translator It used to get to me, to the old me Think you can do it better? then show me Those who know me least have the most say Don't judge me if you don't know me Whether I'm a billioanire or flat broke You think that matters? is that a joke If you ain't got talent, you really think the money will get you anywhere? nope Oh you wanna play music monopoly Ive mastered the game no toppin Takin over the world why the money adds up I'm just passin go theres no stoppin me I worked so hard, I earned it Its mine now and ill never return it Ima do it, Ima do it so damn big Everyday my fans confirm it So blast off I'm outta here Outta this world to the atmosphere So long, I'm gone Beena hell of a ride what a year This just the start the beginnin The top of the very first innin No need for a call to the bull pen bottom of the 9th and ill still be winnin What I went through, it was worth it all All the times being pinned up against the wall Tryin to please my family friends and fans When its all said and done after all I gotta do whats right for me I gotta chase after this dream I'm so proud of us how we far came Me and my whole damn team Yeah I'm just doin my best For real I feel so blessed I think somebodys watchin over me Tell me world did I pass your test Did I do this right? please tell me I need you now, please help me Cause life don't come with no manual I played the cards that you dealt me My life is on the line, everytime I rhyme Always on my grind, 24/7 So much on my mind, someone please remind Me that I'll be fine, where am I headin To da fans, my life I owe you So close to my heart I hold you But to anyone who ever doubted me Im so proud to say that I told you


311 "Grassroots"
You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief That steals that jaded necklace that you're always wearing I'd take that thing and with my knive I'd start pairing so Chop chop piece piece and send it to the raiders of LA There are so many this land of plenty The things we lack straight square within our grasp Ever you do ever you think Whether you're brown or you're pink I think not thinkings better bout it When you stop to think The jaded ones will wither While the optimistic grow I settle that a bet will let a large amount So indulge me just for a minute imagine no one holdin out All trying for peace my brothers down Some others down it happens slow think you should know the direction that the world go peace They number six to make them feel like men They one up us cuz we're much to much for them OK the method to the mischeifs over there then Sike shazam we strike with the lightnin Through space we move and emit an ill tracer We're set to light your world kid we're your maker Check it our karma plus the avant garder Style of out sect wise to ways comes to wreck While the masses mill around curse in anguish 311 stompin' em down with the quickness We see all the crews that be comin' around Like a drive through Estes park you savor the sun But when the clouds come make animals

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

ARCHITECTS "Lost Forever // Lost Together"
The past is dead I walk the funeral march and I will make my peace If we stop the clock, will I reappear? Pulled from the drift There goes another year The stars align, the planets shift All the infinite moments that we've missed There's parts of me that are lost forever At least we're all lost together We all remember youth like it's dead and gone Like our favourite line, from a forgotten song I'll show you my hurt and I'll show you my heart A life lost in the dark The past is dead I walk the funeral march and I will make my peace When I reach the end, will I beg for more? Will I look back? Or step through the door? I stand beneath a monolith Do you ever feel like you won't be missed? There's parts of me that are lost forever At least we're all lost together I heard that this was only a ride So there's no worth in waiting for death to arrive All we are, is just a name, it's all we are Our skin, it shows, these crippled bones Youth sinks alone I'll show you my hurt and I'll show you my heart A life lost in the dark. There's parts of me that are lost forever At least we're all lost together

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