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ARCHIVE lyrics - Londinium

Last Five

Original and similar lyrics
Hell was a place I knew a long time ago Everything was dark, there were mazes all around Here is where I am, here is were I was Here is were I don't want to be Hell was a place I found by mistake A gardens secret yet inviting door Leading to a place I'm trying hard to let go From the downside to the upside From the inside to the outside There I'll be making my vocabulary overstand this Ain't no mountain high enough, valley low enough I will cross over the wake and take it all Inside stride seven cracks in the walls of ya concrete Roots to mother nature found the foundation Seperating us with characterisation Sensation in my body feel life never tires And the ways of the world inspire Myself an entire being is fact Ancient artifact shows a generation, try and understand And a man-made decision in division all men Then again when or why must eye reign speech Everyone and each must reach for the step they Wanna climb to there is always time to Lift an uplift with the gift we are all blessed Lesson and test much more and no less.

The Final Chapter

Hypocrisy "Final Chapter"
During some abductions I'm aware of them. Of they're taking spermsamples in many different ways. They've done it in many different ways. With tubes, with a... like catheters. There's one way I not been able to deal with. Emotionaly or under aggression. And that's when there's a being on top of me... I can feel it growing stonger. the hate towards them. I've got nothing to live for Only to stay as another victim. They¦ve been tourturing me my whole life. I cannot understand. Why! for how long can I go on when they have already raped every inch of me why won't they leave me alone this is not the life I've chosen. It's time to put an end to this pain. I wanna get away from this hell. Those black empty eyes is haunting me. hate and sorrow builds up inside I must take my life to be free. This will be my final chapter...

This Life

Glenn Hughes "Return of Crystal Karma"
Oh Father, it's me your friend I feel so good inside, I'm on the mend I broke this fever, it's a cryin' shame We live and die, and then we live again! This life is beautiful This life is magical This life is built on trust And I just want 2 get on the bus Why do I have 2 work so hard? I've been livin' for this life Livin' for this life Oh Mother, thank U for my life You've always been right there by my side Just like the footprints in the sand You make me see, U make me understand Thank U for the morning sun The crystal lake, another dawn The mountain high, the valley low The river wide, the falling snow The happiness U gave 2 me The love U give so endlessly And U will live inside of me Now I'm the proudest son U see!

I Tried

JIN "Say Something"
You know I had to say something Jin Do I wait for the beat to drop or do I start here? Check it Forget waitin', this ain't a feature, this is my tape Time waits for no man so why the heck should I wait? I could probably run this town if I'd like but I'm straight Take a walk in my shoes if you choose size 8 You might just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit They say I'm a changed man, if the shoe fits wear it I used to think that this was just all entertainment So I did and said anything I could get away with Any consequences, I'm the one that's gotta live with it The last thing I'm tryna be now is a hypocrite Cause it boils down to way more than what I write Ultimately I'm defined by how I live my life Knew I had to change my ways and believe in what's right Til this day I still got my own demons to fight If I had to do it on my own, no doubt I'd be a goner But I will be victorious cause God is in my corner The freedom of expression is truly a gift It can be used to destroy or used to uplift If I had to list my flaws there's plenty I could mention But through it all I never had any bad intentions Never thought the youth would take heed to what I say First and foremost I apologize for leadin' you astray Movin' right along, now's the time to right the wrongs So I think long and hard before I start to write a song Cause as an artist for every track that you create Ain't no way to know the type of impact you can make On one person or society as a whole I'm hopin' through these lines you can see inside my soul Take a long hard look and you'll start to see the light It's an autobiographical story of my life On the cover just a plain book, here's the missin' factor I'm still the same book, y'all, just on a different chapter The next generation is headed for disaster Rappers blamin' parents and the parents blame the rappers A lack of substance, what you hear is so hollow I feel you, you ain't here to be nobody's role model I know you're tryna eat, no lie, so am I You shouldn't be offended if what I say just don't apply We need more of the truth than the game instead of less It's bigger than Hiphop, Dead Prez said it best You're probly listenin' like "Who's this guy to tell me how to live?" You're right, I don't know you but I know I'm positive If it's in my power to extend a helpin' hand Not even as a rapper, but as a fellow man This is good versus evil, it's time to choose a side I will never be perfect but at least I know I tried Uh, Say Something


MILLENCOLIN "Melancholy Collection"
So what if I don't understand I'll always be an equal man to myself I don't know who he is, I don't know what he thinks But he gives me a sign, I wanna read all the unknown lines. There's a man outside my window, he has no control. When I travel deep, it's like a mystic sleep I got my feet on the ground I'm on my way to the unknown land. Now it's time to get concrete Feel the inside of me deep when he calls me I won't open up the door Oh, will I have the chance to rule my life like before

Give And Get

PENNYWISE "Unknown Road"
you sit around here just comlaining bout your life think you have nothing it's not working and you just want to get out why don't you take the time and take your blinders off you've got to try and make an effort cause you know that what you give is/what you get you have so much just look around what you give is/what you get if you just take the time to look around then you will find blame spoiled rotten brats for things that you don't have as it turns out what they possess are not things you'd wnat anyhow get off your high horse and turn that frown upside down god helps those who help those who help themselves in any sort of instance there's oppurtunities/yet you don't want 'em just lie around and/watch 'em go just a limp body/that dosen't have fun do I feel sorry/for you hell no get off your ass get with the program there are so many fun options waiting outside your front door think of what you have not what you don't cause in the head there's no one who really gives a shit anymore what you give is what you get and what you've been giving you've been getting

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