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ARCHIVE lyrics - Londinium


Original and similar lyrics
Chorus : Face in my hands admiring view again Pictures tell me it's only my fear So I'll try, I'll try to hear what I like And I'll try to hide what I fear Ever moving over to the way I wanna be Attract an energy Past time stored in my memory As we are struggling to make sense of human nature Distraction like a fairground attraction Communication interacts like we So reason over remedy ready me infinitely But lately I admit hard times have hit But still I like knowing I'll break through it The fluid flows the seed grows and life goes on And the fight goes on in this the Babylon we carry on Surviving striving taking everyday wtaching time go by And I tangle with stress feel strain from stress Man made hell yes in a recess less I be mistaken I be taking all the ways life heralding the hark I embark like a light in the dark Define definition in my focus Living in a romm over the fear side view I am surrounded bu the border of disorder So I oughta be stable and able to lift my hand and take an Opportunity sinking down into quicksand time Another number never I endeavour like time is forever Expanding imaterila is the original principle Now the icon is God, Sad case in the rat race Erasing all the memory of something that they can't quite comprehend I end a line to the live wire with my entire trickle down lava flow blood fire I attack with my brain seeing eye vision Looking over my terrain day by day stay same In the land of chaos and disorder Living behind the light we're surrounded by a border In the dark room. ( Repeat Chorus )

God Has Smiled on Me

AFROMAN "Sell Your Dope"
(speaking) yeah i be acting crazy rapping nasty but dont get me wrong i god sense ima thank god on this song this song is dedcated to all the homeboys who almost died but for some strange cowinsadental ironic reason u lived through it homeboy but im here to tell u man its not a cowinsadence and its not ironic gods got a planet purpose for your life man the quarter pasce choris gonna take for me reight a bout now (chicken sound) (chorus) God has (come on) smiled on me he has set me free (like when them bullets just fly past you)OOOOH god has smiled on me and hes been good to me (rapping) before i was a wild juvenille i used to be a mild christian young child i used to seek and seek search and search analyze everybody in my church a 1 2 ive seen a lot of hippocrits religeous fakeres deepen hormungers and oftent talkeres when i turned 13 i thought church was fake i took all i could take so i took a lil brake i went to throught the wurl and bought a jerry curl and some crack to slice so i can do my own thing the street life i didnt understand good so i started gangbanging to proove my man hood yeah have fun baggin the gun the baddest kid on the block was a christian son went to the county jail not once but twice gambling with my life with the dealing dice (chicken sound) (chorus) i got realezed in 94 told my mamma i dont wanna get in trouble no mo' i wanna get a job obtain myself be independed like u and take care of my self i stopped bangin i really quit but not the people i got into it wit back in the day from pompale to LA they got beef wit me homie up untill this day to make a long story short i stepped out the club walked around the corner to the local night club sittin at a table just doin my thang just when i got up close to a rival gang his gang and my gang just got into it i tried to explain i didnt do it i told ya bro scence 94 i been straight man i dont mess around no more (chicken sound) (chorus) u know what he said man he got smart wit me he said call the mortuary order some flowere u quit ur game but we never quit ours he got exited we started fist fightin like mike tyson we was scrathin and biteing a bunch of them started mobing me threw me on the floor and started robbing the stuff they took wasnt nothing major wallet walkman cheap lil pager they took my foodstamps took my knife took me and tried to talke my life (chicken sound) i tried to fight back but my efforts were useless aint know need to make enough excusses amen i was on the ground getting beat down 8 different people kicking me around i thought about all the bad things i did when i ran from god as a little bitty kid no sign no reason no clue no warning no fare nobody cared 2 o clock in the morning heavy licks they was layin on me but at the same time my momma she was prayin 4 me lights from the helicopter filled the air and the police cars came every were i told jesus i dont deserve you let me live and ill serve you god has smiled (chorus) sometimes when im drinking i think about all my close calls ya know what im saying the times i almost got shot the times i was comiting crimes almost got caught by the police man i think abought car accidents that never happend i think about home boys i speak to one day next day they catch 50 60 years mabey even rest in peace u know what im saying but we still alive right? god aint through wit us so lets put it down man stop all this madness go on take care of some situations we need to take care of and to all the homeboys who robbed me im still alive so if yall be so kind go down there and buy my tape man that will make up them food stamps yall took from me right (chicken sound) Amazing Grace how sweet the sound ? I once was lost but now im found was blind but now i see god has smiled on me he has set me free god has smilled on me and hes been good to me amazing grace how sweet the sound ? i once was lost bt now im found was blind but now i see

The Jeweller

John Cale "Slow Dazzle"
Very slowly he sipped his tea, not shifting his glance from the thick double spaced printing he read with his jeweller's eye Engrossed in his corner, he passed onto the other inhabitants of the room a scrawled insularity of time and space For both passed him by with the speed of light, not unlike the flow of substance, however varied, into that lysergic entity known as the black hole He was hardly ugly for his time, and conversation was certainly not lost on him Drastic measures were called for, and as in antiquity the lonely man was blessed with wisdom to the point of desperation But there in his corner, developing around him like a sun, was a climate of such rare beauty that sight and sound could no longer be considered sufficient food for the senses And he had begun to notice, as his hearing failed, that mind and matter were in no way connected to one other, as if in fact the one could not propose and prove its erotic existence in terms of the other What does this word mean? he enquired of the solemn waiter hopefully Nothing for desert sir , came the reply, perhaps a cocktail, demitasse or a herbal essence, it helps the breathing you know sometimes . The bill, if you don't mind , quickly he shot back And as the patter of the feet faded in the room, for he barely heard them now, his eye slowly began to close, and by the time he emerged on the sunny street he was forced to rely entirely on the other eye for help, but happily it continued its many functions, blinking gently for lubrication, and registering images It was rush hour, in Hawaii only 10am So, turning into his street, he stopped at the drug store and bought an eye patch that soon covered the reluctant eye Climbing the stairs he pondered what to do next, he would call a doctor and have tests made, eat nourishing food and if necessary consent to surgery, the last resort of the gambling man And at 1am he awoke from a dream and after fumbling his way in the obolescent light of his room he peered into the rusty veins of his mirror and lifted away the patch What he saw astonished him. Where once was tremulous tissue and membrane was now a follicle and perfectly formed vagina with vulva, overgrown and mysterious, unrevealing and still to the untrained eye But in the deep dark recesses of that sticky occlusion lay the unclosing watchful eye of disgust in its closing moments, lunging forward and hungry for the cold light of days

There More To This Woman

Eleanor McEvoy "Snapshots"
I Something came along And stopped me right in my tracks I'd tell you what it was But I can't be exact II But it filled me with strength And it held me intact When it blessed me with courage And shamed me to act III I'm unable to establish The moment in time When swallowed in rhetoric And dressed up in rhyme IV I went and faced the music And all that entailed The right on my side gave Wind to my sails CHORUS When it's time, let it go, You've got to let it go. When the time has come, you have to let it go V You took me for granted You took me for mad And you know you took advantage Of the trust that I had VI It shocked me to notice The mess I was in It hurt me to find out The fool that I'd been VII I know you always Underestimated me There's more to this girl Than the girl (that) you see VIII You thought that when you'd gone I'd be fallin' apart But there's more to this woman Than a woman's heart But there's more to this woman Than a woman's heart REPEAT CHORUS IX There's a time to be faithful There's a time to be brave I was trying to rescue Struggling to save X Every little piece of What was left to me here Every little shred Of all I held dear XI Until piece by piece And bit by bit I gathered them together And I made them all fit XII Until standing tall And feeling strong I'm facing the future And my life goes on And then life still goes on REPEAT CHORUS


Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
We gon do it like this, do it like this, word Check it out yo, yo, yo Chorus: (2x) Through difficult times it's hard to maintain Lookin for the shelter that blocks out the rain Stress and pain could leave a mark on the brain But one thing's for sure black God remains [Beretta 9] Through difficult times lots of unexpected My pops disapproves cause I wanna make records But check it, my home life for second, I feel neglected I bounce the first chance I get, I stop to think a second I wreck it, damn I'm gonna need a place to sleep No major CREAM I call up the God Supreme I analyse, I'm plannin up a strategy Fuck a fantasy I'm dealin with reality Mentality that's wilder than the average cat I snatch a CREAM and sell a nigga's candlewax I hit the tracks, I hold cycle with my brothers All is understood, peace lies amongst each other But meanwhile, I maintain to keep the same I smoke a bone every now and then to ease the pain But through the struggle I know that only God remains Chorus (2x) [Shogun Assasson] The streets is bugged Seein young soldiers pedal drugs by the pound The scheme is to catch CREAM at a fast rate Start movin the product from state to state Lay up and watch the profits inflate Now you're a big time hustler, full time heavyweight contender But you must remember That your thoughts must be cold just like December Stay low key so you won't catch a case Throws comin in from the fiends who smoke base Madman clientele, see your apartment start to swell The last thing on your mind is a jail cell You're blind, all you see is money Lost in the illusion of luxury It's a shame, you're in the game for the fame and the name So spin the wheel of misfortune I heard with the sling that escorts ya Now your life is in jeopardy Because you the brothers that's livin in the army Chorus (2x) Keep calm and don't expose and weak points We'll all line up and fight together I say, we must all stay together as a single unit *continues on beginning of next track*

Follow Your Dream

Sheryn Regis
people laugh us there stare at you and say she's got no where to go but if they only know you're thinkin when did i go wrong how should i move on inspite of what i see they're losing faith in me you tell your self to belive that in every feet it takes a heart to endure all the pain and grief having the hope to see the best that you can be Chorus follow your dream the courage found within your soul is keeping you so strong tht you can rise each time you fall and stand upon your arm those time you won't go wrong just give ur best to hold your will cause instantsly becom the one you've always aimed to be got to find ur place where you've proudly face the worst that come ur way sometimes it's hard to say if you can stick to ur desire never lose the fire the curse of light inside for you to win the fight you tell your self to achieve you must not retrieve cause it's the top there be tops if you must compete learning the path of faith climb every road you take Chorus follow your dream the courage found within your soul is keeping you so strong tht you can rise each time you fall and stand upon your arm those time you won't go wrong just give ur best to hold your will cause instantsly becom the one you've always aimed of reaching that big soul but you can't describe all you're fears inside that one day you might be filled with worries just in time every misery meant to make you feel you're stronger to heard free Repeat chorus

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