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ARCHIVE lyrics - Londinium

All Time

Original and similar lyrics
Reflecting on what's been Though past will be future When again yesterday to be made For me hazy times fume all around Burning grass in a field of endless supplies Tall people casting shadows on the short Little people running circles round the wide Lazy times waste it well What better to do with my mind ! Crazy times no rhythm too hard Deep corners and people with my time Chorus : Overground in joy in clouds sunlit Snow untouched make pure silhouette Catches steam grass and dew Rays not harm the upward gaze Hosts bring out a game of openfields on the box Watch the guests who bring the heat of outside Flags of faith for boundaries to fight The young so wise before their time My time your time all time My time yout time all time Repeat Chorus Rhythm to your right rhythm the other side Expression outside and poetry inside Pleasure to your touch Taste of heaven on your mind And colours before your very eyes

Bad Blood

DORO PESCH "Angels Never Die"
Bad blood, rivers run dry Thunder comes and the Children cry bad blood never can change, no one here to blame bad blood, older than time followed me down from my fathers tribe bad blood, making me shake Running through my veins, bad blood Too many questions, so many unanswered times Most times the finger points at me In my confusion, might slip and cross the line I'm not to blame for all you see you can't help me it's in my soul pray for mercy, nowhere else to go REPEAT CHORUS : In my confession, I swear and cross my heart I stand before you what I am gunpowder ready, just waiting for a spark and those before me understand please protect me, keep me safe heaven help me, save me from this fate REPEAT CHORUS : Swimming hard and fast against the time lost in a flood of ancient fire REPEAT CHORUS :

That's Life

The fat bitch singing "show over" end opera Leader of the crack Rat Pack, I Sinatra They say I dissed Oprah, I'm like "so what? " I never get to jump up and down on a sofa (that's life) Now watch me as I Cruise like Tom through the slums Where the education's poor and the children growing dumb In the section of the city where saditty's don't come Where Mr. Cosby and Mrs. Winfrey won't come Unless it's a hurricane, then FEMA don't come Comin live from the city where the Dreamer came from Standing on the same corners that he stood upon I got violence in my waistband, death in my palm Ask em am I a bad guy? "Ya goddamn right! " I done seen how ya do a nigga when he doing right The Dream died on a balcony, standing at a hotel Now niggas whipping coke gel and a O tale We desegregated - put black with the white No longer marching for rights - they sparkin' a pipe (that's life) Pipe dreams, crack fiends, cars look like ice cream Kids see the bling bling, and they want them nice things All cause of tennis shoes, our kids drop out of schools They said be like Mike, so ball nigga (that's life) Now, Help me understand something... if you really a leader and you Really mean something to your people, ain't you supposed to Be in the community with your people? Ain't you supposed to Be there? Like the only people I see in the communities are Rappers and ball players, where the fuck all y'all doctors? Where y'all bourgeoisie niggas at? All the kids got is us! Grind Time Rap Game... Read an old magazine, check out a new dress I'd be having conversations with Cornel West Killer Mike don't give a damn if it's me ya ain't liking The last great debate I had was with Michael Eric Dyson Call me a dumb rapper? Girl stop, pardon me... You be hard pressed to find another rapper smart as me Maybe Jay-Z, 2Pac, C-U-B-E But Oprah'd rather put Supahead on TV Now whatcha white audience gon' think about we? The same white audience that watch Bill O' Reilly I saw the smirk on they face when you came at Luda The same nice ladies that forgave Martha Stewart So I can be a crook, take money off the books Just as long as I'm liked by a rich man's wife? OK, hold up. I can't rap about doing crime... but if I Actually do crime, and do time, I can come back out And have a TV show, with an all white audience, if I rob Shareholders of millions? (that's life) But if I rap about gettin some money on the block, it's A problem? Are you fucking retarded? I'm not even gonna tell you how stupid you are right now Cause you should already know... Grind Time Rap Game (that's life) Niecey had a man, not a mouse or a mole When the pressure come knockin, I ain't runnin in a hole George Bush don't like blacks? No shit, Sherlock! And his daddy CIA, and flooded the hood with rock And his momma said the women oughta feel at home Gettin raped in the bathroom in the Superdome The comment Kanye made was damn near right But Bush hate poor people, be 'em black or white (that's life) Hell yeah, I said it! Cause Oprah won't say it If Bill won't say it, and they still won't say it If you really bout intelligence, you really know I'm right If you lookin for some leadership, look for Killer Mike (that's life) Lookin for a movement, it's Grind Time Rap Game Kids see us in the street and go bang bang bang They see me on the street and on the corners they hang Myspace Grind Time Online, join the gang

Satisfied Mind

How many times have you heard someone say, If I had his money, I could do things my way. But little they know, it抯 so hard to find One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind. Once I was living in fortune and fame, Everything that I dreamed of to get a start in life抯 game. Then suddenly it happened, I lost every dime. But I抦 richer by far with a satisfied mind. 慍ause money can抰 buy back your youth when you抮e old, Or a friend when you抮e lonely Or a love that抯 grown cold. The wealthiest person is a pauper at times, Compared to the man with a satisfied mind. When life has ended, my time has run out, My friends and my loved ones I抣l leave, there抯 no doubt. But one thing for certain When it comes my time, I抣l leave this old world With a satisfied mind.

Days Gone By

Georgia Satellites "In The Land of Salvation and Sin"
(ricks part) Don't let this dream stop it feels so right nothing means nothing when the dark turns light let me wonder crazy and stumble back through the night head in the clouds with a hundred dollar bill nobody keeps score when it's time to kill and I oughta know better I can never buy me a thrill (chorus) and the memory comes back to me bring me back to days gone by and I can't pretend they'll come back again and I know too much, way too much to ask why you know I can't ask why (dan's part) oh let it fall down and shine it's sweet light on me as Richards tells a story every word he says has set me free (rick and dan) like a dream that's fading you can't catch when it's gone like a perfect night that's broken by dawn like everything you wanted out of reach from now on six out of seven still leaves you one shy you can look forever and never know why and it's time, it's time and the bottle just ran dry (repeat chorus)

Bring Out The Magic

AIR SUPPLY "Life Support"
When all else fails and you have nothing You know you really should believe in something Take a look at what you have To a dream that's not all that bad Don't waste time with all your thinking Wake up now your dreams are sinking Making the change is up to you You'll accept nothing less than the best (Chorus) Come, come, come on Bring out the magic Come, come, come on bring out the magic It's much quicker than the eye It's your mind and it's there all the time Say good-bye this is tomorrow Make your mind up not to follow You can lead yourself away Understand, you can have what you say (Chorus) You can lead yourself away Understand, you can have what you say You can stay with me now And tell me what you know You can stay with me now And tell me all you know (Chorus) You can lead yourself away Understand, you can have what you say (Chorus to fade)

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