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ARCHIVE lyrics - Lights


Original and similar lyrics
Completely done Too much now I can't touch you I'd drain my brain if only I could have you The system is too much It breaks me down and makes you suck Fuck, now I mistrust you The system makes me hurt you One times, one times, one times, one Discretely done Obviously now I've become suited, diluted Free from anything Yes please, I'd love your love So I can fuck it up This system is too much It breaks me down and makes you suck Fuck, now I am twisted This system makes me hurt you One times, one times, one times, one We cut and slice It makes us feel so very nice I'm simply demented Uneasy and dented I'd drain my brain if only I could have you This system is too much It breaks me down and makes you suck Now I can't trust you This system makes me hurt you One times, one times, one times, one

There Are The Time

These are the times, these are the times when I,these are the times, these are the times These are times when I, Don Corleone These are the times when I must get myself together, (times when I, yeahhhhhh) These are the times when I must get my self together (when I, times when I) [Verse 1] This is just the beginning it's gonna get rougher so have you ever planned to give an end In this dirty system that I and I have been giving in Rastafari is just the trodding and the living What you sow is what you reap never let the system make you thoughts be cheap The Most High's love cherish and keep Righteousness we all must seek Reggae de music we use and do it knock the masses off dem feet [x2] Yeahhhhh, yeahhhhh, yeah yeah, yeah , yeah [Chorus:] These are the times when I must get myself together Times when I look towards my brighter future These are the times when I must get myself together times when I, times when I, times when I, times when I, times when I Look in myself for my people and my future in the children coming (na na yeah) There is a generation coming and don't you let them down I won't be running I will be standing on my ground Preparing it for them so that day when they come forth Everything prepared and set already Get it steady cause we are responsible for everything now So get yourself together I mean right now The world's gonna be on your shoulder These are the times yeah These are the times, these are the times

Sober Up

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
[Joe Budden - Verse 1:] I broke down a while ago finally picking up the pieces Memoirs of how the undefeated Can feel depleted I dont talk to God as a matter of fact I plead with At times I hate my reflection and others I’m conceited half the time I’m arrogant other times I’m vengeful at times it’s to convince me, at times it’s to convince you done a lot of wrong but I aint never felt resentful its been so many times I’ve lost track of who to repent to half the time I’m in the cut dont want you to notice me roll with me and you’ll see that I’m only awkward socially half the time I’m spiteful, double barrell rifle I owe so many payback I feel like I got the right too so if you need a case in point you can refer to Budden and it will prove that painkillers never murdered nothing all it did was make me succumb put ice in me put ice in me, make me numb when I revisit the places it takes me from I’m strong... [Chorus:] Strong enough to catch contact right smell it as soon as you get in my ride see with me, rules never apply dont tell me how I should live my life put your seat back, got it if you need that you should really fuck with me tell me if you wanna ride or die, la la la la la la la la [Joe Budden - Verse 2:] Listen up as the center reports my inner thoughts are like a inner war headaches act as a trembling force on my mental ward mentals distraught every word fromt his sentence the boss it’s brought to you like the people your ministers Porsche tight roping on dental floss before the haters begin to get lost coke and weed got my temperment off but why would my temper get lost when as soon as the temperature frost I’m probably having intercourse in a resort criminal report, pricey condo’s at a minimal cost my train of thought aint as simple as yours so if our paths happen to incidentally cross I pray that you can overlook all my miniature flaws until then lets let the bass kick take the shots straight I dont see a need to chase it trying to fight the urge til there’s something to replace it I welcome ya’ll to be my co-pilots on this spaceship [Chorus] [Joe Budden - Verse 3:] Yo, me and the game would get so blunted we’d order take out from the chinese stores they make sure you bring change for a hundred rob em, safety on the metal’s off figured if we beat the breaks off em then how the fuck was he gon pedal off some live and die by the high, I was born by it since Pac gave my mom the needle like go on try it got me feeling like aint a nigga can harm me so I go and scoop a mommy that wanna come join the army she was so militant, disciplined, intelligent so I whispered to her, bet you wouldnt mind shilling it I got to know her on my sofa I gave her my honourable discharge and she took like a soldier since she the type you gotta watch when she come around really she only get high so she can come down lost her when I said she aint gotta settle once you start to handle life you’ll be on the same level [Chorus] [Crooked I - Verse 4:] When I was five this what my father said I should have pulled you out and left you on your momma’s waterbed you asked me, my poppa’s dead alcoholic jeans from him since a toddler bottle fed put me on your stainless, I’m brainless, I’m a hollow head my life was the crazyiest surprised I’m even walking, can you blame me if I’m atheist but I aint Stephen Hawkings I know God is in my radius I can see him walking in the face of an innocent baby but not when preacher’s talking my people sleep in coffins I miss em I’m breaking down in the face of a bad bitch that I’m supposed to be taking down baby ride while I’m crying, I’m dying inside cause my pain is beside a giant lethiathon and I’m hiding from the World they hit me with everything but the kitchen sink how ironic? same place I vomit when I lick a drink apparently I need to get a shrink how can therapy take care of me when I don’t give a fuck what niggas think! [Chorus]

I Know

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
(What you learn in jail you can't learn in the street that's learnin patients I just finished doin 10 years up north. I just came home from doin 10 years. I done did 10 years staight I went in 16 came home 26. I Gave the system about 15 years of my life. I gave these crackers man 17 years of my life man The prison system gave me 15 to life and I gave'em back 10.) God forgive me for my worldly ways Hit the street at a early age tryn to come up off the pearly yay The late nights to the early days all a nigga knew is street life Young G's beneth the street lights try not to catch street strikes You better run you see police lights these nights (Squala) I'm hated by few loved by many Getttin faded with the crew gettin buzzed off henny Now the liquer got my mind runnin They say we ballin but the times runnin so I'm tryin to beat the shot clock Winter time heated seats on the drop top Dinner time we gone eat when the block hot Shit well who gone stop us A grew of mobsters and we lueger poppers Till we subdued by coppers Loyalty is everything so all my niggas know they can call on me for anything (I served 10 years straight up um in them 10 years I lost everything I loved my pops my moms Can you just imagine goin to jail in 1989 and them tellin you your release date is on febuary 2004 that Shit is crazy I gave the prison system a decade 10 years of my life) I can't call it cause I might spoil it I'm two sips from being alcoholic In my hood that the nights chourus and this toast goes to lifes losses and all my soilders livin life lawless Not worried what it might cost us And fuck the price brought us vvs on white flawless ain't nothin fresher than my white forces more than white forces they on our back like christ crosses I'm extra large due to success try to nail me for a weapon charge due to my rep try tell me take a plea bargin fuck it so I tell'em take that plea bargin shove it and Fuck the chip it's like the worlds on my shoulders we cop bricks and mix the girl with the soda sit it the pot let twirl with the water if you got a weak stomach you might hurl from the odor (We were just bad to the bone we were gangsta so we never did get a chance to prove to anybody how much good we had inside of us all they heard about was how drive bys and how many guns and how much dope we had so they never gave us the chance to figure out what was good about us) [Chorus:] You ani't got tell me about ccomin from nothin cause I know were livin in the fast lane my nigga sometimes it gets slow yeah heard that we be hustlen tryin to make it but steady strugglin, but you ain't gotta tell me about comin from nothin cause I know. There's a war goin on outside no man is safe Watch the snitches cause they close by And tell my niggas keep there hopes high I got vision goin multi My eye sight is like 20/20 and hine sights like 20/20 And limelight is every bit of envy Watch the snakes cause they gettin friendly Watch the jakes cause they tryin to end me [Chorus]

Lyrical Lullaby

[Savage-C:] A whole defensive line couldn't stop my rhymes, I leave tricks flatlined with columbine lines And crack spines, I leave mics numb with morphine, Your team could step and get blazed like nicotine, Burned like gasoline in the tank of my beam, Sunk like submarines while I fuck a marine, I'm A Team, about to blow up like caroseen, My flows is hittin like a pipe with no smokescreen More lines than magazines, droppin verses like fumbles ... I turnbuckles in lyrical royal rumbles While you bitches stumble, we shake em like runnin backs Kickin up more dust than Carl Lewis runnin track My flash then Kodak, kickin lip when I'm pimpin, Bustas could'ntsee me with mothafuckin restrictions I pop the clip in for suckas who start friction To keep you bustas movin like this was an eviction [Andre Nickatina:] I'm from "don't five a fuck dot com" I spit these raps like two gats plus the holy Qur'an It's essential I bust like a block monsta, Duck low from the blaze of this helicopta Like Agatha Christie, you're dyin a mystery, Because these streets are real, seriously Buggs Bunny mothafuck you know who I am, Rap gun slanger yo Simity Sam Yo, spicy like Cajun rice, cold as ice You rev like the Dodge Daytona with the pipes My empires strikes back for tigas and Jedis Lyrics that kill rhymes, 2 to the 4 5 My soul is the soul of a replicon, Decepticon, and you ain't even met Shere Khan Cause I'll bounce you like a Polo stick off a brick, Then lose you in the smoke of the cannabis Yo, the popeye crooked eye, strapped with a alibi The only MC to shoot you a lullaby Darth Vader force, of course, round the neck MC slugs, of course, round the chest This is how we blaze for Jah, rock your Kah And tell those freaks to, yeah, drop your brah The pisces killa whale is like a diary And I'm a boss at what I do, you can't fire me [Savage-C:] I grab the mic and spit flows til I decompose, I been screamin "fuck the hos" since I was an embryo And fuck the radio, I'm stayn strictly underground And, Fuck a trick, I wouldn't save a bitch if she was drownin 2 10s poundin in my 325 Rippin 10 times 65, combined with 4 and 5 Comin straight from the west like a south paw crackin jaws, A player with a bigger sack than Santa Claus My shits raw, that's why I'm bout ta blow like land mines Equipped with more lines than the New York Times My rhymes is dope like a syringe of heroin Cause I got my shit together like Siamese twins You fake like a mannequin, your flows ain't tight Bitch ass MC's could'ntsee me in daylight And this collaboration, is for a classic compilation, 5-0s hatin, I'm hittin fences like immigration


Are we recording? I wrote this song last night, and I'm not sure about some of the lyrics, but I'll give it a shot. John's new girlfriend is a cunt I don't know what he sees in that bitch She'll ruin our lives This bands gonna break up if that whore does not die John's got to stop taking LSD It's making him think she's a 10, really she's a 3. What the fuck? Looks like her face got ran over by a truck Dump that bitch Dump that bitch And stop being a motherfucking dick Ringo won't shut the fuck up And George keeps writing stupid fucking songs That's my job I'm the musical genius, they can all just suck my nuts Suck my nuts Suck my nuts And while you're down there, suck my cock Fuck this shit, I've got a plan Linda and I will start our own band And call it Metallica Metallica, yeah, that is a good name for a band Metallica Metallica I'll have to run that name by Linda Our new band Metallica is going to be super sick If Linda ever dies, I'll marry a one-legged bitch And then divorce her six years later 'Cause she was such a fucking bitch

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