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ARCHIVE lyrics - Controlling Crowds

Razed To The Ground

Original and similar lyrics
The unassailable leading me down the wide path, I consider the scale the whole aftermath, from the land I sketch a grand design, a being in time, message the floodlight will shine, divine skies will open, open road chosen pausing in time frozen, best left unspoken, about the life settling down, steadily lowered into the ground the sound is quite deafening, confounded regiments getting hounded out, never better the fallout of the sidesplitter, rise of the switch-hitter, watch as he grows bitter, foreseeable futures they be selling him down the river, purified and maybe when we refine and say, you'll be hearing him coming from half a mile away, contemplation still thinking it over onward we soldier clearer than present danger, us we as a planet handing arms to the generations down the line what is left behind? Conscience cannot carry the weight of consequence, says a voice who then utters a vote of confidence, see the level of minerals going down to ground zero, nothing can be stopping declines cycle, wheels turn the sucking it dry desert, but the oceans wave is on the rise in front of your eyes, paralysed you’re rooted into the spot, you can’t move the rot is setting in at a rate of knots. So far from the truth, unavoidable proof revelations will raise the roof, the revolutions will be televised to sensationalise and destabilise, I'm wide eyed aware and wiser to the scandal, it is too much for one man to handle, stand together we might stand a hope in hells chance or else a threatening fate waits.

No Great Pretender

[Malik B] Check it out, one two M-illi-tant I be the, alias Malik B Internationale rationale All the people up 68th Ave. and across Broad Street or Silk Lane in South Philly And on, et cetera Check it out, check it out Chorus: The Roots Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders So when we begin to assassinate your cast members Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders So when we begin to assassinate your cast members Verse One: Malik B Dig it, cool calm collect in my perspective Search the premises, I leave no clues for detectives My verbal impact across your back slap You talk about you see me, but your vision's full of cataract It don't matter that, your glass house I shatter that Bad luck I walk under now show me where the ladder at Pull up the urinal organs up in your bladder cat Approachin you with shriller rhetoric, as if you had a sac Now crews down for it, your gas pedal floor it with ammo and artillery and stash spots to keep and store it I used the banner of a slant with a zort Change your strategic plan, my man's getting bored Your vocal chord is fraudulent, and not the true porcelain I bring the fire, earth, and the source of wind The force of sin will endorse the pen We all search for sanity, but I think that it was lost again Now which stick of artists, can be the smartest My beam of sunlight shines the brightest in the forest Regardless, artists dislike because I'm ? Control the temper, makin MC's whimper I tilt the Earth from off the axis in the center Next I'm in the womb like a placenta M-Illi-Tant the city ninja, uplift cause I'm the soul avenger, remember I'm no great pretender Chorus 2X Verse Two: Black Thought Strategis, I bet y'all niggaz can't believe this I read you like a whole avenue that's filled with meters parked, fuck your back talk, I watch how niggaz cat-walk over my pit of venom and send em to the asphault For inquisitives, who wanna try to test me What protects me, will make you shake like epilipsy Plague your neighborhood with lyrical le-prosy Stimulate more than Ecstasy y'all niggaz check my recipe Dig it, I must observe it, analyze when I'm chillin Peep out who's the villain then make your whole pavillion of a Sicilian, excuse the greed don't want a mill' I want a zillion - stacks of Franklins to the ceiling I counts stacks imported, fuck the yacht and the mansion I want Pluto and Jupiter, political, universal expansion Buy out Tommy and Halle Hanson Kidnap America, ? you hold it for ransom Pass it down to my grandson, I got no time to be romancin Only time's for mental food and advancement This game of Life is strictly chancein - get to know the nature before I get know the nigga while I'm glancing Enhancing, is my mental - I play in the midst a squad a team most crews is not in the halfs of rentals My utensils, display a whole variety Even when in the cut niggaz can't cut they anxiety Peep, I fill your brain with suspicion, pay attention like you paid tuition, and stop all your bull-ishin The rap chemist in the lab to the finish The mic is my apprentice, cause I can't stand courts or tennis, my pigmentation is the menace That's why the system's always tryin to pursue with a blemish Pale asses, think a nigga in this My flow's tremendous, for the meal you can't replenish The question you ask me, situation get worse Fam I won't befriend ya, cause I'm no great pretender Chorus 2X [Malik B] It's like that, one time for your mind Fifth Dynasty, interwine and combine M-Illi-Tant The Bad Lieuten-ant One hundred X, Bahamadia Minds and souls, like that Fifth Dynast', my man ?, P.R. Star My man Slick Looka Check it out, one time like that Feel the Fifth The One-Fifth attack Your backbone and spine Check it out Brother Q.U.E.S.T. South Philly, ?

Revolving Door

CRAZY TOWN "Gift Of Game"
[CHORUS:] Now Ladies come, ladies go, Out my revolving door Some ladies never come back, Most come back for more. I've got a house in the hills With a door that spins. Goes in and out, Out and in, ‘Round and ‘round again. I live a life these player haters Would love to be living. Since a kid, I've been surrounded By beautiful women. And slippen' in them To win them The unforgiven. Still something's missing, Cuz deep inside I'm suffering Of a lonely heart condition. Wishing I could find a girl That would take me away From the chaos of the city And the everday part that I play. Tell me why lay low, Why say no When I got girls serenading at My window. Ladies good to go We's major league The new breed. No so-so. Highly advanced and got the game To get in any girl's pants. And romance her stone Cuz I more than hold my own They call me Shifty Capone I make them moan Yes, I'm the one. Between the sheets, I amaze and stun. Ain't no need for me to brag About the way that I'm hung. Let's just say I got the skills To get the flyest girl sprung. Or to take and make An older lady feel young. [CHORUS] I keep my girls in rotation, Door rotating. You looking for a good time, I'm always on vacation. You could stop by baby, If you want to try your luck. But don't waste my time, Unless you're down to fuck. Unless you're coming back for more, Well then you know what's up. You know the routine Girl, you're not the one. You're just a one night fling. Some ass to hold this casanova over. Till the right girl pass, I'll drop this lifestyle fast. Cuz what I'm really looking for Is the one will last And make my present past. My adolescence surpassed. By the will to chill, I'm looking for something real. In a world of fake hos in high heels I'll drop hot wax on your nipples, Causing trouble. And when you ride me, Yo, I'll be throwing up that triple double My sex drive's kicking. I'm sexually exploring. So many possibilities, It seems my life could never get boring. Cuz I'm not fucking around. I'll rub you down the right way. I'll rock your world nightly. So, can I hit it lightly Yo, girl, I like it like that. Let me hit it from the back. I'm a natural aphrodisiac. Better known as a Mac. [Chorus]

Goodie Bag

GOODIE MOB "Soul Food"
Put some fire on that ass end of dat weed Cause in da SWAT's red hots don't drip or bleed Cuz', you know me, givin' me left hand dap P-funk be ridin' shot gun escort your window broke out son A cool breeze got my lips chap, mornin' slap some Soul in my bread basket gap contain X marks the spot twain, O.C. the cut layin' a stew of empty gas in my tank A buck thirty lookin' ugly - think, but it ain't gonna stop no show Ol' burd puttin a buzz in you ear It's gonna snow or maybe perhaps sleet Rap up the beat outside barely made it to your wake Lookin' like Mr. Fisher, dickie down no suit, no tie Niggaz ain't gonna be able to just get by no mo' You leavin' the hotel - 254 Today was good to me I went to the Goodwill with the ten dollar bill Got that London Fog out tha back paid tha man Me and Khujo and T-Boo, three jack lumbers on tha loose Cut your ass Lo like Cee, be under tha water Half these figures around me be hollering Newt Now what the fuck has this politician did for you Complain, complain but Mr. Clampett ain't gon' change Just ribb your ass up just to gut your pockets out I heard Bill put two G's up for some folks That they found in they house beat up And I don't discuss that color scheme that they fall on Cuz tha scheme that they fall on don't match wit my tone See, I wonder will I walk tha streets in 1995 And not have to make bond from 254 Uh, will somebody please turn the lights on 166 I can't see where tha fuck I'm going, I can't do shit but get mad I can't keep get Billie and his uncle out my fuckin' Goodie Bag... Without your shank you can't thank Without your niggas you up the creek Stank with a ass fool of ore takin' what I say for what it's worth It don't matter cuz how I feel might be triggered From thoughts I had in the past Now I struggle to reach the sky why try so hard If all I'ma get is spit on Cause life at the bottom ain't hittin on shit But some of these folks is gettin rich I know about mines, unwind, can't take at times going through The same drama that got me here in this state of mind... Red-hot in the summer time First of all, I stand a little more than five feet tall But we can still brawl nigga, I ain't scared at all I guess you niggas don't know or can't see That it ain't even wise steppin' to me incorrectly But yet still when nigga's feel they can deal I will split yo' ass up for real Cause we the maniacs with the chunky Goodie sac's So I don't carry an ax, but I still swing low with the lumber jax trax Are being made by Organo-i-z-e Why we coolin' in the shade ain't gettin paid For chillin, illin' willin' to do what I got to do To come thru your speaker Cee-Lo, he will never come weaker Uniquer than a lot of emcees out today Because I'm more than careful about what I say When I pick up a microphone it's on Them better leave me alone, I'm in my zone Prone to snap if you offer me a chance Like it when them chunky hoes can dance I'll enhance the microphone when it's in my grip, I do not slip I can't forget my nigga's Jo, T-Mo, and Gipp Ha, ha, ha, well Great Scott, is he a thief It seems like he has a mouth fulla gold teeth I smile because your eyes can't take the glare But Cee-Lo, him don't care, I cut off all my hair And everybody stop and stare when we come in the place And I can get on the mic wit no time to waste Get right up in yo' face, kick the flavor you taste And when I'm on the microphone it's a damn disgrace How you don't comprehend what I'm saying to you And I'm the C, the double E from the Goodie Mo Crew I'm coming thru, I'm comin' true, ooh I can't even stop It's Cee-Lo B, I'm down wit that nigga pop, pop, pop and my nigga Mike L And Bert P and my nigga Pretty Ken, you know he down wit me We from Atlanta, G-A, that is where we stay I'm diggin all in the Goodie Bag each 'n ever day Ooooh shit!!

Stop Being Greedy

DMX "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot"
[DMX] uh-huh, uh-huh [x4] [Hook] Y'all been eatin long enough now stop bein greedy Just keep it real partner give to the needy Grips is touchy, so don't make me wait fuck around and I'm go'a bite you and snatch the plate [DMX] I could flip that flow, I could stick that hoe I could get that dough, you know I'm with that yo And the thing about the shit I came through, I haven't seen But when it gets dark, it's like a nigga's havin dreams All nightmares, the light dares to desert me Got me like everybody wants to hurt me Paranoid, so I strike out at what ever The closest thing to me is gonna get it but, never Will I, can I think death is wrong So I'ma keep holdin on til, what's left is gone You could put that on my nigga Boone These other rap cats will give a nigga room But if it ccalls for me to force my way in the door Headhuntin mother fuckers, stay on the floor 4-4, that's what I get sick wit rrrrrrr Four more, now all this is liquid rrrrrr [Hook x2] [DMX] I thank the lord everyday that I'm blessed with a gift I'm The best, so, unless you wanna rest with the stiff Don't touch that, uh-uh, leave it alone When you walk pass the dog house leave it a bone Dogs bite, dogs fight, dogs knife Scratch, shake, and hold all night So when you hear the arf arf, start runnin Cause when you hear the arf arf, I'm comin But I don't like drama so I say to myself, 'Keep focus with this rap shit and pray for the wealth I want the money and give me the honeys with big asses The most expensive champagne you got in big glasses' I'm broke so I'ma bash his head wide open Beggin me to stop but at least he died hopin Didn't get his wish, and now he's a dish with a cat Two glowin red eyes, everything else is black [Hook x2] [DMX] When the sun is up the gun is up on the shelf And all the runners up are thankin me for their help Hopin that they not around when it gets dark outside Sun's goin down you hear the bark outside Locks off the cage, gauge, With the buck shots, faggot You've been lucky all day thats when your luck stops One drops, and another and another Gun pops, go into you and your mother When does it all end, I found a friend in a dog Cause fuckin wit these cats will send a friend to the morgue Many questions, no answers, just stress Try to hold my head and remember that I'm blessed If you curse and it gets worse as time goes by Can't see straight cause I'm so high, Why ask why when you know Nigga when its your time to go, You go [Hook x4]

Going Home With Me

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
[JD talking to R.O.C.] [JD] I'm feelin' that 2x, is you wit' me? I'm the type you see at the bar, fresh, buyin' it up And every girl I talk to, yeah I'm tryin' to cut I tell'em all I'm Chi Chi and it's nice to meet ya Real quick, I tell how she got all the right features The jams come on and the glasses get refilled We dance and watch the relations build Now I'm all up in her ear and she listenin' At the same time, watchin' how a nigga glistenin' BLING! BLING! I'm thinkin' it's bout time to go Get the B out of valet and start the late night show Niggas hate, I know but I don't stop I shine I'm in the club every week, same place, same time Same thing on the mind, PARTY! PARTY! So the hell with all that, we tryin' to find somebody The right kind 'fore the lights come off Shit, I'm tryin' to take sumpin' home [Chorus] Now if I buy you a drink and you drink it up Then, uh, you goin' home with me (and all my niggas say) And if you talkin' at a party and we talk too much Then, uh, we goin' home with me Now if you came with a friend that don't wanna do my man Then you need to give her your keys Tell her to call you tomorrow or give you a beep Cause tonight, you going home with me, ya heard? [JD] Now, is it because my name's Jermaine? no It's all about how I kick my game, you know? I just flow with it, spend a little dough with it Entertain, before you know, I'm in your brain doing my thang Tellin' you how good you smell Send you up for a drop top cruise through the A-T-L Now when they tipsy, it's risky, you don't know what you facin' Fuck around and end up like Anthony Mason So I let'em know a few things before we leave Like, "it's true, I tapes damn near everything" So don't even think about lyin', baby Or try baby, to set me up for rape cause it's all on tape Where you said put the cake How you fed me the grapes What I did with the ice that made you shake, shake Now when the night's over and the girl is gone I'm back up in the club singin' the same damn song [Chorus] Now, walk in, I'm the grown man that you figure to trick But I'm feelin' your dress, girl and lovin' your hips But I'm buggin' off this, "Why you stuck on the wrist?" Golddigger, huh, mommy? Oh, you ain't that bitch? Ain't that some shit? Suddenly, you hugs and kisses Gotta be the dough you holdin' so obvious wit' it I get G's to flash, T.V.'s in the dash See Sinbad, watchin' Vibe, ladies clockin' to ride Luxury flows, lengerie hoes, R.O.C. hit'em mo' than Jose Conseco Uh, RBI's, orange top fly, the brown skin, slim The nice braids, brown eyes R.O.C.'s stay pimpin' from Jersey to Richmond Y'all playas waitin' to ball like 6th men I'm done with the game, point spread by a hundred Speakin' of hundreds, five's is a nice way to slide it, let's ride [Chorus]

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