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ARCHIVE lyrics - Controlling Crowds - Part IV

Thought Conditioning

Original and similar lyrics
Your misguided mind seeks presence of a greater, from around the equator, as we move via soul, via sound, surrounds all verbalization nation never will it be, like the same way again, so they blend human nature in the excess, less you know the whole combination of a paragraphs genetic complex, many pages in the book, through the ages, take a look out of a room with a dark view, view a time I never knew and I’m never gonna be without drive on the highways taken, making every move, with a brain swift and nimble as a being I resemble my god, it’s hard and I recognize and deliver from the me to me, seem to be, high society, are down low, showing all out, out of body experience, looking at your own reflection, correct mind thought conditioning. Cast a revelation for the time of day, eventual panic attacks me, but I come back with a new determination, knock wood, street solid rock, clock tick a time, are you inclined to be the anonymous, I’m ever living like Israelite, those who funk faking, we’re breaking now that were taking it out of sight, like a spark, dynamite ignite, light a flame fire burn, live and learn, no cause for your concern, never antagonize me, fear is not always overcome, some thrive on this, live on this stratosphere, we near a new day, fear inside us all you know you can’t deny it, I, keep on stepping use minds, lethal weapon, it’s time being taken, history is in the making, by the day, hold a thought for the ones that slept but to me dignity was like kept, we’re in the line of fire, I will not break or take your petty excuse for the lack of punctuation, natures on the down slope, still I stand vertical position three ways, intuition over paths of belief, I keep it brief and let your own interpretation know the real meaning of my alternative, it wrecks typical, from the back I will speech my peace, my release will let the hard times cease.

It's On

DMX "The Great Depression"
Ugh Dmx Clueminati Is ya'll motherfuckers ready for the Ruff Ride! Grrrrr! [1st Verse] When I speak I'm understood, my decision is wood See what I'm able to see, (ugh) cuz my vision is good It's like I see through the eyes of a wise old man So I chill, and when I can kill this guy's whole fam Something better to be thought dumb and remain silent Then to open your mouth and remove () cuz if it came violent See I'm gonna give it to you straight, so you don't ask anymore You don't really want what you asking me for It's a war (ugh), when it's on it's on, when I'm long (what) Till I'm gone and I ain't got long But while I'm here, (ugh) ya'll niggaz gonna burn Be () after this money (what) and ya'll niggaz gonna learn All this fucking weak you've been talking about that driveby And they did nothing but driveby's Listen shorty I'm telling you this for your own good (Uhh) Everybody is the man in they own hood, for real [Chorus x4] Yeah cuz if it's on it's on Bitch niggas keep frontin' then your ass is gone!! [2nd Verse] I always keep my enemies the closest (uhh) Always make sure I know where the toast is (uhh) Always cover my tracks when I creep Always get away when I'm done to relax to D I always know the rules of the game before I play And always keep enough dough to know I'm good for the day Always walk my dogs off the leash and Always get my thoughts off the streets and Always will ever lend a hand in borrow And always no matter what plan for tomorrow I always pay my respects to the dead I always take at least one blunt to the head Now always know -- (cut off) is gonna end up getting fucked And always know-- (cut off) is gonna end up getting stuck! I'm always strapped; I'm always cracked I've always rapped; it's always that Always black [Chorus x4] [3rd Verse] Never try to knock off rock on the block that ain't yours Never take a man's life cuz you hate yours Never become so involved with something that it blinds you Never forget where you from someone who reminds you Never take for granted what's been given as a gift And if I sleep on -- (cut off) left that nigga stiff Never turn your back on -- you don't trust Never turn your gat on -- and don't bust Never expect to give away with cent -- more than twice Never forget you could get it too for a price Never bring a two and -- if you scared to die Never gonna do it -- if you scared to drive Never gonna be another day it gets dark Never get it -- here for the heart Never say never, cuz I never thought, this never thought never Ever caught better, getting cheddar, with doing better, Dmx! [Chorus x4] Uhh Dmx Clueminati 9-8 Ruff Ryder's Motherfucker Ya'll niggaz don't know, how it's gonna go, For real (uhh!) It's Dark & Hell is Hot Y-O Motherfucker School Street Home of the Brave we all here baby Mundo! Telemundo! What!

Iv Keep Thy Daemon Inside

Divina Enema
(I said: 'Perhaps you will be willing to show me my eternal lot, and we will contemplate together upon it, and see whether your lot or mine is most desirable.' ...So the Angel said: 'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me, and thou oughtest to be ashamed.' I answered: 'We impose on one another, and it is but lost time to converse with you whose works are only Analytics'. I have always found that Angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the Only Wise. This they do with a confident insolence sprouting from systematic reasoning.) ...ALL THIS BECAUSE OF THEM WHO CAN'T EXIST WITHOUT EACH OTHER... AND NOW I HOPE YOU'RE GOING TO ABANDON YOUR FOOLISH QUEST AT LEAST What's going on outside? Who is that? Why are you trying to enter? Stop it, I'm going to cry - Don't try to creep under the shelter Lie down and wait for me! - Take back the hands of yours! Prepare to pick your sick And open the doors Meet second angel and keep him inside. He's one you're not to like Who looks gargoyle alike In the name of... There's important piece of news - But just have a look at this What can you say? You won't refuse To catch and eat your enemies Have we ever met before - You're looking like a dead Have we ever met before - I have never seen like that And I will probably never see it again! - (I) belong to you my Dear As you belong to me In the name of GOD! Nobody found the invisible border Is breaking up your brain to the pieces Keep your daemon inside Your ego and your mind Because your angel can't live without him (He shalt be) not alive, not alive THEY CAN'T EXIST WITHOUT EACH OTHER Each of people keeps inside Daemon next to the holy Angel Each of people keeps inside Good and evil, black and white I am uneasy 'cause I can lose my will - I do not want to pay this diabolic bill! Too late and you must keep your daemon inside! He's one you're not to like Who looks gargoyle alike In the name of... Because of your sick idea - Because of your infinite wishes You got the key with me: We're going to open almost any door There is unholy key deep down in your soul I'm over there... I am yours for ever more! You are possessed with me and keep me inside! (I) belong to you my Dear As you belong to me In the name of GOD! Forlorn between the fragile pages of eternity - Thus lost among the countless tomes of your fears and insanity. You're loath to be impassive to the surges of your destiny But now your mutilated corpse obeys the law of mortuary. Astray within your puzzling mind, Obviously you couldn't meet me - I haven't spoken when I am arrived - Keep me inside, my newfound mistress... You or me - who looks gargoyle alike Decide which one so keep me inside! Strange venture none the less - This brew is gone, your pot as used to be Empty - There is only echo screams there more than terribly. Oh let me live inside demented kingdom of infinity - Infinity of all your dreams and now obey my sorcery.

Party Girl

Linda Rondstadt "Mad Love"
written by Elvis Costello 1979 Plangent Vision Music (BMI) They say I'm nothing but a party girl Just like a million more all over the world I know I shouldn't be raising my hopes so high But I have seen the hungry look in their eyes They'd settle for anything in disguise of love Seen the party girls look you over Seen them leaving when the party's over They can't touch me now You say you don't mind We're so hard to find I could give you anything but time Give it just one more try Give it a chance Starts like fascination Ends up like a trance You'll never be the guilty party will you Maybe someday we can go hiding from this world Maybe I'll never get over this change in style But I don't want to lock you up and say you're mine Don't want to lose you or say good-bye I'm the guilty party and I want my slice But I know you've got me in a grip-like vise They can't touch me now You say you don't mind We're so hard to find I could give you anything I would give you anything I can give you anything but time Time Time Time

Evil That Men Do

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
[Queen Latifah] You asked, I came, so behold the Queen Let's add a little sense to the scene I'm living positive, not out here knocked up But the lines are so dangerous, I ought to be locked up This rhyme doesn't require prime time I'm just sharing thoughts of mine Back again cause I knew you wanted it From the Latifah with the Queen in front of it Dropping bombs, you're up in arms, you're puzzled The lines will flow like fluid while you're guzzling The sip I drop you on a BDP-produced track From KRS to be exact It's a Flavor Unit quest that today has me speaking Cause it's knowledge I'm seeking Enough about myself, I think it's time that I tell you About the evil that men do Situations, reality, what a concept! Nothing ever seems to stay in step So today, here is a message to my sisters and brothers Here are some things I want to cover A woman strives for a better life, but who the hell cares? Because she's living on welfare I government can't come up with a decent housing plan So she's in no man's land It's a sucker who tells you you're equal [KRS-One] You don't need him, Johannasburg's crying for freedom! [Queen Latifah] We the people hold these truths to be self-evident [KRS-One] But there's no response from the president [Queen Latifah] Someone's living the good life, tax-free Except for a girl, can't find a way to be crack free And that's just part of the message I thought I had to send you about the evil that men do Tell me, don't you think it's a shame? When someone can put a quarter in a video game But when a homeless person approaches you on the street You can't treat him the same It's time to teach the def, the dumb, the blind That black-on-black crime only shackles and binds You to a doom, a fate worse than death But there's still time left Stop putting your conscience on cease And bring about some type of peace Not only in your heart, but also in your mind It will benefit all mandkind Then there will be one thing that will never stop And it's the evil that men do

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Dayton Family "Fbi"
Yeah I want to dedicate this song to Jonathan Myers Horace Peterson Gemini Smith and Matthew Hingle. What's on yo mind? [Shoestring] No demonstration on this nation as a murderfest Got us locked in the jailcell the others they was put to rest I had no teacher it was like my pops had passed away Bought me a sweet and snapped his fingers he was gone away My house is hell I used bail down there on ?Acre? street Whole hood on ABC, pops in penetentiary Caught in the system, he's a victim of his shorty's past His son's a killa on the for reala, you best to watch yo stash What's on my mind, is my brotha's name Rodney King? Coulda been Shoestring, instead the devil chose Malice Green Can't go to sleep, not too deep cause I be hearin shots, Down on my block bodies drop, it'll never stop The ghetto drama for yo mama is a wicked sin God save her soul, don't wanna say it but my mom's a fiend Stand in the rain, can't take the pain, the stress is kickin in Mack's in the pen cause it was all about his dividends Life was a struggle, had to hustle, and sometimes buckle A swollen knuckle, lockin up was the ghetto couple Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell me what's on yo mind Chorus: Tell me, tell me, what's on yo mind? (2X) (What's on my mind, what's on my mind, Was it the chrome, too ??? the crime?) [Bootleg] Apply the pressure, drastic measures made the victim's fall One shot to the head, before they fled, they made em beg and crawl Can't stop the thunder in my mind, so who controls the storm? I fill my body full of drank and dank to keep it warm Please stop the killin, Lord a killa's what I'm born to be My mind's on murder God, homicides are all a see Please set me free from all the enemies that haunt my mind Why do the righteous, poor, and black suffer all the time? My mother talks to me, and tells me, Stop the violent killin Workin hard all day, tryin to make my pay Now how you think I'm feelin? What's on my mind, it's sad, look so small in kid's faces Knowin their daddy's doin 20 for some drug cases Never knew my daddy so I never could respect a man Learned to cook up drugs and hold my ground while other yougsters ran Gotta be a man, so my plan is to pursue my dreams My family's gotta eat so I'm gon keep on feedin fiends Know what I mean, the same routine almost everyday Law's pushin me, so I'm gon keep on stackin hay Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell me, what's on yo mind? Chorus (2X) [Night and Day] Try to stop these fires, but they got me trapped inside the fence Wanna represent his death, cause murder's what I'm up against It makes no sense to me, the troubles that run through my head Wakin up in the mornin, knowin the grave might become my bed I shoulda fled, but from my problems, I can't get away No matter when or where I go, they're with me everyday I'm shootin the dice and drinkin the liquor to set my mind free And tryin to find a piece of my mind, where problems can't find me No matter what, I'm stuck, my mind is trapped inside the sin So I release my anger through a chamber, gin, a pad, and pin Your so called friends ain't really your friends because they don't stay true Besides the smokin and drinkin, now tell me, are they there for you? Cash or credit, gotta get it, can't be po no mo Some gangstas roll into the heaven's say no roll no mo Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell, me what's on yo mind?

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