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ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI lyrics - Places Like This

Nothing's Wrong

Original and similar lyrics
A wicked decision We can agree A wicked decision Nothing's wrong with you and me A week in the forest A week in the fog You'll be sad to hear that I I I I I was robbed And we're gonna own it A fist to the voice And we've found the music Why did you try at the choice? And decapitation for failing to see Nothing in this whole wide world saves us from this situation (Nothing can save us) Don't stop talkin' to me please baby cut me all to pieces If you really want hell, hell Ripped apart by the crows not the vultures No one in this fair new world can talk us through this situation Speak in the garden You burn down the trees I'll leave out the teasin' while you are down on one knee Never is heavy and heavy is fine but only in the street man you ate your words wrong this time It's wicked where you tread Shot an arrow in your head Since the apple wasn't there, yeah. Ripped apart by the crows and the vultures Ignore me in the parking lot I'm petrified by conversation. It's wicked where you tread They shot an arrow at your head Since the apple wasn't there, yeah. We're ripped apart by the crow and the vultures Ignore me in the parking lot I'm petrified by conversation.

Only One Way Up

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Jim Jones] We set them presidents, to get them presidents Over the ones that are dead, we'll put guns to your head Put dots on your loaf like you was wonder the bread Sheek, Zeke, Hell Rell, and I got some in the Feds I contradict what ever the government says For them boys on my back wit them bugs by my bed They still thinkin' that we coppin' sellin raw Tryin' to put us through them Rico and them Rockefeller' laws I'm in LA the top down the pedals floored Wit a hot stiletto whore, suck my cock tell the law For all you faggots I see past all your cheap stares Nowadays I see my past from a beach chair I the fellin' so relaxed and refreshin' when chillin' A total change from movin crack off the steps of the buildin's Rollin wit gangs in the back of the ' jects where the killin' In Park Ave. where young Chris body found A number is all to add to task body count Watch it boy they'll show you how that shotty bounce, bounce [Juelz] I'm the most incredible, to ever do what you cats'll never do, or be able to I'm ahead of you, cause I spit like I never ate, and if I did then I'm just never full Stop the hoe jokes, I'm not a homo, better believe I'll cock the 4-4 I ain't Mexican, but I'll stretch your man, yes I am a fuckin' vato loco I went from the pot with cocoa To the block with cocoa To gettin' locked, catchin' a charge dealin' wit the cops and cocoa Now I'm just hot like cocoa You can catch me on the block, being watched, in a drop The same color as chocolate cocoa I done walked in the street, with so much raw in my sneaks God dam, got home and had corns on my feet I see the lord when I sleep, and often he speaks He says Juelz you better than all of these creeps So I got all my shit light, got on my shit right Not a lot of thems this nice But the games funny so I gotta do shit right So to the ball drop, and the world blow up, I'm a twirl shit up Until my peeps come home, Zeke come home, better believe I'm a keep on beastin' on [Cam'Ron] Where should I began our pompous A thousand wins accomplished Known throughout the atlas, honest been accomplished You'll be abolished Men, children, women astonished The Don is the one, jewelry way beyond it Chunky blessed on the chest Funky S when I dress Thunder storm damn Monkey wrenching' her fresh But I cope wit the rain, mad I can't float with my dame, down to the coastal wit caine Maine, my boat is a plane I land on the water, here I go boastin' again I keep toast, give a toast, inhale smoke for the pain Girls gone wild, nope They goin' insane All doped off the fame Jump rope with my chain Now thats off the chain, Ma take off your chain the 40 will off your brain, kids will be lost and claimed Cause of Walton James, now in the orphan game Whether adoption or foster its all the same Jim's the rider of riders JR's the writer of writers Juelz you know him well, hell he the fire of fire I'm the supplier, baffled thats the hustler Trife got a knife for that apple inside your jugular The Big Apple, I tackle all the customers Put it on the apple at the castle, come and fuck with us And further more, got the birds of raw, I deserve a tour Hey, hey holla' back, swallow that Thats murda' whore In a Persian turban, swervin', that Suburban mergein', curvin', herb in the air Yeah, yeah I'm hurtin y'all See I crash and cop it, mash and mop it, blast a rocket Natural born hustler, yeah crack I stocked it Now my drugs are legal, so just pass the profit Three months alone Sizzurp will smash the ' Notic We them B boys in one year a quarter billion Here come the clothin' line, I got your order children And thats more than illin' Long as the Lord is willin' I'm a pour in millions, so applaud a villain Killa

One Shot (Killed For Less)

JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Intro: Fat Joe (Joell Ortiz)] Cook! (Yeah!) Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, uhh It's that killa crack street music (It's that Block Royal, Terror Squad music) Crack, cook (Joell Ortiz nigga) Listen (Knobody, WHAT UP!) [Chorus: Joell Ortiz (Fat Joe)] One shot, two shot, three shot, OHH! OHH! That'll send him right to the morgue Four shot, five shot, six shot, shit, shit That's for the wife and the kids (I don't care about your money or that shit on your chest) Niggaz get killed for less! (And all that shit you be talkin man we ain't impressed) Niggaz get killed for less! [Fat Joe] Whether, closed caption or high definition You could probably find me on that big screen, diamonds glistenin "Ain't this a bitch man? That's Joey from the Bronx And all the dirt he done, how the fuck he mix the songs nigga?" He ain't lyin, I'm a chemist on that table My needle with the beige make the competition hate you Couple deaths on the block, now they rate you Lil' Dex'll pull the trigger if I say shoot One shot, two shot, 'nother nigga down CSI searchin but his face can't be found nigga Shit is crazy on the streets of the Bronx Niggaz yellin "Shots fired" but police won't respond Where I'm from niggaz pump that bass And holler at your lil' sister right in front of your face nigga The working man's a sucker you heard, see Nigga's gettin hot for twenty years, still thirsty I guess they share a bond with the 'caine Now that's what I call rekindlin old flames Get it? Who else but Coca in the Rover? Sports kitted, coulda been my 'ghini or my 'rossa Life is for the living, get a chauffeur Find yourself a bitch that don't mind eatin chocha We spit murder, you's a victim, boy If that ass get flashy we'll stick ya, boy! [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Nah.. so don't die over nothin, let your lil' crew gas ya ass Cause on my block I was the Doc, before Aftermath I had that, rock in the spot the fiends had to blast When I, chopped it with pop and shoot past the glass See I really hustle homie, this ain't no fabrication They never called me back, I filled out many applications Watchin these corny niggaz come up, that was aggravatin So I hit the corner, told 'em beat it like they masturbatin I tried to have the patience I asked God for the answers, he took too long to respond so I had a chat with Satan He told me my dreams ain't have to stay imagination Turned my wrecked Timbs to a stretch Benz for my graduation Had all the lil' sluts at my prom salivatin Scooped my diploma, I'm gone but I kept on calculatin Colleges holla cause every grade I had's amazin It was school books or cool looks when I pass with Daytons Clappin at plays or hearin my new Magnum flamin Schoolgirls or I'ma earl, look who this bastard's blazin Long story short, man I had these faggots hatin I'm handsome, I'm cool, I got guap, and I get it crack-a-latin I come from the place where you get your hood passes made in A brook where the only thing shook's on the stove marinatin So when they say congratulations over the respect my pad is gainin Know I ain't goin back, I'm aimin like [Chorus] [Outro: Fat Joe] AOWWWW! That's what the fuck I'm talkin about That real gangsta music, BIATCH! Like that shit, you like how that shit sounds nigga BLAT!

Try Her

AER "What You Need"
[Hook - Dave:] Man I’m feeling on fire, with my 40 pass the lighter These girls lookin good, yeah I might try her I might try her, I might try her She looks good but her friends look a little nicer [Verse 1 – Dave:] I'm 18, I rock flow and smoke weed, tank tops, snap backs and rolled up jeans I come from the dub so you can catch me on the scene Either poppin j’s at coch or swimmin in the town beach Sneakin up on rooftops, never catchin z’s I'm ahead of the rest, plottin the next scheme F-A-M we ready for the ride, it’s what you need Comin’ from the kid in tie dye YEAH! [Hook] [Verse 2 - Dave:] Somethin’s tellin’ me to try it, license from London She gotta be the reason for the riots and the spill of the blood It’s a known fact Taught in every class that I got the stats to snatch the rags off her back I can get it no time Just by starin’ in her eyes Statue status we the cats the baddest I can satisfy I swear cuz the raddest I’ve had it Your girl’s all on me and I'm not gon' stop her (probably won’t!) Backpack full of drinks, yeah I’m stocked up She says she likes aer, we head upstairs Blonde hair blue eyes and I’m tryin’ not to stare She grabs her friend, to add to the pair Shit two against one its really not fair [Hook] [Verse 3 – Carter:] I’d say I’m doing better than a bed wetter who’s wakin’ up in a puddle This girl’s really diggin’ it she’s got a shed of shovels Threads are fresh, like a head of lettuce I wanna use this kid’s guest room I’ll go see if he’ll let us Sneak away, don’t be afraid, we finna stay outta the party like a damned kid I grand slammed it, I’m glad I gotta try her, now she my number one fan ya dig? Ya guys still drinking? Cuz I'm Drinking more than you, yeah It's what you need

I'm In Here

[Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Kyle Lucas] I'm in here, can you hear me screaming? Can you hear, I think I need it My voices in my head just keep on feeling so I feed em' Now the code ain't got me leading These hoes just keep on leaving Leaving a hole inside my v-neck about the radius of phoenix Now I'm puffing Arizona, rolling up two J's like I'm Demon Demonic to the meanest shit, I'm hot just like my region I've been sent to murder beats, I got these whack rappers grieving Now they calling me a monster, okay bitch we ain't agreeing Just a diabolic pot head, the product of hydroponics I'm possibly psychotic, the partialist of my problems God I'm shaking like it's parkasins With fire like an arsonist A narcissist? Not really, because really these chicks are on my dick She blew on my harmonica sorta like she was Monica Lewinsky on her knees Until I bust her like a tommy gun All this chronic's really just anonymous with all this fun I'm a fucking pop star with hot bars all in one [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Demon] Can anybody hear me? Yo, I'm in here Poison is bent Venomous I am a gentleman Up in your skirt like women's tennis at Wimbledon Half of you are the simpleton type Hyping your chest up, asking for my number You can 1-800 get fucked Collect dust, you busted, you'll never humble me Phone buzzing in my yellow jacket, I am the bumble bee Skinny jeans on, don't be afraid of the future I see a lot of snakes here, like I'm getting head from Medusa Yeah, I'm in here, come in, comment on the mic Steady ready for drama the yeah, we're alike German engineering, I'm unsafe, any speed Your rap's got no legs, call me the centipede I don't even know if you're ready for me I'm a murderous mad man in a straight sweater the haunts Freddy's dream I'm on anything, Kyle stood in my way You're peanut butter and jelly, so bad end to your day [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Syd Vicious] Yeah I'm in here Flow tighter then women's swim wear We run rap, nigga We've done that and been there I'm limitless, with no little pill So nigga chill Fells like I gotta have niggas killed To get a deal, with the skill, I want the scrilla in the phoebus Don't cooperate I make my killers come and see ya They so cold they keep their non-milles in the freezer I run with a pack of gorillas like I was ceaser Busting in wherever you stay fighting Kicking the fucking doors in like the U.K riots Duct tape around your mouth, making you stay quite They started swinging and robing like the was Bruce Wyane's side kick No batman will be stack grams from rap jams They're getting ghost, pat scram, I'm Pacman All my dogs crazy, they need kat scans Going peanuts for that bread until the mat jams [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Spoken In Background] At the feet of every enemy, sin will be defeated, death will be defeated, pal will be defeated, the devil that is strong will be filed down.

It All Comes Back Someday

JOHN HIATT "Mystic Pinball"
You shot bolt upright in the middle of the dark As she drove her motorcycle through the trailer park A hundred miles an hour, no helmet on her head 'Til that concrete drain was runnin' cherry red Used to sit and drink coffee at the Waffle House Had to spin up her wheels just to get it out [Chorus:] Now it all comes back to haunt you Yeah, it comes back anytime it wants to It all comes back through the holes and the cracks Where you thought you let it slip away Yeah, it all comes back some day Feelin' bad about yourself, you were seven years old So you got her in the bushes where you had some control Tied up her hands so she couldn't fight fair Threw a jar of silver model car paint in her hair After all these years does the shoe still fit? Have you only just now started wearin' it? [Chorus] The way she combed her hair Straight across a minute where you could have died You thought love was something that you had to hide To survive All those lives you thought you lived away There ain't a one showin' any kinda sign of decay They're all stacked on your head like infinity's crown The truth is you ain't never lived anything down You're bound up forever to the blood on the trail To the tires on the gravel to the rust on the rail [Chorus]

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