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ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI lyrics - Places Like This

Feather In A Baseball Cap

Original and similar lyrics
I've never seen you frown this much It's time that we left this haunted town The spookiness of night surrounds us in trees us on bikes on fountains Never been alone as such Your foots on the clutch your hand's on my crutch slow down and run in little circles til circles are black and on the ground. and clever isn't where it's at cos dumb is back heads are holes and clouds And I've never seen you frown this much it's time that we got this flaunting down a feather in a baseball cap you dance all wack weakened knees call And I've never seen you frown this much It's time that we rocked three daunting nouns It's better not to holla back 'Cause life long cracks speak through these walls

Bloodied Up

ALKALINE TRIO "From Here To Infirmary"
You don't say much of anything When questioned of your whereabouts And I just can't see through the evidence It's evident It's right in front of me in black and white and red And I don't believe in much of anything I'm glad I have people I call friends If it was up to me I'd never have to miss you It's for the better in the bitter end I guess you'd know the best You have every right to be This appalled with me Join the club I signed up a long time ago and I know how you feel And when you decked me You left me knocked out on the floor I came to bloodied up, but you weren't around I picked my teeth off the ground like they'd been there before

On A Slow Night

METRIC "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?"
True beautiful one What have you gone and done I can see all your moves are new Tell me what did that salesman do to you That catalogue replaced the fine mind behind your face no human trio can compete when that three way mirror meets your eye on a slow night on a slow night How you would walk the fashion mile Hand me down and call it style Your boots were scratchy black Your hat was just a hat The lips on you were plain The better to a kiss sustain on a slow night on a slow night

10 Miles From Nowhere

FIVE FOR FIGHTING "...Message For Albert"
How have you been in the shape you were in I'm suprised that you got where you're going Who would believe What a date you would be If I knew I'd have thought about knowing And in between now and the last time we met I'd open the door if I met you again And I swear that we'd be better/fair ever friends From here until 10 miles from nowhere What is that there In your brown paper box I can see that you kept all the memories we'd lost I'd sworn it was you Who was destined and gone To the pressure of past undertakings Had I had known that it might have been me I might have returned a letter or three Or gave you a call from the sanctuary for the cracks in these walls tell time for a fee From here until 10... From now until 10...miles from nowhere

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