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In Case We Die (Parts 1-4)

Original and similar lyrics
I've got problems, I'm gonna use them. I'm gonna keep them from you 'til you cry. I've got machine guns, I never shoot them, I only borrowed them in case we die. Late nights, play fights, I'm freezing and you're leaving me here. Blue and red up I'm fed, you're upset almost dead, tongue twisted. 35 nightmares and 94 days since I got near you and your anxious ways, Hey darling, let's steal it, I'm certain you're sure, Spell it to me love. And as we planned there's fireworks, stage right, They're swallowing the brains of all in sight, It's 1am, that's the evening your time, We're counting sheep, Sell it to me, love. Leave it while it still smolders, So I'll have to say I told you, I carved our names in a tree there, I meant the letters to be bolder, bolder, Around the angles there's a race, Where silver never gets golder, And baby when we get older, We don't have to get colder

Twisted Wheel

CHRIS REA "Deltics"
I can see him now, standing on a street corner Pastel shades and a candy stripe parallel Good time love, oh that I'd been much older Go messing with the boys from the incrowd But all I could do was wish them farewell What's that strange music What's that fully rhythm They call it Blue Beat, but you can call it young love You can call it tamla dream Down at your local Motown machine I need to be loved Down at your Twisted Wheel And I can see that little stage All the hands up in the air Bombers and blues gonna see us through Got my new lime suit mohair With a single vent sixteen inch Got my two-stroke wheels outside We only need the High Numbers now And anything on stateside Down at your Twisted Wheel

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