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ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI lyrics - Fingers Crossed

Scissor Paper Rock

Original and similar lyrics
If you're seeking repair, For figure eights in the ice in your stare, Seven stories we're climbing tonight, So if you're angry about the fact that it's red, I'll surrender, I'll change it to white. Sneaking looks at you sleeping around, At you grass stained and runk on the ground, So we're taking you down with the scissor, paper, rock again

Popeye's Certified

ANDRE NICKATINA "Khan! The Me Generation"
I'm Pina Colada dropped Impala Rubber band the big dollas Runnin things they will remain Rollin up the weed mayne Jumpin outta a Lexus coupe M R G a kinda suit Excellently tailored up And don't forget the flavor, What? I'm super salty Pretty Tony at the barber shop Braggin how I blow and cop Listenin to Royal Rock Paper chasin Paper runnin Paper gunnin Paper getting Paper havin Paper catchin Don't forget that paper grab it I got it goin on Tell them suckas go on home Back up in the Lexus Coupe Color man is two tone Bangin out the Nakamichi Get the yayo it's on to chi-chi Now we gotta deal with Frank a pig that don't fly straight I'm hot boilin water Cookin crack up at the Carter Man you think your freak is bad Man my freak is way harder I'm Popeye's certified a two piece and some small fries Man my hair is super laced I don't know about them bald guys They call me Ayatollah all up in your Motorola Whether it's a ring tone or a picture in your phone-a A lime in your Corona A glock on your corna I fire up in every club because I know the owner Dive just like a Navy Seal My homie got a burgundy Coup De Ville Girls be love takin Skittles But we know that's poppin pills I like to put it down like A.I. at Georgetown Man boxin bettin on every round Man at the fight we be talkin loud I've been at this since Jaws was a goldfish I'm a a go like everywhere Except maybe the electric chair Man you can smell my hair I'm fresh up out the shop I'm back up in the Lex Coupe bumpin Royal Rock I'm like a new glock Man or a hoop shot So you can tell from the beginning that I'm trynna get you popped I like fo tres I do it four ways You might see me straight cursin out a meter maid Lookin like the Lion King Specially when I'm buying things Eatin on some onion rings Talkin shit in Burger King I like to side talk all up on the sidewalk All up in the shoe store and everything is getting bought I'm rolling greenery, overlookin scenery She ask me what I'm thinking about And, yo, I said "My jewelry" She said "that's cool to me" I read her like a eulogy She said my party's hella crackin I said "that's how it's supposed to be" I'm a jaguar in a foreign car Knockin on the Pearly gates Hittin on the marijuana Money all Americana I do it Das Boot watching tapes of Ronnie Moot Back up in the Lexus Coupe Floatin like a parachute It's my philosophy man of the entity It's like I'm Kenny Parker runnin round with B.D.P. Yo homie it's after eight We goin down to the Lions Gate That's the restaurant with the free Henn when you buy a steak I'm like an earthquake Shakin up the foundation Figured out the combination To your iphone application I got the recipe the menu is the rest of me My cars they match my Jordans and some say that that was fresh of me I'm like The Loch Ness sittin up in a dropped 'Vette Hangin like a chain that you might see up on 'Pacs neck I'm like the last poem Tell them suckas go on home How much yo is that cologne I got it goin on I'm like a new glock holdin down an old block And even though it's crack rock they protect it like it's Fort Knox We eatin pork chops with a real Muslim aura We hit Hawaii like it's Pearl Harbor Tora! Tora! I might say ni Amura Or homie what's the score-a And you can ask for what you want but I got nothing for ya

Escape 120

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Hook - Joey Bada$$:] An ode to the worst of my days I've been working away But the sky's been looking so gray Sometimes I really need to get away, yeah I just need to get away, yeah I just need to get away, yeah Sometimes I really need to fly away [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] I could never forget them gloomy days Although I regret where my time was played If I could go back, some things would be changed And I would know that, for a fact, it was fame That drew me to this unfamiliar side of my brain That withdrew me from familiar and the closest remains Although I'm gaining ends now, I'm loosing friends They say that time is money, and my time is well spent Girlfriend hit me up to chill, but does this shit make sense? And I don't expect for you to know if you ain't paying rent I got to make this album, and hold it down for my camp Surrounded us all like bonfire When I lay a verse down that's born fire I was born fire [Hook] [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] Went outside this morning, morning, uh Seen the sky was falling, falling, yeah Old man no longer snoring, snoring, ah The rain just won't stop pouring, pouring, uh Whats heaven's capitol like, like, li-like Maybe I can crash tonight, night, night Cause I'm trapped inside this hell, hell, hole God, please answer your cell, cell, phone I'm coming home tonight, can't touch no microphone tonight Outside my comfort zone tonight My brain's blown my dome tonight Tonight's the night, don't you try to put up a fight Don't you trying looking for life Cause I'm bout to take that flight [Hook] [Verse 3 - Raury:] Indigo father, meant to go farther And travel across the water and park at a million dollars I am the spirit, I am the guava You sippin' out of your coconut beverage in the Bahamas Pardon me mother, pardon me father I'm glad that you spared a part of us, part of my firestarter Along with niggas, bitches, and ballers And people that look down on me like they so taller I go harder, I go smarter, the flow's water Like [?] how to rob a [?] dollar, every single piece of change Movin' to the woods so I never ever change Lose a couple things but I never ever change I probably miss some money but I never ever change And they can say whatever but I never ever change I feel I understood what the stars wanna say I'm brain battered from scattering every Saturday Pitter patter with people that really matter And I'mma fuck her regardless cause I'm a kid right? That's why you can't spell summer without trouble Stripper with no bubble, threesome with no double Love without hate, life without pain This without that, choice without thought A dog with no day, a Seattle without rain [Outro - Raury x2:] If it rains in Seattle I'll [?] with lil' nigga, can ride with ya nigga Fly with ya nigga, high with ya nigga Ride with ya nigga, survive with ya nigga Say, if it rains in Seattle I'll take you 'round the world on a Sunday With me, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day

Red Rose (Demo 2)

ALPHAVILLE "Dreamscapes"
Little girl - do you know what you are (do you know) This baby's gonna be a STAR - do you know-wow A Teenangel-Empress from Hollywood highs (With wonderful eyes) You're beautiful - put on your strato-blue suit - (Put it on) I know that you're in the mood to fly And you get the power to make it come true - The most exciting news [CHORUS] We'll be together 'til the end of time And when you S.M.I.L.E., Red Rose It's just like Blue Sunshine, Blue Sunshine Oh, we're ascending and we'll never die 'Cause when we kiss, Red Rose We're changing 6 to 9 It's Revolution Time When 6 turns into 9 Move over - closer to my phantasies (pretty baby) We're standing at the turn of the centuries The daughter of time is groovin' Tonight - Tonight - Tonight Tonight, little dreamer, you're the DJ of your soul (little dreamer) C'mon let's swing to that Rock and Roll The sweetest arrows of desire Will set this night on fire [CHORUS] (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) Above the City of the million Moons We'll reach the Palace of the Sun DO WHAT YOU WILL - shall be your destiny We will unfold the secrets of the new JERUSALEM [CHORUS]

The Prank

I stand alone drenched by pouring rain Or maybe I am soaked from all my tears With the bloody broken pieces of my heart in my hand My jaw drops in disbelief at what I hear I run out of breath As I feel my skin turn red Inside I'm in knots And I'd never have thought they could hurt me like they did And I will let you know right now They're slowly tearing down Everything that we had built For years now to the ground With every word behind my back It's harder to forget all of this regret And I'm probably a fool to think this would change anything And I'm probably a fool to think this song could change anything Denial creeps in And I find myself making excuses for them Cause I don't know what else to do It seems easier than dealing with the truth With a kiss on the cheek And a knife in my back Cutting deeper than I've ever been cut before My trust has been tied in a brown paper bag Like a prank that's been left on the step by the door With a kiss on the cheek And a knife in my back Cutting deeper than I've ever been cut before And my trust is returned in a brown paper bag Like a prank that's been left on the step by the door And I will let you know right now They're slowly tearing down Everything that we had built For years now to the ground With every word behind my back It's harder to forget all of this regret And I'm probably a fool to think I could change And I'm probably a foot to think this song could change anything

John Cena Rap (Rock Diss)

Rock wanted me to write his song tonight but I would never be his mouthpiece Cause Rock's like LeBron James, he took his talent straight down to South Beach And for the past few weeks, Rock's been legitimately pissed If you get stuck singing your song tonight Rock it's all in the wrist Could we PLEASE have a week where you don't come out here and choke? You may be G.I. Joe this summer, right now you're a G.I. Joke Ever since I opened my mouth about you you been beggin me to back off So if Rock and Dwayne are the same person, I think y'all both are jackoffs And after April 1st, you won't be making no more movies You gon' need surgery on your face just like you had it on your boobies Those poppin pecs they had more work than a locker room full of Divas I got a gift for Rock tonight, I'ma give him a Cleveland Steamer Team Bring It? He's Team Lost It and the truth is gettin scary Cause they weren't chantin "Rocky" last week, they were chantin "Tooth Fairy" Keep making fun of this Fruity Pebble Rock, cause I ain't even close to sick of it I'm Mr. Kung Pao Chicken, you just Miami fried chicken-shit And no, no, I don't have balls but I got somethin in their place I'ma beat yo' ass at WrestleMania and put my NUTS dead in yo' face!

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