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ARCHITECTS lyrics - Ruin

North Lane

Original and similar lyrics
I don't feel homesick, I'm just so sick of home It's here that reminds me of everything we've been through And it tears me down It makes me sick of being who I am, of who I cannot be A constant reminder I don't feel homesick, I'm just so sick of home It's here that reminds me of everything we've been through Cold nights, again left alone Wandering streets all on my own And all of this for you It's time that I went back for just even an hour To talk to you to make things fine again Again and again I will run from you

Always Will

WYNONNA JUDD "The Other Side"
If time is a train rollin' down the track Every minute is a box car that don't come back Take a look around you, it's all gonna change Whatever you see ain't never gonna stay the same Except for the rain and the wind in the trees And the way I feel about you and me [Chorus] And the way I feel when I'm with you Is like the roll of the ocean And the calm and quiet of the moon And when you hold me time stands still It always has and you know it always will Out on the horizon the sun is goin' down It ain't gone, it's just on its way around Just like your love I see it every day In the things you do and the things you say You touch my hand and I feel the thrill I always have and I always will [Repeat Chorus Twice] You know it always will You know it always will

Things I've Been Through

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
Uh huh. I just wanna thank yall for taking the time to listen Ah-ha I appreciate that [Jadakiss] Yo, from regular TV to cable; from bouncing label to label Just trying to get the horse out of the stable Was once part of the dynasty, at least I was trying to be Think it was the time of my life when I was fine to me Sitting in the spot with the dimes Willing to do anything just to be a Bad Boy at the time (That's right) Then I rolled the dices, naw the money didn't add up But just that whole experience, it was priceless No free rides to the bank, on top of that Was the untimely demise of Frank (B.I.) Then the 'No Way Out' tour, we was smoking outdoor Me and 80 stacks off cee-lo, that's without tour Videotaped it all, I still watch it now Travel the world, learned how to rock a crowd It ain't much but it beats poor Things that I've been through is all I can speak for [Chorus: Luther Vandross samples from "Promise Me"] I can only speak for The things that I've been through [Repeat 2x] [Jadakiss] Now I'm on Ruff Ryders/Interscope, same shit Partnership, joint venture, fifty-fifty, same split Jimmy put the money up, two singles off of 'We Are the Streets' Then after that, seem like he was done with us But it wasn't over yet, Stout had a plan from the jump Which was to come out with my solo next Things a little better, these the niggas that I've been doing it with forever So I'm like whatever First album dropped, promotions was hella Every stage I rocked, the performance was stella Had the whole world ready to Ryde or Die for me And I wasn't even platinum, I was just side money X was bringing in the moolah I was in the hood in the kitchen with the digital ruler Can't tell you about the evil that men do I can only speak for the things that I've been through [Chorus: Repeat] [Jadakiss] As far as The LOX, we all fine, seller is all wine Selfish for me to say that Roc-A-Fella is all mine Cause it ain't, I'm just another employee that's on line Trying to get my act together and do it one more time Twenty-one gun salute with all 9's And I know it's on me to make sure we all shine Fall back, let the weed contact your mind Define bullshit in any contract you sign If you from the streets though, there's plenty of loopholes to eat yo Once they let you in, you suppose to keep dough But I can't give you the formula, I'm on it though Expect the worst, the outcome is enormous though Stay humble, still keep your heat for insurance though Things that I been through to get it weren't normal yo Yeah, this is what my heart beats for yo Things that I've been through is all I can speak for [Chorus til fade]


ANGIE STONE "Stone Love"
I bet you realize this time that When you see my friend sittin' outside They were there to help me pack my bag and Tell me don't listen to ya if you're beggin' Cuz they know I comin' straight back home to you And they know I'm a constant fool for you So I'm puttin' my things on a U-Haul And I'm blockin' out your number when you call [1] - No conversation, you can keep your words Cuz ninety per cent, I done already heard How long did you think that I would sit here for I'm lettin' you know, it's not exceptional Ain't no conversation, you can save the games And anything you say, I will remain the same How long did you think that I would sit here for Destroying my soul, it ain't exceptional I can't believe you even tried to blame me Cuz you're the one that changed, I've been the same me And I've been by your side like a two-way And like a pager with no clamp, that's how you lose me So my friends come, they help me get over you Cuz they're sick and tired of seein' what I go through I put all of my things on the U-Haul And I won't accept at all wheneever you call [Repeat 1] I should have left you're ass long time ago (I should have left you) I was too scared to be out on my own (Cuz you made me feel like) You made me feel there was no other way (I would never find another) That I wouldn't find love, I would be lonely Cuz you, you (made) made (me) me (feel so damn low) So low, low low, low low, low low Now take a look at what's happening This ia tragic like when Michael left The Jacksons I told you, you should be careful what you're asking You wished I would've left you with some quiet time But now you got more time than any time I know you never thought that I would jet out But I left before you could tell me "Get out" [Repeat 1] [Ad lib until fade]

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