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ARCHITECTS lyrics - Ruin


Original and similar lyrics
If only you were here to hold my head above bloody waters We could make it through You turned your back on me and now I do the same to you You made me feel so hollow How can the man that you looked up to turn around and say three words that hurt more than you'll ever know You don't know what it feels like to be in my shoes You turned your back on me as I stood there and fell to the floor This time there's no reason for me to turn around and scream for help But if only you were here to hold my head above all those things you said to tie me down I'm looking for forgiveness for something that I didn't even do How can you call yourself and idol, a person to trust? How can I look so high up when you're always holding me down?

Someone Else's Turn To Cry

Chalee Tennison "Chalee Tennison"
(Chalee Tennison/Jim Robinson) Hello, old friend, haven't seen you for a while Just how long has it been, I've missed your smile It's so easy to lose touch Some days I'd all but given up on you Now here you are to see me through Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the strongest one of all The broken heart I used to be of This woman staring back at me I'm so glad you've come around With your help I won't back down It's time to hold our head up high It's someone else's turn to cry You and I, we go back a long, long way Still I'm surprised to see that look upon your face I don't see the tears this time There is something different in your eyes Now I know how I've needed you so Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the strongest one of all The broken heart I used to be of This woman staring back at me I'm so glad you've come around With your help I won't back down It's time to hold our head up high It's someone else's turn to cry I'm so glad you've come around With your help I won't back down It's time to hold our head up high Let's wipe the tears out of our eyes It's someone else's turn to cry

On My Own

Why do I feel it's all up to me to see that everything's right and it's how it should be Why don't they just leave me alone I've got to prove I can Little girl with stars in her eyes they've got her all figured out and there's nowhere to hide why can't they all see who I am when will they understand It may take some time they don't know how it feels because they can't read my mind They always say I'm too young and they feel they should help me But I can make it all alone out here on my own Every day I feel so in demand and all I wish I could find is a place I can land One day I'll feel comfort inside cause I'll know who I am I can hold the line if I know in the end that I won't be left behind I don't regret what I've done I don't think you can blame me Now I'm standin' all alone out here on my own I'm not thinking 'bout leavin' home But I need to be on my own Doesn't mean I have a heart of stone I won't even ask them why I can't ever let them see me cry Here I'm standing all alone out here on my own... out here on my own Feeling lost in a world full of lies I can't help thinkin' that love is just passin' me by Hold on to what I believe and keep an open hand Can I have it all if there's no one to turn to when I stumble and fall Is there a secret I need because no one has told me-all alone It may take some time cause I know how it feels to have a lot on your mind I'll never feel all alone cause! Know that I have me Now I can make it all alone out here on my own


THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT "The Airborne Toxic Event"
All dressed up, no place to run No car, no girl, no pills, no fun Nothing to do in this empty room I've got to get my head together soon Alone again, no plans, no friends You come around at half past ten You say "How are you holding up my friend? Are you sitting around getting drunk again?" And I hear the desperation of those lines Wasted hours, all this wasted time Oh yeah, I've been just fine! Then we're out the door in an hour more We stumble down from the second floor And we're swaying, braying We don't know what we're saying And you grab my shirt, you're always so curt I swear to God that this doesn't hurt When you stare like that, you put on that act You say something and then you take it back And I feel as though I've done something wrong Oh, how I miss you when you're gone And I wish I had the guts to scream, "You know, things aren't always what they seem" When you walk away, I want you to stay Don't leave me here to pace and pray All these nights I burn, these hours I turn You'd think that by now I'd learn That you're only what you pretend to be I guess that was just lost on me I can't stand the way you look at me in that dress Papillon, I might be alright I guess If I wasn't such a mess I'm such a mess

A Song Of Faith

You can't let it get you down No no no no no No no no no no No no oh no no Don't let it get you down Just when everything seems to be going alright Some unexpected misery enters your life Then you ask your self how could this be wondering why I've been there You see your whole world come crashing down All at one time Your bodies weak from all the worrying And so is you mind Your walking down that rocky road But things will get better Cause trouble won't last forever You can't let it get you down Not now You've come to far to turn around You gotta walk with your head up high Believing you can reach the sky You can't let it get you down Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all The person that you care about the most just broke your heart Just to be in the same room with them You can't stand the thought I've been there You don't know if your relationship is worth holding on How much longer can you take being treated so wrong You're confused on what to do But no matter what you do You're gonna make it through Oh, take it from me The only thing you need is a little faith The size of a mustard seed You may cry through the night but hold on Cause joy comes in the morning In the morning Joy comes in the morning Have a little faith Just a little faith And you can make it So don't you give up Don't you let nobody turn you around Don't you let nobody tuen you around Keep your head up to the sky Believe in yourself


ANGIE STONE "Stone Love"
I bet you realize this time that When you see my friend sittin' outside They were there to help me pack my bag and Tell me don't listen to ya if you're beggin' Cuz they know I comin' straight back home to you And they know I'm a constant fool for you So I'm puttin' my things on a U-Haul And I'm blockin' out your number when you call [1] - No conversation, you can keep your words Cuz ninety per cent, I done already heard How long did you think that I would sit here for I'm lettin' you know, it's not exceptional Ain't no conversation, you can save the games And anything you say, I will remain the same How long did you think that I would sit here for Destroying my soul, it ain't exceptional I can't believe you even tried to blame me Cuz you're the one that changed, I've been the same me And I've been by your side like a two-way And like a pager with no clamp, that's how you lose me So my friends come, they help me get over you Cuz they're sick and tired of seein' what I go through I put all of my things on the U-Haul And I won't accept at all wheneever you call [Repeat 1] I should have left you're ass long time ago (I should have left you) I was too scared to be out on my own (Cuz you made me feel like) You made me feel there was no other way (I would never find another) That I wouldn't find love, I would be lonely Cuz you, you (made) made (me) me (feel so damn low) So low, low low, low low, low low Now take a look at what's happening This ia tragic like when Michael left The Jacksons I told you, you should be careful what you're asking You wished I would've left you with some quiet time But now you got more time than any time I know you never thought that I would jet out But I left before you could tell me "Get out" [Repeat 1] [Ad lib until fade]

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