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ARCHITECTS lyrics - Lost Forever // Lost Together


Original and similar lyrics
Say what you like, I know what I am Sometimes a flood starts with a leak in the dam You said we'll never make a difference Maybe this battle is to fight indifference Naysayer Naysayer, hammer the nail We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true Betrayer, hammer the nail Such narrow lines separate me and you So sick of the sound of people giving up You can't stop me giving a fuck Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on With every concession another piece of us dies Will we fight for nothing, if not our lives? Apathy is our new messiah Only he could let things get so dire All the messengers found knives in their backs Apathy is our new messiah The word made flesh You can't fight fire with fire All the messengers found knives in their backs I know it haunts you, it haunts me too We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true Why are we fighting, when I'm just like you? Naysayer Naysayer, hammer the nail We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true Betrayer, hammer the nail Such narrow lines separate me and you So sick of the sound of people giving up You can't stop me giving a fuck Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on Apathy is our new messiah The word made flesh You can't fight fire with fire

And God Said To Cain

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Thief And The Fallen"
[Intro: A-F-R-O as Don Corleone] Don Corleone here to tell you about loyalty, respect and underground shit [Verse 1: A-F-R-O] The myth of a man let your bridges wither and dance Oblivious now, primitive, I'm Olympian, now it's routed in pistols Allow me to buy the album, child imbeciles And I was a coward out to intend powerful minutes for The crowd, the men, the rowdy, loudest towered sour diesel Out to seek a pile of reeking, reaching demons, wild deacons Denial deep, denial seek the child teachin' my own preachin' means And thinkin' why I'm leavin' rhymes leakin' by the evenin' Who'da thought the hammer hit ya? The Ruger spark, leave you handicapped, trapped in wheelchairs Drop bomb, calm flow forming on Important, I'm raw mob (Don Corleone) Take this offer, the vengeance refuse to Amend all you're used to, remember that you're useful Uh, and the Godfather speaks R.A. and Vinnie Paz, Stoupe on the beat Let's get it! [Hook:] You go against the family, you get buried It's R.A., A-F-R-O, Stoupe and Vinnie P Cause most these rappers nowadays is fairies And y'all could never fuck with JMT (Fuck around and catch a left and a right fist) [Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man] Yo, to the piano blue diablo, will do an Amadou Diallo Out the Kilimanjaro, animal, Italiano Mario Bava a giallo, I beat apollo, you eat a hollow Hole in your middle, look like a seed of avocado Life gone, I'm beyond body harm, carry an arm in my palm Leave you bloodier than Carrie at the prom Man, Van Damme kick a foe, Mantan Wigger, whoa!! bam bam bigelow, bigger flow, Riddick Bowe Summer 80's Bananarama, da ha da ha Had the hammer to Alabama to where the crackers are Animated Hanna Barbera Barbera rather Cameron in avatar Stamina like the man out of Panama, Paz and Allah Macking Mary Magdalene, Howard Hewett from Shalamar Rapping assassin like I'm back with Rawkus and Agallah Pill to a blondie, the ill Bill Cosby Ill hobby, kill the body, Ingagi, I killed Gandhi I like Chi-Lites, dice and knife fights Mics syllables slang slit you, scissor precise slice Sacrifice, lose suitable beautiful life price And I could conquer the Devil and I could revise Christ, c'mon [Hook] [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] C'mon The mythical man who come from indivisible fam You pitiful fam, this shit is gonna get physical fam You kicking the can, I'm visual like Dario Argento Like stabbing you with a pencil inside of the instrumental If that ain't what you was into, I'll slide inside of your mental And provide you with a rhyme, make it silence the instrumental I body you with the Ginsu, but that'll probably be drawn It's not so hidden, it got a kind of me gone And I'mma probably be wrong and y'all will probably be on The anomaly is how you'll be on a quality song The bodies is on my lawn, the bodies have been deformed The bodies have been piling up like I've been silently calm I had to sound the alarm, I had to try to get rid of em Riddlin with the Ritalin, little bit of adrenaline A little bit of medicine in the middle of Italy And the only way to really begin again is to end again [Hook] [Outro:] You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am Come out your belly and get shot drastically You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am

6b Panorama

I was sitting on my fire escape and I saw... sturdy bridges, decorated with dirty pigeons a vagabond begging for three pennies and a princess a junkie tourniquet surgeon urging the needle in a batty senior citizen flashing that awful teethless grin I saw a corner store merchant rest on a milk crate with a stog' a pierced nose, a model with a stalker, cheap hooker, jay walkers a table on a sidewalk with four old men slappin' dominos down a city, a village, a neighborhood, a ghost town I saw vandals catching tags and Puerto Rican flags I saw a pregnant woman on the verge of bursting (boom) I saw a blind man with a dog screaming someday I'll see it all and then he sat down with his hammer and saw business men with multi-colored ties, cashmere checks a nazi with tattoos on his neck, a Vietnam war vet a Caucasian man with a limp and a cane, a pimp with his names a thug circus, a pack of shook tourists hugging their purses I saw freaks with rainbow streaks in dayglo hair a mother smackin' the grin off her child, replaced it with a stare a pothole, a storefront with a broken open sign a hole in the wall bar kicking drunks to the gutter, it's closing time I see a fuck up, a bum knuckle up with a taxi driver a squatter, a grandfather, an angry right-to-lifer I can see the roof garden on the apartment across the street and kick myself because somewhere along the way I lost my seeds I see a rat, a roach, a bat approach, a happy student a black man with a horn and a will to make you sit and listen to it I see a little girl on the corner with bubbles, braids and barrettes I see a teen mother with similak pacifier and regrets oh, a day turned stale, a hammer with a rusty nail, a failed marriage a universe of brick buildings slightly off balance a challenge, I see a chance to add real colors to my favorite palette raise my mighty mallet towards the gods and swing my talons I see a crack in the sidewalk a slide show of six civilians gripping bottles of gideon sitting inside bent meridian there's a fun house ooh, a sun spout spraying yellow beams above yellow back dreams and children in the hydrants tyrants(?), I see sirens the wall to the glamor standard a dead bird, a bent curb a bus stop of commuters waiting to have their souls towed off to work I seen the slap dash habits of bike messengers paws and hug that good leaf on the way to damaged packages, dependence oh my lord, I see bandwagons, all aboard a carnival amusement park where a heart is a luxury I see a gas galaxy huddled behind those pearly doors maybe I should sit up on my fire escape a little more

Dreams (Interlude)

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
In all actuality The work gets hard for a passionate, work more than his salary And it paid off hopefully to make my monthly look annually So I tell this is a reality I dream my way through life Can't remember if I was awake or asleep I killed my doubters with kindness And force-feed em the taste of defeat They like this nigga been through somethin How he rap like he ain't 23 Cause in my mind I'm 9, Millie's, every round you gon brace for this heat My city bad but it's so small at the same damn time Where failure and success is treated like the same damn crime They gon hate you either way Either way give em something to talk about They must be talkin bout us cause nigga we the only thing that's worth talkin bout And they said we next and I said we now Sayin why and I'm sayin how Thinkin up a way to make a million Every time I lay down And my son and daughter, they gotta eat And that's even if my stomach hurt My girl throwin up every morning Low key, I think she gon pop the 3rd I was going through it with just 2 Now I'm thinking it's 3 for me But on every last one of em I swear to God we gon get this cheese Dreaming since a youngin, writin poetry to pass the time Never give a shit nigga So think twice for you ask for mine It's Gucci Louis Prada shit We all bout to be takin flight I give a fuck if you high right now I'm bout to put you on a different height I swear to mom they gonna get me mine Lampshade nigga, just let me shine Most go through life and cry Nigga, I go through life and grind My heart and soul on every beat Cause that's what real niggas gonna do Some shit might seem small to ya'll But somebody out there going through it Used to battle niggas at lunch And try to sneak my food in class I was writtin raps and they was passin notes And I still passed on they stupid ass 18 with no worries, my my how fast my story changes Just for me, been where I was from Most motherfuckers could've swore we bang That G5 shit was epic, but before all that I was such a loner Every nigga try to fuck with us Every bitch wanted to fuck on us I'm just speakin realistic And reality is so vicious But no, I'm not bragging about making your favorite girl a statistic Nigga what you know about splittin poles? What you know about the eviction notes What you know about multiplayer on that Golden Eye on that 64? What you know about walkmens? CD players, stereos What you know about smart girls? I never really been in the centerfolds What you know about ridin high? Getting bunked and you had to go What you know about fingerprints? And waitin on your bail to post What you know about struggling? And sharing money just to get a meal What you know about hittin licks? It go bad and the shit get real What you know about takin losses? Bouncing back in the same week Shit you might know bout all these but nigga what you know bout me? I sleep on top of the world yea Having fantasies, I' having threesomes with success and my favorite girl yea But we've been going through it since... And I'll be drinkin out this bottle like I never gave a fuck She said she into whatever, I'm pouring in her cup Looking over the city, feeling like this is for us If we sleep don't let housekeeping wake us up Wake us up cause we've been dreaming For too long I swear we been dreaming For too long They could never alarm us They could never harm us We ain't gotta worry bout him, we'll leave it to karma But I swear we been dreaming Too long

Latino, Pt. 2

[Verse 1 - Emilio Rojas:] Cry first and laugh last Television was on, we never had dads And the city was flooded with mad crack Cause they experiment on minorities like we lab rats Priorities, it's fuck authority A man that can stand on his own and show maturity I ain't ever ask for a loan, I've been supportin' me Takin' cash from hoes like a sorority Oh yeah they comin' for your life Con Ed, I'm comin' for your light It's bonded, I'm livin' out of spite You ain't bleed then it wasn't worth the fight I'm givin' y'all bread and water, ah bread and water all they get And it ain't shakin' no hands, so fuck your politics This isn't makin' a [?], I burn a lot of bridges down Then I played in the ash like fuck a following All we ever wanted was good pussy and credit scores Their own cars is better than all our rentals are I'm sick of y'all, dudes switchin' and gettin' hot Like Bruce Jenner and menopause Ain't never told us detox the senators I say they sent us to detox the criminals So the minute that we pop his genitals Emilio ain't gon' ever fall, I told y'all [Verse 2 - Bodega Bamz:] Everybody pressin' charges, they ain't change where I'm from It's no game, even Ndamukong Suh Connect try to keep me out the loop It's canine proof, all my birds in the coop Niggas wanna see me in the cage (but why?) My lawyer gets surprised with the money I save (ching ching!) I'm low like Fetty Wap's left eye I coulda sworn I saw Left Eye in Best Buy Nike slippers, read the paper on the milk crates Sippin' Arizona, I got stripes like a Zebra Cake Believe me, fast money like a relay Shopped in SoHo when Prince Street had replays >D-day?<, I love my heritage And fuck the race, if you real you my relative Why so sensitive? The revolution will be tele-vized Excuse the grammar, I'm a ghetto kid My grandma still alive and all 11 kids Only my father made it, let's reminisce another time Bought a watch with these bars to kill time Sick in the head, now that's an ill mind Shine like a d-d-diamond [?] young I said one day I'd have a Lambo, not a Hyundai I kill for these stacks like Jimmy Caan Wait let a G win like the Padres Let a G win like Tony's last name Who played first base for San Diego Had to break it down Fuck the cops, we gotta triumph Fight for Freddie right now, it's about to be more riots They wanna kill the youth when they need more guidance With more violence you can only expect more defiance It's hard to be vocal when they shoot you up and choke you Die unexpected if the wrong one approach you Sharpton ain't doin' enough, where's all the leaders? Breakin' the same laws, we follow how they teach us I never seen a thug win a million with Regis Or a single mother from the ghetto either Fuck y'all [Interlude - Joell Ortiz:] It's a small island in the Caribbean that we be in Goes by the name of Puerto Rico [Verse 3 - Chris Rivers:] Nigga the champ is here, Cassius Clay in his prime The Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Stephen Hawking of rhymes Combined with Einstein's mind and then refined like it's wine I write divine lines, I fill my time by feelin' these dimes Fill my satisfaction with valid rappin' and Magnum clappin' Fact I haven't felt emotions that's potent since daddy's passin' I'm the Marilyn Manson of pattern relax in baths of acid I got True Religion jeans, if I kill you it's act of passion I'm a dragon rap admiral managing slapping your laterals Aptitude is ample to pass all the rap masters Who master it, cracking ribs like >clashing mandible????< Put you in the earth, what it's worth you can act natural The pragmatical mathematical rappin' cannibal Who ramp with animals, Bronx nigga that has an attitude You see my avenue is compatible with a battle room I never sold crack, just wrote dope lines to hand to you Package that, I got the Cadillac of flows Cataracs these hoes cause I'm soundin' like platinum gold You never see a ghost, that's what me and my dad was told So now I'm pickin' up the torch while these labels haggle my soul Y'all can suck the undercuts of my nuts while I take a shit Only spend nights, I don't gotta know what patience is All you niggas bitches, to exist you gotta take my rent Blow your fuckin' head off clean bro, save the witness [Verse 4 - Joell Ortiz:] Latino, I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us, let me tell you about Niggas that slam their dominoes loud, let you see copy [?] cheek choffy Cherry coco, peña drip 'til your teeth sloppy Hustlers become connects when they need papis Nissan, Honda, Chevy on the back block Runnin' routes with the bow bow in the stash box When I speak it's chop yaow, I'm a New Yorican Calderon on the phone, I'm in [?] creepin' Y'all hangin' on resorts to just chill I'm in the casa, rios take a walk down the hill One way in, one way out, where y'all all could get killed Leave them niggas alone, that's how the officers feel Nigga, my people, beach, 98 gettin' our tan on Slippers walkin' on [?], hittin' the sand strong But plan wrong, it will transform Wet you then find a Jet Blue out to San Juan We don't look for parties, the party's wherever we go Turn the corner section to the 4th of Julio Too much to fit in one 16 So let me cook like the festival on 1/16 Mean, my career's been like one sick dream A nightmare, scary how I does this thing You ain't elite, I'm made of deep God thought he was stuntin' when he created me Rap's Bobby Fischer, nigga please take a seat I made you in three moves: ink, paper, beat Y'all keep playin', nigga, we play for keeps Stop claimin' to be what my eyes don't see though Every verse I spit, you get an 'ay dios mio' This time with my amigos, Latinos

A Man With A Gun

[Notorious B.I.G.:] I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the pearly gates Fuck him, I didn't want to go to Heaven anyway But my momma got me on my knees with my hands gripped Talking 'bout some praise the lord shit Hail Mary, fuck her, I never knew her I'd probably screw her, and dump her body in the sewer Our Father – My pops stuck up dope spots Big black and mean with the fifth by the gabardine What you expected from his next of kin? I'm loco bro, but ain't no Mexican I got nines in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I'm shittin The lesson from the Smith and Wessun is depressin Niggas keep stressin, the same motherfuckin question How many shots does it take, to make my heart stop and my body start to shake? [Joell Ortiz:] I ain't here to make friendships I'm already cool with a bunch of fool ass niggas that extend clips And get they blast on You'll be better off walkin' through Manhattan with a Bin Laden mask on I walk in the club – hammer's get to passin' You walk in to clubs with Hammer – you a has-been I'm what's hot now, don't get mad at me I'll make sure your ever after ain't happily They'll bring flowers, light candles, post pictures up Spray paint handball courts – dead nigga stuff And you don't want that, so breathe easy, relax The shotty make your body real easy to detach The doc'll have a hard time trying to put your BACK together So get your ACT together, scrap Now who had said Puerto Ricans can't rap? (huh?) Homeboy please, this is Joell Ortiz [Jay-Z:] When the gun is tucked, untuck - nigga you die It's like numchuks held by the Jet L-I I'm the one thus, meanin' no one must try No two, no three, no four, know why? Because one's four-five might blow yo' high You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God It's a match made in Heaven when I (bam!) 'splay the seven Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11 Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm (bl-blast) that I'm so sin-surr? I'm especially Joe Pesci with it friend I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again

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