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Arabesque lyrics

Take Me Dont Break Me

Original and similar lyrics
He picks me up in his Jaguar The lady-killer the movie star. I'm the girl who won the price To spend an ev'ning by his side. The night is warm and the moon is full - We drink Champagne in the swimming-pool. He kisses me but I have no fear When I feel that heaven is near I say: Take me Take me don't break me Break me. Take me Take me don't break me Break me. Your love is only dynamite - It is a most exiting night. What I feel is pure delight Take me don't break me. The famous sheik of Araby He seems to like the looks of me. We're drinking coffee in his tent and when he starts to hold my hand He says. You will be my Harem Queen A girl like you I've never seen. I have a hundred wives or more But you're the one I've waited for I say: Take me ...

The Number One

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Summer #9"
Her name was Stephanie something She lived out in Richville, right off of Portland I'm talking bout back in the ninth grade Still had a pony tail, couldn't grow a high fade Used to take the 5 way out to the suburbs Waitin at the bus stop, there was my lovebird She would get on, sit down, scoot me over And smile with a jheri curl restin on my shoulder And we would hit the mall together Maybe hold each other's hand or share a Dr. Pepper And all we ever did was kiss, no sex But in our defense, there was never any stress On the phone late at night when I'm supposed to be in bed Mama doesn't know I'm talking to Lynette I had a lot of sweet nothing to say You could say a whole lot of nothing has changed to this day We was fourteen, but she had breasts Although we was both too young for anything sexual Just wanted her to know that she was special She used to write me notes, do you like me, yes no? And I don't know if it was practice for later But both of us would break our backs to spend time together I don't ever remember trying to make her feel bad Back then we didn't see things like that There used to be a spot called the Boulevard theatre And as a kid when a movie came out I would see it there Sneakin in to the R-rated feature I think I was fifteen, that's how I met Lisa She showed up with a group of fly girls So me and my crew was in superfly world After the flick we all went outside Paired off, took a walk into that night I can't imagine that happening now The innocence is gone and all the magic ran out I wonder if my son will get to understand the fun That comes from the summer with the one you call the one There used to a be a fear and a nervousness But back then it wasn't cause of domestic disturbances It used to just hurt your heart But now it's not enough until it rips the universe apart Got to see a lot of love when I was a kid Heartbreak made me wanna die but I never did So this is for my old babysitter, Wanted to sneak out and fall asleep by the lake with ya Smells like candy, felt like family For every girl that ever held me in the back seat Used to vision being love struck with em Till I got blindsided by these grown-up women

The Lady In My Life

[1st Verse] There'll Be No Darkness Tonight Lady Our Love Will Shine Just Put Your Trust In My Heart And Meet Me In Paradise, Girl You're Every Wonder In This World To Me A Treasure Time Won't Steal Away [Chorus] So Listen To My Heart Lay Your Body Close To Mine Let Me Fill You With My Dreams I Can Make You Feel Alright And Baby Through The Years Gonna Love You More Each Day So I Promise You Tonight That You'll Always Be The Lady In My Life [Bridge] Lay Back In My Tenderness Let's Make This A Night We Won't Forget Girl, I Need Your Sweet Caress Reach Out To A Fantasy Two Hearts In The Beat Of Ecstasy Come To Me, Girl [Chorus] And I Will Keep You Warm Through The Shadows Of The Night Let Me Touch You With My Love I Can Make You Feel So Right And Baby Through The Years Even When We're Old And Gray I Will Love You More Each Day 'Cause You Will Always Be The Lady In My Life Stay With Me I Want You To Stay With Me...

Warm Love

JOAN ARMATRADING "Show Some Emotion"
I want to beat off your advances But know that you are winning Water for your thirst Your fuel To burn Let me be Your night potion Your one Romeo Let me feed that keen appetite Warm love Warm love I'll give you Kisses in the morning Your starter for the night I want to sit right down beside you With one thought inside my head Longing for love Little darling Love that won't give up Let me be the reason For lonely sleepless nights Let me feed that keen appetite Oh when I hold you in my arms I am the victim Oh when I hold you in my arms I can feel you I can feel you Taking effect Warm love Good lasting love I'll give you Kisses in the morning Your starter for the night

Pour Me Another

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] All she wanted was a little bit of solid Feels like love, it doesn't matter what you call it Heal those cuts or hide em underneath the polish Break another promise and take me as a hostage (take me) Hold your job down and let the zombies crowd around Thankin' mommy's god that it's a cop's town Keep it safe for me while I chase a fantasy Swerving through the galaxy, searching for a family Happily surrounded by planets and stars She was stuck uptown, you was landing on Mars It's all fucked up now, caught your hand in the jar Another small step back for the man at the bar (hey bartender) Spill a little bit of blood on the street For the love that goes to those who they drink too much And hold your own glass up to the heavens Take a little time and try to count the seconds [Chorus] It goes, pour me another, so I could forget you now Pour me another, so I could come let you down Pour me another, so I can remember how True that I am to this addiction of you [2X] [Slug] Drink it all away, numb it down to none Stay awake tonight and wait for the sun You say you hate your life, you ain't the only one Let your frustration out the gate and watch the pony run One double, for the hungar and the struggle Two for the fool trying to pull apart the puzzle Three now I smile while I wait for your rebuttle By the fourth shot, I'm just another child in a bubble Trying to play with the passion and the placement Just to see what these people let him get away with Still trying to climb a mountain for you Hammer in my hand, still pounding on a screw She don't listen so he don't speak no more Nobody's winning 'cause neither is keeping score Don't wanna think no more, just let me drink some more Pour me another, cause I can still see the floor [Chorus 2X] [Slug] Live life tipsy, Still if it don't fit right with me Kiss me whiskey, lift my lips, press to my angel Swallow it and leave her empty bottle on the table Let the past fall, making faces at that clock on the back wall Countdown to the last call, ask all these people that make sounds "How long does it take for the pace to break down" Another lonely little trophy If only I could walk a straight line, I'd make it home free And everybody in this bar thinks they know me And my story like "poor me" (yea, pour me another homie) I can count the days 'til you come back Or I can follow them sunrays down to the traintracks I can stumble drunk over hope and love Or I could keep drinking until I sober up (hey waitress) [Chorus] [Slug] Bottles and pints, and shots and cans Couches and floors, and drunk best friends Models and whores, and tattooed hands Cities and secrets and cats and vans Good times, laughter, bad decisions Strippers and actors, and average musicians Mornings after and walks of shame They bartender knows me by my real name Sing it

Expresso Love

DIRE STRAITS "Making Movies"
she gets the sun in the daytime perfume in the dusk and she comes out in the night time with the honeysuckle musk because she smells just like a rose and she tastes just like a peach she got me walking where the wildlife goes I'd do anything to reach her and she was made in heaven heaven's in the world is this just expresso love you know i'm crazy for the girl she call me just to talk she's my lover, she's a friend of mine she says hey mister you wanna take a walk in the wild west end sometime and i get trouble with my breathing she says boys don't know anything but i know what i want i want everything well i feel so good cos i feel so good and i feel so good cos it feels so right i was made to go with my girl like a saxophone was made to go with the night and she can raise one eyebrow put her hand on my hip and i close one eye now sweat on her tip and i surrender to the fever she love me so tender i got to believe her love expresso love's alright i don't want no sugar in it thank you very much all wired up on it all fired up on it expresso touch hey maestro expresso it's just another one just like the other one hey maestro expresso is this another one just like the other one

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