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APOCALYPTICA lyrics - Apocalyptica

Betrayal / Forgiveness

Original and similar lyrics
All that I ever wanted To understand my nightmares Possessed by my fears Betrayed by my pride Alone I wandered in the deepest dark Seeking comfort from the vanity Each time I escaped the real My soul died, died a bit more Confronting the evil within Praying for my angel to appear Agonized whisper into the emptiness Begging for salvation - salvation for this cursed mind Words without meaning Touch without feeling I do not recognize my own face Eyes that were once shining Now extinguished Left only a silent cold Sound of a tear falling down In the desperate hour of loneliness This shattered heart reaching For it's relief - the relief it cannot find Glance without affection Kiss without sensitivity Promise without comprehension Love without hope I do not remember my own tale Betrayed by my anger Betrayed by my delusions Betrayed by my lust (I wish) Strength - to be released from my demons (I desire) Wisdom - to forgive the past To forgive me

If I Die Tomorrow

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
[Joe] Y'all in that mood yet?! (in that mood yet) Y'all in that mood yet?!?! (in that mood yet) If I died tomorrow See if I died tomorrow Yo, yo yo yo yo I woke up around nine, day felt like no other Kissed wifey on the forehead, told her that I love her Thinking as I look for where my car keys at I know it ain't promised I'll be back See if I died tomorrow Whether from a disease or from a bullet I wouldn't be mad, I lived my life to the fullest I drove cars that I never thought I would I fucked broads never thought I could See if I died tomorrow I'd be in heaven with the folk that raised me Grandma, Jimmy, Great Grandma Daisy 'Least I'd be around some people that's just like me 'Least I'd be around my Uncle Mikey If I died tomorrow I know moms would probably be hysterical For 25 years she seen me be a miracle Seen me come a long way just by being lyrical Naw I ain't act religious but God know me to be spiritual If I died tomorrow, wouldn't feel like it's wrong I ain't expect to be here this long They told me before I get 21 that they would have my grave handy Two years later, nominated for a Grammy Vibe Awards, Kev said I probably shouldn't go with him He ain't think I wouldn't make it good at the podium Fans wanting the best for me I couldn't be there as I won but ?? all my Jersey heads rep for me If I died tomorrow then what would it mean Already feel like I'm livin my dream Came across some pretty interesting folk I met some new people Ain't move alot of units, but touched a few people So I might get frustrated fuckin wit the hood son But everyday above ground is a good one Walk out the door and leave it in God's hands If I go it's just part of God's plan If I died tomorrow Will life carry out the same Well at least my little man can carry out the name And look, I can say I lived my life without stress If I died tomorrow, I'm fine I been blessed, Yes! I made some money, and true I could've had more But he's happy and what more could he ask for If it was no diamonds and no begets I still would have no worries, I got no regrets I made my mom proud, and pop feels the same way But he's a man so he probably got too much pride to say Can't count my blessings on one hand, more than a handful And God ain't send nothin my way I couldn't handle [Hook] If I know I was called to go I know one thing that's for sure I'll be alllriiight.. cuz it was my time And if its one thing that I know I don't regret one choice I chose I'm livin my life If I was gonna die tomorrow [Joe] Yo if I died tomorrow Throw a little liquor in the sky I'm good here don't ask God why, don't cry I did everything I wanted, left nothin unturned Roll sumtin, light it, let it burn If I died tomorrow... Naw I don't wanna die tomorrow.. said I DON'T WANNA DIE TOMORROW Well just in case, remember my ways, remember my face For all that remember my place I love me Best thing about dying tomorrow I won't see anybody I love leave So if the Lord take me, don't re-incarnate me I don't wanna come back, and please DON'T MAKE ME Don't cry, just wave goodbye Let all my songs rock, smile at me in the sky Don't pour liquor, I'll save niggaz some Hennessey Just play a spades game, slame a card in my memory I speak my mind I roll a blunt with God, know he smoke sumtin better than any weed you can find So pass that Jesus You gotta get high to think of all these diseases that put us right where he is Damn I'ma miss my mans, miss my chick, miss my fam Miss my fans The world is like jail, this is like Debang So now take it all back, I won't miss a thing I'm feelin pretty wise And death I can take off this disguise When it come just let it be a surprise I'd rather it quickly I may not be remembered as the best, that's cool, long as y'all don't forget me Now who the fuck you think is living to this day I try to tell my young niggaz crime don't pay So I hope Ma Dukes can understand where I was And hope Trey can be a better man than I was I don't wanna live to be 80 Life's a cycle The older you get, more you live like a baby You could barely move, folk gotta be there for you Diapers on, niggaz gotta take care of you Learn shit all over again Skin wrinkled, ya memory gone, and you a memory gone 'Least in '03 I made a few folk dance I wanna thank Def Jam cuz they gave me a chance Wanna thank my street niggaz The show me the streets niggaz When it's your turn I'm at the pearly gates to greet niggaz When it was beef niggaz Snatch the heat niggaz Said 'Mouse you a star give that back to me' niggaz My nigga Big Perm, fuck being a hype man Since Lincoln High School my nigga been my right hand Dude MK already know that I love him You like a third brother, you past being a cousin The mother of my baby for giving me my baby Naw, I won't trash you, you been aight lately Heights, Still, and Du, can't forget Dub B Held me down when I ain't know how to love me I mean back in the days I felt so ugly I can't say why, bitches always dug me A lightskinned nigga, always kept a fresh line My feelings like wine, just got better with time So if I die tomorrow, and y'all choose to ignore him Just say he repped Jers' like nobody before him Look, I can say I lived my life without stress If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes! If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes!


JIM WHITE "Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See"
Bluebird on a telephone line. How are you? I'm feeling fine. Sweetly do I whisper your name. Lonely solo taxi ride to a cheap motel on the wrong side of the tracks. The facts are tricky to explain. Cold front bearing down, blowing in from Birmingham. By dawn the window's wet with icy rain. Behind fourteen doors, a sad parade of paramours are throwing little white rocks at sorrow's window pane. Me, I've found someone to love more than the rain. Salvation Army ringing bell, kingdom come and wishing wells. Hey Santa Claus I see your junkie eyes. It's the devil and the deep blue sea, with old friends I hope I never see again all tangled up with misery and lies. The lonely hiss of passing cars feeds the ache of ancient scars, like ghosts beneath my bed rattling chains. No good luck charm or remedy ever proved to soothe my sanity nor bad medicine served to ease my pain. Had to find someone to love more than the rain. Now, old habits will die hard. This pile of junk setting in my yard... souvenirs from the wrecking ball of dreams. You spend a lifetime tearing temples down, it gets to feel like hallowed ground is a shallow grave where ne'er the bluebird sings. Last time home when I played this song, you said "Dad, it's sad, and way too long." And I pulled you close and held you in my arms. Yes, salvation wears a thin disguise 'cause I can see the heaven in your eyes. And I thank God them years I searched were not in vain... finally found someone to love more than the rain. Bluebird I love you more than the rain.

Incipience To The Butchery

Edge Of Sanity
The ghoul has reached my coffin now he smash the lid. All I see is darkness and two shining eyes. Crawling to the church and in a stream of light I see my mutila- ted remains gore instead of flesh. Rotten and filled with maggots I search for modern life I would die to see, my kids and wife. A scream break the silence (*) a human being died. Shocked of this morbid sight. Crawling in the night. I'm so near my dying place, I can see my loved. I open the door and there she stands, I hear the children scream. Lead: Andreas Lead: Sami I saw people die, as dead as I was. The children puked then died, love has tur- ned to carrion.

Little Atoms

ELVIS COSTELLO "All This Useless Beauty"
I arose and Marigold lay down with Curious Iris Cherry gave to Victor her prudence and her virus FOr the sake of purity I can recall the time and place Between wisdom and murder she gave up her Immaculate face My poor belated chastity fell foul of grown up games With false and lovely modesty I can recall the names I'll miss In the particle of me that cares for this I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss Patience has her virtue still but every grace must have its price I through some felicity may spin a tale of constant vice I took my better nature out, drowned it in the babbling stream Took the blossom of my youth and blew it all to smithereens My poor belated chastity fell foul of grown up games With false and lovely modesty I can recall the names I'll miss In the particle of me that cares for this I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss And if you still don't like my song Then you can just go to hell I don't care if I'm right or wrong or if my typewriter can spell But I cannot promise you I've said goodbye to childish things There's still some pretty insults left and such sport in threatening My poor belated chastity fell foul of grown up games With false and lovely modesty I can recall the names I'll miss In the particle of me that cares for this I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss And for the sake of clarity They are faith , hope , and charity In the particle of me that cares for this I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

Crown Him With Many Crowns

Crown him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne. Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own. Awake, my soul, and sing of him who died for thee, and hail him as thy matchless King through all eternity. Crown him the virgin's Son, the God incarnate born, whose arm those crimson trophies won which now His brow adorn; fruit of the mystic rose, as of that rose the stem; the root whence mercy ever flows, the Babe of Bethlehem. Crown him the Son of God, before the worlds began, and ye who tread where he hath trod, crown him the Son of Man; who every grief hath known that wrings the human breast, and takes and bears them for His own, that all in him may rest. Crown him the Lord of life, who triumphed over the grave, and rose victorious in the strife for those he came to save. His glories now we sing, who died, and rose on high, who died eternal life to bring, and lives that death may die. Crown him the Lord of peace, whose power a scepter sways from pole to pole, that wars may cease, and all be prayer and praise. his reign shall know no end, and round his pierced feet fair flowers of paradise extend their fragrance ever sweet. Crown him the Lord of love, behold his hands and side, those wounds, yet visible above, in beauty glorified. No angel in the sky can fully bear that sight, but downward bends his burning eye at mysteries so bright. Crown him the Lord of Heaven, enthroned in worlds above, crown him the King to whom is given the wondrous name of Love. Crown him with many crowns, as thrones before him fall; Crown him, ye kings, with many crowns, for he is King of all. Crown him the Lord of lords, who over all doth reign, who once on earth, the incarnate Word, for ransomed sinners slain, now lives in realms of light, where saints with angels sing their songs before him day and night, their God, Redeemer, King. Crown him the Lord of years, the Potentate of time, Creator of the rolling spheres, ineffably sublime. all hail, Redeemer, hail! For thou has died for me; thy praise and glory shall not fail throughout eternity.

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