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ANTI-FLAG lyrics - The Terror State

Sold As Freedom

Original and similar lyrics
You want to save the world? I can tell you what to do! You want to end terror? This solution is for you! Answer the call up join the proud the few. Pull on the trigger with your heart and soul Cause war is peace now we know. Fight fire with fire! Douse violent flames with gasoline Fight fire with fire! Spite your foe with an all out holocaust! Fight fire with fire! Pour gasoline on the world inferno, Burn it so hot that the world incinerates when they're all dead we'll have no issues to resolve. To end terror it takes a special skill kill, kill, kill? Til there's nothing left to kill!! Don't question orders- do your job and move. It's a 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 to makes sure no one's left alive Fight fire with fire! Douse violent flames with gasoline Fight fire with fire! Spite your foe with an all out holocaust! Fight fire with fire! Pour gasoline on the world inferno, Burn it so hot that the world incinerates when they're all dead we'll have no issues to resolve. Join now! Don't wait! Make death, Your date!!! Salute and fight! Fight for the wealth of the few! wrapped in a flag and sold to you. Sold as Freedom it's up to you to see through lies by those who've led us to endless world strife. What this world needs is something new! What this world needs right now is you! Any dumbfuck can murder kill, kill, kill!!!

One More

JOURNEY "Trial By Fire"
Wicked prophets kill... speaking his name In the glory of an innocent age A king is born to a house filled with rage One man's fear is another man's truth, one fear The blind suffer at the hands of sin Lines are drawn where the boundaries begin Ten thousand broken, by the madness within Broken One more, cry in the night... one more One more, war left to fight more One life, cut down by fire Once child's, angry desire... one more Hearts of stone, pride without shame Wicked prophets, kill while speaking his name As the heavens, fall from the sky Fallin' Brother to brother, blood on their hands Desolation in the kingdom of man Holy vengeance is the justice of hell Mercy, mercy One more, cry in the night... one more One more, war left to fight more One life, cut down by fire Once child's, angry desire... one more Wings of fire... drums of thunder No more, no more One more, cry in the night... one more One more was, was left to fight... one more One life, cut down by fire One child's angry desire... one more One more, one

Basic Thugonomics

So, you think you're untouchable? [Chorus (scratched) x2:] Word life--this is Basic Thugonomics Word life--I'm untouchable but I'm forcin' you to feel me Whether fightin' or spittin' my discipline is unforgiven Got you backin' up in a defensive position An ass-kcikin' anthem, heavyweight or bantam Holdin' camps for ransom, the microphone phantom Teams hit the floor this the new fight joint Like a broken needle kid you missin' the point We dominate your conference with offense, that's no nonsense My theme song hits, get you reinforcements We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin' night sticks Bare-knuckled men through fight pits, beat you lifeless Never survive this, you forgot like Alzhmiers Two-face rappers walk away with four shiners The raw rhymer, turnin' legends to old-timers My incisors like a vipor bitin' through your one-liners New DeadMan Inc., and we about to make you famous Takin' over Earth and still kickin' in Uranus [Chorus] You ain't advanced enough to process,potential for medical concepts Some objects are foreign, like Loch Ness Arts and sex are complex regardless of your finesse or fitness is the condition of business Your lame vision of a underground physical image You're underneath to undermine your whole typical image With the precision of percentages and the collision of sentences Poetry beats your mics We untouchable like righteous sluts with no crevasses Streets unite, we rock righter with dumber beats You cats couldn't come this hot ? in the summer heat Forget two takes--kill your birds the first time You better stay worthy of my filler of worse rhymes I'm better than nice, check the veterans twice You be beside your self with fear I'll kill you and bury you twice despite the cover of night Trackin' ya flight like guerrilla warfare When the grass is dense Approaching me is a quick way to get referred to in the past tense Dead-da, when the lights, the mic is on The crowd is dead like intermission and you on the Titan Tron

Latino, Pt. 2

[Verse 1 - Emilio Rojas:] Cry first and laugh last Television was on, we never had dads And the city was flooded with mad crack Cause they experiment on minorities like we lab rats Priorities, it's fuck authority A man that can stand on his own and show maturity I ain't ever ask for a loan, I've been supportin' me Takin' cash from hoes like a sorority Oh yeah they comin' for your life Con Ed, I'm comin' for your light It's bonded, I'm livin' out of spite You ain't bleed then it wasn't worth the fight I'm givin' y'all bread and water, ah bread and water all they get And it ain't shakin' no hands, so fuck your politics This isn't makin' a [?], I burn a lot of bridges down Then I played in the ash like fuck a following All we ever wanted was good pussy and credit scores Their own cars is better than all our rentals are I'm sick of y'all, dudes switchin' and gettin' hot Like Bruce Jenner and menopause Ain't never told us detox the senators I say they sent us to detox the criminals So the minute that we pop his genitals Emilio ain't gon' ever fall, I told y'all [Verse 2 - Bodega Bamz:] Everybody pressin' charges, they ain't change where I'm from It's no game, even Ndamukong Suh Connect try to keep me out the loop It's canine proof, all my birds in the coop Niggas wanna see me in the cage (but why?) My lawyer gets surprised with the money I save (ching ching!) I'm low like Fetty Wap's left eye I coulda sworn I saw Left Eye in Best Buy Nike slippers, read the paper on the milk crates Sippin' Arizona, I got stripes like a Zebra Cake Believe me, fast money like a relay Shopped in SoHo when Prince Street had replays >D-day?<, I love my heritage And fuck the race, if you real you my relative Why so sensitive? The revolution will be tele-vized Excuse the grammar, I'm a ghetto kid My grandma still alive and all 11 kids Only my father made it, let's reminisce another time Bought a watch with these bars to kill time Sick in the head, now that's an ill mind Shine like a d-d-diamond [?] young I said one day I'd have a Lambo, not a Hyundai I kill for these stacks like Jimmy Caan Wait let a G win like the Padres Let a G win like Tony's last name Who played first base for San Diego Had to break it down Fuck the cops, we gotta triumph Fight for Freddie right now, it's about to be more riots They wanna kill the youth when they need more guidance With more violence you can only expect more defiance It's hard to be vocal when they shoot you up and choke you Die unexpected if the wrong one approach you Sharpton ain't doin' enough, where's all the leaders? Breakin' the same laws, we follow how they teach us I never seen a thug win a million with Regis Or a single mother from the ghetto either Fuck y'all [Interlude - Joell Ortiz:] It's a small island in the Caribbean that we be in Goes by the name of Puerto Rico [Verse 3 - Chris Rivers:] Nigga the champ is here, Cassius Clay in his prime The Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Stephen Hawking of rhymes Combined with Einstein's mind and then refined like it's wine I write divine lines, I fill my time by feelin' these dimes Fill my satisfaction with valid rappin' and Magnum clappin' Fact I haven't felt emotions that's potent since daddy's passin' I'm the Marilyn Manson of pattern relax in baths of acid I got True Religion jeans, if I kill you it's act of passion I'm a dragon rap admiral managing slapping your laterals Aptitude is ample to pass all the rap masters Who master it, cracking ribs like >clashing mandible????< Put you in the earth, what it's worth you can act natural The pragmatical mathematical rappin' cannibal Who ramp with animals, Bronx nigga that has an attitude You see my avenue is compatible with a battle room I never sold crack, just wrote dope lines to hand to you Package that, I got the Cadillac of flows Cataracs these hoes cause I'm soundin' like platinum gold You never see a ghost, that's what me and my dad was told So now I'm pickin' up the torch while these labels haggle my soul Y'all can suck the undercuts of my nuts while I take a shit Only spend nights, I don't gotta know what patience is All you niggas bitches, to exist you gotta take my rent Blow your fuckin' head off clean bro, save the witness [Verse 4 - Joell Ortiz:] Latino, I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us, let me tell you about Niggas that slam their dominoes loud, let you see copy [?] cheek choffy Cherry coco, peña drip 'til your teeth sloppy Hustlers become connects when they need papis Nissan, Honda, Chevy on the back block Runnin' routes with the bow bow in the stash box When I speak it's chop yaow, I'm a New Yorican Calderon on the phone, I'm in [?] creepin' Y'all hangin' on resorts to just chill I'm in the casa, rios take a walk down the hill One way in, one way out, where y'all all could get killed Leave them niggas alone, that's how the officers feel Nigga, my people, beach, 98 gettin' our tan on Slippers walkin' on [?], hittin' the sand strong But plan wrong, it will transform Wet you then find a Jet Blue out to San Juan We don't look for parties, the party's wherever we go Turn the corner section to the 4th of Julio Too much to fit in one 16 So let me cook like the festival on 1/16 Mean, my career's been like one sick dream A nightmare, scary how I does this thing You ain't elite, I'm made of deep God thought he was stuntin' when he created me Rap's Bobby Fischer, nigga please take a seat I made you in three moves: ink, paper, beat Y'all keep playin', nigga, we play for keeps Stop claimin' to be what my eyes don't see though Every verse I spit, you get an 'ay dios mio' This time with my amigos, Latinos

Genghis Khan

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Tragedy Khadafi:] You about to witness a two five Jedi Minds collabo You know what I mean? The God Jus Allah [Jus Allah:] Megatraum is a Martian feeding off weed and cash I dash for my shipment of Roswell crash You smash when you dash with the clashing ox Saw you in half without a fucking magical box Wet pussy always seems to splash my cock I'm dead they just didn't leave the casket locked Pass my block I let shots drill in your spleen We're I'll marines with hand held killing machines Steal dreams with the armored steel Guard your grill Nigga, I was brought up by the kids in Smallville Following Allah's will, horror in the skill Caught up in the real Don't give me cause to kill Nocturnal, I stroll where the darkness goes If I had to follow the moon across the globe With the staff and white robe I still hold metal Disciples who walk on glass and rose petals [Chorus:] [Tragedy Khadafi:] Yo last rigths, we fast to blast twice [Ikon the Hologram:] Jedi Mind 252 we mad nice [Tragedy Khadafi:] We smash mics, and blast too precise [Ikon the Hologram:] Fast 40 days and pray for 40 nights Yo, I'm savage I write rhymes in pitch blackness Any motherfucker that front, is left backless Y'all motherfuckers just burn into ashes Trying to step into the zone with Vinnie Paz Is Black Sabbath Put a slug in his grill 'Cause Jedi Mind two five thugs are for real You ever think there might be trouble then peel 'Cause a motherfucker like me thumping to kill Y'all better pass the mic 'cause this I'll Y'all learn the +Facts Of Life+ from Kim Fields I don't know how many kids my flow harms My gun control leave y'all with no arms Y'all love to smell the stench of dead bodies Left in the path of the Paz and Khadafi Five nine, tatted up, mad stocky Animal thug who bust slugs in the lobby [Chorus] [Tragedy Khadafi:] I hit the turnpike on dirtbike with 2 'litas On my way to Philly to fight for Mumia Only thug guerillas are react to this The laws try to destroy black activists Half of y'all, is performers and actresses I keep atleast a 100 grand in the mattresses Shit so hot, soon as I write it I get indicted I dare one y'all scared niggas to bite it I stood in hood lobbies getting my rocks off With longjohns and 3 pairs of socks on Ducking from the pigs so I don't get knocked off Or popped off, and y'all thugs are soft It's like you're skirt get pulled up, clothes come off Red Dragons, can't even fuck with my brain patterns I'm all live, Pentium Plus and Benz wagons Maki, believe me it do ring bells If you saw me do dirt you won't live to tell I'd lived in a cell Did bids in hell Held niggas at gunpoint for ransom and bail [Chorus]

I Killed Hip Hop 2

JJ DEMON "Limbo"
Yo, I killed hip hop, rim shot In my purple flip flops, flex for the burbs That's my word, I'm Alfred Hitchcock It ain't the size of your boat, but if you got your shit docked Then you're probably rappin' about your money Get your wrist watch, tick tock Maybe if I had it, I would do it, too But I would rather make that shit that you bang at your funeral Trashy and unusual, rugged like it's '93 I know you love it, but I love the way you keep remindin' me Finally, this is like a breath of clean air in the ruins of a dynasty Don't need to be scared Listen rappers, you complete me, I could never lose you Your emptiness inspires me entirely, it's voodoo It's blood inside my diary, my wiring is off Record labels should've fired me the day I flipped the cross Now I’m coming for your listeners to open up their minds to what is really goin’ on Here, let me open up the blinds (See?) [x3] Yeah, you’re in the same school, new grade level, class is in session And I hope you brought your grade shuffle,open to today’s lesson I watched these rappers gettin’ fatter while I starved But I ain’t starvin’ no more, darling, I’m just watching my carbs Everyone locking their cars like that shit’ll stop a beast Your little ass called the jaws of life, you ain’t got the teeth I know you’re lookin’ at my scars, it’s a hard brew to swallow But if pain is beauty, I could be a supermodel Hit the store, scoop a bottle I don’t know how much you noticed, but I’m a little more vicious now You’re licking your wounds while I’m ripping all your stitches out I’m listenin’ to a different tune, R.I.P. to rappers, we’ll be missin’ you, missin’ you I don’t really listen to your shit more than twice, all that tryna be creative shit is nice But I’m surprised to say that I don’t really feel it And plus, I got the feelin’ that these kids want something with a little more feeling (Really?) [x3] Yeah, really Now tell me, can you feel me in your bones? Am I the spider you see crawlin’ across the ceiling of your home when you’re alone Tryin’ to call yourself an artist, and you mean it But it’s hardest cause you know you ain’t as hard as JJ Demon I got your beating heart inside my hand, look at you all wide-eyed and entranced I will bring you right back from the dead, so I can say bye-bye again, try again Dyin’s what you wear the suit and tie for To watch you blow your brains out in a car with suicide doors Are you alive, whore? What the fuck you alive for? Try to survive less and die more, I’m the advisor Don’t fuck with me, you won’t-won’t be cool, it’ll be me, and it won’t be you Little me this on the little league list, you just use rap as a coping tool Now I don’t know what you’re hoping to do, I’m an early lead broken in two I’m doper than dope on the spoon, I’ll kill it and open a tomb I remember when they wouldn’t even look at me Now all the scene girls wanna throw a fuck at me Really? You won’t know you’re dead until the walls start peeling Revealing all of your fears had come true Did I kill hip hop, or just kill you? (Hip hop’s dead, hip hop’s not dead) Really? You won’t know you’re dead until the walls start peeling Revealing all of your fears had come true Did I kill hip hop, or just kill you? (Hip hop’s dead, hip hop’s not dead) [x5]

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