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ANTI-FLAG lyrics - Die For The Government

Punk By The Book

Original and similar lyrics
Covered in leather, or plaid patches, or metal studs Your hair is dyed or spiked with glue You only talk to those who look and act the way you do Cause you think you're so fuckin' cool Punk. Punk. Punk. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. You say that punk to you is what's in your mind not what you wear, but you know you're so full of shit You scoff at how the cops treat you, but they're no worse than dicks like you! I just can't understand what you're thinking. Book. Book. Book. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. Punk by the book. Book. Book. Book. You're punk by the book...Hey! Hey! You're punk by the book...Hey! Hey! You're punk by the book! Book!

Way Of Life

Casualties "Stay out of Order"
Getting putdown by everyone, we are on our own You can hear all the scenes talking against us [Chorus] Way of life, way of life It's a fucking way of life Boot boys mohicans with studs spiky hair While others have the same fucking patches and roll in the dirt [Chorus] Life ain't fucking easy for the punx of today Even at our own fucking shows, we take their shit [Chorus] Nazis of the past wore boots and kicked you in the head The new nazis wear punk clothes and talk a lot of shit [Chorus]


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Verse 1: L-Fudge] I metamorph phrases to glaciers Have 'em come together in liquid stages Then turn down the temperature and have 'em frozen into a solid foundation Now added to that this well produced amazement The crash is enough, to have the world tipped off it's axis a notch It'll take the likes of, Jedi Minds to construct new longtitude lines In order to get around but now, you're askin' for too much When mines put together I'm like an alternative source of energy like, electricity generators Separators of the wack rap, to the world reknownst individuals Played in deuce parts life's nara-rators Rhyme gladiators, is what we're referred as Food for thoughts tooken offa ya plate instead ya serve thrash Ikon and Logic serve as my accomplices And bring our own form of trinity to show y'all onto this Rhyme patterns come across as astonishing So I have all right to feel myself to the point of geneterial fondlin' [Hook] We the three emcees that rock that shit Pimpin' talk and jump and knock that shit "Louis Logic, L-L-Fudge, Ikon the verbal hologram" [Verse 2: Louis Logic] I spread around me a viral infectious faculties Applied chiropractically so rappers cannot come back to me Simply outta respect, or suffer the consequence the effect of which is that of absent father neglect Wreakin' havoc, on egos speakin' magic Castin' the curse on fashion emcees for region fabric Send 'em wandering through the labyrinth As far as cuttin' careers short on mics I'm what the NYPD is to entrapment The epitomy of have been, yet schooled Engineers peep the structure of my mind now they wonder how the math went L was made to ascend, which is evident by my descent Spreadin' east to west like European settlements Sequence, but even, I'm captured Self destructive explosive devices reactin' from my mind is everlastin' Which makes me a Trojan horse of sorts Drainin' ya plasma until ya rhythm section hold the contorts While snatchin' a arm in this sport Drove off on ya squarely, then the warden report And the single bullet theory [Hook x2] [Verse 3: Ikon the Verbal Hologram] You fuck wid me you won't survive Ikon been live since eighty five Mine'll still have a carat thats tragical crystallized Hit them guys, in they eyes wid fuckin' shrapnel Bomb they castle, set fire until they trapped in Rap colossal, run rappers who wanna battle Hologram wid two bad hands force you to grapple Evil wraps you, reverse time and bring diseases Christians will worship Allah and Muslims will worship Jesus Kill all ya leaders, wid my savage lyrical thesis Rip out my fuckin' heart and eat it before I'm defeated The one who seen it, on the throne was in a forcefield You'll get tossed and feel lost like holy god feel Raw deal, rappers decipher that skism Followed Solomon and brought him in at ya baptism [Hook]

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 1

My path for tomorrow is relaxing at full throttle Born to be a leader but a tough act to follow Bet on me at all costs in spite of my cash If I can't afford the Whardarf I can't afford to fall off Stories over greatness No stopping my zone I'm bumping Roman's Revenge but I'm plotting my own Like a prophecy in case niggas haven't learned not to bother me 'fore you send your shots, check my returns policy Could do without the leeches Choose without the creases Miami heat hater but I do the South Beaches For any drama I be calling up monsters I ain't Gilbert I never met a wall I can't conquer Ruger aimed if I'm who you try an' belittle I learnd it's hard to get justice when you try and be civil Whatever the future holds I can live with the day Some niggas will sell there soul but some will give it away And as the devil in disguise they window of opportunity is minimised Simplified, check what I exemplify Bitch nigga, here's something for you to generalise Estate out by Tenafly Pool houses, winter rides Play in that water, you bound to get your feet wet Only rapper with nothing to hide, me and G-Dep My shorty might disagree with that sentiment If I keep something from you, I promise it's all innocent Bitches gon get you with that fake out beat Won't let the media takeout me A made nigga gotta know I'm dealing with me Gotta put up with a lot of hate before you say you love me How much of it can you tolerate You can't talk about marriage and giving birth If you hit the dirt anytime you think I lift a skirt It grows tiresome everytime you get berserk Plus if you abandom home over what was just a flirt Without a care, I just chuck Deuces My skin will turn numb and you'll be stuck with what your truth is Then you'll feel a way thinking I should have resisted Then you'll start to see a side of me You never knew existed Cause you've never seen me act like a jerk I know women will provoke you and get mad when it works Rather reserved and that always makes matters the worst Cause I go on about my business and not act like it hurts But wait It's to the point I gotta ask myself Why the fuck is it so easy to detach myself Maybe it ain't you Just something I lack myself But if these wounds are self inflicted I can patch myself Now listen I could give a fuck bout how them other niggas treated you If your ass was that perfect they would be with you I don't care if you dimed out You'll say your the best I'll ever have and I'll say I'm willing to find out Wait I'm thinking bout our bond and what happened to it If you ain't lifting the burden, you probably adding to it Just say my logic is wild and just sick to her Just say I'm all for self and don't consider her She feel like she don't have a voice in this relationship I'm thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it Vertain shit I wouldn't stand for I'm giving them my all but she demands more I wish she would understand more Certain shit you couldn't plan for I'm guessing I love you and your worth it I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this But you just think that I'm full of it We both come from backgrounds of bullshit I'm fortunate that aint what you see in me...

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