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ANTHONY HAMILTON lyrics - Comin' From Where I'm From

Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens

Original and similar lyrics
[Ad libs] [Verse 1] I knew just what I had to be When I heard you say what you said to me To every dude in sight Look like you working up an appetite for the night, check it By then I just sat at the back Peeping you out, the way you act Getting out of line And I make you get back in your place All is well and all is cool Stay in your place, don't be no fool Get along tonight You look like the type that would try to fight Been a friend to me, you don't want to up and Better play it cool Don't know what I might to [Chorus] Cornbread, fish, and collard greens I got what you need If you want it (cause I'm pimp, girl) If you want it (I'm a pimp, girl) Cornbread, fish, and collard greens I got what you need (what you need) If you want it (I can rock your world) If you want it (I'm bigger juice than jheri curl [Verse 2] Now tell me do you really think You can walk around like your shit don't stink I'm on to you Oh baby girl, I'm on to you (I'm watching you) Take it slow, change your speed If it's food for thought that you really need Better stake your claim, get with it Stay in your lane, stop swerving Take a seat, sit in the back I don't appreciate the way you act You need to fix yourself, hurry up and go fix yourself Can't do nothing, won't nothin' now Everything's gonna pass you by Better wisen up (wisen up) Stop trippin' on love [Chorus] If you let me take you there [Ad Libs] [Chorus]


JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1:] My castle started shrinking, something's gotta give Ended up being the smallest place that I had ever lived One of the reasons I would do away with fame, to say the least Don't know who these people are, their names ain't on the lease It's a different type of monster, entertainment is a beast Was supposed to eat together, then I became the main feast If you preying on my kindness, taking advantage of Joe's cool I'd have to ask, what's your definition of soul food? I bust my ass for my whole life, and I worked hard for my profit And envy I know cuts like a knife, so you probably work hard to stop it If you know me like you claim then how could you disregard my logic? You know I cut my arm short and put my heart in my pocket A pretty good judge of character, maybe I mistaked a few Cut some people off, but had no choice, it's what they made me do Why would you take advantage when it's something I'd have gave to you? And in the long run, it doesn't take from me, it takes from you You'll probably tell me I'm a fucked up nigga You got it wrong, I just won't be fucked up with you Which forces me get distant, and I never want to act a way with you But passion and desire never blends with lackadaisical No longer enable you, that's no longer favorable But pride is on your sleeve so you'll just act like nothing phases you Which can never equal good, in fact So love can't be lost, I know exactly where I put it at [Interlude:] Word. Got no problem with nobody though So have no problem with me. Figured No beef, no malice. I got no vendetta with y'all So I only want better for myself Might even want better for y'all [Verse 2:] My castle started shrinking, I tried my best to fight it Don't know how it happened, don't know how they got invited Was good with cabin fever, and maybe that helped create the space Fuck your good intentions, more concerned with what's taking place But everyone feels entitled, made up their mind they got a right to My peers transforming right before my eyes into my rivals Y'all can have the cars, ya'll can have the clothes, take all that shit that I don't love I'm learning fast that recognition is it's own drug And what's worse than some of your actions being feminine Is I got no way of knowing if your moves are really genuine You there when it's bright, better be there when it's dark You wasn't there for the ride, don't be there when I park Figure I love niggas enough to let the world come and stay with me And I'll stay trapped in this room to keep ya'll away from me What's supposed to happen when I'm not hot anymore? Your job rely on me being crazy, but what if I'm not anymore? The funny shit, them molly's were cool when we all were doing em But nobody recalled when I was the only one they were ruining I learned a long time ago in life that not much is fair So No Love Lost, but not much is there Deja vu, this happened rapidly before Everyday's a constant struggle and you're a casualty of war Which could only equal good, in fact So love isn't lost, I know exactly where I put it at

Better You, Better Me

I look into the mirror And see a different girl Hiding from herself with Not a care in the world Her smile pretends to fool Those she chooses to please If they could only see the tears she cries for help See, I have been that girl Didn’t know which way to turn Then one day I turned to me I told myself to wake up It’s gonna be a brighter day I just have to believe that My dreams won’t have to wait At times I’ve lost my mind Had to look deep inside And find a way to get over Had to swallow my pride I searched the world for and answer But I’ve been searching too far Because I’ve been here all along I’m here to make a statement My place I’m here to claim it Don’t tell me what my name is I know I’m gonna make it I’ve come to far to lose it Gotta stay focused And find a better me Feels like forever Trying to work it out Sometimes you’re gonna fail And you know Sometime it will rain But the sun will come When you think it’s all said and done You know you see the light And everything is alright You can do Whatever you put your mind to Cause you’re all that you need Like I do just believe You’re here to make a statement You’re place you’re here to claim it You know just what your name is I know You’re gonna make it You’ve come to far to lose it Gotta stay focused And find a better me

Hey Girl

THE JACKA "The Jacka"
Hey girl, what's ya name Hey girl, what's ya name [Girl] Hey boy, what's ya name [Verse 1: Jacka] It's the jack Yeah I'm a dope dealer On top of that I'm a liar and a stealer You gotta remember I'm ya nigga homes Real big like king kong and godzilla in the same room I'm on the run from the boys havin fun But I know I'll feel tha pain soon Yo, look what I go threw I know you want me to stay all night But I gotta flight To the next state, cop me a zip So I can concentrate While I travel tryin to make my rhymes elivate And ya trunk raddle at the same time Feelin high, feelin fly man at the same time I'm in K.C. pushin kicks With my nigga freeway rich I smoked a zip And one day I'm feelin crazy Always hella loaded so the hoes think I'm lazy But really I'm rich [Chorus] [Jacka] Hey girl, what's ya name? [Kazi] Flossin in ya 4 dot with ya chain Posin in ya half top, tough and braids Lookin like you want dick, what's game [girl] Hey boy what's ya name? Lookin like a rapper, but you prolly push 'cain Rockin ya drop top pumpin game Frontin like you really that hard to tame [Verse 2: Uzi] Fresh out the plane Pants saggin with my dick in my hand Who am I? bitch, I'm U-Z-I yes I still push 'cain I ain't gone front main Feeliin it under pressure with my ninjas feelin pain I'm a ghetto star So don't approach sidewayz girl Might smack ya hard I'm still young It might be yo ho that I flip and smash on Run her over in my big wheel with no mask on From Africa to England And Back to the bay Oochies stay hatin Girl hey Oochies stay hatin [Verse 3: Kazi] Yo, yo Yo, yo Yo, I push the 4's the 5s It's not a game Night time livin life in the fast lane Quite live at the light I see the boys to the right It's a must i get out of they sight I...tucked the 2 E Dumb cop made a Ui (u-turn) To my left squatin off was a cutie Sparkin up, her car was tough It must've her man's truck Mommy actin like she can't talk Her look was ill If looks could kill I'm bout to be a dead man Trapped in the losts of the land It's not me, really I just wanna get to know ya If it's right spend the night Blow trees enormous You the thug type Sneak a gun up in the club type Heavy on the wrist ma you aint right Stop trippin girl quit ya games Kazi just wanna know ya name [Chorus x2]

Stay (2009)

J. COLE "Truly Yours"
[Verse 1] You can drop a “Wet Floor” sign down for the tears God and my court date, the two things I fear Man, they tryna give a nigga years I’m tryna figure if I should even appear, or Should I escape town? Catch a Greyhound Change my name, right – catch a plane flight Out the country, let them ma’fuckas hunt me Come and catch me if you want me Know they’ll lock me if I stay But… where I’mma run to? I got a good girl, we got a son too And all we went through, we ain’t see eye-to-eye But what you told me way back, you was a ride-or-die So if they give me one, or give me two Or if a nigga gotta sit down and do a few Before I go, baby, I gotta know, what would you do? Would you find someone new or would you stay? Like the hoes when they lay with me? Puppy eyes when I go, sayin’ “stay with me” Aw, girl, you bad as Hell And yet I’d love to – But see I got a girl I’m really makin’ love to Therefore I’m feelin’ a lot more guilty when I rub you That’s why I skip all of that kissin’ when I fuck you Flush the condom down the toilet then I skate I had you, but you can’t have me, I never stay [Hook] Stay… [Verse 2] Ha! Life in a hometown, ‘fore I could take a step I’m gettin’ grown now And startin’ to notice that I see the same hoes 'round Guess they had to go ‘round, my raps is profound I got the flows but yet a nigga ain’t got no sound Copped a beat machine, I’m cookin’ up my own now Got my mind on the city where it goes down See, if I’mma get to where I’m goin’ then I can’t stay Although I love it here I’ll be damned if I sit around another year Dreamin’ dreams, hopin’ somehow that they just appear The hardest part of leavin’ is to know my mother’s here Oh, but I’m comin’ back – oh boy, believe that Let’s show the lil’ niggas, boy, you can achieve that Got the city on my shoulders, piggy back Hello, my name is Cole and I’m here to stay… [Hook]

U Know What's Up

DONELL JONES "Where I Wanna Be"
[Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up [Verse 1] Me and my niggas be rollin' Schemin' on u and your homies The very first day of summer All chromed out in a Hummer, babe Hit the park and parlay Hopin' that u walk this way Do u and your girls wanna ride Play all day and puff on the la [Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up I'm diggin' u and I'm feelin' u U know what's up Said i'm diggin' u and I'm wantin' u So tell me what's up [Verse 2] Peep her thighs and I'm zonin' Right around two in the mornin' Lookin' fly with a sundress on Think I feel a bone comin on Girl u got it wide open Want all day and in hopin' Baby don't front Back seat Jeep, u know what I want [Chorus] [Left-Eye's Rap] So baby tell me what's up Can we ascend to higher heights And when the path gets rough We can give in to brighter nights Breathe with peace, expand by leaps Sow to reap our souls to keep The passions deep and filled with heat Living this life on the hustle I barely get enough time U know me for the Platinum How I stack them and shine U see a lot of contenders They try to end up in my world A reputation known as the untouchable girl I'm movin' on and now I'm tryin' To make a change in my ways Be the best that I can be To last me all of my days Now we can blaze pathways Or just take our time Better hollar if you hear me Cuz Left-Eye gonna shine My eyes don't lie see how They glisten when you pass me by U and I don't need permission to be unified Surely I done seen and heard of many places Then I traveled around the world, seen many faces don't let another one get near me if you wanna be true And show me that nobody else can do it better than you So if you serious, I'm curious to see what you got My love is furious, cuz I believe in blowin' up spots [Chorus]

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