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ANTHONY HAMILTON lyrics - Ain't Nobody Worryin'

Sista Big Bones

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] Some day I'll be walkin along and you'll stepp on the scene where I'll be, hopefully you'll touched by my charm and the words of the song will lead the way, bright eyes, and thangs, dark hair, earrings, just a few of the things i like about you [Chorus] Sista Big bone, can a brotha walk you home, look like a plate of neck bones, i'd like to keep your body warm [Verse 2] Frankly, i admire your style, how you go into work everyday, confidence in your walk in your stride, have my nose open wide miss thang, I'd like to take you on a nice day shoot some riddles have some vittles with you, make no mistake, I'll be a gentleman take your coat open doors things I'll do [Chorus] I'd like to dance with you hold hands, and walk with you, sing songs, and stare at you, miss thang, miss thang [Chorus - Repeat]

End Of The World

ALPHAVILLE "Catching Rays On Giant"
Moving to the far horizons where the great big waters fall And the last of the clowns gonna tell the tale what will happen to us all All you people got to go on this carnival of doom And I guess you know things got out of hand And if not you will know soon Let’s go to the end of the world and keep your eyes wide open To see what’s up on the other side and rave across the skies Let’s go! On a quest for Eldorado past the valley of the dolls No matter what they guarantee the banks of God are closed What’s behind the cracks in heaven, will we make our final stand Cause it seems to me the more we pray the less there is a happy end Let’s go to the end of the world and keep your eyes wide open To see what’s up at the edge of time & rave across the skies Let’s go! And the coloured girls go...

Cant Stop The Spring

Flaming Lips
You can walk among us, but you can't walk on by You just keep on bleedin' on your clothes as they dry All your teflon pancakes always make me too high You're thinkin' that you're here but you're really up in the sky There she was just walkin' down the street Smoking with her hands and walking with her feet Keeping her paint cans underneath the seat Keepin' her hair dryer on her favorite piece of meat You can crush the flowers But you can't stop the spring No matter what you say So you can put the clouds up in your own little way But the sun is gonna come up the very next day It's gonna be so bright it's gonna blow you away And once it's over your head will never be the same

Telling Tales

Lightning Seeds
With frozen hands and feet on smoky days I wish I'd kept more of those things you gave me Snow melts on your palm A bigger coat to keep us warm Nothing's like it was before But this is worth it after all Day in, day out, goodnight all This is us now Day in, day out, goodnight all This is us now

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