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ANTHONY EVANS lyrics - Real Life / Real Worship

No Condemnation

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[CHORUS:] There is no Condemnation For those In Christ Jesus By His blood I have been made free There is no Condemnation, For those In Christ Jesus By His blood I have been redeemed Because of His forgiveness I donʼt have live with Shame anymore Because of His Redemption No more condemnation Thereʼs no more Christ who died Raised to life Made a way for me Thereʼs no depth Thereʼs no height That can separate me From his love... [CHORUS]

Tears Of A Leper

Para recibir perdón por sus pecados, ofrecían sacrificio de animales = a Dios Algunos mataban y daban gloria a otros dioses Others murdered and worshipped demons Offering the animal blood Everyday, all over the world Human sacrifices are offered to Satan The motive is to serve him and obtain power But now it's not necessary to kill to receive forgiveness Blood streamed from the wounds Down over the cross where a mutilated body Was nailed and hung Draining the life from a righteous And innocent man Named Jesus He is Jesus Christ, His sacrifice is for all It was sufficient to demolish the sin That existed between God and man Giving His own life for us out of love Showing this way that the death Of Jesus was the biggest and most Important sacrifice in history of humanity Everyday the mercies of God are new Because of the death of Christ And now the glory is Christ's Who was raised from the dead And now is seated at the right Hand of God


Ever Dark
I speak words of hatred designed my masters revenge assigned to gods creation affix the evil blessing crucifix avoids your salvation assertion of intense pain desertion of christian promise crawling in your blood fall in agony from this... evil priest chants... backwards morbid prophets forsee... darkness fires in hell rage as allies of chaos... speaks a death to live again offer thy sacrifice the goat shall rise blood spilling on my altar spells that haunt your end tells the truth evil will conquer radiate the wrath of sathanas devastating hatred reigns forever broken all your futile hopes spoken incantations of your demise defy foolish jesus christ deny the maggot whom I despise chant blasphemy die jesus christ... death to the heavenly in virgin blood we chant blasphemy for I am chanting blasphemy!

Jesus Christ

Guthrie Woody
JESUS CHRIST (Woody Guthrie) Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land Hard working man and brave He said to the rich, Give your goods to the poor. So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand His followers true and brave One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot Has laid Jesus Christ in his grave He went to the sick, he went to the poor, And he went to the hungry and the lame; Said that the poor would one day win this world, And so they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. He went to the preacher, he went to the sheriff, Told them all the same; Sell all of your jewelry and give it to the Poor, But they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. When Jesus came to town, the working folks around, Believed what he did say; The bankers and the preachers they nailed him on a cross, And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. Poor working people, they follered him around, Sung and shouted gay; Cops and the soldiers, they nailed him in the air, And they nailed Jesus Christ in his grave. Well the people held their breath when they heard about his death, And everybody wondered why; It was the landlord and the soldiers that he hired. That nailed Jesus Christ in the sky. When the love of the poor shall one day turn to hate. When the patience of the workers gives away Would be better for you rich if you never had been born So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. This song was written in New York City Of rich men, preachers and slaves Yes, if Jesus was to preach like he preached in Galillee, They would lay Jesus Christ in his grave. sung to Jesse James filename[ JESUSCHR play.exe JESSJAME SF ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===

Jesus Christ

Machine Saviour
You are the essence of a life that needs to pray You are the shadow of a man that bleeds away You are the hopes and fears that bind us to return You are the shattered dream that frightens us to burn Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die You are the reason for the wars that plague the land You are the symbol for the cause in which they stand You are the one who sits there watching as they die You are the son of man that listens as they cry Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die Are you are the man who said to turn the other cheek? Are you the one for this appears to be the weak? Are you to lift us from this silent found rebirth? Are you to take us from this stench that fills the earth? Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die Bring them to life Without hate, without pain Without suffering insane Without death, without fire Without lies that feed the liar Without war, without games Without fear to take the blame Without fame, without power Without drugs to heal the coward Without violence, without rape Without sickness, without plagues Without judgement, without crime Without hope, without time Without two, without three Without torture over belief Bring us love Let us see Set us Free

Progressive Christmas Carols

[God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen:] We wish you happy holidays, whoever you may be So merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or heck all three We've modernized these jingles for the massive bourgeoisie Love, The Updated Christmas Carol Team [Santa Clause is Coming to Town:] You better not judge, you better not hate Better not bully or discriminate Progressive Santa's coming to town He's making a list of gluten free foods He won't take a peek at J-Law's nudes Progressive Santa's coming to town He's 50 different races And all for tax reform He'll protect all your children Well, as long as they've been born You'd better watch out... Too far? Okay. [Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:] Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (reindeer) Had an advantageous nose (he outlived his friends) He passed his bright red traits on (traits on) Darwin said that's how it goes (evolution's not a theory) [Mary Did You Know:] Mary did you know that your baby boy supports the NRA Mary did you know that your baby boy is white Did you know- [Deck the Halls:] Deck the halls with kujichagulia Kwa wa wa wa wa wa wa wanza Give zawadi, hang benderas Kwa wa wa wa wa wa wa wanza Throw your hands up in the air-uh [You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch:] You're a green one, Mr. Grinch You're lacking in finesse That greenish epidermis determines your success Mr. Grinch Racist Whos constrain you to the issues they continue to suppress You're an outlier, Mr. Grinch You give the Whos a fright They say your heart is 3/5ths normal, You're either wrong or white Mr. Grinch Don't walk the streets of Whoville you might fight a cop the Whos will not indict [White Christmas:] I'm dreaming of a racially ambiguous holiday [Away In A Manger:] Away in a manger with Jesus and crew His schmeckle got cut cause hey Christ was a Jew [O Holy Night:] O holy night, the stars are brightly shining It is the night Jesus did something holy (I don't know the whole story) Joseph watched golf (Right?), his leather chair reclining As Mary birthed a child, I think a donkey was involved (Any help here? God?) Three wise men came, with GPS they found him Christ lied in a barn, as his omniscient baby-daddy tucked him in Jesus crawled on his knees His mom shared it on snapchat O bright device! O night, when Christ celebrated Christmas

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